Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Hajj – 02 – An Overview

Farhan Abdul Azeez
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my name handle paraliminal Serato cinema Rasulullah hawala, and he used to be me yesterday before I go to the overview how do we briefly talked about what you should take with you to hedge you guys remember that, I wanted to give you a little a little more practical list I felt yesterday I kind of just ran through it and I didn't give you guys a really good, good feel what you need to take. So here's some things I want you to do. Number one, that's should be on your list, right from now, if you're going to hedge and if you're not going to hedge. At the end, you'll see why this is critically important. Make a list. And when I say list, I'm not talking about like, you know, a half

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a sheet of paper, they're going to write down 15 things on I'm talking about at least 15 pages 15 pages of draw, if you can make 30 pages of that you just for you mean your own did not like to draw from your family and friends. You can make that for your family and friends put that on there, but not the amount you collect from your friends, right 30 pages of notes if you can do that, do it because you'll find unhedged. There is so much opportunity for the day of out of self is just under six hours long, six hours of doowop. Now you might be thinking if I asked you to make six hours of continuous you'll think I'm crazy, right? But for the Hajaj those who are prepared properly, six

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hours is not enough time. Six hours is not enough time and when the sun is setting, there's such a sense of urgency that I have so many more do I need to make right? So making your Atlas a huge do Atlas the biggest one you've ever made in your life? Think about everything is started from now make a

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document on your phone. anytime something comes to mind you want to ask a lot about you need a lot of advice, like it's the Hot Rod type thing should I do this? Should I major in this or major in that should I consider this or consider that should I move here whatever it is, these are this is the opportunity to ask a lot of data. So make a huge do Atlas number two for the men, if you can get it from towels do so. But check with your hygiene group. Sometimes they provide you the hand towels. Also if you're going to Medina first you can get it in Medina. The issue will come when you're going to Mecca first because you need it before going to Mecca. Alright, so if your group is providing it

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for you great but you'll need to check with them. Okay, cell phone, you know cell phones are very useful to have but get one that has a SIM card capability and it's unlocked. Alright because you go there you can buy any like SIM card from like a pharmacy or whatever and in Saudi Arabia, and then you can activate your phone and you can talk to family and friends or other group members. Okay. So I'd recommend that a small backpack bag or you know, those like a string backpacks, I don't know they're called like drawstring backpacks. You know, that's that's a nice thing to have. You just wear over your back and it's, it's, it's a it's really useful.

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I would say recommend a nice comfortable pair of sandals right? You obviously can't wear shoes when you're in Harlem. You can take nice sandals and keep a hold of them. I did it last year, right I bought some like $30 sandals and then I took it with me and I came home with the sandals. Which I thought wouldn't happen but hamdulillah with the backpack it did because I just kept it with me the whole time. If you leave it somewhere, forget about it, you're not getting it back. Right even if you could try to get it back sometimes it's so hard to get to the same spot because there's so many people, okay, so I would say get a backpack get a nice pair of sandals that are comfortable. You

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know go go to the shoe store and check them out see which one's gonna be nice because you'd be on your feet a lot. Maybe a small tie bag or something to collect the pebbles from the Democrats. You know what I did was I use they have the small water bottles the half the size of this I just filled this up with when I'm over there I filled it up with with pebbles you could do that or can take a Ziploc bag or something.

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You may want to take an umbrella you know plus or minus is up to you you can use it it's not doesn't invalidate that. If you use an umbrella so you could use an umbrella. There is this thing that you can get like this umbrella that you wear on your head so it's like a little thing and then it sticks out that I don't know honestly I would be careful for a haraam. We're using it just because for the many animals have anything touching your head, but umbrella that you hold is fine.

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For the sisters, you can use it though because you're obviously wearing Hijab anyways you put that on top, that's fine, that's valid. Okay.

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First sleeping you know you may want to some people if there's their sensitive sleepers you can get earplugs, you can get like those you know IMS that you can cover your eyes that kind of thing that might help as well.

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umbrella we said inflatable pillow you know again if you want something from us Delica if you know sometimes they just give you a little mat and you want a little pillow to sleep on from is that if you could take that

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safety pins to secure your home you don't really need it you know you can secure your home real well without it but just in case you may want to get that travel hedge belt you know those little travel belts you can buy it from Medina or from Dubai or wherever you land first. Or if they have it here get it here that's fine. You are what I would do with my money I would like just tuck it into my head on myself. Like so when you were you I'm gonna bring the towel I forgot but I'm to show you how to wear it around but when you wear that hat on for the men, when once you get it folded here you got to fold it like this all around a couple times and it gets tight there's not gonna fall off and

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I would just take my money in right there and then nobody could steal it either. Because the money about they can just cut it and steal it still. It's a little safe but it's also it's doable on probably some like safety stuff like band aids, you know, like standard medicine. I was to take some like like Tylenol or Motrin for fever and headaches, that kind of thing.

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Maybe some anti diarrhea medication, if you get a stomach upset and that kind of stuff, cough drops, pretty much everybody gets gets a sore throat, like loses their voice, all that stuff, you know. So definitely take something to help with your throat you can be sprayed to help for pain and that kind of things because it can be very painful.

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Your notes, definitely take your notes to hedge that's very important. A portable prayer mat, you know, they have those like those foldable ones, they're like this big, like a wallet size, you know, so it's not gonna fill up much space in your, in your, in your path and your packing. But it'll be it'll be useful. And, you know, one of the sin or one of the recommended things to do before getting into hold on if you can, is to like, you know, trim your mustache, remove any like, you know, armpit hair, pubic hair, that kind of stuff. So you want to take a shave or something like that, even for when you're shaving your head, you want to take your own, you could do that and do it yourself. Or

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you can go to the barber and they'll do it for you. The charge is probably at 25 retail, or something like that. Seven Bucks. So it's up to you. But that that might be something you want to consider as well.

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And those are those are some things I wanted to add from yesterday's list just a little more practical little more useful. One thing my sister in law's when they went ahead last year they packed was a rain poncho.

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And inside Raven, you typically don't need a rain poncho. But they actually use it as easy as just sort of pouring like crazy. So there's more than a rainbow and they went outside this to say hey, I'm using my rainbow and mica. It was kind of funny, but um, you typically don't need a raincoat. Okay? So you probably don't need to take that. Alright, so let's go ahead and get into the overview of hedge. Okay, so, hedge has three, there's three types of hedge. Okay, so this is some we're gonna get into right now. There's three kinds of hedge that one can perform hedge, meta hedge Tehran and hedge fraud. Okay. What's the difference between them hedge stiletto, as you see on the screen, you

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perform Amara, then you take a break you get out of the state of Iran. So you're in the state of Iran, you perform Amara, you get out of the state of Iran and then when the hatch time comes, you get back into Iran when you're in hajj. Okay. It's called tomato tomahto means from attack means like enjoyment, right because you're not in a home all the time. That's that's why it's called tomato, right? You're not in * all the time. You enter into harem you do your Amara, you get out of F ROM and then you're you're free until Hajj again, and then you can enter back into that ROM. So that's basically that's that's pretty much ultimate to is okay, Hajj, Tehran,

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Hajj, Tehran is Hajj in which you combine them in one, meaning you're in one arm, you never exit. From the moment you get to Mecca. Even if you get there like little cloud, that 15th little car that like, you know, 23 days before head starts. If you're doing the intention of Tehran, you go there and you're there. You do your Amara, you have to stay in your Iran

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until you you perform hedge until your two exit from Vietnam, which we'll talk about later. Okay, so this one is, this is a little more difficult if depending how early you go, if you go like right before hydrogen is not that difficult, obviously. And the last type is hedge if fraud and that's just hedge, there's no ombre with it. It's just you perform hedge, okay, with hedge tiran for your notes.

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The second type of hedge we mentioned, you only do one side

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you only do one side and the side is when you go between Safa and Marwa you can either do it for Amara or for hedge if you don't do it, I'm already doing a hedge if you do an amateur you don't have to do it for hedge. So that's one thing with hedge clean on and hedge the meta you have to do two sides the cipher Amara designed for hedge with hedge paid on you only do one one of the two and it's up to you to choose the proper size sanlam he performed hedge paid on the process of not performing the second hedge. And he did if you're going to do that he did. He did the site with Amara. He's I set him to decide with Amara. But here's the catch. What is the best to do? I just had the process

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and I did hedge later on does that make it the best the scholars have deferred? The thing with the messenger lessons that I'm performing hydroplane on is this is that when he performed his Amara, and he did his side, he told the companions anyone who didn't bring their sacrificial animal with them from Medina then break your arm and change your intention from Tehran to hatch d'amato.

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So he told the Sahaba anyone who didn't bring an animal with them, change their intention system. So this is the overwhelming majority one narration even says only a Buddha had a law and who brought an animal with him.

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Like the Messenger of Allah, and not even to be thought of he was coming from Yemen. So he made the intention. He says I make the intention to that which the Messenger of Allah made his intention for because he didn't know which one the message of law is doing. He's in Yemen. He's not what the Messenger of Allah right so he so he also he would didn't qualify as well. But I will try to have brought an animal with him. So he couldn't break his his head on the rest of the Sahaba. They broke their arm. And the scholar is different. Was this a command that they had to do or wasn't it also sent him recommended? Right, so but what we know is rossano said and he said Had I known what I know

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now, I would not have brought the animal with me. Because if you bring the animal with you, which none of you are gonna do, right, no one's gonna fly it

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interact with the goat in their in their suitcase, right? So you're not going to do it. So if you were to go there you will all fall into the category of the Messenger of Allah telling you switch to tomato, do the hijab tomato, it's the easy way and it's it's easier for you and that was what the President also said and recommended. Okay. That was what the Mr. Law says and I'm recommended. So the scholars like I said differed. Here's something to think about the most of them said due to mentor he told us what to do to mentor after saying it had I known what I know now I would have done to mentor so he told us a habit and it's a mentor. He did a Tehran and abubaker hemangioma after the

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president of his death because this was this this was the last year of his life, right he performed hides in the last year of his life.

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His only has he ever performed was this hasn't called the farewell hedge, right? Abu Bakar no more in there. He laughs after the messenger of Allaah Salaam, they only performed Hajj abroad.

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They only performed Hajj abroad. And I'm sharing that to tell you why am I saying that as a point being that don't busy yourself with other people are doing or blaming other people saying Oh, you're doing the wrong but the message that I sent him said do tomato and or I'm doing tomato and you're doing a fraud and don't worry about all that stuff. What I would recommend for most people here, the easiest thing and what the miserable are recommended is do hedge amateur. Okay, do hedge them at all. Oh, Tada. All of them, of course are acceptable. We need to go through a few definitions. Because you're going to hear a lot of these different words, you've probably already heard a lot of

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words that you're like, What is he talking about? And I'm sorry, if that's overwhelming, a little bit, we're gonna define everything. Okay? Two words I need to define for you. Now. The first one is the word means thoughts. The plural is mouth pains. Me thoughts? is a word you're going to hear often and Hutch. Okay? What it means it's it's a geographical boundary that a person attends intending had your Amara may not cross without first being in a state of.

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Okay. Again, it's a geographical boundary, so does the area of land that you cannot cross this part of land, except if you're intending hydrometer except that you're in the state of Iran. Okay. So for the people who are coming from, from who are flying in, there's five things by the way, there's five mobile updates, five different places. One of them is called vertical Eva. This is some just technical terms. You don't need to necessarily write all this down but just for the sake of completeness, vertical Eva is as the main parts from the people of Medina. So if your hedge group is going to Medina First, you'll be coming through through her life. And the process of him he stopped

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there and he prayed there he entered a state of a harem and they prayed and he said suddenly he has advised Mubarak to come out God He says, He says pray in this blessed Valley. Right so life is a blessing Valley by the by the testimony the Messenger of Allah I said let me know someone said to pray here Okay, so let me Khalifa is the mere path for the people in Medina and it's the furthest meet lot. It's the furthest boundary from all the five from Mecca. This one is about 470 428 miles from Mecca is the furthest Milan's okay.

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He's a subset of suddenly he has widened Mubarak. Right another major part His name is Al Jaffa. Now it's called the DA bill. Now it's called the DA bills. It's 22 miles, or I believe is 22 miles from Jaffa. So what happened is draft for the place where this macaques was back in the day, that's an abandoned city now it's abandoned. It's kind of like rundown. So there's another place called Rob Bell which is in line with it. That's that's the new meal carts now. But it's it's acceptable, according to that study, that you can go in line with another meal plot, okay. This this meal card is for the people of Sham the people of West Africa, Egypt, Sudan for the saline Lebanon, they're

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crossing over when they're coming to Mecca. They're crossing over this new hot, okay? The third Miata is Yeah, lamb lamb. Yeah, lamb lamb, kind of a cool word. Nowadays is called lemlem. But as originally is, yeah, lamb lamb is from Yemen, the people of Yemen they cross through there. Okay. The fourth one is Colonel Mendez, and this is the closest one to Mecca about 78 miles away. This is the one that a lot of us will cross through. A lot of us will cross it if you're coming from Europe, if you're coming from like, some of the other Arab countries, you'll cross over current element as well. Okay, but on plane, you'll cross over on plane of course. And the last one is called that to

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add also known as a buddy bar, and that's for the people of Iraq. Okay, so five minute slots. So what does that mean? What that means is if you're on the plane and you're flying into Mecca first if you're going to Mecca first right? Then you have to enter you have to enter into state of how long before you cross this mailbox. Okay, this is the boundary you have to have her on before you cross. So what do you do? Let's say your flight itinerary is taking you from Frankfurt, Germany to Jeddah or somebody else's going from Amman, Jordan to Jeddah. right they're going to Mecca first. What they do then is they wear their own clothes. Well ideally you wear your crown clothes before you get on

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the plane. Because if you try to wear on the plane is difficult, you know the size of the bathroom is gonna change and put your towels on and get it right so it doesn't fall off is difficult. So just get you know for

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The men get in your home clothes before you get on the plane. And then the the pilot is going to announce when you'll be crossing over the mailbox. And when he announces it, you say the intention, the baker lahoma. Amara, if you do have stiletto, you say La Baker lahoma. Amara, you have to verbalize your intention. And once you verbalize your intention, you're now in the state of Rob, you're now in the state of Colorado, okay? So if you're flying in from wherever they're going to tell you, roughly just you have an idea, roughly, depending where you're flying from, it's either going to be 20 or 30 minutes before landing. Okay, so to be safe, 30 minutes before landing will be

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a rough idea. So you know, in case that, you know, whatever happens, they don't announce or whatever, but they will announce in Charlotte's Island, they'll announce and tell you when you need to enter the state of a home. If someone falls asleep, or he's gonna fall asleep, he's exhausted, he's tired, he's gonna fall asleep. Can he make the intention before he crosses them? before he gets there? Yes, he can make alohomora he's in he's in Iran now. Boom, he can go to sleep, that's fine. You can do that.

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What's concerning is the one who falls asleep and he misses it. If he misses it, entering into a state of Iran is wajib. Its requirement for which if you don't do it before the meal, do you have to pay a fee? Do you have to offer a sacrifice? Okay, so if you if you reach Mecca, and you didn't enter into harem, you either have to go back, which is very difficult, or you pay the sacrifice, and that's probably more practical. You pay the sacrifice for missing for missing that budget. Okay.

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The next term I want you to be familiar with is the term how dumb we're hearing this a lot already. Right? The how don't we always refer to the cabinet as the atom? What does that mean? The how dumb how dumb is like

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it's a sanctuary, right? It's a sanctified area. So the atom, what does it refer to when we say the atom? And I'll show you this image. The harem is, is a sanctified area surrounding Mecca, which was delineated by Ibrahim alayhis salam under the guidance of Sabrina de Sena. Okay?

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It's a sanctified area, what does that mean sanctified area, within this area, and you'll see it's, it's much closer to Mecca, right, you see the blue outline on the under on the image that's outlining the blue is the different meal plans, there's five meals that are marked there, the green on the inside, that's the huddle, that's the boundaries of the atom. So within the atom, certain things are forbidden plans cannot be cut. Plants cannot be cuts, okay? Animals must not be hunted or must not even be frightened. So you'll see a lot of pigeons, you'll see a lot of kitty cats. So be very nice to the kitty cats. Maybe take some cat food with you pack that in your food in your, in

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your you're packing for hides and feed the cats take care of them be nice to them, right you shouldn't disturb or, or bother animals or hunt animals, and you shouldn't pull off any plants.

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Another rule for being inside the bottom is that if you find something that's lost, let's say you find somebody's cell phone, you are forbidden for tape from taking it. Unless if you search for the owner and the scholar say for at least 10 days. You search for the owner calling out for the owner for 10 days. If you do that and you don't find the owner, then it's yours. So the money is worth it. If you find a large sum of money, then go for whatever. Just kidding. Okay, but that's the rule. You can't take anything inside the huddle and by the way, this refers to Medina and Mecca, the same rules apply. Right now we're talking about Mecca. And the other thing you cannot do in the huddle is

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you cannot bear arms to fights. You cannot bear arms with intention of fighting, okay. So for things that cannot be done within the boundaries of the atom can't take off, remove any plants can't hunt or disturb any animals can't take any loss of belongings and you can't wear you know, bear arms for the sake of fighting.

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And this is not related to if you're in a home or not. This is the home this is the home of Allah, this is around the cabinet. That's how it is all the time day or night 20 473 65 for anyone there, right people who live in Mecca, it's always like that. Okay? So you'll hear this I just want you to understand what this really means. Okay.

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So let's go through so we said that the three types of hydro hydro stomata headcanon Hydra frog has a metal Tehran, which most people will be doing one of those two, right? Almost everybody will be doing hedges that matter. When you're doing this type of hedge you do Amara first so you have to know how to do hombre, right, you have to know how to do I'm gonna so let's briefly go over how to do Amara Amara has is very easy. Hama is very simple. You can actually do omona within two hours. boom you're done. Two hours Ramadan, you're done with Hajj the head season because there's so many people and probably would take more like four or five hours this Realistically speaking but five

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hours is still not bad. It's not like heads is five days or six days, right? I'm gonna five hours and you're done. It could be even quicker if you go into summertime or something. And it's not high season. You could do it in like an hour and a half, two hours because it's fairly easy. So what are the steps of Amara? Number one is the ROM and when you

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Entering the state of Rome you begin seeing the Tobia, the baker lahoma bake, okay.

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Number two is that the love that the wife has when you go around the house of Allah, the Kaaba, you go around at seven times. Okay? Number three is the salary when you go between Safa and Marwa also seven times and number four is you either help or succeed help is you give yourself a haircut. tuxedo means you shave your hair. Okay, so either you haircut or shave your hair. Now

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from those four three of them are pillars of Amada, meaning you can't your armor is invalid without it, when we say your token or a pillar of something and we'll talk about it for hedge as well. If we talk about a pillar of hedge means if you miss that pillar, you've missed your hedge, your hedge is invalid, right and had you out of out of hedges out of a meaning if you had out of as a pillar of hedge so if you're not there and out of it, even for one second before the sun sets, you've missed hij right so for Amara there's three pillars and the three pillars are the first three head on the left hand side

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the head on top and side

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and what's I'm sorry I'm sorry

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yeah, so head on Yeah, head on the left hand side the what's why job is to cut your hair or shave your hair and what's also wider for a harem is what we talked about to enter into a state of a harem before the meal pots

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so with a wider what happens what's the difference between wide open and broken a pillar and something obligatory pillar if you miss it, action is nullified. Right action is nullified with a wedge of something obligatory if you miss it, you pay the video you pay you offer the sacrifice sacrificial animal and you're covered. You made a mistake, but you you atone for it by doing that. So if you don't shave your hair for some reason, or you don't cut your hair, or somebody forgot to wear that hat on, then for that person, they pay the video. Okay, so that's it simple.

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So you tell BIA do tawaf do sigh cut your hair, boom, you're done. That's it simple as that. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through each step quickly. I'm going to go a little more in depth when we talk about hedge right now we're doing a quick overview of Amara Okay, so the ROM let's talk about that head on first you guys with me so far? Sorry, a lot of technicalities in the beginning, but we'll get into a lot of spiritual stuff Don't worry. Like it's a little technicalities in the beginning but the first thing is that ROM itself the ROM itself as we mentioned, it's similar to take listen before entering in the state of a head up so if you're able to like some people have

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like a 24 hour layover in Dubai or something right on the way so then if you they'll give you a hotel and stuff take a shower if you can and then where your where your towels right where they head on clothes. For the sisters. Your a harem is what your regular clothes, there's no specific color, there's no specific, you know, style or whatever. You just have to wear proper hijab proper, you know, proper covering just about whatever, that's it. That's all you have to do the things that are forbidden for you and our gloves and niqab

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gloves and niqab now can you cover your face? Yes, right but what is specified as a new club the new club just like for the men, we can't wear anything that's fitted to the body like a T shirt or pants or socks. Right. For the sisters. The niqab is something that's fitted for the face right you tie it around is fitted for the face, but I salon has authentically narrated when men would pass by she will lower her like a jab jab area like lower over her face. So it's covering her face. So it's coming from above but it's not the top that's tied to the face. Okay, wearing a niqab and wearing gloves are forbidden in Iran in Iran specifically. Okay, so the sun has to take what's said before

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entering in the state of Iran. You can also clip your nails trim your mustache line up your beard all that stuff you know we already said you know the armpit here, pubic hair, all that stuff you take care of all of that. Okay? For the men, it's similar to put cologne on before you enter into. So you take your shower you do your nails, all that stuff and then you wear cologne you wear athleisure whatever it is, I should say is that after the person entered the state of hot off, I could still see the traces of it on him from when you were before. If you put it on before entering you're fine. It doesn't nullify your your only if you put it on after does it notify you and we'll

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talk about all what you can and can't do an add on once we get to hedge okay

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so once you enter into it head on we said the air the air the pilot announces if you're going to Mecca first if you're going to Medina first you don't enter into home you went to Medina you're chilling you're hanging out and having fun and Medina when it's time to go to Mecca to perform oma you'll go to the Khalifa and you'll stop there and entered to her. So you'll do it there you'd have to worry about it. When you do it there either way What do you say you say le bayko lahoma Amara Oh Allah I am here for Amara right for high stomata which everybody will be doing inshallah you say La bakerella Hama Amara here I am Allah for Amara. Once you verbalize it with hygiene Ramallah this are

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only two times in Islam that you verbalize your intention out loud. You have to verbalize your intention out loud. You see the big Hello mama here am Ola for Amara and then the Sunnah is to pray to the gods. You pray and if you're on the plane, you can pray sitting down right in your seat right there. It's fine because it's in their prayer that to pray city

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Don't you pray to the gods. And then if you want to go to sleep, whatever you want to do, go ahead and do it. That's fine. Okay.

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And then once you enter into a state of a harem, you begin saying the Tobia for Amara, you continue saying the telomere until you see the Kaaba, you continue to consider continue saying the Tobia until you see the Kaaba, okay.

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Particularly, you know, it might be hard to all say That'll be all the time. Particularly, it's recommended that if you're ascending a place or descending a place, right, if we're coming on the mountains of Mecca coming down towards the bottom, when you're descending, that's encouraged, particularly encouraged to see the telomere. Also, when you pass by another group of believers, or you join a group of believers, you say the telomere again, okay. And the President and he say that jabril SNM came to me and told me to tell you to raise your voices with a telomere. So the scholars say for the men, they're specifically they're told to say they tell me out loud the bake Allahumma

00:25:57 --> 00:26:26

bake the baker Allah Sheree calacatta bake in Alhambra, one near Mehta, like a while. molk. Sheree? khaliq say out loud, right, you're supposed to say you're supposed to be whispering it as you're saying it will say it out loud. For the sisters, it's recommended that you say it softly. Right. So the other sisters around you can hear but it's not so loud that it's being you know, overly overly overly loud. Some scholars this FTF on this, but some scholars hold that saying that salvia is a wajib.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:43

Meaning if you don't do it, you have to pay a sacrifice. Right? So what that means is at least say it a few times. Okay, and hamdullah everybody does. There's nobody who misses out on the tembi that's one thing that nobody misses out on, but just make sure you're saying it. Okay, as much as possible and we'll talk about the power of the xlv inshallah once you get to the spiritual aspects of it. Okay.

00:26:45 --> 00:27:19

So we mentioned if you missed out on from the meerkats, when you're flying in are from Medina, you shouldn't miss it from Edina because you you know, but if you miss it when you're flying in, then you either have to go back or pay the video. What about the one who lives inside the me thoughts? Right, the one who lives inside them? If not, what does he do? What does she do if they live inside, then they just may they just wear that hat on from wherever they live. from wherever they live, you see that you see the the map if they're within, so if they're within the blue between the blue and the green, so they're outside of the harem, but they're within the meat box for that person if they

00:27:19 --> 00:27:36

live there, then they just enter the harem from where they are. If they're within the harem so they're if they're within the green on the map, then what do they do? They go outside the home to entrance at home. They go outside the house. This is for Amara specifically okay. They go outside the home to enter into a hotel.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:46

Now brothers and sisters when you arrive at the airport, when you arrive and gender or Medina expect anywhere from two to 12 hours of sitting in waiting.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:20

Okay, patience are we talking about patience? Be ready for patience you're gonna be you're gonna see every group except yours. Get their buses come and go and you're sitting there you're hot you're outside you're tired you just to travel all the way from America and you're exhausted and now you're sitting in the airport for 12 hours. Where's my where's my bus? I paid $10,000 right? I want my AC bus and guess what if you say that the AC is not gonna work this is gonna happen just prepare yourself right just just get ready to to 12 hour wait you'll be sitting there and that's a good time what I would recommend is if you needed rest go ahead and rest but it's a good time to get to know

00:28:20 --> 00:28:38

your head group you know me Are you gonna be with them for the next the whole two weeks, three weeks and the bonds you may create overhead your bonds that last the bonds that lasts you never forget the people who had you go with so get to know the people in Hyde you get to know you know the other brothers or sisters there so you get to know their names and where they came from and other stories and all that stuff. Okay.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:54

The promise I sent him himself, you know, when when he was making Hajj he was going from Medina right to Mecca. So the promises and his belongings, his his his provisions for travel. Were on one side of a camel. The other side was the provisions of Who do you think?

00:29:00 --> 00:29:01

What do you think

00:29:03 --> 00:29:34

of a worker lawn worker and the processing of their belongings were on the same Capitol. And there was a young man who, who was in charge of this camel taking care of it. So they're traveling they stopped by there today for the entrance exam. And then as they're going they stopped to rest. And so the semester last SLM is sitting down he's leaning back against something to his one side is his wife is on low on one side next to him is on the other side. Next to him is aboubaker. And next type of worker is his wife, a smart Ubuntu nice little ohana.

00:29:35 --> 00:30:00

So the process that I'm says there is to say the four of them are sitting there, right? They're all family, right? all sort of workers wife aboobaker, the rest of them are Asia. And so then our worker sees the the young man who is responsible for taking care of the camel of the Messenger of Allah and abubaker their belongings. So but he doesn't see the camel. So he sees the young man but he doesn't see the camel. So he says where's the camel?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:39

And then he says I'd love to help Barry I lost it yesterday. I lost the camel yesterday. So I will work on things by you know, you only have one camel to take care of it's not like you're having a whole herd of something all this responsibility you have one camel and as a camel the Messenger of Allah has his stuff on them and you lost it it's so he began to discipline him. So the mystery of loss I said him sitting down he saw that and he says oh either has a banana he says look at this. No One No One was disciplining his his his you know the the young man but I'm saying that because guess what, people when they land and Mecca and the land agenda there you know, last year when I went

00:30:39 --> 00:31:13

somebody luggage was stolen, not injured that was stolen in in the Emirates when we landed there. And Dubai. Right, their luggage was stolen. But guess what the Messenger of Allah lost his luggage. Right? So you get tested, don't worry about it the best share of alloga tested the same way he lost his luggage, lost his luggage. So you might lose your luggage but be patient. The key thing is Be patient, be patient Be patient. Okay, so once you reach Mecca, you know, do you have to go perform I'm going to right away, you want to you can if you don't want to you don't have to you can go to the hotel, some people are tired, they want to be fresh, right? So they can go they can go to the

00:31:13 --> 00:31:29

hotel, you can sleep and you can rest you can take a shower all that's fine. That's fine. You can wash your hair, even if you're not home, you can wash your hair, that's not a problem. We'll talk about it later the details of it. But you can take a rest whenever you're ready to go to I'm gonna go ahead and get ready to go to I'm gonna like we said it takes usually two to five hours. Okay, so it's not that difficult.

00:31:31 --> 00:32:00

So but that's Landy, there's some things I wanted to say. But if you go to the hotel brothers specifically saying you're in the hunt, brothers come down and you know they go they go to the hotel, they change it to the pajamas. That's a no no, you violated that. You can't do that. Right. So if you're if you're in the hotel, you're gonna relax. You could take off your top towel, you could wear a blanket over yourself you want to sleep that's all holiday that's not a problem you can take a shower you could change your hand forgot dirty and get a new one all that's allowed. Okay, but don't get out of a harem. You have to stay in the home until you perform your homework. Okay? So

00:32:00 --> 00:32:39

once you perform your once you want to go perform or what do you do you go to do the life that the wife for Amara is called also called the lawful to do the initial tawaf. Anybody who's going to Mecca for hydrometer has to perform this stuff. What about the group had who's doing hide fraud? Who doesn't? Isn't performing Amara, do they have to perform the * do? Yes, this is an intro it's like you know when you enter the message that you do send messages to Iraq as a hidden message. What this is, is the behavior of the Kava, the the welcoming of the cat, when you enter there, you do this, the waffle Kudu, which is the initial tawaf for the people doing Amara accounts is that the

00:32:39 --> 00:32:40

left for Amara, okay?

00:32:41 --> 00:33:17

And we're gonna talk about the life in detail later, what I want to share with you now is two unique things about this fall off and this dolloff only. Okay, two unique things about this the life only that waffle produce, and that is that when you go there for the men, you're going to have your right shoulder uncovered. Okay, it's called the bad and the Arabic language called the bat. So you're wearing your your top hat on you, it's coming under your right shoulder, and it's covering your left shoulder. You've probably seen pictures, right. So your right shoulder is uncovered for the seventh circuit's as soon as you finish the seventh you were normally so when you pray your two guys behind

00:33:17 --> 00:33:51

the camera, Brahim. You're wearing your crown normally now covering both shoulders, okay. So it's only during the last for the first seven that you keep your shoulder uncovered. The other thing that's unique all needs to do. And I'm specifying that because later we do a lot for hedge which you don't do this stuff. The other thing that's unique is for the first three circuits going around the Kaaba, you do what's called a Roman, which means you go fast, right? You've probably seen that if you've gone before, you've seen that you go fast, right? And that's only for the men, the sisters, you don't do that. Right? You do go at your regular pace as you're walking for the men, you're

00:33:51 --> 00:34:12

supposed to go fast. Now the thing is this whatever you have woman with you What if you're going with your wife or your sister, your mother, then what you can do is you can do the action of Rama even though you're not going fast, like physically, you're not going fast around but you're doing the action to stay as close as soon as possible. Right. So you do the drama, you do the action, you're going around the path, you're doing your thoughts, and you're doing this as best you can. How did you throw off the cab Esther left

00:34:13 --> 00:34:43

the Cowboys to your left all the time you start a hedge last word. And you'll you'll see it as marked with a green light and stuff. So you know the line and you start from there and you go seven times around the cabinet and the details we'll talk about later. Okay. After you do that the last seven times, you go to Malcolm Ibrahim a place which will identify also later it's right next is in front of the main the front door of the gather. It's there you pray anywhere behind there if you can, but heads time is busy. There's a lot of people, right there's a lot of people in hide so you may not be able to pray behind. mccammon Brahim, if that's the case, pray anywhere in the midst of

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

this the juice is allowed. So you pray to the cosmos behind Nakamura, he then the Sunnah is to go and drink some some water and you drink as much as you can and you also pour some on your head. Okay? the Sunnah is to drink thumbs up and also put some on your head. And then for those who are doing head stomach

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

You go to perform site.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:41

And if you're going to perform site after the life, then it's sonet to go back to the digital sweat in line with it and raise your right hand towards and say hello everybody, just like you did in the beginning of every circuit. Okay, we'll talk about that later. If it's a little, I'm just trying to give you a brief overview of Amara, you do that and then you go to perform Sadie stuff on Motorola seven times. You start with Safa, you end with Motorola. So what does that mean? If this is soft, and this is Motorola, Safa, Marwah, you start at soft, soft going to Motorola, that's one, Motorola back the sofa is two, okay, it's not a round trip. Okay, so don't do 14. So going to sofa as one

00:35:41 --> 00:36:12

back to model a two, back to sofa three. So you start at sofa, you end up model on the seventh one is that model, you do that and then you cut your hair. For the men, if you're going to if you're going to perform Hajj later, then it's not recommended to shave your hair at this time, because you want to have some hair left for Hutch. Okay, so you cut your hair now how do you cut your hair some a common mistake that is done is that people will just cut their hair like this cut from this side cut from this side, cut from the back and boom, they're done. That's not how it works. If you're gonna get a haircut, do the cutting of the hair, it has to be from all around. So like a legit

00:36:12 --> 00:36:42

haircut. It's not just like a little bit here, like I'm done. For the sisters, you cut your hair, you just cut like a finger lens tip from the bottom of your hair. Okay, one common mistake with the sisters was that they'll do is that they're at Motorola right at the ending of the site. And they're cutting their hair right there. So they're pulling their hair out of their hijab, and they're exposing themselves. So they're doing a hot arm to try to do a whole lot, right? So that doesn't work. So if you can go to the privacy of your hotel room, or if you're in an area where you're covered for sure something you know, all the systems are blocking you and you duck down or

00:36:42 --> 00:37:00

something, whatever it is, then it's fine. But don't expose yourself in front of non Muslim men. Okay, that's important, because you see that a lot. You'll just see people like Motorola, everybody's cutting their hair over there. Right? But for the sisters particularly want to be careful about that. And then that's it, your thought is done. You're almost done. Simple as that. Your Amara is done. Okay. And then.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:04

And that's it. I mean, that's that's all this formula.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:06

For hedge.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:11

Don't worry, this will be this will be much shorter, and then we'll take a break. Okay.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:46

For hedge, when is hedge? That's the first question. When is hedge hedge is starts on the eighth day of the hedger, and it ends on the 12th, or the 13th. As an option for the people 12 to 13. So either five or six days, that's all hedges. It's all it is 12th, or 13th of the hedger starts on the eighth ends on the 12th or 13th. On the eighth day that head yet you'll be in Mena, you'll pray the hood, there are certain Maghreb, Russia and veget. After if you leave from China, and you go to alpha.

00:37:48 --> 00:38:24

You're there in October. And by the way, on the back of your handout, you'll see a little pictorial representation of this, the overview hatch, right. So you go to you go from minutes out of it, you spend all day the ninth day of the ledger, you're an alpha, then the 10th nights because the night proceeds that day. So the 10th night you're in was that effect. You go from alpha to was that if and you spend the night and was that effect? Okay. And then the 10th day after slots and budget, you leave mazetti fat and you go back to Mina, and you're in Mina for the 10th 11th 12th and plus or minus 13 That's it. So one way to remember Muhammad Sharif, the way he explains it, is that

00:38:24 --> 00:38:27

everybody we're gonna do like a new Star Trek fans.

00:38:28 --> 00:38:29

Old School goes, are you

00:38:31 --> 00:39:05

anything? Nope. All right, so let's do the what's that guy's name? We used to do this. Spock right. We're gonna do this. I can't even do it. This is we're gonna do all right. This stuff is the eighth day of the hedger. This is the pre This is the getting ready. Preparation. Okay. Preparation has had you out of out of as the most important day so we're single singling it out. So preparation for alpha, alpha, the post alpha, this is Mina Mina Mina. That's it. That's all it is. So it's pretty simple.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:39

Mina arafa, Mina Mina Mina, remember right. And then the night in between these two of them was the refer. As simple as that. And that's how much let me give you a little pictorial representation of that use you have in your you have in your, in your in your in your handout as well. But you kind of see this is not geographically accurate, but you see the numbers where you're going you're starting at the cow by doing your your Ramadan stuff, and then you continue along. This is a little more geographically accurate, how it looks so you see where Mecca is where Amina is when was that if it isn't we're out of fat is out of fat is the farthest thing from the bottom from the cow but actually

00:39:39 --> 00:39:48

on offense outside of the huddle room was that he found me now within the huddle, but out of his outside of the huddle, out of is actually outside of the huddle.

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

And what we're gonna do for the rest of our class today shala we're gonna have on the bottom of the PowerPoint slide, we're gonna have this little guy to keep us in line and know where we are and hide, okay, and we're going to be joined by

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

By our friend Abdullah. So the laws are Hajji for the class, and he'll be joining with us and going to each step of Hajj along the way with us in Charlottetown. So with that, we'll go ahead and we'll take a break and then we'll come back in Charlotte in 10 minutes and we'll start with the head on down 100 layerable anime

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