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So we just finished was that effect now we're going to, we're going back from nowhere

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to Mina. Now the positive had Osama news aid ride with him from out of a tomb was that even now he has now sorry for this now he has fallen live in a bus riding with him following a bass was also one of the companions who was very close in resemblance to the Messenger of Allah. And he was a young companion as well. So kind of look at the Messenger of Allah I sent him he's choosing young people to ride with him on hij right look at investment in youth You know, a lot of times in our communities we have this idea of we need to build messages we need to build huge community centers and youth rooms and TVs and PlayStations and you know, Madden fish all these things, right? What do

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we forget about the most important resource which is what

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the most important resource is the human resource what's good is all these buildings all these massages you know 1020 years from now we may have messes that are you know, are foreclosed that are empty like people are so foolish our our investment of resources our financial resources so foolish will open up messages one mile away from another message because somebody's got some beef with some person you know, and their mama said something about them all this drama man like we know drama right? Our community knows drama. So we invest in Sicilian our resources which are limited as it is and we're focused already in the wrong way our beings putting somewhere else What about the human

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resource the Prophet of Allah is investing in the you he's giving it further than our best another young man a chance to ride with him on his only once and only has he's performed in his life. And he goes from was that effeminate as he was leaving a young woman comes to ask the messenger of last I sent him a question. A young woman comes asked Mr. Boss, I have a question and, and further our boss begins to look at her for the best begins to look area and he was a lot of he seems like he was attracted to her. So the Messenger of Allah I sent him he sees that and he, you know, kind of malema, he was a teacher, right? He takes his he takes his by his chin and he just turns he lowers

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his gaze, he turns his face and looks down. So it looks up a second title on the Messenger of Allah send them lowers his gaze a second time, then he looks up a third time, Mashallah. And then he lowers his gaze a third time? And he said yes, he. He said, Oh, the son of my brother, he follow ambassador, the cousin of the master of Las Isola. He says, you know, we are in a day that the one who guards his vision guards his eyesight and protects his his chastity. You know, his his sins will be forgiven, but look how he taught. He taught him he didn't like imagine, you know, a young man riding with an uncle here and that happens man what's gonna happen? It's gonna be like world war

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three in the message, right? So send me crazy is happening and we just look at the Messenger of Allah. This is Hajj, man. You're riding behind the messenger, lots of them on Hajj. And so he goes to he proceeds to Mina. Now in Mena

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and Mina, we do four things on the day of the 10th day of the hedgerow we do four things. What are they you see it listed on the screen there, you do the Gemma rots, you do the sacrifice, you know the cutting of the hair and the life of the Father. All right on the 10th day of the hijab, we do these four things.

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Now, from a fifth perspective, is the order important. Which way you do it is the order important?

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their problems I send them the way you see on your screen is the way the messenger last I sent him did it. So he did the jamaats first, then offering the sacrifice, then shaving the hair, and then going to throw off to go to the house of a lot to perform that the laugh. Now the chef guy is the ham bellies.

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Some of the Maliki's and also the majority that have been all hold the opinion the overwhelming majority opinion is that you can do in any order and there is no blame upon you. The message was that I did it in one order but you can do in any order you want and there's we don't have time to go into the proofs for that. But they have their proofs that enough of a hanifa he went with the opinion that you can only go out of the order if done so an unintentionally of only done so unintentionally. Right and so if you did it intentionally if you went out of order intentionally from what's listed, then it is upon you to pay a fee to pay for a sacrifice would love to honor but

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the majority opinion is you can do in any order but the messenger of a loss I sent him the first thing he did is he went to the gym so let's talk about the gym rat

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firstly some aspects of the gym a lot. Number one you have to stone after sunrise. So the group who the past that have let go before early in the night. They still should wait. difference of opinion but some most scholars say they should wait until after the sunrise. For everybody else most definitely after the sunrise. They have to wait till after the sunrise on the 10th of the ledger to stone the Gemini to that Baba only the third pillar. Okay, the third one.

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The general Aqaba they should wait till after sunrise. Now when you go there, you're saying that tendon BIA remember we started when did we start the telomere?

