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The speakers discuss the concept of "taq wa" and how it can lead to actions that are not just based on actions, but also based on emotions. They also touch on the use of words like "verbal" and "immoral" to describe actions and emotions, and how they relate to actions and emotions of Muslims. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing Islam, protecting women and men from racism and drug abuse, and being involved in issues in society to prevent the negative consequences of these problems.

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Islam in Spain right now.

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We take our religion for granted.

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We take it

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and we become stagnated. We become lazy and rd. And the great scholars in looking at these two terms. The first one is taqwa.

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The great scholars and looking at this said the taqwa is made up of alcohol for Raja. It is made up of fear and hope. And the other might have told us men Raja Shay and Paula who were men, hoffa, Shea and her abominable

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woman, Roger Oliver from mile ISRO for whom I grew up.

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They said to us, that who whoever hopes and something he are, he requests, he wants it, so he moves towards it. And if you are, if you fear something, then you run from it. So there's action involved in this, you're stimulated one way or the other. But whoever asked for forgiveness, and continues to do wrong, that person is diluted. That person is in a state of deception. They are in an illusion.

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And this is the situation that Muslims find themselves in in many parts of the world. And the evil one while el Billa is coming at us in a way that probably he never came to people before.

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To make us feel satisfied with the life of this world satisfied with our religion, we strive to a certain extent, you will see Islamic movement, we will put on the clothes we will make the slogans we will make salaat and we will we will we will do what appears to be, you know our fundamentals of Islam and then we relax. And we say I'm over. We are the successful ones. We are felucca to Nigeria, we are the one who enter Paradise.

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Then we start to relax we become stagnated. But the scholars have shown us that your taqwa stimulates you. If you fear Allah azza wa jal, you hope in his mercy. you strive for this consciousness, it's action, you are involved in your action once you become stagnated.

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Once you slow down and stop and feel that you made it, then you're deceived.

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This is the delusion now that we need to consider when we take things for granite, some people are fooled by their families. And we see it very often happen. They will say, Well, I come from a part of the world where there's Muslims, there's great my dresses, I don't have to study. I don't have to give sadaqa My mother used to give sadaqa so the earthquake happened in Haiti. So people are suffering. I don't have to give to this. The United Nations will give to this. Why do I have to do anything to help the poor? The people are suffering in the Gaza they are surrounded. But why do I have to they'll make it out? I have to deal with my own family. Because my father was a great

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struggler. My mother used to give sadaqa so we think because of our family,

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that it is all right. But we are being diluted. Never forget the story of Noah alehissalaam.

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His own Son turned against him. Look at the case of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, his father, his father was an idol maker turned against him loot alayhis salaam his wife turned against him. And so your family, this is not enough. Your generation because you speak a certain language, you come from a certain part of the world that is not enough now. We are being diluted and should be involved in consistent action.

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Some people have good deeds and bad deeds, they think that their good deeds will be enough for them. They make instead of our 100 times after Philadelphia and they think that because they've they've made the mistake far they counted things. They they they go to Mecca and they count okay now I'm in the masjid mosque little haraam in Mecca. That's 100,000 times and then I'm praying a Jamaat prayer, that's time 27 and then I'm on Hajj and they start multiplying things up. So I must have about 2 billion Hassan net so now I can go home I can do what I want. I can swear drink some alcohol foreigner Kate because I got 2 billion Hassan

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so like my scale is going to be so heavy on one side.

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That you know I can do what I want because it's still not tipping up. He is being diluted.

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He's being fooled. He thinks that he is successful.

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But the shaytaan wha so Billa has scooped him up

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and has taken him off the path.

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Other people,

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they're even in a deepest situation. And this is something that we need to study, go over it over and over again, try to understand what is happening to us in this section. There are some people who study the books, and they know about deception.

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They can tell you,

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but they don't apply it to themselves. They will tell you all the verses, all the ideas, but they don't do it themselves, they just intellectually know it.

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And they don't they forget that Allah says, when he speaks to us about the soul, God, Allah Harmon zakka will call the Hubba Mendoza, that the one who is successful is the one who purifies his soul. And the one who, who leaves his soul, that is the person who will be unsuccessful, and that is the person who will be defeated. And so it is action. It's not enough to say it,

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then we have another group that's even deeper than that.

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We have another group who claim

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that you should not only say it, but you should do it.

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And they talk about action. And they will do some of the things, but they don't apply it completely to their hearts. They leave their heart alone, they practice Islam on the outside and you will see them they will make solid first in line. They will fast and Ramadan. They will have the clothes of Islam, they will have the appearance. They claim to be the successful Muslims, but he's jealous. He's jealous of you. He has this evil spirit, he looks at you. And instead of trying to find you know, some some way to to help you, he's trying to find out what's wrong with you. But the your pants are too long. You Be it

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a sister, there's a little hair sticking out of your camera system. This is not right. And they will look for faults that you're doing.

