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Yahya Ibrahim
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So now on ecomark moto moto moto calculates your brother your hi Rahim I thought it's important to give a step by step guide to how to lead our families in an E prayer at home. It's not a conventional prayer that we've ever probably led our families in. I wanted first to give you evidence that at the time of the Sahaba of the prophets, I said Lim nsmb Malik are the Allahu anhu, due to old age and other different circumstances, led his family in his home, his extended family and neighbors in small part of his community in the ame prayer, even though there was a large mass of Muslims who had their own prayers outside as normal. So there is evidence of this from the

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sooner. Number two, I want you to know that there are ways of praying that a prayer that are different from one school of thought to the other all of them are rooted in the sin of the prophets, I send them so the description I give you, I believe is the one that is most conventional to a lot of us, in North America and Australia and so on. And by far, it is not the only version that you're able to follow. This one is rooted in the Suna from a transmission from the light neuroma and others in sha Allah. The third thing that I want to tell you is that there's ways of maximizing your reward by adding Suna action to the prayer. But missing out one of them or two of them does not make that

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eat prayer unacceptable. So we're going to keep it to the bare bone so that it lessens confusion in sha Allah. First and most important thing before that a prayer occurs that you should pay that Catherine fits, which is an obligation upon every male female child, even an unborn child that is growing within his mother's womb in a household, that counterfeiters should be paid on it. If you're living alone, you pay for yourself as the head of a household you should pay for your entirety of family inshallah. In Australia, it's about 12 to $15 per individual in sha Allah. Number two, there is no need yet that needs to be said, articulated by the tongue. The Nia is that that prayer is

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performed. It's not Doha prayer, it's not as soon as a prayer in that sense. It is a conventional aid prayer is the Nia in your heart. Number three, there's no event there's no comma. There's nothing that you need to call to proclaim it. You will gather with yourselves in your family. It's preferred but not essential that it's in an outdoor area or an unconventional area. What's more unconventional than your living room in sha Allah. So how do we begin the prayer well begins like every other prayer, inshallah, think of a prayer exactly like Juma prayer or federal prayer. So if you've ever led your family and federal prayer, you're almost halfway there. You're going to begin

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with technial. From a law of Kabbalah as normal, and you will fold your hands on your chest or on your stomach, whichever you feel most comfortable in. They're rooted in the suit of the prophets, I send them you're going to make use of opening the prayer and ask a lot to protect you in your household from the shape and in this prayer, and then you're going to give seven more TextView you're going to say Allahu Akbar, and you can raise your hand with them that's narrated from one of those who have to live near the Allahu anhu. Or you can keep your hands folded, Allahu Allahu Akbar, up to seven times and you can count them by maybe squeezing your hand with your finger or something

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so you don't lose track. So that's the first step via to enter sauna followed by seven more tech review. Once you've done that you begin with salt in fact, you have Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, whether in a hushed voice or otherwise, and you read total confetti and choose another surah after it. Now the summary of the prompt I sent him which earns a greater reward is to read at 70 hits mat or beacon Allah in the first Lacan. You're going to go into your ruku after reading your Sunnah, send me a love and even hamidah or Bennett Callahan, Allahu Akbar, me to sujood as normal. When you rise up from your sujood, you're going to say Allahu Akbar. And then you're going to say five more

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times. So the technique to rise is independent, then five more and you're going to say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, or just simply Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar for five more times, and then you finish the rest of us on our like Salatu. Juma Ursula to find you by reading suit of infatti hat and if you want to get more of this and of the prophets, I send them read * attacca heavy food. Harsha. Once you're done, that the saga is finished, a prayer has been complete, which is seen by the majority as a word of prayer, not as soon as a prayer and the second part of the equal plot which is that a prayer which is evoked by that is considered as sooner and therefore it does not have to be

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fulfilled by you. You can listen to it in sha Allah. I will be broadcasting my eat hookah in sha Allah from my home so that you can follow along with it the evening later.

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Allah, I will not broadcast the prayer so that there's no confusion that you follow me along through the internet that is not seen as a conventional or permissible act will LaHood the atom, but you can follow along with my sermon and listen to it in sha Allah as a live broadcast later on or at that moment, it doesn't have to be when I'm doing it that you hear, but you can make that one of the sermons that you listen to for the day so that you gain bottle cap for yourself and your household if you want to give the hook but for your family, it is in two parts. There are only five essentials you need to keep in mind and it's a very simple process. First is that you make mention of a loss of

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Hannah went to Allah and command those who are listening to fear him. So you conventionally say it duck law and this can be done through a reading of a verse of the Quran. Yeah, you are Latina Amira de la haka, Ducati, when at the Medina 11. To Muslim one second, you need to read and recite a verse of the whole on third you need to send your saw that and send them upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Fourth you need to make drop for yourself and your family. And number five is that you make the general praise of a law that his name is articulated. When those five things are met, then you're able to buy is valid, it should be to earn the CEU not made into two

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parts. So you'll sit halfway through and stand up again and manage people with the remembrance of Allah and make draw for yourself and your family. May Allah excepted from all of us Allahumma amin, may Allah seal our Ramadan with his blessing and Allah subhanho wa Taala remove our harm so that we don't need to pray or eat in our homes as individuals again, but we can be together as a community whatsoever on equal Mottola. He was on account

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