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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of fasting during the Sharia Sharia, with emphasis on the use of the term "hamoni" for individuals. They also touch on the legality of fasting during the Sharia Sharia and recommend avoiding it during the upcoming holiday season. The speakers emphasize the need for healthy eating and acknowledge the legality of fasting during the Sharia Sharia.
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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah hora de Asahi woman wanna

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call in Mali follow him Oh la Jara geography keytab Cm one, etc The Allahu taala and how pardot cannot have sudo by sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may assume, had done a Buddha you've

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done a boon they assume Amara to nebia salon Omar Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mystic molossia masyarakat illa Ramadan, Amara to be sharing Dr. Amin hocm and Fisher ban with DEF CON LA laughable the Muslim

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narrated eyeshadow the Allahu anhu that allows messenger used to fast to such an extent that we thought he would never break his fast and he would go without fasting to such an extent that we thought he would not he would. He would never fast.

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I never so Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fast a complete month except in Ramadan. And I never saw him fast more in any month than in the month of Shabbat. This Hadith agreed upon

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article sent out along with de la and this version of Lima Muslim Rahim Allahu taala.

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So this hadith as we see, it is one of the most authentic hadith is reported by Al Bukhari Muslim and an amendment bahaya Rahim Allah reported this hadith in the in Ender chapter about fasting Shabbat, the month of Shabbat and Muslim Brahim, I would love to add the title Lahti it was chosen for this hadith not by Muslim by no in others, that the prophets are silent fasting outside Ramadan.

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She said I never seen any month that he will I never saw the Prophet salada send them fast more than any month, like the month of Shabbat.

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Is that means that he will not fast he will fast most of Shambala more than any other month.

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Okay, or he used to fast the whole entire month of Shaban

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okay. Or he fast from Sham ban, more days than any other month other than Shabana Ramadan. So three possibilities. Number one, is that means that I should want to say that he fast the whole entire month of Shabbat or it means the tea fast most of the month of Shabbat or it means that he fast from Sha ban more days than any other days outside Chairman sort of let's say in the regular month you will fast three days but then Chairman he might fast only four or five or six It doesn't mean most of Shabbat and it means the days in Shabbat are way more than other than the days all these possibilities are you know in my opinion

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and it could be but we'll allow that some of these possibility it can be eliminated like the possibility of fasting the whole entire month of Shabbat Why? Because she sent in the same honey and he never seen him fasting a whole complete month except Ramadan

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also that some of them I said no maybe the prophets a lot when she said he never fast a whole month except Ramadan constantly but maybe the profits fast one year shabang completely but not consistently. He wasn't consistent and fasting the month of sharp ban every year

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but allow them It seems to be that sharp martoma one is the only month that is completely fasted by the prophets of Salaam and that makes sense to make Ramadan different than any other month but what it seems that didn't sell allow you to sell them would fast inshallah ban way more days than any other month that it would look like and if we say that that means he fast most of the month that could be as well.

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And abuse will allow us to sell them in this hadith we learn a rule that you are allowed

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To fast continuously several days or even weeks without a break, any faster day then you faster more on your fast the next day and a soul.

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So in ob Salalah alayhi wa sallam used to do that sometimes the die said he will not break as fast he will continue fast and delusive is not fast. And sometimes you will not fast at all on the month that we think is not going to fast anything from this month. This also shows that the month of shadowbanned is one of the most recommended months for fasting. That's why nobody saw someone cared about this month too fast during this month more than any other month. And also that makes sense to prepare people for Ramadan, and also to purify you from your sin. The more your interim Avan pure The more you can benefit from Ramadan why we do a lot of setup and Ramadan In my opinion, because

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sort of God purify us all time sadhaka altar of charity, and the more you purify your heart and your mind and your soul, the more you will be receptive to do more good deeds. Your heart is like a container. If you remove the bad from it, there is a space in your heart to do the good. But if it's already filled with something bad there is no space to add good.

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The second and third are the Allahu anhu cada Amara nada solo by salatu salam Salam in a charity that I am that I shot out of Bashar Hamza Shahada gonna say

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what sort What did he do So how has he been narrated Abu Dhabi Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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recommend recommended or commanded us to fast three days in the month on the 13th the 14th and the 15th reported by tirmidhi an unnecessary and intermediate authenticated the Hadith

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eliminate ban and diminish ban sorry mentioned banned graded as sorry.

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Remember, this chapter is about the volunteer fasting. So this hadith tirmidhi there is a whole and there is a long debate between the scholar of Hadith over the authenticity of this hadith.

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Why? Because even this hadith been reported by several companions and several narrators. But there is a great deal of contradictions in the way that it was reported and narrated and the Hadith, the assignee the chain of narrators, Madame Ohara Mousavian punch at me attain me and he did a lot of different way of narrating that it would make the scholar categorize this elite as weak as Hadith Mubarak.

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And it had been narrated from Abu hurayrah but with a very weak is not it was narrated from Omar Qatada or even as Abdullah had been rude had been abuzz Asia all these companions narrated something similar to that that's what led

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some scuttlebutt all this ehsani generator none of it is 100% pure or 100% authentic quill had it as I need it, light it is not Wahid minha yeah and if he doesn't

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mean us any.

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The most authentic narration about fasting the three days with known ayama will be the most authentic narrations came from an ambassador they allow

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that Musa bin selama asked an ambassador the allowance

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should we fast the three days I'll be at the white days which is when the moon is full 13 1415 Caleb Nebraska Omar Hassan Mohan Omar used to fast these days.

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That's as from a hadith perspective that will be the most authentic narration that we have. Are the other narration like there is integration also very famous in the IB they

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were telling me the but there's like also weakness on it, which is Hadeeth patata in Milan, that inhibit salatu salam used to order us to fast the three wide days 1314 and 15. And he said Huneck it doc. Yeah, I know what that means. There are like fasting the whole entire year.

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Why? Because three days, multiply three bites.

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It became what 30 as if you fast the whole month, you do this every month as if you fast every month in the year. So that's basically what this means. But again, there is weakness and this Hadith, but if you add all these Hadith together, there is a

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there is a no doubt a base or awesome.

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There is foundations, there is a trace that the concept of fasting three days from every month is sin. Fasting three days from every month is sin as imagemap I'm Anna donek are these three days, the beginning, the middle and the end? All this came. I said Ilana reported that Nabi sallallahu Sallam can allow your body to sama Hoon Effie Oh what is sharp also to shop up at a shop? He doesn't care He fasted three days in the beginning or in the end or in the middle

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and this is in

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slow motion.

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So the concept of three days Yes, that is authentic foundation for but that 13 1415 the three are MLB these ahaadeeth are by looking at all of them and gathered them together. Can we say that? It is Hasson

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it could be some amount consider that like Eman manolio Rahim Allah. That's why.

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And rather sila hain, he mentioned, how do you tend to be social in Canada, if I am, I'll be adopted, however, you will suffer, the process of them did not break as fast during the three days. We'll be at the white days 13 1415 traveling or residence.

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And he said that this is hard, Ethan hasn't. But I will be honest with you. This Hadeeth is not a very authentic and even it's meten it is text fi nacala it's kind of strange, because an abuser will allow you or sell them did not use too fast while he's traveling around my barn or volunteer. So there is nothing more for that individual seldom ever reported. The t care too fast during traveling, so allow it sell him. Yes, he wants to travel on us fasting. But to say that the process can he used to he always do he never break his fast. While he is of these three days while he's traveling salatu salam that's kind of

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more like consider this type of Nakata strange, and the text itself.

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And it was called White days because it's a full moon. So the moon is shining as if it's a daytime so people can see.

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Some I mentioned that last week, there is some people or some scholar mentioned something about the three days

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when the moon is full, people behavior, even change and fasting help you to control your behavior. So Dr. Mensa last week was saying that they call these three days are the days where people have like bad attitude and angry kind of in their clinic. But we looked online actually and we kind of search there is nothing authentic or no valid research will show that in these three days full days of the moon, that people behavior is different or anything like that maybe the only thing the research shows that there is a regularity in sleep. So people during the middle of the month 13 1415 there's deprivation of sleep.

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And Allah Subhana Allah knows best from a religious perspective, what will be the significance of fasting while these three days of the full moon are or the all in the middle of the month and I think it's give you strength to these fasting two arrays or any eliminate the sense of the first teen 15 days of the month and give you strength to continue the rest of the month a strong kind of something in the middle to give you a push. That's something that I can see and fasting during these days.

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The next head is headed behind are the allow and where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lyoha will model it and assume was too harsh in love even with death upon la lovable Buhari, zada Buddha would highly Ramadan narrated Abu huraira the Allah and Allah messenger sallallahu Sallam said it is not lawful for a woman to fast

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Optional fasting

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the process of it for a woman to fast when her husband is present, without his his permission, agreed upon and reported by Buhari was this virgin that that is that of Bahati, a Buddha would add it other than Ramadan. He didn't need his permission on Ramadan. Ramadan, you need the husband's permission.

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This Hadith shows that it is not allowed for a woman to volunteer or fast without the permission of her husband. If he is with her. He's resident not traveling. Okay. And also if he is traveling, it means you're allowed to do that without his permission. So if he's absent, it's okay. Because in the be salatu salam said was able to hush it while her husband is present. So if he's traveling or not in town or something like that you're allowed to fast and eliminate debate it is that means she committed a sin or it is only dislike Makoto

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was it seems to be sin nevison business layer held the cemetery in Ibiza solemn said it is not lawful. And if it's not lawful, it means unlawful. unlawful means Hmm. That's one of the way the shediac came to make the rules. If this some of this things is how long

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shadow the lower anhand

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used to tell us that she used not to make up the days of from avant until shadow ban from the next years.

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Because she wants to be ready for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you ever want her, this hadith for me shows that

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the relationship between the husband and wife

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makes a big difference when the wives recognize the role of the husband and value his presence and give him the sense of importance in the city I want to say get permission from him. It's not because he controlled your your slave for him. It's about men always have this ego. They love to feel respected, love to be honored that make if you ever do this to your husband, you will own your husband's highlights. You think he will actually when you do this to your husband, you will find your husband respond in a very positive manners. The moment you disrespect your husband The moment you don't give him you know a sense of value or importance or you you kind of honor Him, the more

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you distance from each other's same thing when we tell the husband you have to tell him why of how much you love or respect or care for her. Give her the attention that you want. I appreciate her otherwise, she'd drift away emotionally and could lead to even a lot of divorce.

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So here it's giving the husband that sense of importance and respect and and telling him hey, I want to fast today Would that be okay?

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Why she needed to take a promotion?

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Why did she I said she asked her permission. Because

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for a husband it would be very hard for him to tie it down fast

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enough for him to initiate the order especially if it's someone feel a lot more data and religious it will not be appropriate to go to a lot lot Sumi just hard to sit to your wife dawn fast like you initiate it like that. Oh, do you find her fasting then you tell her break your fast. You know, I want to go have lunch with you. All I want to have dinner with you. I want to this this you know I want you it's gonna be hard for him. Even if you want that, it will be very hard for him to tell her break your fast.

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That's why if she'd said hey, by the way, I'm flying too fast tomorrow. Oh, I was thinking about tomorrow go out together something like that. That's much easier for him. Then he found her fasting then asked her to break her ibadah. So that's one of the point that a lot of human law

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mentioned. And also there's another point here that the marital relationship and enjoying one another.

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As I just put it enjoying one another, it's not one person desire and the other person don't care.

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That doesn't work this way. It has to come from both ways from both sides. Unfortunately, some woman when they became religious, they kind of neglect their husbands and they don't care for them and they don't care for their needs. You know she will be like

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Fasting all the time and like, you know, fasting than in the night I'm tired and became like, you know, so devoted in that in the worship for last minute data to the extent that the husbands feel neglected cannot fulfill his desire with his wife.

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if he sees know that this is coming from both sides of the relationship comes from both both care for each other's both care to enjoy each other's otherwise, if the start neglecting each other, and they don't care for each others, and they don't invest emotionally and physically to enjoy each other's what happened the draft from each other, and they became very boring live. And sometimes we continue this way, as of the our brother and sisters in a house, you know, and they became like, no, the relationship became very formal. And that's not how it should be.

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But in some homes, this is the reality.

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And a last panel data knows best because people are different when it comes to these issues and how they maintain the relationship with their wife. But the point that I think the head is trying to make is to encourage both sides to care for one another neat.

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What about making up days while your husband's present? Do I need his permission? I missed four or five days from Ramadan. Can I take Should I take his permission

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if there is only let's say you have five days to make up and there is only five days left in the year.

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And this case you didn't need his permission. Because now five days only left for you and five days you have to make up so you have to make them up. And this case no you don't need his permission. You just let him know. But if you have the whole year in front of you know you should tell me tomorrow I want to make a one of the days you take because fasting tomorrow is not an obligatory upon you in this case.

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The next heading which is headed beside the hotel they allow not all solar lights will allow to sell them now on cmbo main yo milfit three Wyoming con la

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jolla reported that the profits are salemme for bait fasting in two days. The Fast of the day of

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the day for either photo one comes in Sha Sha one right after Ramadan.

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And the day of aloha which is the leader of how the one comes in had

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basically agreed upon

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this hadith again among the most authentic hadith, because reported by Al Bukhari Muslim the day of a photo which is the first day in Shahada which is the photo comes after Ramadan, the day of now it's the 10th of the hijab. And it was called the day of now because offering sacrifices This is the day when people offer sacrifice.

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Because the basically offer there this ritual. This practice happened in that day when people kill the sheaves of the animal love the cattles that they want to give it as a form of sacrifice.

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There is in Japan a consensus among the Muslim scholars from the Sahaba time and gone that fasting the day it is forbidden,

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absolutely forbidden. Even if someone made Nether somebody made an officer will lie I promise you our fastest day and it happened to be read. We see you cannot fast that day.

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You make it up for another day.

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Even some elements early if you fast that date will be invalid another and yes to make it up

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and that's the majority of the fukuhara himolla said if someone made note of that you will pass the defeat and he did this fasting is invalid and he has to make that fulfill but another with another day later on. About hanifa said no he committed a sin and he doesn't need to make it up.

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The next Hadith

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also related to the materials to read of her Khalid Nabi sallallahu Sallam and this Hadith, Hadith newbay Asia

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and who they really are the lava and a lot of sort of lifestyle allowed to sell them a Yama Yama ecoline was should have been where the creme de la has

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new Asia or the allow an aerated and who deli allows messenger sallallahu Sallam said the days of tertiary

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Days of eating, drinking and remembrance of Allah

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the Great and the glories to our panel which are

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reported by Imam Muslim Rahim Allah who can also report bye bye happy and Buddha wood and others the days of the ship what it means the ship comes from a shrub sunrise. And why would coat the ship? Because when people kill their animals in the middle of half the cattles like the cow or the sheep or the goats, the take the meat, you know in the old days they don't have way to save all this meat there is no freezer is nothing like that. So what they do, they put salt in it and they put it in the sun to dry it out. So

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and we call that caddied Okay,

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which had dried meat, like jerky beef, but like absolutely worse quality than what we have today. Like the jerky beef and stuff like that is you put some salt in it and they put it in the sun. So because the spreaded all over the city and become a young associate, because they want the sun to rise and to dry all this meat and this practice continue for these days.

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And the days of it

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are there is debate, should we count the day of rate, so the 10th

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and the so three days, the 10th, the 11th the 12th or we don't count the day for eight. So the 11th, the 12th and the 13th. So the day for eight and three days after this is the majority of the fukuhara Hema home allow data and the majority of the companions believe that that it is three days after the end of the eighth of

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next headed one Asia Talib numero uno de Allahu anhu ma

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are the Allahu anhu

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Omar Wahby

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let me rock this for a yummy Shrek a new Sumner inland MLM big deal howdy

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rated Asia and in a model of the allowing nobody was allowed to fast on the days of tertiary except those who could not offer and had the sacrifice reported by Allah Buhari. What Muslim?

