Mohammad Elshinawy – Divine Doses #02 Flashes of Light

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of the Saturdays and the Saturdays as signs of a century. The Saturdays are the ones when the light shines and people recite Islam's words and then the ones when the light stops. The Saturdays are the ones when people are reminded of the importance of protecting their faith and not forgetting it. The video encourages viewers to support the video and help us get more information.
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The great scholar and worshiper salad to study may Allah have mercy on him was once asked what is the sign of a hypocrite? He said, When he is reminded about the truth, he sees things as clear as they are. But the moment he stands, meaning he walks out from that gathering, everything vanishes, that lightbulb moment just disappears as if it never happened. Then to justify this, he recited Allah's words and sort of Al Baqarah which describe the hypocrites, the academy Barkha for Busara the lightning it's a parable meaning the flash of light, the truth is so obvious. The lightning almost snatches away their eyesight It's blinding how obvious it is. Could lemme Allah Allahu

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Michelle fee and the moment that momentary brightness the momentary light shines for them, they walk into it, they walk in towards the light. Well either Avila Ma Li hem palm, and then when it goes dark, and it goes dark, so fast, they stand still. That is the sign of a hypocrite. Not just does he stop and go. But he stops so fast, after he starts going on his way in the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. So ask yourself in light of this verse, to understand how much of an attack and assault hypocrisy has done in our hearts and sabotage threatened to compromise our iman, how quickly do I forget the reminder. So the impact of the advice must last longer, we have to keep a grip on it, it

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has to linger. You know, this description of the hypocrites was mentioned one page after Allah said about the disbeliever that has no faith whatsoever. Whether you warn them or you don't warn them they'll never believe. And so the hypocrite is the person whose faith just bleeds so fast. That when they are reminded They only remember for a moment and so when you find something grip you speak to you, from the words of ALLAH from the words of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the lessons we take from the school of life as they say, hold on to it, protect that flame and that light that Allah kindled for you protect it before the flashes of light, may Allah forbid, get less

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and less frequent, and then disappear altogether, never to return again. Slowly come on guys, hope you enjoyed the video. We're working hard to produce a lot more videos for you. So please help us in this unprecedented times with the corona and everything everybody's stuck at home doing virtual we're trying our best to get as much information to you so please use the links below and support us as much as you can.

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