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And instead of giving you naseeha to support you, you find something wrong with your brother and your sister and you try to help them they will use it against you to try to bring you down.

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This person is also diluted a person on the path who thinks that they they're 100% Muslim, but they are being diluted and a person who doesn't even look like them who may seem like a simple person. That person may be the one on the path. The real Olia is not necessarily the ones with the long thobes and the giant hats and turbans and, and all the things the real Olia is probably the person who's sweeping the mustard.

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He's a simple person, you don't even know this person, you walk by him. But that's the person that gets up in the morning and cleans the masjid and makes the Adhan and wakes everybody up. That is the knowledge.

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That is the person that lost support Allah loves. But we will not look at that person because we want the fame and the glory. Right, we want the hype. And so this is delusion.

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And this state of delusion, can actually reach movement people. It can actually reach people who are on the path who are striving and spending their time

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learning about Islam.

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There are other cases that Allah talk about. There are people who will spend their time they will spend their time studying and studying Islam. And they will study now instead of they will study the different details about grandma and tuck region haruf and how to pronounce the court and they will read the court and beautifully.

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But they don't put it into practice. And the prophet SAW them said the time would come when people would read the court and in melodious tones and it would not reach the house would not pass the throats.

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And so by not passing their throats it does not reach the house. And so this is a state of delusion.

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It is a false construct a fantasy world. And this is what is being done to people now. The younger generation they want to put them in a fantasy. They send them out in space, and they spend their day fighting aliens or mutant creatures on earth.

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Other people are in a fantasy world and they think they're waiting for the Maddie to come. The Khalifa must be marching through down the road. They're waiting for something to come without doing something they can be diluted

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because they should this does not mean that you don't make your salaat

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That you don't call to the good and forbid evil because you think the malady is coming. People said the same thing. 1000 years ago,

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there were some people who call themselves muddy.

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And some were pretty sure about it. There's one person in the Sudan, Mohammed Ahmed, he came from the the debate.

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He had qualities. He organized the people he defeated the British Army, their greatest general Chinese Charles Gordon. And he thought he was the Mahdi. He was in a state of delusion.

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And he gathered the troops and now he was heading toward Mecca, because he wanted to be between the Blackstone and the Yemeni corner, he wanted to take the BR and then get the Judgment Day on and he dropped dead from typhoid fever.

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And then everybody realized, this is not the one

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and it happened many times, people have made these claims reached high levels, and they are in a state of delusion.

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And so, it is the simple things. It is the simple innocence of a child, that if you can have love for your brothers and sisters, if you can stand up for what is right.

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prohibit the evil, unite and feel that innocence inside of yourself. This is greater than a person who memorize 1000s of verses of the Quran, but not put it into practice.

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This is the important thing.

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The other element that we have along with Tuckwell that our verse has shown us earlier Allah alladhina amanu. What can we attack

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those who have Taqwa and also those who believed and it is reported that the prophet SAW sell them on one occasion, and this is reported by Sofia but Abdullah tartufi that he said, Call to Jada Sula, LA, Khalifa, Islam, Poland, la Aloo and who hadn't badak color are meant to belong to mystical.

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So, this person came to the prophet SAW some of them and he said, Satan or messenger of Allah, tell me something in Islam, that of which I will not have to ask anybody about this thing after you. In other words, give me something I which is a gym, give me something special.

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I need some special advice and the purpose of seldom having a jameela Jamil Kalam, he said, a mental Billa thermostat

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sounds very simple. He said that you should say I believe in Allah and then become upright.

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And this word is the karma is another kalama Kalamata Jamia? It is one it is a small word with a great meaning. And this is the karma is that the person just becomes upright.

