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Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mehreen. So we were doing the shoot of Salah and we did two shot the first of the truth was to have Tahara taharah mineral headers which means that you have to be in the state of will do either an actual will do or a substitute will do ie either a shutter a will do full will do or if you have an excuse then something that takes the place of judo. Okay, so you have to do something to have the first shot done. The second shot we talked about the conditions of Salah and the second shot is the timings and you have to pray the Salah in its timing, you are not allowed to pray the Salah outside of its timing, and we said

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that the timing for VOLHA and acid and for Mazel Tov in Asia is combined for the moussaka I didn't go into too much detail and inshallah later on we'll go into that but all of you know that the head and also the two timings overlap and most of them in Asia, there are two timings overlap for them we suffered otherwise the one who's not in wasafi Or the one who doesn't have an excuse for those for those people then they have to pray each side up at his proper time. The third condition or shut up with this the shirt the third condition set to load our Rottie Bhima Yasuo fool Bashara that the hour is covered in a manner that the skin is not shown. So the skin is not shown negates two things

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number one transparent cloth and number two tight cloth. Okay, so two things are negated by the statement, the skin is not shown. Because if it's transparent see through extremely thin, then the outer is not covered. And if it is skin tight, then the outer is not covered. Okay, so the third condition, the outer must be covered. Now, what is the our where our auto Rajamouli? Well, MRT ma baina saw ratty work by the hour of the man and have a lady who is a slave lady, okay, because there's different our for the lady that is free and the lady that is a slave. And we'll talk a little bit about this because it always raises confusion. I realized when these books were written,

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there were slaves, people had slaves, and so the field has to discuss them as well is between the navel and the knee. Now, the navel and the need for a man it is understood it is clearly known, and the humbly method and the Hanafi madhhab. And the Shafi might have the majority, they all say naval and their knee is an hour, it's only the Maliki's they have a little bit of concession with for the, for the thigh. And for them, the thigh is not that strict, but the other but even they encourage it and want the thigh stiff for the man to be covered. And they base this all of them as I have they base this on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is narrated a Buddhahood

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until Monday that the prophets of Allah sent him saw a man who was taking a bath, and he had tied his lower garment in a manner that it will only cover his private pot parts, like what we call an underwear, okay, so you take his lower garment that is our, or the we say the longI. And he tied it around himself, such that it's criss crossing over his actual private parts, and the thigh is all exposed. Now remember those days, they didn't have a bath, they would just go behind the tree and pour water and sometimes they wouldn't go behind the tree men would just do like what he's doing and just take a bath somewhere. So, he saw this man taking this bath and his his private parts were

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covered, but his thighs are exposed. So the professor said oh, so and so, cover your thighs got the factory Decker for in the factory the minute hour because the thighs are a part of the hour okay. So, this is a command to cover the hour and he is also saying the statement the thigh is a part of the hour Okay. Therefore, from this, we see that it is not allowed for a man to expose his thighs in public, it is not allowed for a man to expose his thighs in public. And therefore, if a person wants to go swimming or doing exercise or something, that man has to cover the thighs in a loose manner such that the outer is covered. Now he says the hour of the man is between the surah and the Roca

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which is the belly button and the and the and the knee

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but a next paragraph he will mention another fact and that is that

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a person who prays should put some of his garment at least on one of his shoulders. And that shows us that our for Salah is different than the outside of Salah.

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Okay, I'm jumping the gun, the text moves on, I'm jumping, just telling you now, the outer for Salah is different than the outside of Salah. So for Salah, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the authentic hadith, that whoever has a garment, upper garment, let him not pray until at least one of his shoulders is covered. At least one of his shoulders is covered. Now when you cover one of the shoulder, you're draping it over at least the upper body. Okay, now realize the poorest people who had two garments, that's the haram. Okay, there were some people that didn't even have that much. But having like poverty level, you would have at least two clots. And the cloth was typically

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not that long as we have in our era, mashallah, it goes to meters, right? Those days, they didn't have that much cloth. So the process was saying Whoever has an izhar and is our is the upper cloth, right? Do not pray unless you have at least one shoulder covered with it. Meaning if you cannot cover both write, at least move it so that at least you're covering as maximum as possible. And this shows us that covering the upper chest is also wajib for the man who can afford to do so otherwise, it is forgiven. And he can then pray only in the lower garment. Okay. And this is the humbly method and it is Charlotte the correct opinion as well that our for the man. Therefore, if you're

