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In Alhamdulilah Heyerdahl and I want to start over he want to still fiddle around with the related I mean surely unforeseen our sejati armanino Mayor de la, la la la la la la la la, la minute little further her De La Hoya Chateau la isla ilaha illa la hora de La Hoya shadow ana Muhammadan. Abba who whenever you who are pseudo

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Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku la casa Casa de la la mattina 11 Tomasi moon yeah you Hannah suta Pura vida como la de la Kakuma? nuptse wahida wahala caminhada jaha Obafemi humare Jalan kathira manisa de la la de de Luna v he will or ham in Allah Hakuna la cumbre Kiba yeah you hola Nina Amano taco La La pulu Colin sadita usaha kumala como la casa Nova Kuma, Nutella, how Rasulullah hufa defesa fellows and alima

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all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and his protection from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds. for whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, none can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves a strain on can ever guide. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense with Allah and Allah alone without any partners the truth, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet, and his servant, that is messenger.

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My brothers and sisters after last week's discussion on being vigilant about our tongues what we say. And nowadays, we can also say what we type. We ended with the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that reminded us that the less we see, the less we will say, he said on a Salatu was salam, MC la Kelly Sonic when he is activated, restrain your tongue and

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let your home be enough for you. And let your home be enough for you.

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I want to expand on this second half of the Hadeeth or second three legs of the Hadeeth because he said, restrain your tongue let your home be enough for you and weep over your sins.

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So what does it mean? And why is it so wise to let your home be enough for you? Because if your home will not be enough for you enough of a source of comfort enough of a preoccupation, then nothing will be Allah azza wa jal created us will Allahu Allah, Allah Khumbu deaconess, come second. And he created for you made available for you out of your homes, a place of tranquility, a place of comfort. So if you don't have it at home, then you will not have it. There is a certain degree of sikita that will only come with a meaningful relationship with Allah. But there is also a worldly tranquility that helps you along life in the in all of what that means. And so if you are having the

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worst day in the world, but your home is a source of comfort for you, you say it's a countdown, I'll be home soon. And if your home is not a source of comfort for you, then no matter how good your day is, it doesn't really matter because what you're dreading that you're about to go home.

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And so making our homes a source of comfort for us, is what he was telling us here today, his Salatu was set up, because he didn't just say Hold your tongue and stay at home. He said what li si cabaye took Wooster is with to be wide, right? He said, make your home wide enough for you. What does that mean? It doesn't mean wide in the halls and the hallways and the rooms and ceiling and bigger windows and renovation. It's not what's meant. It's meant Make yourself comfortable at home, be comfortable at home, learn and choose to make your home your source of comfort. You know, when clothes are tight, you're not comfortable. And so you move away from them, you take them off and you

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get rid of them. Likewise, when a person feels that their house is tight, they don't want to be at home. And so they gravitate away from the home. You say I don't want to be there, My home is the worst right? And you find things to do outside of the home you don't see it's worth it to be at all. And you look at other people's homes, you know, the grass is you know, so nice on the other side. The grass is always greener on the other side. But as a wise person said, The grass is greener where you water it. It's not actually greener on the other side.

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And so that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling you what are your grass, get comfortable at home. You know it may not be natural for us, because of so many different reasons. We don't want to turn the hook but into like a psychology analysis a psychological

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You know, evaluation, but we are not comfortable at home a lot of us. You know, many times when a woman for example, volunteers to leave the house, I'm not talking about those driven by their circumstances, volunteers who spend so much time outside. Why is that? Because she doesn't see value she doesn't find peace in being at home. She doesn't see value for example, in being a mother being value for example, in doing anything but putting food on the table like everyone else, right, like her husband should be doing.

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But the Quran tells us No, you should find value in this don't depreciate this. This is a humongous sacrifice. That's why the whole end celebrates motherhood. It's a lifelong sacrifice. That's so important. When she doesn't see it like that she moves away from the home. She feels like this is a worthless life. Likewise, you know it's meant the second

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one the low Thailand Han Solo, he came into the auto Sula. We're sitting at home and the men are get to go outside pray five prayers with you in the masjid. They do hygiene Amarah, they perform Jihad and and we're stuck taking care of their houses, taking care of their families. He said to her you doing that gets you their award of all they are doing outside. She said all of it. He said all of it.

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And she went back and told the women notice she's not saying I have no value except, you know, in making money. She's looking for equal opportunity at earning a less pleasure, soprano, Darla, once she had that she was content. She was content with being at home. Many women don't have this. And so so much is lost. Why is it an equal reward because her being at home is so important to the stability of society, stability of families, that can't be without the woman being the one that keeps the house together. She can do a job but no one can do as good as her. But likewise, there are many times when men also they volunteer, unnecessarily to be outside of the house. You get an extra

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job and then another a third one and another entrepreneurship opportunity. Sometimes it's worse than that. It's you know, hanging out. And then when they are told, why aren't you spending time with your family? Your family needs you? Why aren't you at home? So I listen. I'm doing my job. I'm feeding, giving drink. I'm paying rent, what more do you want? A brother said that once in a friend of mine who was sitting there, he couldn't help but blurt out, he told him listen, listen, with all due respect.