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What when we started it exactly on the eighth of the

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hedger when we enter into a state of Iran, we begin to tell beer. Now is a time when we stop it. When you reach Gemini Ababa, that's when you stop saying the tilapia and what do you do? You have your seven pebbles with you, you throw each pebble one by one. You don't throw all seven at one time, okay? One by one, and you say Allahu Akbar, you say, Allahu Akbar, which each with each throat. Now this is a picture of the gemera. Right now they've made it actually amazing. The structure of the gemera It's amazing. There's like five stories. And there's like, you know, you can go on any of those floors. And it's all streamlined one way flow before Remember, you would always

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hear about the stampedes, that hedge that would happen at this and the jamaats. Back in the day, you should see the pictures. It's like one small thing and that's it, and everybody's coming from every which way, this way, this way, this way. So people get Stampede. Now, it's the most peaceful part of hedge panels, the most people who are peaceful about a hedge is the jumbo rocks. So you throw you say, Allahu Akbar, and you throw one pebble, Allahu Akbar, you throw a second pebble, Allahu Akbar, you throw a third Allahu Akbar for a throw. 70 saying Allahu Akbar with each one. Now, what about the size of the pebbles? How big? how big should they be? They should be the size of like a chick

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pea, you know how most? You know? What's it called? A China, China in order, right? The hummus the chickpeas. That's how that's how big the the pebbles should be. Okay, so that size around that size pebbles, not big rocks, nothing like that. Okay, you get small size, and then you collect them. And there you say a lot about throwing each one.

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understand whether the system is that safe on is not there.

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He's not tied up. He's that he's got his hands up already. The people get so upset. They're throwing their shipshape they're throwing their kids, everything.

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If you go in the front, you got to be careful, because if you go in the front, right, so you see there's a basin, and if you can see the picture, good, but it's this big pillar. And there's this big basin around it this huge, like big basin around it. Okay, this big pillar there. When you throw it, do you have to hit the pillar?

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Who says Yes.

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Who says no?

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Who says I agree? I don't know.

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What it is? No, the answer is no, the pillar was only put there a couple 100 years ago, right. So before that, obviously, there wasn't an all you have to do is get it inside the the basin, you have to get inside the base. And so you want to be close enough where you can be there obviously, to get it. The only thing you have to be careful about being close enough is when a big group rolls in and have dinner now because it's five stories, it's it's a, it's much less difficult, right? But sometimes you'll have like a bunch of people, especially for like, you know, a bunch of like,

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the country, but all these like this group of people will come in, you know, maybe they're a little shorter stature and stuff, and they're throwing their rocks from way back and you're gonna get hit. You're gonna have to like duck and like, play dodgeball and stuff. You know, he's got to be careful, especially when the ship ships are coming coming in. He's got to just just bind yourself there. But you go there, you just have to throw in the bass and you don't have to hit the pillar and you throw seven think about it with each one. Okay, and shavonne is not there, chiffon is not there. So now let's go over the spiritual aspects of of Gemini. Now Gemini honestly is one of the most spiritually

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uplifting moments of Hajj.

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But to understand the jemar Arts, we must first understand the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, we must first understand the story of Abraham it has an anniversary, right I have a whole lot of man once came to him and said that I have performed hedge so he asked him when you make off, did you remember Ibrahim is married?

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When you made the offer on the house of Allah didn't remember about our humanists money that they built the house of Allah subhana wa tada with your vow, he will align them in a way to his marriage.

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Right? And he said, No. Then he said when you were in out of, did you remember the prophesies sell them and the speech that he gave out offer? He said no, he said one in Mena. Did you remember that the promise I said them? Remember, I was determined how they boycotted him, you know, the boycott against the Muslims in the in the meccan period that lasted for three years, from which he Dejah his wife and daughter of his uncle both died, that boycott what occurred was decided was signed and sealed and set right outside of Mena in an area right outside of Mena. He said when you were in Mena didn't remember that. What the hardship that Mr. La went through, and when you were there, he said,

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No, he said, Do you remember hajer when you were doing the site between Safa and Marwa, he said no, he said Do you remember estimated when you drank the Zamzam water, he said no. Then he said then you have not made hij you haven't made Hajj. Right. So you have to understand what you're doing right. So let's talk about the story. We brought him out he set up Ibrahim brothers and sisters did not have a son until he was almost over 80 years old. Some some different areas and something he was 1999 different narrations but he was over 80 years old before he had his first son. And what happened?