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exercising, even at home, and you're doing do your treadmill or whatever, then you want to pray vote or whatnot, and you're just in your shorts that you're exercising, and it is not allowed for you to pray like that, you must cover the upper portion of the body. Okay, this is by the explicit Hadith of the process. And when he said, Whoever has an exam, do not pray until you cover at least one of the shoulders of the IS and the fact that he's saying at least one means preferably two. But if you cannot have both, then try to cover as much as possible. Therefore, the hour for the man outside of Salah is yes, the navel to the knee. So exercising gym, you know, going to the swimming pool or

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whatever you're doing between the outer between the navel to the knee, this is the outer, but inside, you have to do more than this. And that is to cover the upper body. Now, as for the AMA as for the slave girl. So this is something that is going to raise a lot of eyebrows. It's also very difficult for us to contextualize. The fact of the matter is that

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the slave women were given many concessions. And they were not required to in fact, it was not allowed for the slave woman to cover her hair. It's not allowed for her to do that. Okay, this is by explicit testimony of the Quran. The Quran itself mentions this sort of Allah his app, when Allah subhanaw taala says, so that they may be recognized, and they're not irritated or whatnot, okay, by recognized here means as free, dignified women, okay, they may recognize people should know that these are women that are free, and others and modest and whatnot, but one of the things of recognized is, so that they are known that they are free women. Now, the concept of an AMA, not

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covering her entire body. This doesn't mean that it is logic for her to expose the upper part of her body, it simply means that in that day and age, it was not uncommon. And you have to realize that

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it is obviously very bizarre for us to imagine or think of this, but most of these servants would have been very elderly and age, most of them.

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Islam, culturally speaking, there was this perception that the AMA, or the ABD is not somebody that I were going to marry is not somebody I'm going to marry. And that is why it is actually not allowed for a free person to marry a slave person, unless in extenuating circumstances, again by the testimony of the Quran, by the testimony of the Quran, and the books are felt they mentioned these laws because they were common. And for us, it is not just uncommon, it is not unheard of. And when these laws are mentioned in our time in generation, people find it extremely difficult, which is understandable. But I can tell you that this is the standard position

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Have all of them at Diab. There's really no difference of opinion at all about this issue. And it was understood for the time and for whatever reasons that we will not understand our times. It wasn't considered to be a type of temptation or trial. Allah knows how and why but that was their cultural understanding for the time and Allah azza wa jal knows best The point being that the AMA her hour is the same as that of a man. Meaning she is not required to cover of course it's better for to cover and digital problem.

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if she were to cover it is good but it is not to fall upon her to cover during the Sala while Hill ruchu and the free lady Kulu her our tune in watch her her walk Cafe her she is an hour all of her other than her face and her hands okay. Now once again this is the our inside of Sala Okay, outside of Sala the humbly madhhab and many muda have talked about the face covering and that's a separate issue some say it is Mr. Have some say it is wajib that's not the discussion right here. Right here the discussion is to

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have the odor of the lady covered will help her to Kulu Hora tune in watch our cafe hub, the whole rod the free lady, all of her is our Everything about her is our so her limbs, her upper body, her thighs, her shins, all of it is our and her hair, and her hair is explicitly mentioned. Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said and Hadith isn't without and an Imam was Muslim and other books of Hadith. The Prophet SAW Selim said

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Allah does not accept the salah of a lady that has reached menses meaning post puberty, except with a headscarf. This is an explicit authentic hadith. liable to salata, hylden in the disclaimer, Allah does not accept the hadith of a lady who is of age, the Salah, excuse me, a lady that is of age, except when she wears the hammer. So it is wajib it is a shock it is a condition for the lady to have her hair covered before she enters the salah. And of course, it is not a condition for to have her hair covered in front of her husband in front of her brother in front of her maharam. But when it is time to pray, she has to be covered. And if her hair is going to be covered, then logic and

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reason and everything tells us the rest of her body is going to be covered like her upper chest like her legs, everything's if you're going to cover the hair then obviously everything is going to be covered. And therefore there is unanimous consensus of all of them is that the outer of the lady, the free lady is her entire body except for her face and her hands and

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even the the feet even the feet is something that is a part of her our the hadith is of a widowed is narrated by OMA selama. And some say that this is a statement of OMA selama Some say it is a Hadith either way, it is the most explicit text in this regard. That OMA Salah was asked by a lady Can I pray

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in a skirt

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meaning without without covering my feet. So the skirt would go all the way down? And she said yes, as long as it covers your feet from the top meaning so if the lady goes into Sagitta and the soles of her feet will come and be visible that's excused, but while she is praying, so her feet as well should be covered. Okay and this is the opinion of all of them that I have that it is in fact, the outer of the woman inside of Salah should be covered the Hanafy say, if it is not covered her Salah is not bottle, but it should be covered. And the other three say her Salah is body. Okay, so that's the only STF otherwise the mother have agree that yes, even the feet of a woman should be covered.

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And I know that many of our sisters

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might be surprised to hear this. But this is the position that is pretty clear from our scholars. And the reason being, as I said, is they they use analogy that if the hair is going to be covered, this means she's going to be dressed fully when the process of missing cover your hair. So this implies she's going to be dressed like she is in her hijab in her full attire in her full garment. And also the hadith of woman selama that when she was asked by another lady Can I pray just wearing a skirt? So she explicitly said yes, as long as it covers your feet, meaning if the skirt doesn't get to the feet level, right so the feet are exposed. Suppose it goes to the upper

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When it goes to the ankles and the feet are exposed, then all of a sudden was Hadith would not apply there. Because she said yes, as long as the feet are covered. So as for exempting the face. This is exempted because of the Hadith of the process and regarding the Hajj and haram, that the prophecy sort of said that the woman in the Haram should not cover her face with an ePub so they said Okay, so in this act of worship, if she's not going to cover her face with an ePub then therefore she does not have to cover her face in Salah when she is praying in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is also the all the medina agreed that a woman does not have to cover her face inside of Salah.

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Okay, if she is alone now, the issue of outside of Salah and niqab is not relevant at all to us. But all of them are that right now for this class. But all of them that have seen that she she must cover her entire body other than the face and the hands were Omalu already well, more telco Bow to her Cal MIT. And this is a line that applies to slaves not relevant to us on one wallet who can remind me what is normal? Well, we discussed omul wallet in this era.

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This is the slave who

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this is the slave who gives birth to a child that belongs that she belongs to the master she gives birth to a child, the child is considered to be completely biologically Islamically, fully a full son or daughter. So on modality Kalama. The fact that she becomes a mulwala doesn't change her our it changes her status to be sold, and she will be freed. But it doesn't change the outcome. So well. What modality can ama well, more Taco Bell do hackle AMA and the one who is partially fried is like an AMA. Now again, these are all phrases that are totally irrelevant to us. But just to give you a glimpse, and unfortunately, not just a glimpse, but maybe a terrifying glimpse. But this is the

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reality and we had to deal with the laws of slaves and Islam. And these are some of those laws that are studied every chapter of fic will always have some phrases because it's something you're going to be dealing with, while more at Taco Bell Doha. What is more at Taco Bell? Doha means so it was also possible for a slave to have multiple owners,

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multiple owners so for example

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234 People inherited slaves from their fathers, let's say okay, so they all inherit, one of them wants to be charitable, and says how does my portion of the slave is free?

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Okay, Phil has a whole chapter what is to be done in this case? And in essence, if any one owner frees the slave eventually the slave will become free is just a matter of now he must be given time to earn the rest of so the other to say no, I have to get money for his freedom. I'm not going to give feasibly to law. Okay. So then the books are filled say he must be given time to earn his money and he will earn his money, then he will pay what is due then he's a free man. So if even one owner frees automatically he will become free, but it's just a matter of negotiating and time. Okay, so technically until he is fully freed, he is still a slave

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in law, and this is the point here, while more taco Valda if a partial free, it doesn't change the outcome, okay, until the full freedom is done. That's the end of the chapter, the issue of slavery. We're not going to come back to 100 and this in this chapter, woman Salafi Philbin, Mo Zubin Oh dad in most aubertin Lamb Tasa ha sila to who whoever prays in a Phob a garment that is stolen or a house that is stolen his slider, his bowel till his Salah will not be accepted. Now, this position is one of those unique positions that only the humble is hold. No other man holds this position.

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The hump buddies are the only month who basically who say that if you worship Allah using a haram, the entire action of worship will be thrown back in your face.

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And this is a very strict method.

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It's very cold in here where there isn't it? Is it just me huh

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ZEV? I'm wondering am I getting children is them

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So the humbly method is the only method that has it's so strict that it says, If you worship Allah with something that is haram, then the whole deed will be null and void. Whereas the other men have say if you worship Allah with something haram, the Haram is haram and the halal is headed, and you will have the good

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The back together, weighed out. Okay, so make a note we're studying the humbling by depth, but this is unique only to the meta

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and the other three meta who are not district in this in this regard. And so for the how many might have if you pray, and a garment that you stole, or the money is completely haram that you bought it with, right? Or you're praying in an area or a location that you stole, then your Salah is bothered. And of course the reason for saying this is to terrify the thief. Okay, but the other men have say you shouldn't go beyond the bounds to terrify the thief. Right? The thief has enough problems that he has to deal with. It's not like you're going to tell him okay, don't pray anymore. Tell us there's no point in praying right. So, in any case, make a note this is of the unique positions of

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the humbly madhhab none of the other mudah have this while loop so Harry was there heavy MOBA holiness, He dune originally Illa in Del hija. So now we talk about what is the outer then what can you cover your outer with? So here we get to silk and gold

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for women is halal. For men, it is not halal except for a Hajer. So Hajj, so we all know it is halal for the women. And that is because the Hadith isn't cibo hottie that the process and picked up a piece of gold and he picked up a piece of silk. He held it in his hands. And he said these are halal for the women of my OMA haram for the men of my OMA, you can't get more explicit than this. Okay, so he picked up these two items. And he said these two are halal for the women of my OMA haram for the men of my Oma. So, by unanimous consensus of all the muda hip, it is haram for a man to without any reason without any Hajer without any need to wear silk and to wear and to wear gold. Now of course

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this raises all of these issues which we don't have time to get into right now. I was given entire lectures about this and we always have q&a, some small quantity of silk and gold is halal.

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According to the majority of scholars, what is that small quantity is where the elf comes. And just to get the question out there so ties are high that in my opinion, so I already gave this for too many times. Okay, so what sort of ties are halal also what is prohibited is actual silk, not synthetic silk. synthetic silk is not silk, synthetic silk made out of polyester and cotton and whatnot that is made to feel like silk is not silk. So anything that is synthetic, is never going to be taking the ruling of the acid. Okay, so if you take copper and you painted gold, it doesn't become gold. It is still copper. Okay. If you take cotton and polyester and you merge it together

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and you get some soft material and you call it silk, and it's synthetic silk, it's not silk. The silk that is haram is the silt that is made from the silk worms, natural silk that we get from nature and that silk is extremely expensive. Okay, the silk ties that you buy from

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Walmart, Target whatever you know, who buys who buys ties from Walmart or whatever, these these, okay, I didn't want to say anything, but that is not going to be the real silk. Okay? The real silk ties will be three digits for more that's like that's going to be the type of stuff that and in my opinion that is the halal portion anyway because a small bit is allowed to wear but a silk shirt

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a silk suit or silk pants. And by the way, even though it's not a part of this class of this of the shoot of sada a silk Dovey, or a silk rug, or a silk

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like covering on the mattress would not be highlighted for a man.

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Okay, so if your wife has an argument with you, she doesn't want you to sleep with art with her she can put the silk covering on and say the sofa is yours. This is now silk here and there's nothing you can do about it. Okay? Because it is not allowed to use silk for men. Okay pure silk is not allowed even to us. And this is also by the way guys think about this as well. The carpets that are very expensive and silk carpets. It is not halal for men to pray on them. You can have them on your house to walk over, but you cannot have it in your house to pray on. Or to or to or to or to like like it's one thing to like hear the process of pick the silk up and he said this is halal for the

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women and haram for the men. As he is saying this What is he doing with the silk is holding it right? So silk is not nudges.

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Silk is not nudges. You can buy and sell silk. You can walk on silk walking, but you cannot utilize silk. Okay, so it's

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there a specific reason. There's no there's nothing explicit in the Hadith. But the reason given is that it's effeminate and not befitting masculinity in this world. And in the era, when we don't have to worry about being manly and fighting and whatnot in the era, silk will become halal for the men. Okay, because Allah explicitly mentions that we weren't headed and established for the men in any case going back here. So it is allowed for men in Del hija to wear silk and gold. What is Hajer? Hajer? Is one level below Botha. Okay, you should know that. Well, for the purpose of this class, let's just say there's two levels, there's more than Well, actually, there's there's three levels,

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And those three levels are

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that which is that which is pleasing or good to the soul? That which is a,

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a need, and then that which is a dire necessity. Okay, these are the three levels and

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the dire necessity is called Botha. valora. There's no question the Haram becomes Halal in all circumstances. Okay. Lola means you're gonna die if you don't get it.

00:26:20--> 00:26:42

So, the, the Quranic example, dead meat, pig meat, if you're dying, that's the only Allah explicitly says that's the Torah. Okay? Hijjah is one level below that. Hijjah means life becomes extremely difficult, or irritating or awkward, but you're not going to die.

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hija does not make the Haram Hallen unless the Shetty allows it. So if you're going to just be very hungry, you have zabiha meat and you have big meat, and there's a behemoth is a little bit, huh. And you're still going to be hungry. That's a hydra you're not gonna die. You're not allowed to eat the pig.

00:27:04--> 00:27:06

Okay, that's a Hajer you're not going to die.

00:27:08--> 00:27:40

For those who follow the Beihai laws. Me for example, when I say the behind me the behemoth outside. If you don't either be mean life is tough, but it's not Lola. Right? You can live off a vegetarian off of seafood. As I do when I have to travel would not you live off of it? It's a Hajer. It doesn't make that meet holiday. Because that's not the rule. Okay. However, there are certain things at the times of hygiene they do become halal. And the example is silk and gold.

00:27:41--> 00:28:01

Now, there's explicit a hadith that Abdurrahman now for example, and Zubaydah because I want both of them to Sahaba. And they're both of the ASHA of the great Sahaba they had skin problems at various times in their lives. And you have to realize back then, they had two main cloth. What were they

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cotton? They had cotton in the time of the process. No,

00:28:06--> 00:28:11

no, they did not have cotton. Not at all. They had wool.

00:28:12--> 00:28:23

And they had silk. And by the way, the wool they had was not the fine Italian wool that we have our suits with. No, no, no, no, no. That was sheep will. Have you ever felt sheep wool?

00:28:24--> 00:28:46

Rough course garment. Okay. So they had skin problems. And one of them had lice. One of them might have some irritation, like some type of skin disease came. Now it's not gonna kill you to wear wool. And it's gonna it's gonna scratch. But they asked the process of permission. And he said yes, go ahead where silk

00:28:47--> 00:28:48

because silk is

00:28:49--> 00:29:10

nice and soft. Now. I would argue that in our times, there is no such need ever for a man to wear silk. for medical reasons, I would argue, unless your doctor is telling me otherwise. We now have mashallah cotton, and polyester and synthetic silk and everything. In fact, frankly, the synthetic stuff feels better than the real stuff.

00:29:12--> 00:29:49

And you get cotton that is better than silk in terms of field, right? So I can't see any medical reason anymore for making silk completely halal for such a person. But if the doctors say this, or maybe in some areas of the world still, it is easier to get silk then some of the synthetic stuff I'm sure there are so for that person but for us here in America, I cannot see any concession. As for gold, we also learn that a man had had his nose chopped off in one of the battles of pre Islam. And he looked extremely

00:29:50--> 00:29:50


00:29:52--> 00:29:56

Okay, if that's the word you want to use, and he took

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

he not pleasing Yes, exactly. Yes.

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

He looked not very attractive. Okay. And so he took a nose made out of silver, and he put it on his face. But even that festered and rotted.

00:30:14--> 00:30:17

And so he took a nose made out of gold.

00:30:19--> 00:30:29

And the processor allowed him to do so. Okay, now, is it gonna kill him? If he doesn't have this? No, no, but it's Hajer. You see, this is hija. Okay. And

00:30:31--> 00:30:41

many of us remember or some of us might even have our elders, they would put gold fillings in their teeth. Okay, remember, my grandmother had, okay? You still have it?