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what is the ruling in relation to fasting the days of these three days? The first opinion you're not allowed to fast these days no matter what. And that's the position of an Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah and the

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latest opinion over the Mushaf era him a lot and this myth haven't been hasn't avoided. And they said the Hadeeth Novation, the one I just mentioned, that these are the days of Akhil was sure a vicar eating, drinking and making Baker to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they said so the problem explicitly said that.

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And in abhi sallallahu Sallam said, as inherited Nero Marwa Yama Tisha curry Duna Islam It is our eat the people of Islam. And there are days of eating or drinking. So these are explosive narrations shows that it is eat it's days of eating and drinking. And that's why we don't do that.

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Next, the second opinion will be it is permissible to fast the days of the ship regardless.

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And this opinion

00:29:04 --> 00:29:13

mentioned by unreliable Zubair Abu talha in Syria and some of the stuff Why is it because what is how long is too fast the deer feed only.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:19


00:29:23 --> 00:29:27

what would be their evidence? I think their evidence they said it is because

00:29:29 --> 00:29:48

it is not the defeat. So it's allowed to faster. And also, some people said, maybe you can use an evidence like fasting the three days, the white days, the 13th, the 14th, the 14th, the 15th of every month, and the 13 will be one of the days of the Sharia.

00:29:49 --> 00:30:00

Maybe the third opinion, that the days of the Sharia, you're not allowed to fast unless you don't have sacrifice. You don't have

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

Heading to offer

00:30:02 --> 00:30:08

and familiar limited for cm with lsvt I mean Phil had was about in

00:30:09 --> 00:30:26

a lawsuit if you don't have the the penalty the video, so you fast three days during Hajj and seven when you come back. So these three days it's enhanced these the days of the ship, you can do the first day of aid, but it can be after that.

00:30:27 --> 00:30:29

And for those who don't have a heading

00:30:31 --> 00:30:37

and this is madhhab Malik Rahim Allah Rosa, you and Ahmed and Shafi in the old position

00:30:38 --> 00:30:39


00:30:41 --> 00:31:13

basically supported by what had been rumored while they allow Anwar Allah when the when we say don't fast these three days Is it because of haram or highly dislike, the Hanafi said it is highly dislike and some said notice for a bit. I do believe that the person should avoid the days of the ship and not too fast them. And I really go more leaning towards the opinion that it is not permissible for fasting these three days

00:31:15 --> 00:31:18

as they are part of the eight

00:31:20 --> 00:31:33

unless you're on the hedge, and that's what you have to do that will be a different there's an exception. The days of the shittier these three days are recommended for the people to make the curly last panel

00:31:34 --> 00:32:08

and it thicker it means you make the Kabir Singh Allahu Akbar, Panama and hamdulillah a Sahaba used to make a lot of beer can you can be wrong? What can Omar you kept Murphy high metaphor you kept Bironas particular or more you say a lot of water bottles these days. And people will hear Omar inside his tent making beer and they will make the beer as well as well. And the mention of last names and say Bismillah Allahu Akbar when he slaughtered the animal. So it's a days of beer and meat and the hollyland seeing law in the law.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:12

So these are

00:32:13 --> 00:32:37

some of the sunon that is some decorum and nikkormat law that basically after the Salawat I'm actually after the Salah, you do a tribute but I do believe as well during the day in general you make to Kabir and you occupied your day in these three days with all saying Allahu Akbar log about but you should avoid fasting during these days.

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We will stop here Sharla and we will continue on Sunday with the rest of the Hadith that is narrated in this regard. Here he talked about that the days that is recommended for you to fast okay, but now he started with the days that is forbidden for you to fast like that. Read and he will continue with what's forbidden and dislike he started with the days that was obligatory you need to fast which is on my one recommended for you to fast like the three days of the month. sharp, sharp ban the month of sharp ban.

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Monday Thursday,

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16th of chawan out of Iowa. And now we talked about the forbidden days and eat the dislike days like according to some ishara Some said it's forbidden and he will talk about Friday he will talk about Saturday and so on. So in sha Allah, Allah will continue our discussion tomorrow. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This talk was delivered at the Clear Lake Islamic Center on June 10, 2017.

Ramadan 2017

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