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The transcript describes the spiritual aspects of the American New Year, including a presidential candidate's prayer and advice on being present in a group of people. The host explains that "fragrance" means "the fruit of a man's" and highlights the importance of staying up-to-date and staying ahead of potential events, such as God or the upcoming Spring. hedge's message is that people should not rush to do something and shaping one's behavior and feeling is important. The transcript also discusses hedge's importance in shaping one's behavior and feeling, as it is the most important day of one's life.

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Same similar manner came from the La hearable alameen wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah hawala, and he was a big money. So you're there and Mina, you've praised a lot and fetcher. And now what is the process? Lm do?

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He prays a lot in federal in Mena, and then after the sun rose, the sinner, if you're able to now a lot of this is done is not you're not independent in your decision making because you're, you're at the mercy of the group, right. But if you're able to the Senate has to leave after the sun rises. As far as an upgrade. After the sun rose, then he had it out two words out of out of if you want to walk, some people like to walk and you can, but to walk from the edge of Mina, to the start of our sofa is 5.4 miles. Mina itself is like two miles long. So who knows where you're going to be in Mena, you might be another side. So it's an additional two miles, right. So you're talking seven

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miles long, 7.4 miles long. And that's just to get into the process of he said, he I stood here, where he made four out of five, he said, I stood here, what he says all of out of it is a place of standing. So you could stand anywhere and as long as you're within the boundaries and out of us, huge out of us huge is the one place that you may not feel crowded and hedges out of, there's so much space in alpha, right, the place that will be crowded is where the President stood, right? That's where everybody will be right? But anywhere else all over Africa. He says all of the places a place of standing for alpha. So

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if you want to walk you can just be aware of the distance, okay?

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the Sunnah is to leave after the sunrises, like we said, as you walk soon after you get out of Mena, you will pass by or if you're driving in the bus, you will put you may not know be aware of it, but you will pass by a why the called why the mo has said, why the mo has said it's a valley called mo hustad. This is the valley in which abota was destroyed.

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He was there with his elephants and they stopped and allows them destroyed him. And the sooner that we know. And then tada he found out a book appeals have been freed. Right? It was there and the rest of them when he was walking out of here from Mena, he does he hastened his pace through adding more hassle, because he does not like to be in an area where the other bubbeleh had descended.

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Right. And so this a reflection for us brothers and sisters is we shouldn't like to be in company in which they would earn the love of Allah.

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We shouldn't want to be in company in an A with a group of people who are participating in an action, backbiting, lying, doing anything Haram, missing prayers, all those things if it's going to earn the anger of Allah subhanaw taala just as much as the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam hated to go through a place where the punishment of a law came. So why didn't My husband is there the rest of them hasten his way through it? And as he is going he's continuing to say that bacon lahoma bake now the products that sell him he reached

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he prayed the heart and answer for four

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so we said in Mena you you pray each prayer at its time right vote at a time so at a time when you're going to out of the president pray Lord and acid combined, though her to rock as as altura cows. So what they did first is there is a hotbed of artifact just like you have a Jamal hotma there is a hotbed of artifact. So the group leader, well, there's one big hotel at mustard Nebula, if you can go there, but it's going to be super PAC must be difficult because your group is gonna be one certain part of alpha. If you can go to the masjid there, that's fine. It's called mission nebula. Just be careful if you're going there. So this is the process that I'm when he when he actually the

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center tech, the Technical Center, the the only way the President did is he prayed load and acid before entering out of

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namira was actually right outside. So the message that's there right now half of it, the extension now goes into alpha. So half of the message or a little more than half is in alpha. And the other part is outside of alpha. So if you're going to the message, just be careful. If you're going to stay there for you're there. Make sure you're inside out if not outside out of most people, you're not gonna have the chance to go there. You'll be with your group. Okay, so you enter the receiver he prayed. He did the photos on alpha. And the whole pie he you know, I'm not going to talk about the whole debacle. Because that would take it could be a whole course by itself. Right? What episode was

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that? Right? We all heard about it. And it's the remarkable lessons that we learned because I'm talking about so many different things, the honor the believers taking care of your woman, you know, the superiority of know one over another based on their skin color and racism and unity and all these things he addressed. We don't have time to talk about that, unfortunately. But he gave the Hulk bovada.

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And then and then once he gave the Hulk about they prayed the huddle they prayed I saw two rockets, two rockets. And then he proceeded into alpha and from that moment on until mother he stood praying to Allah subhanaw taala making our last panel dad this year,

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this year.

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The whole time is a little after noon, and well

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Time is just before selecting a Muslim. So you have almost six hours, almost six hours of time. Right? So as I was saying, make a list from now don't go there and be like, what do I, what do I make that for? Make it from now and prepare yourself, okay? Now the enemy said al had you out of he said hedge is out of the most important part of hedge is out of it. If you've missed it, you missed your hedge, you must be there at least some time before. So that's

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if you don't do that, if you don't get there in time, you've lost your hedge. So you must be there before selecting the mothership and you should not leave before selecting the mothership.

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So you wait till the sun sets and then you leave Don't leave before maglev. Now, some groups may have you load up onto the bus before before maglev, but they don't have you leave, you're on the bus. Does that allow it? Yes. In fact, if you want to stay on the bus the whole time, you can do that. The whole six as long as the bus is still there, right? If it leaves and you have a problem, a lot of them leave or they drop you off and they leave. But if you as long as you're anywhere and out of it, that's fine. So if you get on the bus and you're loaded, but you're staying out of it, that's okay. But you shouldn't leave before so that's an immigrant.

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All right. And then just another comment before we get into the spiritual aspects for those who are not going to hedge what's the sooner

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the faster they have out of it. The rest of them said and he didn't say Muslim, he says fasting the day of alpha absolves the sins for two years, the previous year and the coming year and he says and fasting. Ashura forgives the sins of Ashura, the 10th of Muharram forgives the sins of the previous year. Right. So for the non head judge, they're recommended to fast for the judge. They're recommended to not fast they shouldn't fast and the reason why is out of fight, you need your strength. This is the most important six hours of your life. The day of alpha is the most important six hours of your life right? So you need full advantage to be able to take the full advantage of

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it. So what's the spiritual aspects of this station? Number Number one, the prophet sent him he says it had he has an according to Albania Rahim Allah He says hydro da yamaraja hydro man, and I want to be with him in Cabo de la, you know, a la la la sharika

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lahu Allah coalition party, the rosov, he says that the best that one can make is on the day of alpha. And he says, and the best statement that I and the prophets before me have made is that you know, in the law, why the Buddha said ecola the whole moon COVID al hamdu bajada condition in Cadiz. Okay, so the brother was asking, what do we do we say, Tell me all the time, yes, as much as you can. But on the day of alpha you make, you're making and then if you're not making that you're just sitting down and taking your break, then say this ticket. Now you know, in the law,

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condition, there's absolutely no God but Allah subhanho wa Taala, he is one with no partners, To Him belongs the kingdom, and to him is all the praise and he has power over his has power over all things. So we do that we do that. Now, the meaning of the word, meaning of the word out of it comes from the root word which from is the raw fat out of out of it, what does that mean?

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out of a

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very good to know, to know, to recognize, to perceive to acknowledge this all the means to be aware of. So how is that relevant out of that? How is that relevant to what we're doing out of an alpha? We acknowledge we recognize our sins to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We recognize our sins and we and we also not only do we recognize our shortcomings and ask Allah for forgiveness, but we also recognize Allah for who Allah is. Right? We recognize Allah for who Allah is. We recognize that Allah is our Akiva semi Albacete, he sees everything he hears everything he knows he's aware of all of our sins. And we also recognize that he's another photo Rahim Allah will do the magic He is the one who forgives and is most merciful right? So we recognize our sins in our shortcomings to Allah subhanaw taala and we also recognize the smell and the effects of Allah subhana wa tada the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada

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right in the scholars also say one of the reasons why it's called out offers some out out of the inhabitants of the skies, they get to know the out of who

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the people of the earth meaning what the people who are there out of because of the deeds that are being raised to this MLS. Another another meaning of our alpha is

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you know, our Rafa our Rafa means to set to beautify with the fragrance, Allah Allah says, Allah that He says while you

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are Rafa whom Allah says he will enter them into paradise. How Rafa Hallo could in this current economy contexts can also mean they've been made to know it. Right because I had these days when you enter Paradise, you will know your way around paradise better than you know your own your own home.

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You know, like, if the electricity goes on at home, you still know how to get to the kitchen and get your food. Right? As long as you bring it there, then for sure you'll figure it out one way or another, you'll get there. Right on the head. It says in gender because gender is our original home. Our original home is gender. Right? We're home sick right now. So why don't we go and agenda we'll know our way around gender better than we know, our own home in this world, as we're already familiar with the surroundings, right? But another meaning is Allah says we didn't want agenda to refer Hannah home, we will enter them into paradise, and it's been made fragrant for them. It's made

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beautiful and smell for them right.

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And so it's interesting because what what is fragrance have to do with anything you know, if the scholars say of sins had a smell, if the sins had an odor, we wouldn't come within miles of one another because of the amount of stench that would be coming out of us from the sins that we've committed. So what is the last panelist out of doing that? Dave out of that

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He cleanses you from your sins and beautifies you with a fragrance of forgiveness. He cleanses you of your sins and beautifies you with the fragrance of forgiveness. Right now RFI is outside of the boundary of the hot on was dairy, fat, meaner, all that stuff is within the boundaries of that how to modify is outside the boundaries of the atom. So as we get ready to go to the house of Allah subhana wa tada just like before you stand in prayer and slots in front of Allah what do you do before you can pray? What do you have to do?

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What do you have to do?

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Guys, you wake

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What do you do when you wake up?

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Alright, somebody who's awake, very cool do you make although what is the motto do Swedish students what does it do to you?

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purifies you. Exactly. It washes away your sins until it comes out from even under your fingertips. You come out of will do.

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You come out of will do you know free of sin. So you make will do to purify yourself before you stand before Allah subhana wa Tada. We said how does the journey to where the house of Allah so before you go to the house of Allah, you must first be cleansed of your sins. So you go to your center with the center of forgiveness and your sins are forgiven. And then you are you are ready to go back into the house and go to the house of Allah subhanho wa tada a beloved Rama he narrated the prophecy, he said, What am I will go for Kashi to arafa he says for in Allah Yeah. habito ada sama adonia. For Yuba, he be kumada iica he says that the person to me says And as for your standing on

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the day of alpha. Certainly Allah descends to the lowest heaven and he boasts of you to His angels, and he is proud of you in front of his angels.

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So Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest heaven in a dissension that's the fitting of His Majesty. And he mentioned the people of alpha to the angels. This headed phase there is no space in the somehow the width of a hand except that there's an angel there worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know how wide dunia is this lowest Heaven, you know, every star that we've ever discovered in in astronomy, every galaxy and every, you know, planet, every star, you know, trillions of light years away are all within dunya and all this space, unless he's one of Pudsey in the summer dounia busine Athenian kawakubo Allah beautified the lowest heaven with the beauty of stars and all this

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space every single space this wide there's an angel there and Allah descends any boasts of the people of alpha to these angels. What does he say? He says you're cool Are you by the god Sure. thermen Khalifa Jin me. My slaves have come to me unkempt and disheveled from every distant road.

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They've come from a long journey. Their hair may not be the most clean their bodies may not be the most clean. You're in. Rom you're uncomfortable. You're disheveled. He says what does he say your Juna jannetty Why did they come? What brought them from their homes? If you want to go on a vacation, you don't go to Hajj you want to go into vacation Why would you go to Hajj but people go to highs expecting it to be vacation I want my five star hotels and my you know eight course meals and I want this and I want that if I don't have it I'm going to throw a fit this if you want to vacation go to Hawaii man go to somewhere else. Right The people who come here to June agenda t they

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came seeking a lost paradise. So promising to me says

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Allah subhana wa tada says follow cannot do Nobuko Khadijah Rahman o capital moto Casa del bajo la foto to her he says he he says that Allah subhanaw taala says if your sins if their sins were like the number of sand

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you're in the desert, reflect on that as you're going to out of them. Look at how much Sanders and a lot of thing if your sins were as numerous of not just the sound of out of Narcissus and Amina but the sound of the whole world that many sins and He says or if they were as numerous as the

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raindrops are as numerous like the foam in the sea, he says I will forgive it. Then he says a field or a body of food or lakum what he mentioned Fatima, go forth my sights.

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You have been forgiven your sins and whoever you have interceded for on their behalf. So you go to hygiene you may drive for your parents, their grants and your drive as well. You may drive for your friends, your brothers, your sisters, they're granted as well.