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just become a good person. That's all. Just clean your intentions. Be a righteous person and when you have this, you will be in a special category. This is a great blessing from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And Allah azza wa jal tells us in certain facilities, in verse verse 3030, and 31 he tells us our uza Billahi min ash shaytaan the regime, nella Xena, Carlota buena Allahu Tomas de como, tetanus de la himolla. Eager to unlock a powerful wallet as a new ability to build gender equality quantum to address not only outcome Phil highlighted dunya will fill akhira while a comfy hamata he unfor sukham wala comfy hamata Darwin, New Zealand mencoder Rahim woman as a new Cola, manda Illallah huami la salida wirkkala in the middle Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to us Verily, those who say Our Lord is Allah, and then they become upright, believing in the oneness of Allah and

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worshiping none but him. on them the angels will descend,

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saying, fear not, nor grief, but received the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised. We are your friends and protect us in the life of this world and in the hereafter. Here in you shall have all that your souls desire. In hearing you shall have all for what you asked for a welcome gift from the Forgiving, Most Merciful and who is better in speech than

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One who calls to Allah and does righteous deeds and says surely I am from the Muslims. And so this verse is saying to us in the Nakamura boon, Allah, through muster, camo,

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they say their Lord is Allah. And then they become upright, as the premises seldom said, Call are meant to Billa through muster can

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say you believe in a law that's not enough, then you you now become upright. And so your Eman becomes our kolu beliefs and what does deep bell curve Well, I will be jawara that you will say it with your tongue, you will confirm it with your heart and you will practice it

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it will become complete.

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And with these simple steps, we can come out of a state of illusion

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out of deception

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and into the light of Allah subhanaw taala angels will descend upon that person. And when that person is in depth, they will feel happiness.

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They will have a surety because of these actions that they have done.

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What did they do?

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Was it 1000s of verse they memorized? It was simple actions that they took with sincerity. They practice Islam completely. And Allah subhanaw taala has told us yeah, you have levena Armand otaku facilmente kapha, one w for to water shaytaan in the hula coma do when will be. It says oh you who believe enter into Islam completely.

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And do not follow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an open enemy. So on the one side is a de whorfin Islam cafetiere.

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Entering into Islam completely, all aspects we practice, not only do we practice Islam, when we around Muslims, we practice it when we are in the society. Not only do we make us a lot when we're in the masjid, we make our Salah outside, at school, in an airplane, anywhere we respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Not only do we have good character when we around certain individuals, but that good character.

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It stays with us in everything that we do. And so we come out of the state of delusion.

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And a lot says at the end of this woman x annual colon

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min manda Illallah huami, la salida wirkkala in the middle muslimeen? And who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah and does righteous deeds and says surely I am from the Muslims? And this question that comes in the court and whenever the verse comes in a question form, it is not a question in the sense of Allah wants the answer from us. What it's really saying is that the best in speech is the one who calls to Allah, and does righteous deeds, and says I am from the Muslims. And that is the essence of our mission today that we are called upon, not to just be a Muslim and name not to just come from a Muslim family.

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But to practice Islam. Not to just say we are from the family of Allah. There's a madressa in my area. The Imam is he knows a lot. So if I have a problem, I'll go to the EMA. Now we have to study Islam, even if it's in a in a humble way. All of us have to make actions toward our Deen to come out of the state of delusion.

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And the key issue now, how do we do this? We call to the path what is the dollar today? It is not necessarily given speeches.

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It is not necessarily debating the People of the Book,

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arguing against them.

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It is now bringing

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viable solutions to real problems in society. This is what Islam has done historically. Whenever it is coming to an area. It has upgraded the life of the people. It has helped people to overcome racism, tribalism, alcoholism, drugs, crime, all of the problems in their societies. And we today have inherited this global society living in sprawling urban areas with people who have now chemical problems, serious chemical problems serious mental

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Problems are amongst us, families breaking up, how can this what solutions we hold gems of wisdom in our hands? It is right with us. But we need to now implement this, we need to put it into practice. And that wealth that we have with us, this is an Amana, it is not my money, it is not your money, this money belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. We have inherited this in this dunya while we are above the earth, but when we leave this, we cannot take it with us.

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And so when we are in this position,

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when this trust is in our hands, we need to now implement, be involved in issues in society, struggle for the environment, now the environment is being destroyed, people are ruining the water, ruining the atmosphere, destroying animals, animals are becoming extinct.

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And one study recently was being done by an Egyptian brother in the UK. And he's finding that there's about 602 languages in the world. It's a new science, which is developed of languages, about 602 languages in the world. And about every year 40 of them are becoming extinct.

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And it's going down lower and lower and lower and lower. And you know what he found out, because they have now studied languages based on sound. And based upon the power of the mouse, and how it has spread in societies. And for a long time, they looked at the languages of the world. And they didn't include the Arabic language. And so he took the course just recently in the UK, got his master's, now went for his PhD. And now he put Arabic language to the test. And when they put Arabic language to the test, they have found that Arabic language now rates at this point number two of the languages that would stay on the earth, no matter what happens, the first language they say, which

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has a longevity in it is Mandarin Chinese. But the brother has made a study.