00:30:42--> 00:30:48

Until now, still, okay? This is good investment. You just leave it there. Nobody's gonna steal it. Michelle, okay, at times of need.

00:30:50--> 00:30:52

At times of need, you can you can sell your teeth.

00:30:54--> 00:31:38

But once upon a time, they would put gold in their in their tooth to fill it up until recently until 1520 years ago, right? Still people in some places do this right? This would be what Hajer? Is it halal completely holla. This is why he is saying except for Hajer. You can use gold and silk during hygiene. And in our times we have even better and cheaper material. So there's no need to go to the gold but if somebody does it, there's no problem in that. Because our process that I'm said then he says the Hadith that had Danny haram and Allah tokuyama To hell only Inasa him these two are halal for the women and haram for the men. Woman Salah ministry jolly Philbin wa hidden bearable who

00:31:38--> 00:31:56

either took the heat or who Dallek from amongst the men, whoever prays in only one garment, and a part of it is covering his shoulder that is sufficient for him. This is what he's saying this the hour of the solder. So if you only have one garment,

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then you make it into a long shirt. Because there were people who only had one garment to wear one is up. And if they could cover their upper shoulder and drape it down over their bodies, such that it covered their outer to their knees, then that is what is watching for them to do. Okay. And it was not uncommon for some of the Sahaba to only have this to only have this for Illa Majid if he does not find in llama yes to our Raja who Satara only that which will cover his our which is what is the outer, the navel to the knee, then that is what he will cover. And so what will be forgiven

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the chest, the chest and shoulder will be forgiven. Okay, so it is forgiven. If he doesn't have it. If he has it, then it is wajib for Ilam, yuk Fujimi, aha, settle for Jane. Now, obviously books are filled, they have to mention scenarios that are exceptional. Because there are books of law you have to learn law law is not just the scenarios that occur 99% of the time law is scenarios that only occur sometimes. And also, these phrases help you understand what to do in other circumstances not necessarily related to this one. So for example, the author says, if he doesn't have enough to cover his entire hour, then he only covers the two for Jane, which is the front end the back, okay? Now,

00:33:27--> 00:34:16

this can be used in many scenarios. So suppose he doesn't have enough water to do will do but he has enough to do something, he will do whatever he can with that, and the rest will be forgiven. Whatever you're able to do, you have to do, and you prioritize. So no doubt the front and back hour is more important than the thigh. And so if he only has enough to cover the front and back, then he will cover that. What if he doesn't even have that he only has enough to cover one of them. So he said he chooses one of them sutra, a high Tahoma he chooses one of them and he covers that one. If a person does not have anything at all sulla Jellison he prays sitting down

00:34:18--> 00:35:00

because he's covering himself in that manner, Salah Jellison you may be Roku he was sujood and he will motion for record and sujood okay, why to cover his hour in front of Allah azza wa jal even now again, there are many scenarios even in our time as prisoners of war Milazzo to protect us and all of us, but there are people that they have to know these rulings when it happens to them. And even for us to understand in cases and scenarios that are of a different chapter of filk. We will see how filters derived so the one who has nothing will pray sitting down and He motions ROCOR and sujood however,

00:35:00--> 00:35:52

The author said what in sulla Eman Jaza. If he were to pray standing without having anything, he does not have clothes and he is praying standing. The Salah is so here, but it is better for him to sit down it his job is for him to pray standing, but the salah will be Sahil, but it is better for him to sit down. Woman lemmya Jude Illa Thoburn nijssen OMA Karna nijssen sulla fee, Hema, what data are they he and whoever does not find anything other than a filthy job that is not just by filthy, we do not mean mud stains. We mean, there is no jossa on it. So he has two options. Either he prays with nothing, or he prays with nudges on his throat. And again, may Allah protect all of us. But

00:35:52--> 00:36:33

this was not uncommon prisoners of war, this is exactly what's gonna happen to them. Prisoners of War, they're going to be in their garments, and there will be no just on those garments. What is to be done in that scenario, which one should be chosen? So you choose the nudges covering over the pure uncovering, okay, so again, these are scenarios, maybe they're not relevant, what you learned causes you to think, which one is the greater crime, or the greater thing that is to be naked. So we cover the nakedness, even if it's with nudges, because that is affecting other people and then adjusting, adjusting, only affecting you. So we prioritize other people over ourselves will pray in

00:36:33--> 00:37:17

the nudges, and cover ourselves with that. So he will pray in that one that you added to it. And there is no repeating upon him, why there is no repeating upon him. Because it he was not at fault. We're assuming obviously, that he has no other clothes, we're assuming that he did his best to figure out what to do, he was not able to do anything. So now suppose suppose this was a person that any prisoner of war, and he's praying to God, and also, then lo and behold, the capitalist says, you are free, call us you can go, or the Muslim army comes and freeze him. And there's still time to pray Lord, and also, we will say to him, You prayed, according to the best of your abilities, with

00:37:17--> 00:37:55

what you had, now that your circumstances have changed, not because you were expecting it to change you didn't know was going to change. So you will not be penalized for something that is beyond your control. So you're not going to have to repeat the salah because of something beyond your control, which is in contrast to something that was in your control. So if you had two films, and you knew one of them is not just and you still prayed in and that is your fault. So we'll say you have to repeat the Salah, because you were lazy. But if you didn't have to or whatever the reason you get the point here that if the issue was in your control,

00:37:57--> 00:38:18

and you knew it was in your control, but you were lazy, then in this case, we will say repeat the Salah, but if the situation was not in your control, and circumstances change beyond you and beyond your knowledge, and by the way, the same applies for Tamil, the classic example is Tamil. Okay, that Taya mom,

00:38:19--> 00:38:47

you have, let's say one bottle of water in the car, you're driving, let's say in Nevada, right? You have no idea when the next gas station is gonna come. And you need that water bottled for yourself to drink. Okay, and you're looking at the time whatever also Mohammed was going very realistic scenario, by the way, very realistic scenario. You don't want to use the water, you have no idea when the next place is going to come. So you do tell your mom and you pray.

00:38:48--> 00:38:53

Then you get in your car you drive. Lo and behold before salata, the mother of you see the gas station,

00:38:55--> 00:39:14

now you have the opportunity to purchase water, or to go to the restroom, and to do although we say to this person, no, you are fine. You do not have to repeat, because you This is beyond your control. You made assumptions based on your circumstances that were legitimate and halaal for you to make.

00:39:15--> 00:39:50

Okay, you made assumptions that were hard for you to make. And based on those assumptions you prayed, so you will not be penalized for something beyond your control. Okay. And this is in contrast to somebody who himself was lazy or whatnot. And by lazy we don't mean he didn't pack enough water because nobody knows how much water is going to be used. If he packed not enough we mean by lazy like he knows that there's a water up ahead for half an hour and he has that half hour and he decides to do tambem No, he's not allowed to do that. Because this is now using a concession that is not allowed for him. Let's finish to the initial 20 minutes and then we'll open the floor

00:39:50--> 00:39:50

for q&a inshallah.

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

So this is the third shot so the third shot is covering the outer and the outer we said for what is the outer for the man what is the outer for the woman

00:40:01--> 00:40:43

And we also mentioned that it is wajib that what is used to cover is neither transparent nor too tight. And this is unfortunately an all too common problem amongst the brothers in particular, that the brothers do not understand that a part of the outer is also to wear loose garments. And if they're going to wear tight pants, they must have loose shirts that will cover those pants. Because the hour is what covers on the outermost not what covers on the innermost. So no matter how tight pants you're wearing, it's completely halal. If you have a shirt or thobe on top of it, okay, doesn't matter. So the outer is covered by the outermost garment not the innermost and unfortunately

00:40:43--> 00:41:22

many of our brethren do not take this into account and they also do not take into account the fact that the shirt is not tucked in so when they're going to such that their outer is exposed and an argument can be made that if a person does not take care of this than his Salah his bottle because this is a necessary condition of Salah and this is a matter of it's not something that should be too it's very obvious you're going into such that your shirt had better be tucked in or covering because if it exposes then your outer is indeed exposed. Okay and therefore

00:41:24--> 00:41:53

we should monitor ourselves and as well inform our brethren who's our is not covered properly that there our is not covered properly and we should not be insulted if somebody tells us this where our Salah is that steak if we are not covering our odor properly. So the main issue here the covering of the outer is that for the man the hour is not just the navel to the knee it is also the upper body if they are able to do and hamdulillah humble everybody here can do that.

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