Sajid Umar – The Passing away of the Messenger SAW Part 1

NOTE: This is the same lecture as titled “The Life of his Sunnah (SAW)”

The Passing away of the Messenger (saw) was an emotional topic to be conveyed.
A topic presented by Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar in London UK, detailing the incidents surrounding the departure of Rasulullah (saw) from this world, a difficulty and disaster and a trying time upon the Ummah.
In this Lecture, Sheikh Sajid conveys the last days of the life of our Messenger, Muhammad ibn Abdillah (saw) and the golden advices that he (saw) left us as his inheritance to us, and what a mercy and blessing he (saw) was to our Ummah.

Part 1 from ‘The passing away of the Messenger (saw)’ deals with the greatest test and trial and difficulty the Ummah experienced – that being, the death of our Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdillah (saw).

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