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And he is now bringing forth his study, he came on a Middle East program, check Mohammed Hassan does Allah How many of you know him, he introduced him on the program. And he brought the study and he said, when I bring this out, I have proof that Arabic language not only will be the longest living language, but it is the original language. It is the language of melodica is a language of gender. And he has scientific proof. And he showed that because they show phrases, when you say a word it has sounds inside of it, they have a machine, which actually shows the sounds and they put the word a law into the machine. And they were in shock. Because it is the only word that appears to have

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different phrases in it. But when you say it, it's only one sound.

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It's only one. And there's no other word in any language, which has different phrases that appears to have different phrases. But when you say the word, it's only one sound.

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And so,

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he is bringing out this study.

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And we are realizing now, what we are holding in our hands. This has caused resistance against us. This has caused us to be demonized. This is the reason why pressure is being applied upon us. Because we hold in our hands, gems of wisdom to answer the problems of society, gems of wisdom to give a future to the plan to save the planet.

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But But every long journey begins with one step.

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And that step that we need to make is to come out of our illusion and to revive our faith, to practice the fundamentals. Go back again.

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Do the basics.

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fall in love with what you are doing. And that wealth that is in your hands. And I say this to you tonight because we have a great opportunity in this community as an other communities to do something to help our children and to help our society.

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I was speaking with, you know, the Amir, just you know, today, we have an opportunity.

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And we need to do something to save the younger generation. We also need to do something for those people who are coming in to be married to find a halau way for them to come together to be married. To be able to counsel our community to provide alternatives and all of you brothers, we're going to get you away

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Insha Allah to find a halau alternative,

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but that means we have to be courageous. And we have to think out of the box. Stay with Quran and Sunnah. But you don't have to be in a mold. our culture's are not necessarily this mold, we have to wear certain clothes, we have to say certain things. The sun of the province of Southern can be adapted, can go to any society, keep the principles, but deal with the society. We are now in a society where the younger generation is under attack.

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And we are one of the groups that the majority of our people are actually young people. A study was done to find the majority of Muslims are actually 25 years and under. If you took all of the Muslims and put them out on one field, you're going to find most of them are young people. It's the majority. But what is in our masters today, most of our masters would all respect it as activities for men over 35 years old.

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Other people, other aspects of society, there's nothing in the masjid, in the time of the purpose of solemn, the master was an all purpose Islamic Center. That's how you can describe it. There was not a beautiful building with a football, you know, in a dome, a Muslim that you visit like a museum. It was an action oriented place where people would learn about their faith

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where they would they would be taught principles of Islam. Dawa was being given, even inside of the masjid. The people of Iran, the people of Yemen came to the masjid entered the masjid. They embraced Islam, some of them did not embrace. They were still treated with dignity.

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When political decisions had to be made, the prophet SAW Selim calls a town hall meeting. Where did they do the town hall me? Did he go outside the mustard in the masjid. So an all purpose Islamic Center.

00:26:58--> 00:27:21

This is what we have been talking for years, and going into the community saying, This is what we have to give to right now. Do something for your younger generation, save your young people help them to get married, help the young children to do to come out of this fantasy world and be confused about creatures and animals and, and confused about their own identity.

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Do something right now. This is an opportunity that you are blessed to have out here in this town. And there are other people now who are standing up and realizing that we have to think outside the box. And we have to take this Deen in a way which is practical and relevant and stand up in society, whether they hate you or not. Whether the society is talking, we have solutions, and we can bring something else to the discourse in this society, we can show them the Islamic position, dealing with racism, the Islamic position dealing with drug abuse, the Islamic position dealing with homelessness, dealing with depression that people have in society, this is our opportunity. And we

00:28:06--> 00:28:21

can only pray that Allah azza wa jal would give us this opportunity, purify our hearts and take us out of this delusion in the life of this world. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to come out of this illusion created by the evil one.

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May Allah protect us from all of the forces of evil that are surrounding our children? May Allah protect always and give honor to the children of the Omar Mohamed Salah. May Allah protect the women of the home of Mohammed Salah Salah, may Allah protect the men of the oma of Mohammed says Allah, may Allah raise up leadership in this generation that will stand up for Islam, regardless of the cost. And may Allah keep on our lips, the words of the court and that we would never forget women as a new colon Mim and de la Ilaha Amina salejaw, we'll call it in the middle muslimeen and who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah and does righteous deeds and says surely I am from the

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Muslims? May Allah help us to live and die in a state of Islam? May Allah give us kalama are the Kalamata tauheed at the end of our life may Allah put this on the lips of all who are here tonight. May all who hear this make May Allah make our last words to be our best words will not give us as our last words kelemen La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aku locally held a Rostock for lalibela comb. I said what I have said, I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you were Salam. Wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh