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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and cultural significance of the annual Paragon Day celebration, which is held on the day before. The speakers discuss the annual celebrations, including the significance of the Day, the dressings made by the celebration staff, and the dressings used during the celebrations. They also touch on the dressings used during the celebration and the significance of the annual celebration.
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Alhamdulillah he Nakamoto one has the you know who want to study he wants to still 01 will be learning surely and fusina Wamena say yeah Dr. Molina Mejia Allahu Allah Allah Allah Allah. Wa man your little fella hurry Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Davao luxury color. white shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdullah who are solo. So yeah, you have the Muslim moon it took Allah we'll see C'mon FC O Allah, mythical Allah for the

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moon. All Allahu Taala Yeah, Johan ladina. Amano tabula Hakata Walter Muthana Illa one two Muslim on work on Allah Who terracotta Allah? Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Hola. Hola. Hola and said either useless La La Combe while ferula comes on all back home. Well, mozzarella Havasu. sacado says 1000 Halima will call Allah hooter Baraka Allah. Al Yama acmella Tula, come Deena come watch ma'am to la comida mighty welding to La como Islam, Deena rubbish, roughly psaltery wire Siddeley Emery. Why hello. That's a military of Macaulay another. All praise is due to Allah subhanahu. Otter Allah. We praise Him. We seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We should all praise and thank Allah

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subhanahu wa taala. For once again, allowing us all to be here today. To perform the salah to do more together. I ask Allah subhanahu wata Allah to bless each and every one of us. And I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to gather us like we are gathered here but in Jan nettle Farah DOS, I mean.

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Now we all know that this weekend, or on the 31st of October, is known as the day of Halloween or Halloween day. And we know that this is a big celebration that happens not only in America, but all around the world. And we wanted to know, what is the Islamic stance on such occasions like this? So because there were quite a bit of questions that were popping up, and you know, a lot of the students asking certain questions, and even some teachers, so I thought Inshallah, I will dedicate this chutzpah, about certain celebrations, and what are the Islamic rulings or implications of that inshallah. But before I do that, I want to sort of introduce this topic, and I want you all to

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understand it. Now, I know some of the things that I'm going to say today is a little bit of a high level thinking, and it's probably a bit more suited to the sevens and above, but even for the younger students try to understand and grasp some of the information so that when you're getting older, you can understand the beauty of Islam. First and foremost, I recited a verse of the Quran in the beginning of the chutzpah, or part of the verse, and this was revealed or known to be the last revelation in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Aloma acmella Tula, come, Dina come what's Mam to our lay community? What are the Tula Kumal Islam Dena, which means, today, I have

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perfected your religion, to the Prophet SAW, Selim was saying this in his last sermon, his last cookbook, in front of the masses of the Muslims. And that revelation came down and Allah Allah says, Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed my favorites upon you, and have approved for you Islam as a religion. Right? So Islam has been chosen by Allah for us to follow, and the religion is complete, there is nothing that we need to add into the religion. So a lot of the things that we see that people do a lot of Muslims are engaged with, and they say this is okay or this is not okay. Whatever the case is, know that Islam is complete. There is no need to add

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anything in Islam. There is no need to take anything out of Islam. So Islam is complete. And we know that in Islam, there are certain rules Muslims are to follow. One of the rules is that Islam has given us what Allah Tala has given us certain types of worship. And we know from the last whatever we learned about worship, the different ways of worshiping Allah, a type of worship that Allah Allah has given us is something that has been ordained is something that we know for example, we have the Salah, we have the zakah we have the performance of of Hajj, we have the fasting in Ramadan. These are things that have been ordained that we need to do, and for things that have been written on

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in worship, you cannot add anything new into that. If we do that, then we are committing an innovation and offense, something new into the religion, which will be rejected in Islam. For example, we know that Juma The fourth is true Raka, right in Joomla. The first that we pray is to raka by let's say, one day, we all felt religious. And I said, You know what we want to worship Allah Mo, instead of to Dhaka, I'm going to pray three raka will that be accepted? No, that will not be accepted, it will be rejected by Allah Allah. So you cannot add anything new into the worship, right? But there are other forms of worship that you can do that has not been ordained. But you can

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do that with your right intentions, making sure it's in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet sorcery. There is another rule in Islam, which is known as Why am alert dealings for people who are running businesses, someone getting married, wanting their family, whatever the case is, these things in Islam, the rule is that everything is allowed, except for what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited. So generally, you can have certain celebrations, you can do certain business dealings, but if there are elements in there that is haram or prohibited, then you cannot do that. Alright, so I'm gonna give you some examples. Inshallah. For example, during weddings, right, I'm

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sure all of you have been to weddings, certain cultures have certain celebrations in their weddings, as long as those celebrations are not against the teachings of Islam, for example, there is no blasting of music, there are no dances in front of people dancing, you know, where men and women are mixed together, right? As long as he doesn't have all of that, then that celebration is fine. It's okay to do. All right, as long as it's not aligned to a certain religion as well. So there are certain cultural practices that could be aligned to a religion. All right, so that is something that is prohibited in Islam. So we need to understand that, for example, Christmas and Easter, it is

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aligned to the religion of Christianity, and therefore we do not uphold that or we do not celebrate that we're not a part of it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, when the Companions came up to him and they said to him, that there are certain celebrations ya rasool Allah, that we have they used to have to celebrations at the time of pre Islamic Arabia, right? And the prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam he answered to this he said, In Allaha, for the amygdala can be Hema Hiram in Houma, Yo Ma alcohol while your mother felt he said that indeed Allah to Allah has replaced those celebrations with to better celebrations and that is evil alcohol and I will fit these are the true

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Yeley celebrations that are Muslim has. Okay, in in this hadith the scholars have said anything beyond that on a yearly basis is something that is not in the Sunnah of the Prophet. So any celebrations that is healing that is done easily, right. Other than the two aids, it is something that scholars normally do not allow, according to this hadith. But let's look more in depth. Since Halloween is coming up, let's talk about Halloween. Now, knowing the rule, if there are elements of haram in certain celebrations, it will be prohibited. So let's look at Halloween. For instance, knowing Halloween is from a pagan time, it actually started from the Celtics or the Celtic's and

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they used to believe that the new yeas started on the first of November, that was the that was the belief that was a calendar. And on the 31st of October, they would believe that that is the final day of the year. And they would believe that the evil spirits would roam around that night trying to terrorize people that was the belief. So what they will do they will tell the population or the people to wear a disguise and the disguise you would wear should be something of evil so the evil spirits do not come and attack you. That was their belief so they would wear something of evil depicting shaitan and what they would do is they would also burn fires in front of their houses so

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the devil to the spirits would know that okay, these are people of the spirits are devils, we're not going to attack these homes. And today that is known as now the jackal. lanten, where they will put the pumpkin and the fire inside. Right. So these are where it came from. And then Subhanallah in 1830 for the church in Europe. What they did was they

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made the first of November known as all saints days. And the 31st of October was known as All Hallows Day, right where evil spirits roam around today it is known as Halloween. And think about it for a moment, people are dressed up as witches, as shaytaan something of evil going around people's home and say tree or tree, right asking or begging for some sweets that we don't even know if it's halal or not. But think about it for a moment. dressing up as something of evil itself is no, this coming from a pagan belief that will make it known that this is not a celebration that should be done by any Muslims, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he says, in a shaitan alley in CERN, I'll

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do a movie verily Shaitan to the to the human beings, they are a key enemy, do not approach shaitan do not get into shape on. So that is why Muslims do not get involved in the celebrations. Another one if I can add, since we're talking about this is Valentine's Day. And Valentine's Day is also very big Muslims celebrate this day, not knowing where it originated from Valentine's Day originated from the ancient Romans, they would celebrate in the middle of February, something known as a looper carry Lupercalia. lucra is a wolf. And they will depict it as the wolf chasing young girls. That's how he was depicted. And they would celebrate this. And guess what, they will do something so bad,

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so evil, they will place the names of young girls in a box. And the men that night will take the name. And that is the girl that they will spend the night with Subhanallah they will terrorize them SubhanAllah. And that was a normal normal system during that time.

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In 270 ad, what happened was they join things together a man known as St. Valentine, what he wanted to do, he was helping the Roman soldiers, or because at the time the Roman soldiers were not allowed to get married. So what he would do was help the Roman soldiers get married. So he would do things against the order of the key or the order of the church. And what would happen was that person St. Valentine was thrown into prison. And later he was killed. He was executed there. And it was known that and this happened in the middle of February as well. So they put those two together, and they've called it Valentine's Day. Okay, and this is something again, Muslims do not celebrate a

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person who is married, they can celebrate their marriage whenever they want. And that celebration should be done regularly. It is not necessarily has to be done on that day. And again, what's big amongst Muslims now is those who are not married. Those who are not married are trying to find partners to celebrate Valentine's Day, which we know in Islam, this is totally prohibited. So you see how these elements are now showing us that these celebrations are not a part of Islam. We'll do one more Inshallah, in the next goodbye Apolo colada was stuck for Allah lobby Malayala come for Sofitel in the whole work we're working.

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In Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Muda.

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The next point that I want to share with you is probably a little controversial, but I wanted to share with you anyway, to show you the stance of the majority of the scholars.

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Now, I'm sure many of us here, we celebrate birthdays. And I know that there are a minority of the scholars that say it is permissible. But I want to show you the elements that is involved. That could be something that depicts it for it to be a prohibited in Islam. Firstly, you got to look at the roots of where it came from. Where did birthday celebrations came from? It started during the Romans, the ancient Romans or the Greeks. And what they would celebrate was every single year the winter was so harsh. Winter was so harsh that didn't have heaters back then. And what would happen many, many people would die in the winter. So when winter would finish, you know, they would come

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out they will see a lot of dead people everywhere. And they will try obviously to bury them and so on and so forth. But evil was very, the winter was very harsh. So what they will do to celebrate those who remained alive, who's defeated the winter, they know they called it as

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evil spirits again for the winter to be so fierce, they would celebrate another year of defeating it, or defeating the evil spirits. So during the day of the birth, they would get a cake known as the honey cake, and it would be a round cake. The round cake symbolizes the god known as the moon god round indicating the moon. And they would put candles in there, the number of candles indicating the number of years, you've defeated the evil spirits in the cold, right. So if you're five years old, seven years old, nine years or whatever, that's the amount of candles that will put in the fire on the candle, the flame, it would depict the evil spirits. And then when they would blow the

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candles that would show that they would, they're blowing the evil spirits away because they defeated it. That is all the indications of where birthdays came from SubhanAllah. Because of that, because it's a pagan belief. Islam does not allow it. There are some minority of the scholars that say yes, but today birthday doesn't mean that as long as there's no candles and blowing up the candles, you can have a celebration. That's according to the minority of the scholars. However, I will tell you in my opinion, and the stance that the school takes is that we do not celebrate birthdays. If you want to do that at your own home. That is up to you. But you cannot celebrate birthdays in our

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school. Because of these we need to be safe. We need to be safe. Now I know a lot of us may say man, everything is haram. This is haram that is haram. What is halal? What celebration can we have? In the beginning? I said something really important. We know that Allah has completed the deen the religion is complete. And Allah Tala has given us so many celebrations that we can have so many things that we can do. And I know and you know, that we have all chosen Islam, right. We have all chosen Islam to be healthy. And we all say that I trust in Allah. I trust in Allah, for everything that He has given us and every order he has given Me I will fulfill that we all say this. When we

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say eyeshadow Allah Allah illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasool Allah, every time in Salah you acknowledging this, therefore, when Allah Allah gives us a will out how are you going to say celebrated have a massive celebration? The prophets of salaam did the Sahaba did and things that are not Yeley for example, graduation celebration, for example, you finish the Quran, celebrate, bring your friends and family along, right you've done you've achieved something great, celebrate it. These are all allowed in Islam, as long as there are no elements of haram in there. So I hope that I've cleaned myself in sha Allah, and we know that Islam is beautiful. The deen is beautiful. And it

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has given us so many things that we can do to love our deen. And if you remember the last message I gave you two weeks ago in the cookbook, Islam came as something strange, right? It will leave as something strange. So give glad tidings to the stranger. You may feel strange around those people who are celebrating Halloween, celebrating birthdays celebrating Valentine's Day Christmas, Easter, because you're out of it. It feels strange, right? Because we live in a majority non Muslim country and that's that's a fact. But love the fact that you are a Muslim because you trust in Allah and Allah Allah is going to give you eternal celebration, where in Jannah that is our main celebration

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inshallah. So we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept us to make us understand the beauty of the deen and we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to keep us away from all sorts of evil, Ava's Allah in Allahu wa Mala Ekata who you saw Lunarlon NaVi. Yeah, Johan. Solo Allah he will sell him with a slimmer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad can also later labor on him while Ebrahim barbaric Allah Mohammed wala Ali Mohammed Temodar Abdullah Ibrahim wa ala al Ibrahima Filomena in the hamidou Majeed Robina attina Sidonia. Hasina Warfield Filati hasn't work in other than North Robin a lot of

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headaches and what happened and Mila Rama is

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also a special to Alpha Yi to all students who are doing the HSC exam today. And of course all of the other HSC exams we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the exams easy for them. We asked Allah subhanahu wa taala to make them pass with flying colors. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give them success in this life. And in earthhero Ada Allah in the La Jolla Mota will send what Eater is in portable wire and her annual fracture you won't carry well belly yeah look I'm Lila come to the Koran for the Quran. Wash cruelly wala has a full room. Please stand up make your rose