Fatima Barkatulla – Love #06 – How do I find a religious ‘Deendar’ girl for marriage?

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how to find a religious person to marry, and how it can increase one's religious contacts. They also mention that religious people are the coolest people to meet and that they can make it happen by finding ways to attend classes with them or attend social events. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding people who are the most religious.
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salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Dear brothers and sisters are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. wabarakatuh. Okay. Question number two.

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How do you find a religious the entire girl if you don't have one in your surroundings?

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Okay, so this is obviously a question from a brother.

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How do you find a religious person to marry if you don't have one in your surroundings? Okay, some of the thoughts that come to my mind are first and foremost of course, make the IRA you know make dua for that Allah Subhana Allah provides you with a spouse who is the coolness of your eyes. And you know what it means coolness of your eyes, you know that there's not been a hub Lana, mean as well Gina will Ludia Tina Kurata yawn, watch Anna little mustafina Imam

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which means Rabbana Atlanta Allah bestow upon us, I mean, as virgin Abu Riyadh Tina from in our spouses and our children, the coolness of our eyes, and make us leaders of the righteous. Now, the coolness of the eyes aspect, when you look at what the scholars said about it, they said it means that make them people who obey you and worship you. So that when we look at them, when we see them, when we see our spouse is religious, and we see our children are pious, it, it makes us happy, you know, gives us a joy. That's what making them the coolness of our eyes means. So that's a beautiful die, that you can make Rabbana habarana mean as well Gina with Audrey, Tina Kurata ion, which alna

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limita Pina Imam,

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but also you can make in your own language, you know, that's one of the most powerful ways to get something that you can't see how you will get. And I've experienced with this myself, you know, when I was, like 19, or 18, I wanted to get married. And I wanted to study as well. And I couldn't see how I would be able to do both of those. So I remember I made the art to Allah. Ya Allah, I don't know how I could be able to do both of these things. I don't know how I would do them. And I don't know how I could, you know, get married at this young age. But

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nothing is impossible for you. Yeah, Allah. So somehow, yeah, Allah make it happen.

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You know, it seems like a simple da. But in a way, you're saying to Allah, you know better than me, you've got more power than me, I can't figure out how to do this, how to get this done. So yeah, Allah make it happen. So that's one of the most powerful ways to start right, make go out, of course, and continue to make go up.

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Another point you could think of is,

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you know, go, go to the places where religious people,

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increase your religious contacts,

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you know, if you're only going to work and coming home,

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or you're only going out with your friends and coming home,

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and you're only going to certain types of maybe non religious people's houses and coming home, you know, of course, you're never going to meet somebody who is religious. But maybe you might go out of town to an Islamic class, you might go to an Islamic conference, you might start going to study with an Islamic scholar. Or you might go to the mosque, you know, you if you start increasing on going to places where religious people are, then inshallah that's going to increase your religious contacts in general. Right?

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If that increases your religious contacts in general, and you have the aim to get married, then in sha Allah, one of the things you could try to do is to tell the elders in those religious communities, you know, that you're looking to get married.

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You know, in some of the Islamic classes that I used to attend, sometimes the students will tell the chef, you know, that they would like to get married, and the chef who would sometimes help them meet people and stuff like that.

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That's, that's just one idea. Right? But what I'm trying to say is, increase the number of people who you know who are religious

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In general, meet them regularly. Find ways of attending classes with them or even just meeting them socially. And then start telling people that you want to get married.

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And don't be embarrassed. Don't be embarrassed, especially if you're a man. I mean, not that a woman should be embarrassed either. But I'm just saying like as a man, there's even less kind of

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reason for you to be embarrassed sister sometimes feel that people might judge them whatever. Or they might feel uncomfortable being being the one going commit putting themselves forward. But believe me, I know sisters who, when they wanted to get married,

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they went out and looked for a husband, you know, they went and put the effort in. So same with you as a as a brother, you've got to put effort in you've got to go and find people where they are

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