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Email mahalo Tada. He was asked, hey, Leon Durrell, how'd you feel Filmora he was asked should the hedge the person who's performing hedge should he looked in the mirror right guys we like to look in the mirror make sure we're looking nice looking fly making sure we're going you know beers all nice hijab is all fixed right? You know, every time you walk into a parking lot he stopped by each mirror in the car and you look as though he doesn't make sure you look nice. Right? That should the person performing had should he look in the mirror. And he says in Canada young gentlemen as he is not a shout. Shout rotten fella. He says if he's looking in the mirror for the purpose of fixing his hair

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to look nice, he says the know why he had to lie and have a shadow. So that way, so that way his disheveled appearance doesn't leave him because Allah boasts of the Hajaj Look how they came. Look how uncomfortable they are but they came just seeking my paradise. So I gave it so you may not have the Rambla he says don't do that. So you stand there and you acknowledge your sins to Allah subhana wa tada and you acknowledge who Allah is right? And you have to understand this brothers and sisters Allah says in the Quran, Allah says the Hadees Pudsey Yeah, you barely know an

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agenda. como si si even wanted

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to convey insane and Miss editor. He says, if all of mankind not just the 3 million people out of if all of mankind stood in a plane like out of mankind engine and they all asked me whatever they want from their heart's desire. And he says, and I and I gave everybody what they asked my knuckles or daddy come in there in the locker my uncle told me.

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He says that would decrease what I have, except like, when the ocean and needles dipped in the ocean, what is taken out. So meaning Allah said, I will give you what you ask. It's not hard for a lot. And to think that it's hard for allies. It's almost blasphemous, a was elevated, he, he has everything in the domain, even the kingdom, he can give whatever he wants. So think good of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. If you want a rich person, you went to the most richest person ever and said, Hey, I need 100 bucks.

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When wouldn't he be offended? If you thought he wouldn't give it to you? He's the most rich person ever. Right? And you you know, he has a trillion dollars in the bank account and you're asking for $100 and you think he wouldn't give it to you? Like, that's offensive, right? So we're not gonna deal with a lot understand who ally is. That's not difficult. Whatever you want to ask him. It's not difficult for him right? He says that he puts the NRA in the oven the IDB I will be to my slave as he thinks of me. So if you're confident in Allah subhana wa tada Allah will reciprocate that with you and how he deals with you. Right? So Subhana Allah Subhana. Allah he was asked on the day of

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alpha, a man came from the day of alpha and asked him, he says men as well has a Gemini heroine who is the worst person here. But all these people here in hedge nada, who's the worst person? No, he says, Allah the avenue and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. The worst person is the one who thinks Allah won't forgive him. This is a day in which the sins are forgiven, say bon is never more defeated or more disgraced, or more humiliated and more depressed. On a day, besides a day imbedded, except for the day of how to file why because of what he sees from the mercy of Allah descending upon the people and they're being forgiven.

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I mean, how many people who want to identify who are sick and are luckier than how many people who went to Otto who who were in need Allah granted them there need how many people who who were who were in debt a lot took care of their debt, how many people who went seeking forgiveness from Allah and Allah forgave them? How many people want seeking protection from Hellfire and Allah freedom from Hellfire? How many people went seeking general law? Give him Jenna, what what would stop you from being among amongst one of those people? Right?

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So you go out and you stand under the sun. And you know, what's interesting is that when you stand under the sun, so here's a few things so how it works is you go to alpha and

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what's going to happen is you're going to sit there and then you're gonna be asked about you know, it'll be time for food. There'll be time for food right?

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So what's gonna happen you pray God prayer, suddenly gonna say, hey, look, we're gonna bring food. If that happens, if they're bringing a buffet or bringing their meals they bring like meals and like boxes and stuff. My recommendation is this is save up some food from Mena from before some dates, some bread, whatever, keep it light, some water, whatever it is enough for you. Okay? keep keep a couple bottles of water and some dates and some bread, whatever, but don't waste your time. People waste their time and hours sitting in standing in line for food or

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An hour waiting for the food to come. They're lying down, people are sleeping and in their tents afterload these six hours are the most important six hours of your life. Don't waste it. Beware of the distractions, right like bacon lahoma, bake, bring your food, whatever it is, take an apple with you or whatever. But let that suffice you this today This day is not the day for eating. Okay? I'm not saying just fate or something. I'm saying Don't be distracted. Because what happens is if you go to the buffet, if there's a buffet there, you may have a buffet, you may not, you know, depending on which packages, you know, the Supreme packages have a buffet, then what happens because people are

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going to eat Eat more than they're supposed to eat, right? Because their eyes are bigger than their stomach. And after you eat, the more you're supposed to you what happens? You get sleepy, right? And so you're gonna sleep, you're gonna be lazy, you're gonna be sleeping, you're gonna miss that one out of so eat lights, eat a few things, and then focus on your worship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Right, and I would recommend going out and standing under the sun.

