Muhammad West – Muharram 1444 – Do something amazing

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not taking the day to waste and reflect on actions and goals. They stress the need for people to act with their intentions and change the world, particularly in light of the pandemic. Consistent work and goals are essential for success, and individuals should be rewarded for their intentions. The importance of finding success and finding a way to solve problems is emphasized. The speakers also mention upcoming events and a march on the Nika Day.
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Are they relying on a shutdown? rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been listening. So you know Muhammad Ali, he was like Ah man, my beloved brothers a cinematic lover.

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The Lord is his price and for your family because companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah bless us to be amongst them. I mean, while hamdulillah gulaman one to the higher hamdulillah Welcome to the year 1440 For the Hegira year 1444 And this is the first Juma of the of the new year and may Allah bless us in the year and the years to come. I was farmer grant only hired and baraka and goodness made the best of our days later hit by all the good days lie ahead, and all the bad days people behind us malice kinda forgive us all the mistakes of the last year, may Allah subhanaw taala Graceffa to those who are into the year sick, make easy for

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those who are entering the ye through difficulty and hardship mela increases only that which is good. And Allah God monk, Farah and Jana, to those who did not make it to this year on my garden janitorial dose. I mean, I mean hamdulillah every day, every moment and also every year at the beginning, it's an opportunity to reflect and refresh the Sahaba Raja lon would always reflect on the life daily in the evenings before they went to bed. They looked at what did I do today? And in the mornings when they walked out, what do I want to achieve? Don't take any day for granted. As has nobody around the island says Rahim Allah says that we you meet all we are are made up of seconds.

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And every time a second goes part of you die a part of you disappears until one day the last second will go and that's it. And so if you're blessed with a new day that you woke up Alhamdulillah Allah has given you a new quota of seconds. What do you do with that time? What do you do with that moment? And so Alhamdulillah Allah has brought us here and it is time for us to reflect on this year. And it always begins with a new year and so the topic of today is a new year do something amazing this year. Let this year be a year where each and every one of us we do something amazing. You help somebody you build something you learn something, you get married, whatever it might be

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inshallah you do something amazing. And as a Muslim, we will talk more about Nia in a minute. Many of us we don't understand that a Nia is a goal. It is an intent. The intention means intent.

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One of the big problems of the Ummah is we act without consciousness, we are autopilot. We go we get up in the morning, without clothes on, go to work, sit in traffic, come on, repeat for the next 3040 years without asking why? What am I doing? Where am I going? We have one of my buddies, Majid committees, we do things we do a lot of things, a lot of energy, we fight and all of that. But where are we going? What is the goal? What is the roadmap? And before we look at the big picture, because we know there's a big problem globally, in terms of leadership, each and every one of you and I we should reflect how many of us look at our lives and consider is this the life I shouldn't be living?

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Or is this the life I even want to live? The sad reality some people, they're not doing what they're supposed to do, okay, that can happen. But they if you're not doing what you're supposed to at least do what you want to do? Is this the life you want to live? Do you want? Can you see yourself doing this? In your marriage? When you do or in your business? When you're doing your whatever your parenting? Can I do this for next 2030 years? And then I die? Is that the life? I want to leave? How many of us? We if you were to about to ask you? What are your plans? What are your goals? I don't have any plans. I don't know what it is, I'm planning to do. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I just

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know, I work to the weekend. And the only thing that I really think about is what takeout I'm going to buy, or what am I going to watch on TV? And that's my plan. You know, how many of us feel that if only I were to achieve some goal, I would live a more meaningful life. If only to get that promotion, that extra food and lose those kilos, then I'd be living a fulfilled life. But I never get the I always love in this mediocrity. And this is not the this is not the way of the Sahaba not the way of the wisdoms I know many of us we grew brought up with the idea Allah provides. You'd never take tomorrow Don't think too deeply in tomorrow only left for today in Sahaba. Yes, they

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didn't take the future as a guaranteed but they planned very strategically. And they had a vision. And the Hegira is a testament to that. They came and they formed a city in the middle of complete Jaya Helia against the entire world. They had so many problems. But we are the products of that vision that this little town of Medina after the Hegira is going to change the world.

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Not more than 1000 2000 people. The whole of Medina mean women, children, the entire world against them. We are going to change the world and how many empires have come in with the Roman Empire, Persian Empire, the colonial powers, all of them came and went, but the project has remained to the tip of Africa to the ends of the world.

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Few group of people change the world. And so every single person on this

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We're gonna be seeing how the business has evolved to take account of yourself. It's a hadith, take account of yourself before account is taken of you with regards to your deen, am I sit down today Inshallah, when you have the opportunity, am I in a good space with regards to my engine? There are certain things we have to do. Yes, there's certain things we'd love to do, and maybe we never get to that tahajjud making Monday, Thursday, fasting, Inshallah, one day we get there. But there are certain things which we have to be really performing our Salas doing the basics, giving some basic charity, where am I religiously? And if I'm not there yet, I need to work on it. Am I okay with my

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family, what kind of father and my husband and my son Mia? You know, brother, what kind of person am I? It is a relationship, that's a problem, fix that make that. So the beginning of the opportunity to fix things, where am I in my career. The dean doesn't only say look at forget the dunya you must want what's good for your career. You must want what is best for you in your career, your health span Allah, our bodies and Amana.

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And you know, this is something that hon Allah so my to do list that is never always on the table, we roll, we roll it over, you know, subhanAllah it's come down a little bit hamdulillah has come down to do so but it is something that we have to look at. Because Allah is gonna ask you about your body, how you use it, how you abuse it, your financial methods, Han Allah. As Muslims, we are very poor. Sometimes we are very good at making money sometimes, but very poor in how we keep track record and all these things. One thing you'd find in the Quran, Allah doesn't require you to put your Nikka contract on paper, or to become a Muslim that you must sign the document. But when it

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comes to financial transactions, inheritance and loans documented, he solid record with regards to money, we need to be meticulous when it comes to finances. And of course, socially, this is just yourself, but how are you to your community? Are you happy with the kind of person you are in your community, and you'll find this again, and I say all this when we have a janazah listen to how people talk about them. Sometimes people are gonna say amazing things about you and the world will really feel sad that you lost that you passing because the world feels your absence, and others will say he had a very beautiful janazah that actually was very nice. And that's it. That's it five

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minutes after you running out the acne is what you're thinking about. So may Allah grant that we feel very very sad and when we go because we left a it because we left a mark so this year Subhan Allah do something special, there'll be mediocre. Don't be mediocre do something for us for the sake of Allah firstly, and for your sake that you can look back and said Hamdulillah I listen to a lecture at the beginning of the year now at the end of the year with allergies and all of that makes it a lot harder. And Hamdulillah I did something special I cherished it I did something brave I took something on and how do we do this amazing we do we do we start like you know okay, yes, I want to

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do it. We do I start it always begins with us.

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To remind ourselves that Allah already gave you an objective. Allah already gave you a knee and objective in life. Allah says Wa Kojima will enter illegally I wouldn't I did not create the demand the jinn and mankind except that you should serve and worship me. Your only objective that you must fulfill is to serve Allah to please Allah to have a relationship with him. Yes, you can advise other objectives but this is your primary objective. So if you are the most amazing employee, the most amazing CEO, the most amazing father husband, but you're not pleasing Allah, you don't have a relationship and you are a failure as a human being. You are a failure as a Yo yo, your purpose

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Allah sent you on the dunya to do something when you come back to him said I've done all these things here Allah are quiet all these things. I wrote all these things, I learned all these things. But also what did you do for me? I didn't do anything for you. You failed. Your time on Earth was a failure. And so everyone must look back and reflect what is my duty that I have to achieve before I die?

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You and I are never gonna have the bodies that we team about the money that we dream about the power the person we're never gonna get all the goals right. But this one we must get right before we die. But I have a basic level of relationship with Allah. But of course that is the basics. Allah has put upon the Ummah collectively and all of us a very high standard. Allah says, Welter coming from Allah says to you and me, let the always be an ummah, a group of people yet Aruna in Haiti, Mona will Maroof away and Hona and in Boone County, they always be a group from amongst you, someone in the community, that this is the p these are the people that stand up for what is good, and they stand

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against what is wrong, what will win and these are going to be the successful people. Allah says that there has to be a group of people that leads the community that makes not just for yourself, but you make changes in the world. He commands that from us as a sap

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To make your near I want to be of this people in this if I want to, because you know also at every time and place, there will always be a group of people holding, keeping the ship forward, keeping the ship sailing. Sometimes it's Rocky, something's not going forward, backward. But there's always going to be a group of people that Allah is supporting, Ya Allah it has to be from amongst them. It has to be from amongst them.

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So to begin with, number one, you already have an objective from Allah you and I need to assess, am I fulfilling my objective in serving Allah, and to be a person that brings about goodness in the world that I'm in? Number two, it begins with an ear. The first step begins with an ear. And you know you when you pay 1000s of dollars to year, the best of minds, Simon cynics of the world to tell you it begins with your values. It begins with your dreams and your passions and all that. It's basically saying what the Navy SEALs haven't said 1400 years ago, it is your near everything begins with that internal step in your heart. And if that is correct, everything builds on that Sadaqa

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Rasulullah saw Salam.

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When an abyssal Salam said to the Sahaba and ready this hadith is actually in the context of the hero, he said, actions. As you all know, in the middle man Lavinia even though the enemy

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that actions are judged upon the intentions of Allah and there's two parts to this hadith one, actions are judged by intentions and every person will be remunerated rewarded, according to his intention. The first fourth Al Hamdulillah, this is the Mercy of Allah, Allah will judge us reward us or punish based on the intention that no one does this. Your boss is not going to pay you because you intended to get the report out. Your teachers are going to give you an aid because you intended to work hard and pass

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this world the reward is based on action. Whereas Allah knows that many of us we have a lot of intention, but very little action. Allah will reward that intention. With a sincere intention. I want to do this I wanted to listen see, Allah will reward you for that. And this is probably the cheapest, easiest way to get to Jana. If you make a sincere promise to Allah Allah I really want to do this one day helped me to do it. Allah What do you like to study with for you that algae that wants to go for Hajj dreams about doing a Hajj, goes to hajj glosses never gets to go hard to find inshallah a complete perfect country and many times the Hajj Allah gives you through your intention

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would have been more rewarding than the one that you actually did. Because Allah is not going to give you a heart for Hajj is going to give you a perfect hedge. But based on how sincere your needs, the sad thing about the Ummah is we don't have intentions. If you sat down and you interrogated someone until you asked, what are your needs? What are your intentions for yourself, I don't really have an intention, I just do what my boss tells me at work and what my wife tells me at home, that's what I do. Is that a reason for me to to have any thoughts of my own. You know, one day in sha Allah when I'm retired and don't have a boss, then I can think for myself and that's when you I don't know

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what to do with my life. In fact, 65 year olds, what must I do now, I don't have a boss telling me what to do. Right? So Subhanallah

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at least have an intention in your heart of where you want to be, then Allah subhanaw taala in the process, and every person will be rewarded according to what they intended that you will get the reward for your intention, but also Subhanallah the success you will see in the dunya is based on that intention in based on how sincere and how determined and how dedicated you are, that is where success comes in. And we know this from time and time again from the Sahaba from the squatters and the setup of the old there were many many great scholars who did a lot of hard work and it but it was not the best Madhouse that survived or the best books that became famous. The ones that stood

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the test of time at this extra something

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acceptance from Allah so how did allow did the same 24 hours I have that guy has but he's done so much more with these 24 hours. These that six to something acceptance from Allah. And so if you purify your Nia for the sake of Allah, and this is your daily life, I'm working yeah Allah to feed my family. I'm working here Allah to do good in the world to give some charity I am, you know, I'm sleeping and eating so that you know avoiding haram, you just purify your Nia, then even your mundane tasks in life becomes an act of Nevada, and Miss Baraka in that. So every single person, if you want to put your deeds and elevate them, have a sincere Nia and these are the times of the year

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that we at least one CS one law in the corporate world, at least every quarter, they have a refresh and they have a new strategy and the way we're going forward, this is dunya stuff man that's going to disappear when you when you resign or you die, they replace you tomorrow, but when it comes to our family and ourselves, we don't have a plan a strategy a way forward.

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says we take a count of where am I going? Begin with that near the perhaps the day before you when you sit in traffic on your way home or before Marguerite off to reflect what is it put put this on, you should put it down on a piece of paper, we don't want to be as a Muslim as a father as my work, where do I want to be, just by putting it down, I was gonna reward you, he will write that for you. I want to one day be a person that makes five times a day so that in the magic, I'll give that you will

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just put it down on paper.

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The next step, and this is way now it becomes the effort and the twill. And this is the difference between the dreamers and the doers. So everyone can be a dreamer, or at least be a dreamer. But in sha Allah, those who are going to really achieve success in the dunya and the era, or those who now put something of those intentions into action, and also is one night isoline insanity. Illamasqua Allah says and you will not get anything except that which you throw for. It's a rule of Allah, you're not gonna get anything except that which you rush towards. If you actually watch Jana, you'll get Jana, if you rush towards money, you'll get money. Allah so NP, he gives you what you strive

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for. So what are you in a striving for? It requires a bit of sight, it requires a bit of effort, if you want something good if you want, you want to lose those kilos, you must rush towards it on the treadmill. If you want to get some money, you must work hard if you want to get so this ummah, with his dreams and hamdullah, there has to be some effort and some joy. And this is Subhanallah it will never what you give to Allah is going to give so much in return.

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And subhanAllah as we say this, our students and many of them are about to enter an exam period. Later on in the year, we say if you work hard, you will succeed. This applies to us when you also finish school and university. When you work hard, you will succeed. Maybe you won't see the success in that thing. And that's the beauty of Allah, that's the master. You could plant a few plants and you focus all your effort on this plant. And this one doesn't grow. Yet the one which you didn't put too much effort in. That's the one which Allah causes destruct. Because Allah just wants to look at how much effort did you put in? How much effort did you do? How much did you really want it. And

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then he gives you something either that thing will give you something even better in return. This is our feeder, this is our belief with regards to Allah. And we know that when you say now you say I have the intention? Yes. I'm going to start and you're going to start you have the energy. Where do I start? How do I begin? Then me, salam, the Sahaba when he saw they were ready, they were like camels about to rush forward and hold on. So hold your horses.

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Take up good deeds only as much you're able to do, then abuse assistance harbor. Start with things you're able to handle. Don't start with I'm using a lot of gym metaphors here. Don't start with 100 kilos. Start with the five kilo right? Take up deeds that you can handle, take up deeds that you're able to do for the best deeds are those done regularly, even if they are a few. Our problem has always been consistency I know that's my problem. And we can make hard times in Ramadan we can do amazing things we can do so much that the only thing while these guys are amazing, but then it falls for the rest of the 11 months. Same with a work we can work night and day over busy period and then

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we can be very left throughout.

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Be consistent. And this is the prophets of Allah one of his successes and you'll find again utilize Allah you'd pay 10s of 1000s of dollars just to get someone to tell you this be consistent. Wake up early in the morning the five a 4am club there's a book these are some everything's fun in the seat I'm gonna be selling them. Then ABC salaam he took his day, you would not see extremes in his day. You would see moderation in his salah. Moderation in his teaching, never had long he was moderation in his party consistently water that plan everyday little bits little bits and continue to focus on his objectives. No matter what happens around him, he remained focus, and shall another football on

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pure that strategy of the movie stardom is amazing. And so

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And remember, yes, to achieve the success you must work hard and be consistent all of that. But ultimately, Allah subhanho wa Taala just wants to see some action.

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That are businesses, God yourself from the fire of January, even if it's with a piece of a date, or less than that. And if you can't do that, then a kind word or a smile.

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It is enough to to enter Jannah through a piece of advice of charity, a smile will get you to Jannah or as One scholar has said you and I don't know how the deeds are going to stack up from a Deaf piano. It might be that the good deeds baddies are equal and the last deed you have to you don't know what this deed is doing the pocket violence the last deed I have the day before I die the loss I don't know if I open it up and it's a bad deed. I'm going to have it and you open up. That was the kiss you gave your wife before you fell asleep and you passed away. So good deed and you go to Jana

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every deed has the potential to be that one deed that pushes them at the end of the day the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds straight to Jana Hamdulillah. No Johanna. And so you don't know what small deed will get you to Jana. And as we all know, so many times, Allah does not reward based on quantity, he bases on quality, a sincere D that is small, Allah will give infinite amount of reward, but he never ever punishes or ascribes a penalty, except to the extent of this.

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You did this and no matter how bad you did it, you will only get it's limited, but the reward has no limit. And so don't worry, don't worry, if you have big dreams, a lot of energy, but you don't see the results. It's not about the results. No one is going to be the greatest island in the world. No one is going to solve the problems with the dunya we're going to be some passed away didn't solve all the problems, but just be on the road of trying to solve them. That is what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us. You'll find fi sebelah on the path of Allah. Super today I want to get to the destination. No, no, you just be on the path of Allah. The destination is Allah. The destination is

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Allah. So be on the path of doing something good. Even if it's a date, even if it is I'm gonna smile, somehow you couldn't go.

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I want to smile more. That's my goal. I want to smile more. That is a deed from the Sunnah that could get you to Jana. I want to give a date out everyday to a poor person

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that can get you to Jannah.

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So sometimes we think how am I okay? I want to change the world. How am I going to solve Palestine and Israel? Now you sit down and you think you think nothing happens? Know what you can do? And then Subhanallah and then we conclude Subhan Allah, Allah says if you do these things, he gives you a guarantee. What are the Allah? Allah says, I promise what Allah Lord Allah will letting me know my income, who I'm sorry what Allah says. And he has promised those who have Eman and they do good deeds, there is some effort in them. Yes, definitely find no hoofing out, we will surely grant you authority, success, prosperity. The word Halifa has so many meanings. You will be the representative

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Allah in this earth come a stickler for letting me copy him as he had done so in the past as a DVT, the Sahaba as you're given to the Gambia to conditions Eman, be sincere with Allah and put some good work Allah didn't even say what good deeds, some good deeds, a good deed any good deed. Just combine Eman was some good deeds, you will become the successful ones in the dunya in Kabul him, will you Makena nilang fidi now who are living in Canada now home, what are you what are you But Dylan Numinbah the whole thing I'm Anna and Allah says that He will establish them the religion which Allah has preferred for them, that they will surely sobs and Allah will take away the fear and the

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insecurity, they will have no fear, no problems, the enemies of Allah won't affect you anymore, you will be successful. So may Allah Subhana Allah grant us that success. Every single one of us has the potential to change the world but at least you will definitely have the you have the ability to change your own lives. I've changed my own lives. Let's take some account. Let's make those nears. Let's put them down the spinal tap Apps that what you put down on paper even if you achieve nothing, it will come out with FTM instead you also look at your life. What did you achieve? Oh, I didn't do anything. Well, yeah, but roadmap I was hoping to get there what I was hoping to get the I wrote it

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down in the paper. And in sha Allah Allah says that in sha Allah intergender we've nila, just a few announcements as we know the 10th of Muharram is going to coincide with the ninth of August the Tuesday public holiday. And of course, the fast on the Assura is

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how Allah begins of the year that you fast and he forgives the PVCs of sin will ever fast and thereby shoot up the entire previous sins are forgiven. And of course, it is good to fast Assura and the day before the Monday or the day after the Wednesday in sha Allah, so Allah forgive all our sins in the last few announcements. So on that day, and because of the moon in a sighting, there's a march on that day. So inshallah fast, most important thing and if you can force that march in this Hara March and it's going to be in honor of the iconic Women Of course, women's month as well. So women's month and muharram align. And so that will be happening on the Tuesday when he wants to

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donate. And a lot of kids are going to come this is a tradition that kids come in at least up and it's you know, to commemorate the 100th time in the years that we've been in the country as Muslims, we commemorate it, so you can support as well wants to and then that just two quick announcements on Hamdulillah. We ended the year now we actually the first of the first of Muharram was Madrid time. What was what were you doing New Year's Eve? What are you all doing New Year's you know where I was at Hamlin the meet and greet? We had a single single young men 12 Single Ladies and 12

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Single brothers and they met each other and harmony was a beautiful event. We are planning another one before the end of the month so it's again for unmarried single guys looking for a wife do something amazing get married, so inshallah if you're not married

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and hamdulillah it was very good and honored and successful Honda we hope that the Nika will come from from from these meetings, but again would like to have another one. The sisters already they signed up the keen and eager we just need another thing been between the ages of 25 and 35. Not married. Inshallah. Please insha Allah contact me if you meet that criteria. When the law was ALLAH said that Muhammad was Islam was saying I'm glad I'm glad to meet us and I want to come on


  • What are your goals?
  • Do something special this year
  • Allah gave us an objective
  • Allah blesses the goals
  • You will get what you strive for
  • Smallest efforts makes a difference
  • Promise from Allah
  • Fasting on Ashura
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