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Imagine how much more than imagine how much his heart loved him right? It wasn't that I described this smile. As he says Ibrahim already sent me drones for soft fat. 37 verse 101 101. Allah says What about him? He says, Abraham said Rob, be heavily mean us or anything.

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First shortener hooby hula I mean, Harry, he made twice it Oh Allah gift me, Oh Allah gift me with a, you know with a righteous son with the sun from who'll be righteous offspring who be righteous, right? So Allah says for Bashar now will be who live in Halloween, we gave him the good news of a young boy who is heading who was very forbearing in patience. Right? Isn't that the most appropriate thing for an old man to have a forbearing son, a very patient son, very loving son. Allah blesses him not just what the son but with the good news that he's a son who's going to be patient with you in your old age. Right? And so then a lot of assays and continuing the next verse, Allah says vedam

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Bella wha hoo Surya cada buena? Yeah in me in me, Ronnie our official mana me Annie battulga fonville Tara, he says, what Allah says about him he says and when his son was old enough to walk with Him. So what does the scholars say? They say, you know, that was the age where he was getting ready to like take care of himself be able to like manage himself a little bit so young young child.

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Allah says if I don't hear anything I'm said to him Yeah, boo ne in me out off in Miami and near the hook I saw in my dream that I am slaughtering you.

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I saw in my dream that I'm slaughtering you. And what does he mean by that? The dreams of the MBR?

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are what ye the revelation? Exactly. So Allah is revealing Deborah Imani Sarah to slaughter his son is nine. So what is Marian say? He say Allah Rahim says funboard Amanda Tada. So I wanted to see what you think is Malay Salaam says, Oh no. Yeah, I bet if

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certegy dooney. In

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a long enough Meena saw beating his mind says all my beloved father, do what you are commanded inshallah, you will find me to be amongst those who are patients. And this is a remarkable brothers and sisters, Ibrahim, and his surname is the Helene of Allah, the best friend of Allah. Do you think he would disobey Allah command?

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No. So why is he asking is 19 followed by that title, I want to see what your opinion is about this, whether he likes it or not, but I'm gonna carry out the order. But this shows you the open lines of communication fathers had with their sons, right parents have with their children, right? You have to have this line of communication with your kids, talk to them, you know, find out how they're doing be friends to them, right? That's important if only Sam did this. I don't know how Bob did this the Messenger of Allah, you find this in the prophets and the messengers, and Ibrahim had a father who was terrible. His father told him if you don't get out of my face, I'm going to stone you

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to death. So having a bad father in your mind, because it may not be bad. It may be that your mind is screwed up. Does it give you the right to be a bad father to your children? Does it give you the right to be a bad mother to your children? If you had a bad mother, Ibrahim Elisa had the terrible father, but he was the greatest Father Himself. Right? So he says fungal mother Tara, right. And the sun look at the sun man Subhanallah you know, if parents ask their children to do something for them, just like do the dishes and you're like, you know, what is this you get upset? It's fine. It's putting his life on the line for his father, man. He's saying do whatever he loves command you to

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do. And you're not asked to do more than that. you're asked to do simple things take care of your parents in their old age, especially their old age, Assam specifies their old age, because that's when they need you the most. And that's when you're going to be tested by them the most. Because as they get old, their their intellect begins to fade, right dementia can start sitting in, you know, delirium can start sitting in, and you got to deal with parents now who will be difficult to deal with, just like you were difficult to deal with when you were a child. So we learn how we're supposed to interact with our parents. It's mine says, He says, do what you're commanded. So as

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Ibrahim was going with this man to slaughter him, shavon comes to him in the form of a man and tries to convince him to not do what he's been told to do. So Abraham, what does he take? He takes seven pebbles Singh, Allahu Akbar, throwing it out shape and shape on fleas. And this occurs three times. So why do we still in the Jamaat we do it, honoring whatever Kimani Sam did, right. And what's the lesson that you learn? You know what you need to pick up? We're picking up pebbles, man, we're not picking up like bazookas. We don't need like RPGs like shaytaan Here we come, bro. That pillar is going to smithereens just a small pebble. Just that says chiffon is out. Right. So less than that

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even says in the Quran, right? Where does a pond have control over us? Right We think she found is you know, messing with us. What is the law state? law says in Surah Ebrahim verse number 22 walk on eggshells upon Boolean mo shavon will say on the matter has been decided me on the Day of Judgment. People in Hellfire people are in paradise he says in Allah azza wa jal kumada hakima

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tucan Wanaka anally Allah eco.