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I would recommend if you're physically able to, especially if you're younger, go out and stand under the sun. Why do I say that? Because when you stand under the sun, what does it remind you of the judgments on the day when the sun will be brought one mile away. So when you're standing there and out off and making dots, Allah subhanho wa Taala and you're feeling the heat of the sun and you're feeling hot. And as the day progresses you get as it gets hotter and hotter. Right? It's gonna push you into an inner realization that Yeah, Allah. I'm having difficulty burying this. How can I bear 50,000 years under the sun? That's one mile away? How can I do? I can't. And then just take a moment

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and look around you. And you see millions of people all wearing the deathtrap that haram quote unquote, with a deathtrap all standing in this plane, all standing before a left panel with the right to reminds you of the Day of Judgment, right and so so and then panela, you may find some places where their shape and you may not have shade, you know what's going to remind you of the day judgment there the day there'll be shade for certain people, but there's no shade for anyone else. There'll be saved for seven types of people, but not anyone else. So we'll push you to want to be amongst those seven types of people. A young man or young woman who was raised worshipping Allah

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Subhana Wits ad, you want to be like that the person who donates what his right hand gives his left hand doesn't even know he's so generous. He just gives it doesn't even realize how much he's giving. The one the one who he was alone with Allah subhana wa tada and remembered a line his eyes began flowing with tears, right The Man Who is the man who was just you want to be amongst these seven people, right? So this feeling pushes you and when you look around, you know, you know what's interesting as students and hedge, sort of 22 in the Quran.

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You know what the first verse first verses the sorts of hedges the sutra about hedge Allah says yeah, I you hadn't

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come in

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But whatever I'm calling to know that he Hamlin Hamlin.

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Water on, suka

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suka Wada, kin, Bella he said the Allah says all mankind, fear your Lord and Buddha keep it beautiful to him have Taqwa of Allah. Verily, the shaking of the hour is a mighty think is a terrible thing. On the day you shall see it every nursing mother will forget her nursing, and every pregnant woman will drop her load. And you shall see mankind as if they are drunk. But they are not drunk. They look as if they're drunk, but they're not drunk. Well I cannot lie shady, but rather the punishment of Allah is severe. So you see that people amount of people there reminds you the day generally you feel the sun reminds you the Day of Judgment, and it pushes you to plead with the last

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panel data and beg for his forgiveness. And brothers and sisters when you make dua to Allah. You make do hot like the one of someone who was drowning in the ocean, calling out for someone to save him. That's the desperation you should have in your Doha. Begging Allah Raise your hands like this. Raise your hand above your heads and yeah, I love your hands like a beggar our in front of Allah subhanaw taala above your head like the prostitute didn't before the Battle of bed that one of the things were at the most urgency. He raised his hand so he's odd was falling off his shoulders. So now you send them right so you begging him last panel with Todd Begala as if you're drowning and

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he's the only one who can save you. And then this day is better than sisters is the day if your eyes don't shed tears. If you don't cry in this day, then your hearts in the ICU. Your hearts in the ICU or any other life could be worse than that. This is the day the heart the eyes shed tears The heart breaks in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and thanks him for forgiveness, the promises that he says ma'am and Yeoman Xsara Minh and neurotic Allah houfy he abdomen and Norman Yomi alpha. We know who they are to know about. He became one of my Naica falcoda man

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Are the heart without the president of Zazen in Sahih, Muslim and Messiah but imagine he says that there is no day in which Allah frees more of his slaves from the fire than the day of alpha. And he draws near to them and he praises them to the angels and he says, What do these people want? What do they come for him out of the hat without What do they want? Meaning he will give them right the poet he says in El Mundo, Qaeda Shabbat Abu matakohe hermetica berarti once a viola Vidya Carmen furkids Shibboleth

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Amina Nari, he says that certainly Oh Allah, He says kings, when their slaves become old, in their servitude, they freed them out of being charitable towards them. So he says, Oh Allah, we you are more generous than that. And we have become old in our slavery to you. So Allah free us from the hellfire. This is the most important day of your life, brothers and sisters, make it count make every second counts, make every second count. And like we said, make sure your draft list is prepared.

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And subpanel our brothers and sisters, one of the things you'll learn from hedge, when you make draft for six hours long, the hat connects you to Allah subhanho wa Taala when you come back, one of the life changing lessons from hedge is that you come back with a heart that's connected to Alice kind of it's on you like you're literally like talking to a lot day in nights. And had you're talking to him all the time. It's as if he's your best friend. He's like right next to you, you're talking to the last panel, it's like you have this direct connection with a lot you're praising along, thanking a lot and, and asking a lot throughout the steps of hedge. And so when you leave had

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you come back with this heart that's connected to the last panel, it's so those of you who haven't yet gone to hedge, one of the lessons that you should take is connect your heart to Allah through.

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If there's something if you don't have right now in your life, things that you're begging Allah subhanaw taala for that you're asking a lot every day and night that's ardent desire in your heart, then you're missing out on a sweetness that Allah gives to some of his slaves, who he allows to connect to him and allow him to draw close them. Right and those who do that, for them six hours and hedge brothers and sisters is two shorts. Six hours is too short. It's too short, when the sun is setting Subhanallah the most bitter moment of hatch, the most bitter moment of hedges as the sun is setting on the day of alpha. Because you realize the days ending and Subhana Allah

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The tears just flow, the tears just flow your this is the last moments which Allah has drawn close in is boasting of you to the angels, right? So that moments when when the sun is setting, the urgency sets in and it's and you begin to cry out with another level of desperation even more than you've already demonstrated to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then when the sun finally sets and alpha is over,

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

a coolness sets over the plains of out of

00:27:57--> 00:27:59

this coolness sets over. The sun is down.

00:28:00--> 00:28:40

The sun is gone. You're standing under the sun for so long in the sunsets. This coolness sets over so handle your feelings. And Subhanallah the heart also feels a coolness. Five sins leave a leave a leave a fire in the hearts as we asked a lot to we're not clean. I mean, there'll be one hop I command. Dennis will synlab and hapa I believe he will tell you all about cleanse us of our sins with water and snow and ice. Why? Because sins leave a heat in the hearts and the day of alpha. Yeah Allah when the sun sets you feel this coolness in your heart that nothing has ever matched it before. Nothing is equivalent to it. It's a remarkable feeling to have to be there in the day A lot

00:28:40--> 00:28:51

of you entered heavy burdened by your sins and you leave free like a bird. You leave free and light and I'll read to you some poetry liminal payment, we'll take a break, he says.

00:28:53--> 00:29:29

And so Hello everybody. Welcome to LA he has this remarkable poem about Hajj. You know, when he describes the first time you see the Kaaba, you know, the describes out of it describes the different stages. It's so powerful, and it's you know, I'll try it I'll read it in Arabic And I'll translate it you know, the the translation doesn't do it justice, but those of you who know Arabic I would definitely recommend look up the poem of imminent pain and read it about how justice Yeah, something else. So he says wha hoo Isla Tara, if you're a doula Ramesh and Melba fields among many Judo you cream but Allah He that came up for our mu lady came up to me out of the back album, while

00:29:29--> 00:29:48

you were the newbie has Jabara Jalla Jalla who you buy, he beat him umlaca hufa cramo yaku arriba de atony Maha betten We're in nibi him barroom a judo or hammock, what will she do come any refer to the Nova home while at home Malou owner mo publisher Akuma

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

lady be here for law Hulu or Hulu for coming out. You can see he can go Who are you sorry, what a bouquet he says

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

And they go to out of a seeking the mercy and forgiveness from the one overflowing with generosity and kindness. For Allah is that magnificent standing like like the lesser than the standing of the Day of Judgment. And Allah The one who men's draws near, His Majesty manifest, boasting tears angels, for he is the most generous. He says, my slaves have come to me out of love.

00:30:27--> 00:30:29

And I am merciful to them

00:30:32--> 00:30:50

bounteous and loving. So witness so angels will come and near the farm to the robot home, oh angels witness that I have forgiven their sins, and I have given them what they've asked and what they hope for, and even given them more favors in that. So forbush roku,

00:30:51--> 00:30:57

TV la de behavioral la hora de novo We are so glad tidings Oh, people have that standing and

00:31:01--> 00:31:19

when Allah forgives all the sins and showers His mercy for how many slaves are set completely free, while others seek a cure. And Allah is the Most Merciful. So we'll end that while we were down the line horrible anime inshallah we'll break for. So that's a lot in 10 minutes.