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food, drink shelter, islamically. If you own the cow, you have to do that. Your family is not cattle, they're not hurt. They require much more than you that's part of your duty. Right. And so to unnecessarily be outside, to not be content with your home, this is a humongous problem that the Prophet salallahu audience is telling you, you need to work against it. You need to sit there and understand your family. You need to sit there and attend to your family. So many times talents are varied because we don't notice them. You know, vulner vulnerabilities, certain weaknesses our family members have they are neglected.

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So many Prevention's could have been made so that we don't have to worry about the cures. So many times we don't realize that we are just finding a reason to not invest in our homes as such a trick from shavon.

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You know, I know a family counselor that a man brought to him this counselor, his daughter, the man and the doctor came and he's complaining about his daughter. Because she's being a rebel. He thinks without a cause without justification. He says I did everything for her. I feed her I give her the best clothes. She asked for anything. I give it to her. I put her to the best college I bought her this I did that. And the girl perhaps she never had a chance to say this before she blurted out. She said I didn't want any of this. I wanted a father. I wanted my dad. And I've mentioned to you before many times that so many times girls in particular, they have an ethical meltdown in their teenage

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years in their young adult life. They are they receive one compliment and they they lose all their sense of prudence, their their wisdom all together. Why? A big reason is because they never heard compliments from their father. So the first man to do it was outside and so it made them forget everything they've ever been taught. It was that valuable to them. Very preventable. And so the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is telling us here liesa cabaye took Why didn't your house for yourself, get comfortable being at home? I know it's not natural. It's okay. You'll get over it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not telling you to do something impossible. He never does.

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When he tells you to do it. That means it's possible. You know when you're used to being in the dark and the lights get turned on. It's not comfortable. That doesn't mean the light is a bad thing. Just give yourself some time to get yourself comfortable. It's for your own good and

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You know, it's for your own good to have a happy family. It's for your own good to have peace at home because you're not gonna find it anywhere else. Give yourself a chance to notice things, to appreciate things to fix things in the right way. Like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh, I know when you're upset, and I know when you're pleased when you're upset with me. You say, I swear by the Lord of Ibrahim, when you're pleased with me, you say I swear by the Lord of Mohammed.

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She appreciated him notice it right before the big problems happen. She appreciated this, that he studied his wife.

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You know, many times people say I never saw this coming. But whose fault is that many times it is our fault. When you didn't see it coming. You didn't invest in your husband didn't invest in your wife. You didn't invest in your kids to study them the way shavon was studying them. So she appreciated this is and she said back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, la juru investment Mac. When I do that, I'm only skipping the use of your name, meaning you're still in my heart. I'm just using Ibrahim la salams name because I'm irritated akula Cali Hello stuff robot Altima Lee welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula sharika lahu eyeshadow no Mohammed Inaba who whenever you are a solo

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and so before we leave this whole TVA just appreciate why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not tied staying at home with holding your tongue that was last week.

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But why he used the term when he asaka Bay to let your home make your home wide enough for you. He didn't say stay home.

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That's not what's meant you know, some people went out of like a demand or on the back end of a fight. They say okay, fine, I'll spend more time at home.

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And the way they are at home the way they stay home makes the people at home wish they would leave home not smiling, always objecting finding something to pick on looking to start a fight. We just dread the moment that he comes home, don't be that person. And then he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throughout his beautiful example throughout this beautiful tradition. And so now he showed us how he showed us so many ways how he taught us for example to look at to those that don't have what we have. That's a part of his pseudonym. So you appreciate what you have a family

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you know being content is huge. Like we think always contentment means the money I have the the class of living that I get the quality of my life, being content, this is my father at the end of the day, right? Being content with your spouse, being content with your kids, that they are a certain something and then focusing so focus on what you have the positives. And he said it is salto. Seven the other hand, when one of you hates, you know your spouse's quality, let them like another quality. So focus on the positives. Look at those. And he also taught us Allie Sato serum to look at the shallowness of this world, to look at the brevity of this world, to look at the poor

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quality so that you're just your standards are lower and you're able to make the best out of it. You know, so panela even even this is just so powerful. I'll close with it. Even in the private intimate space between a husband and his wife. The prophet SAW Selim taught us this mechanism. He said when one of you sees something that excites them, like see someone passing by and they are aroused, ferlinghetti Allah who for in America Mikela levy Ma, let him just go home to his wife, because she has the exact same thing that she has the end of the day when the excitement is extinguished, all the same, right? Not very different. So look at the shallowness of this. Dunya look at how brief it

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is. Look at all of these things so that you can be able to make your house wide enough for you. May Allah azza wa jal make our homes are a place of Sakina tranquility and peace may be our sanctuary where we escape the stress of this world may be a means for us in moving forward towards Allah subhanho wa Taala with our families on the straight path. May Allah make us better adherence of the example of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a lot of Muslim Muslim non Muslim at me may not even know Mark Hamill and what llama Filipina has now done well hold on our antenna. Welcome to Delhi Karina Allahu Allah Jalla Rahman butina sekunden Allah macchina behind Alec anharmonic Welcome

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Nina default Lika Mansi work, Rob benefi Lana Rehana la Vina Salah, Kona v Man, what a touch and feel kulu beanery Lani la Vina Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim robina hublin amin as well as you know with react in authoritarian which are not in which Akina Mama robina attina cydonia has Senator Murphy left of the house and Latinas have enough. Well sal Allahu Allah wa barakato

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I say that abroad while he was talking to me