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Sol Pani Illa TAO to confess the Java to me

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Ma, Ma ma, ma ma

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ma z in nica boo Bhima Ashok to Mooney mill Kabal in avani mina de Hamada boon Annie any shape on Oh say on the matter has been decided, Verily, Allah has promised you a promise of truth. And I to promise you but I betrayed you. And he says, and I had no authority over you, except that I told you I called you and he responded in law and TAO to confess that

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I just called you and you responded Fernando Mooney don't today. Now that we're in Hellfire, don't blame me blame yourselves. He says Don't blame me blame yourselves. He says I deny your form or act in associating me as a partner with Allah by obey me in this life of the life of this world. Verily, there's a painful torment for the wrongdoers. Right. So how can we fight off shavon brothers and sisters? How can we fight off state law number one, take him as an enemy. Right? Every if you knew someone was out to get you if you knew a school, somebody threatened to beat you up somebody's throat he's a roll up with his homies and he see you outside of school and he's in he's gonna just

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just take it to you right? You would avoid that person. You will come ready. Ready you maybe you have your posse with you. You're ready to roll you know saying you're on guard your alerts. Because you know somebody wants to intense for you harm. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Yeah, you

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in Nevada law, he helped go for Nakamoto hire to do Nevada.

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in a shape on an Ico model.

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His best hooni aku min us happy sorry. Allah says that all mankind, Allah promises true. What is a fine just say in the previous IO you mentioned a lot promised you were promised and I promised you and you responded to me a lot of saying a loss promises true. Right. So he says so don't let this world deceive you. And don't let the chief of deceivers deceive you CEPA then he says industrial bond and a coma I do shavon is an enemy to you. Right so every morning you wake up brothers and sisters, whether you're in hydrate or not wake up with a mentality of someone who who's aware that someone else is out to harm him and that person is shaped. And if you have that that kind of guards

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up. Then when he comes to you and tells you that don't lower your gaze or do this or do that you're more ready to fight them off. Number two, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala when he reminds you of something evil, unless he's in suits, sort of out off verse 201, in alladhina de comida Messiah whom Paul minashi pani tada Kuru, for either.

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The rune Allah says about the people of taqwa there are people who want to say fun comes to them, you know, and and brings the evil thought to them. Allah says to the Kuru, remember Allah subhana wa Tada. And it is as if we weren't able to see people get blinded by their shadow by their desires, right? They get so blinded by their desires and they don't realize what they're doing it after they're done with it. Allah says you remember Allah subhana wa tada Allah will give you the ability to see again for either homoserine you remember Allah and Allah will help you so remember Allah tada number three say Allah Allah humanness shaytani r Rajim seek refuge ask a lot of help from shaylen

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wait when Mario Monti has set out she was alone, alone away from everyone else and a beautiful handsome, gorgeous man comes to her for time a third best shot on so he Yeah. A very well proportion men have come Somalia mounting center. What's the first word she says? I will go better rukmani mean kitten, Quinta Tatia. I seek refuge in order a man from you if you are truly amongst those who have Taqwa the first words out of her mouth. The first words are, you know, putting this guy on alert that she's not somebody to mess with. Right? She's not one of those kind of girls. And she says that she challenges them if you have any sense of decency, stay away right? See what she seeks refuge in

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Allah will use about a sin I was being seduced, by the way from a disease. What did he say? Caught him either LA. I seek refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. So remember Allah Subhana without ever look I am. He says that saying I was blind. He was like a sword against shape on. It's like this huge sword. But the problem is some of us aren't strong enough to carry the sword. Right? So when we say it, we can't even lift it up off the ground. But the one who has belief in what they're saying and they're aware of what they're saying they're remembering a lesson that a truly than Allah gives them the ability to hold a sword and strike shape on and he flees, right? So remembering a

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lesson finds out and asked me a lot for for help. Number four, beware of the tricks of shape on one of the most common tricks of shape on is that he will convince you that something that you're doing wrong is actually okay.

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It is a weak idea in which shape and he says to have too many of them but I have tired out the children of Adam with sin. I keep making them sin and sin and sin, but they tired me out with this Stefan. They fatigue me because they keep turning back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he says, I figured it out. So he says, For cadets to physically be human. I put a Hawa in their heart these desires in their hearts. So he says, for either home using the Buddha, what is wrong with

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a sauna sauna, however,

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he says, so I get them to sin against Allah subhanho wa Taala. And not asked for forgiveness because they think what they're doing is actually good. Because they think what they're doing is actually good. So she thought it will come to you at some point in your life, you're thinking about a major decision in your life, right where a job or not where a job and she thought I'll say, you know what sister he tap is actually culture. It's not from the religion but its culture. And you know, the proof for that. The proof for that is the Arabs before Islam also used to wear hijab. So show a proves that hijab is culture because the Arabs before they claim used to wear hijab, what's the

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simple response? Right sisters will get confused by this and say, Okay, I'm not gonna wear hijab, because it's culture. Because now if they're not, they're not wearing hijab is not an issue of, it's not an issue of, I need to get better. Maybe it's I'm struggling with that's one thing, but to convince yourself that it's not a religion is something else. So they'll say what, they'll not wear hijab, and they're not gonna have any desire to ask Allah for help to wear hijab or ask Allah for forgiveness for not wearing hijab, because they think they're actually doing something. Okay. What's the simple response to that? Who has a good response to that? That Hey, john was present before

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before Sam came?

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I'll give you a hint. What are we studying right now?

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Heidi was present before Sam came, right? The chorus wouldn't go out of our right the people would go to Hajj every year. But hedge is a pillar of Islam. So just because it's present before doesn't mean it's not something legislated within the deen. We all go to hedge right? We're studying it right now. But Satan comes in plays with our mind right? He'll say you know what, brother? You got a workout man p90x bro. That's the way to go. Right? But what are you watching? You're watching these videos that what have half naked woman but you justify it by saying Roger, aluminium, we hire and we're happy to live in Lumina dive. The strong believer is better and more Beloved, than the weak

00:22:14--> 00:22:51

believers. I'm going to watch p90x, play it but what are you doing? You're looking at the, you know, the the woman how they're dressed, working out. So you think you're doing okay, but you're actually sending but what happens is shavon convinces you that you're not sending. So you never ask Allah for forgiveness. And how wretched is the state of a person who meets Allah subhanho wa Taala with sins that he's never asked him for forgiveness for. And that's why brothers and sisters, we should always ask a lot in our drop, although we asked you to forgive us for sins that we know. And that we don't know. Oh Allah forgive us our sins that we do know that we're aware of, and also the ones that we

00:22:51--> 00:23:03

aren't aware of. We asked a lot to keep us, you know, our hearts pure and clean and allow us to see, you know, I didn't have to have our discipline at Biola to show us the truth as truth and help us to follow it. And she was forcing us and help us to stay away from Aloma. I mean,

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so whenever I listen, I'm through these seven pebbles and did not obey shavon shavon ran away. Right? So when we throw the seven pebbles we're also committing to what to not obeying shavon. And when we say Allahu Akbar, remember sweetness of Salah, what do we say Allahu Akbar means?

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Allah is greater. So what in this sense? What's the context here? Allah is greater than my servitude to you. Allah is greater than my weaknesses and my desires and my following of you this whole life that I've lived, right? I've been obeying you my whole life. You know, Allah is greater than that Allah is more capable of helping me leave you off. You know what's amazing is that the Gema rot You know, it comes from the word what's a Gemini in the Arabic language? Anybody know what's a Gemini?

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A Gemini is like a burning Ember. A burning Ember and imagine model is the container which holds holds these burning embers. Imagine mode is a container which holds these burning members. When we throw the jumbo rocks we said we don't have to hit the pillar, we just have to get it inside the basin inside the metamodel. Right. And what is the reservoir designed for is designed to hold the dangerous hot things in there these embers and prevent it from harming other people. So when we throw the Gemma rocks, we should be saying what we should be thinking that every time I say Allahu Akbar, you're literally it's as if like, you're reaching out of your hearts, the servitude to shape

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on and you're doing a lot of work, but Allah is greater, more capable of helping me overcome my weakness, and you throw your servitude ypsi of shape on into this, this measurement of this container that holds these burning embers. And every time you say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah seven times you commit, you tell yourself I'm jailing my neffs I'm jailing my weaknesses I'm jailing my, my obedience as a pawn in this message about never to come back to again. This has is a journey of freedom. This is where I free my heart. This is it. I've had my sins forgiven. You know what, this is where I draw the line. We're done. You and I say that

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We're done. We're done. I'm going to jail, my neffs over here. And if you have the understanding, when you throw the gym rat, it becomes a very, very powerful, very powerful spiritual moment. Somehow you can literally start crying, throwing the rocks, you can be just become unaware of everybody else. You're right there in front of the metamodel. You're right there in front of the thing, and just say Allahu Akbar, you're thinking about your weaknesses, the mistakes you've made before you thinking about these things. And as you do it, you're you're, as you say, Allahu Akbar, you're committing with your heart, that are leave off by servitude to take on at this moment right

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here right now. The prophets I send them he said in a hadith and bizarre that has happened. He says, When whenever you cast the small pebbles, it will be a light for you on the Day of Resurrection. It will come for you as a light on the Day of Resurrection in the light Allah Subhana Allah This is one of the most peaceful parts of Hajj. Now when you're when you're walking to the gym or not, depending where you are, if you have the premium North American tends to be very close up close to machine heif where the processing time would pray and the week narrations say 70 profits prayed. You also be close to the gym a lot. It's like It's like you mean you may as well just like you know, I'm saying

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just like throw it from your tent. Just like

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you're practicing. right you're that close but the most people who aren't there it's a little bit of a walk it's like a good hour walk right hour there in our back. Right since we've had Allah Subhana Allah yada when you go to hygiene you walk and you see the scenes that you see it's remarkable you'll see old men literally there as they're like 90 pounds, just bone and skin and bones. You know their back has got legs it's like it's like all hunched over like this. They can't straight in their back and they have a cane and they're walking from further than North American tense. They're coming with their cane and they're walking like this. And they walk all the way to throw the democrats and

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her to say just puts you in place man. Look at me I'm you know, Mr. Macho Man I'm complaining about not having a hot meal. Right So just think about this for a second brothers and sisters. Think about hygiene 100 years ago just think about hygiene 100 years ago

00:26:57--> 00:27:33

right there's no there's no you know for the Zem Zem they have like these coolers all over the automate McCann Medina coolers use go drink one cold one where you want the room temperature one you choose they're both labeled cool not late about it. And the other ones are all the cold ones the standard one you back then you had to put your your your your your bucket in the well and pull it out yourself. Now they got AC everywhere they got fans like this fans off the wall that have a mist spraying all over the people all over the Hello back then there's no shade there's no hotels you know you have to stay back then you have to find someone to host you in Mecca. You find the locals

00:27:33--> 00:28:09

of Mecca to host you how do you get there? We got these beautiful AC buses and planes and you know all these beautiful meals and everything surpasses think about it and we're complaining. We can complain Subhan Allah Hydra brothers and sisters simplicity and also thankfulness, Allah subhana wa Tada. If you don't have a meal, you know how you should perceive it? Not man. Where's my $8,000 going, bro? You know, it should be his handler. When's the last time I haven't had a good meal? When's the last time I went to bed hungry? Think about that for a second. And the gratitude that you should feel should overwhelm you, man. These moments should be spiritual moments, not moments he

00:28:09--> 00:28:36

turned away from Milan and you know, enter into physiology that this is the moment you should you should come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it's all about your perspective. Right? We talked about the black dot don't see the black dots, man. See the white dots, see the things the positives, don't see the negatives, right be positive. So with that we end the Democrats. And then that's the first of the four steps that we do on Yeoman has an echo on the 10th of the hedgehog. That's the first of the four. The next step is the slaughtering of the animal. We'll take a break

00:28:37--> 00:28:40

a seven minute break and then we'll come back well after we're done. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen