The incident of Moosa and Pharoah( Firaun)

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you asked

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me about it, and I'm allowed to be about matter about the Almighty Allah

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will actually abolish

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a mugger do for mobila humanists. shaytani, R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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corner of Bish rallies the wire Siddeley Emery wash Lulu melissani of Coco Lee said Nicola will Azim My dear respected elders and brothers.

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The incident of Musa Ali's salat wa salam. And Pharaoh own is mentioned several times in the Holy Quran. In fact out of the 30 chapters in the Holy Quran,

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the incident or some aspect of the life of Mussolini salat wa salam has been mentioned in 28, supers 28 Jews out of the 13. And there are many lessons in that incident. And in fact, what we find amazing, which I also found amazing I would like to share with you is how much similarities there is in that incident with our present situation. In fact, it was surprised us that some of the statements of Iran and the attitudes of Iran what we see it in what Allah has recorded it, how it resonates. With some of the statements that are made by the ferons of our time,

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Mousavi salat wa salam, ALA, Ferran Kawakita.

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Muslims who come up here are many Syrians Gosh, Bianca Rao tukad hamara dunya dunya we Halak who smear Ms. Subak asilo. Who Jae In what the ad says Musa

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Musa research was salaam que Wakasa sexuality or many incidents about it, I'm only going to make mention with regard to that which is relevant. So one of the things is that we all know that your own was a tyrant czar zalim

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You are such a very very oppressive ruler, Allah in the Quran put it this way. Enough, Your Honor. I love Phil.

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Phil own was dominant in the earth

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who must boutique Assad is dunya men are a saline

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or what? Tammy when

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he was dominant in this earth interfere out Allah fill

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it in one place in the Quran. Allah Tala puts it so beautifully. We're FIRA ona Ville outta

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now the word Alta comes from the word what the word what that means a 10 pack. So you took you take a tent and you take a nail and you put the back of the tent and you keep the tent down. So what does it mean well fear owner Ville outta fear own Mako Allah. Now what does it mean what am I have given different interpretation one interpretation is the way that it is firmly entrenched and establishing the Earth. Just a myth myth. Jenner was man wore jeans call Zameen COSATU Abstracta he said that if your own Zameen Cooper Aida Zoolander that is one meaning the way the Fed keeps something down into the ground for own was so well established and he was such a ruler over the world another you know

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interpretation of this is which reading circle Fajr is even more amazing that for your own use to torture his opponents by putting and putting a nail on the on the lakes in the end and used to crucify them.

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On Call was updated may hook is one of your owners will alter. So spill overs such as zahlen. He was such an oppressor upon this earth. Allah Tala makes mention of another strategy with regard to throw

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that shade for your own use to make people into different groups who prefer carbon demon Taksim cutted. He used to put people into different groups. Now look at what is happening today. You have the people in different groups, different countries, the western zone, the Clovis

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out. So the people who are on the elite, they are the ones who are established. And they are the ones who are creating a system in this world which perpetuates injustice. So Allah Allah says, Allah, Allah Shia, they make the people into different groups, this was the way of your own. And this is what we are seeing with regard to the way of the Ferraris of this particular seminar and this particular time, then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on to say look at some of his strategy and some of his

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way of thinking one of the way you're thinking of your own was I got more money than you got metaphors man had toilet

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technology had Yeah, what when other their own feet Oh, me, caught up on on a saline pool commiserate. We're Harville and Hydrotech really tacky. afara to Simone an n a pharaoh Mina has and really who am I in? What are your card? Have you been? Oh my people don't to see. I got Phil I got missa that time Mr. Was a greatest civilization and eventually will commit. Well didn't have look at my rivers. Look at my technology. Look at my agriculture. Am I am I better? Or is Mussolini that was salam ala Can you up for God cetera cynical sector. He can't even articulate himself Falola with Yala, he has read it to me. In

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other words, the Hirakata don't keep us Xaver Cuneyt will keep us to Allah q&a will keep us masculine. Why does he have wealth if you don't want the truth? Look at what the Western world today is telling the people. We have the technology we have the infrastructure, we have wealth keepers. What do these poor people have? They are dependent upon us. Although they are the ones who steal from the poor countries that's a different matter. But this is what fear owns way of thinking. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned with regard to another aspect of Phil. Phil own always puts the blame on other people. So Phil never took responsibility of what he was doing. So when he met

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Mussolini salat wa salam ala francais for foreign to mean Camilla MAFF have to come for Wahhabi Europe beautiful Kumar Hua. Allah has made that for foreign to me come that you are the person that if a foreign to mean coming here, that you are the person who killed him, you know, you kill the person. You are the one who killed he told who sadly salat wa salam, you kill the person now mousseline Salatu was Salam in the initial stages went into the marketplace. So I don't want person from from fighting what happened in Israel. So he protected the person from Bani Israel from being killed. And he went he protected the person he killed the 50 He killed the Egyptian person. So that

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particular was not a killing that was deliberate. It was in self defense helping a person who was being attacked. So what throne did is it Musa you come in to speak to me you kill the person was still

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alive so Mussolini salat wa salam What did he tell you? could own you telling me I kill the person by mistake look at what you are doing. You are killing 1000s of people.

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You are enslaving when you say you are killing small children. And you are accusing me of doing something which I did by mistake. Look at the situation in the world today. You did something Hamas did something or whatever did something they did something in a particular context but what you are doing you don't speak about it. You kill 1530 to 50,000 people you don't make mention of it. You kill 6000 children you don't make mention of it. But we say these people are telling us the whole situation you are telling us but what you are doing of killing 14,000 6000 children no one makes mention of it. So Phil also made mention with regard then another aspect of session for all his very

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amazing so for your own use to tell him who Sally Sarah was around and tell us people now he used to tell the people he should tell his people in NA has Ronnie Lhasa Irani you read earlier Euphrasia Kumar, RT Kumar basically one way or the other between particular Muslim Subhan Allah is used to say that Musa and Haro they in the Hadith analysts are you read anyway you must gay want to take you out of your homes. They want to take you out of your lens. Now today what are they say say the Palestinians want to take the Israeli

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is out of the lane. That is the narrative. So the same thing for all my attention, you want to take us out of your lane. And when hubba Kottakkal Musleh we got a way of life which is better than your way of life, we want to change our way of life. And you will recall many of the leaders of the world that don't say what did they say? They said, they want to change our way of life. But we don't want to change your life. Because our own way of life, you don't want us to step to practice upon our way of life, because our way of life is a threat to your way of life. But what they said, you read down in a coma, they want to take us out of our way of looking at the situation in Palestine, you came

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and you, you came in, oppress the land, you came in you came in take the lead, in 1948, when the United Nations gave, the United Nations gave the land to Israel, at that time, the situation was such that Jews own 7% of the land. And they were 37% of the population. And that population also came because there was migration from from Europe into the holy lands, and the United Nations give them 55% of the land, although they only own 7% of the land. So they tell you in organic you came and take our land, but what did your own tell Musa al Islam, you have to take us out of formula. Then the most amazing thing

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said it was the strategy of Iran

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to Lou Abner and Lavina Harmon Omar who was

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and this is something that is absolutely amazing for your own use to tell his people and his army, go ahead kill the children

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hope to do a bloodletting

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and keep and keep and keep the woman alive. Now it was a quandary because they needed a panini slide to work for them as slaves and yet at the same time, they were worried with regard to the Panini slide becoming a threat to them. So what they did was kill the children look at what is happening today. The same methodology kill the children majority of the people who have been killed today are the children

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and that was the strategy of you know put through a plan and within half an hour which Allah gonna make mention of in the Holy Quran

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to Muhammad Yunus Omar cable Catherine and

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they did not succeed in the plans. Because so as I mentioned in the Koran Orfila Hamana what can we

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do they used to fear and the very thing they feared Allah Tala brought it to reality. So fear old had this fear when you saw a dream that someone companies tried is going to take over his kingdom. So since that particular time, he was afraid. And in part of his fear was you have all the military might you have all the military might but you're still afraid to do the same thing happening. You got the whole standing army, you got nuclear power, you got the assistance of a superpower. And yet you have prayed and you're saying the people who don't even have an army who don't even have one thing who don't even have one aeroplane, we have got no air force, you are afraid of them.

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And Allah Tala makes mention of it in the Holy Quran.

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Another thing which I found very basic in the corona, Musa Valley. So even within Mussolini selected Muslims people, they were portrayals they were people who were hypocrites. So karoun, who became the Minister of your own, he was called Mussolini salat wa salam style. He was somebody who decided

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he rebelled, and he became part of them, actually, or

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to keep them on Africa. So sometimes karoun was promised and instrum stripe, he became part of your arch continuously. Within our own people, there are people who are from their side. So Allah Allah has created this whole situation with regard to all of what to do. Now let's look at the response. I can go on making mentioned I when I started reading this essay, it's so amazing. So one of the things I gotta say

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so I'm not gonna say when you read

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studio fulfill Allah Tala wished after all of this, that he must favor the weak people.

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When he Allah

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and that Allah wanted to favor the weak. Allah Tala wanted to make them leaders, Allah Tala wanted to change the situation. But now how did it change the situation? Let us look at their so Allah says Allah Allah wants to take care

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We're gonna

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go to Pharaoh, Pharaoh in the hooter go to Pharaoh in Dubai, he has become very oppressive, he has become very corrupt. So Musa alayhis salam before he went to make dua rubbish rally Saturday Hola openmat amid a cynical call them rubbish roughly said that he were still really angry make things easy for it merely step aside from what's going on with the company recently open up my tongue they have come all the way they can listen to

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Marisa Vanco call him that he made a bad phone call so much

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so one of the first thing I'm not sure I know we're gonna do is it was very very amazing. So one of them you know I'm not gonna call him for cooler and I will call him the you know the underwater that got shot. This is also very amazing. Allah Tala told Musa go to your own person speak to him softly. Give him advice. So the first thing is we have Muslims no matter who we speak to, even if he's a big fear or even if he's a big enemy, Allah Allah tells us hula will call and speak to them softly and speak to them nicely. Let me be someone will get here.

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Or maybe they will. Today we seen this. So many people within a particular time

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in Grand Central in New York, Jews

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protesting against what the Israelis are doing kick crustacean 100 Jews protesting against Israel go and speak to such people.

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Maybe they will change

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who you are, or maybe they will feel so Allah Ghana first tells us that first speak to them nicely wherever you can, wherever you can meet and you can convince go into so but Allah Allah also said Always let the HA HA don't ever be afraid in any markoma may come in that manner. To put was that normally this is something a little tells us so many times. Busan is not working on this so many times Allah Allah to Musa Musa Don't be afraid. Firstly Allah subhanho wa Taala that take your stuff and I can I want you to send him with a miracle. So what miracle Allah gave him take your stuff take your walkingstick Cusco Pecos

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sa was serpent, it will become a snake. Now you and I brothers we all know the first thing we pray afraid of is a snake.

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You know our when for example, let's say one husband, you know one day he said I wish I was a cockroach. I'm gonna say How can you be a cockroach? How can you wish to be a cockroach? He said No Nothing makes the wife so afraid like a cockroach.

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So if I have a cockroach it is the wife won't be afraid of me. So nothing makes us afraid that we are sneaky sneaky, even if not doesn't have the power of an iron but we are afraid of a stick more than an eye.

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So analysis Gunda Janu wala

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when Musa alayhis salam saw this sneak Allah says in the Quran, he read he didn't even look back.

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Now Allah Allah Allah Allah might have made mentioned that's a natural fear we have. So Tara says to Musa Lata has almost I don't get a break. So every time that Allah told Musa alayhis salam Don't be afraid.

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Then Busan is that was gave many times gave him our gave him down so much time Allah gave so many different types of Osama config for a seminar to find out well

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I don't have time, sometimes a stone then He was insects that came upon his agriculture then there was blood upon in his in his body. And every time he ate the food was not going down. So it was to tell Musa the infrastructure and look

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if you make what you're Almighty Allah to remove this will become a movement. And every time we sell Islamic to the Assad is removed, and then he becomes again more oppressive than Mussolini salat wa salam couldn't take it anymore. So Saudi Salam needed to achieve at least

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was to approve him but

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he did not cooperate but

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jumped up or take it on corporate journey. I love water in the gym. They're

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gonna put a seal onto the heart.

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Destroy the wealth. A must not bring the man until they see your punishment. So Elektra says karate Musa we heard when we accepted to dua will happen after 40 years after 70 years. Sep Musa Instagram kisser a

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little more sector sultanabad

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After 70 years he became so Allah Tala then told Musa

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Musa and

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you know Allah is use the word s3 But he put at least two times in the Quran so Adela

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ala Musa s3 or s3 Karma mclubbe Iraqis as portion of the night who said take my people and go take my bunny slide and going flip So Musa salat wa salam took them in for another incident is long now when they came to a particular place, you know now in front there is a great amount of water behind his throne.

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I will make mention of it again what what the most what they told who said what who Salat salat wa salam O Allah replied. So said seriously they said in other mudra Oh Musa we have been found out some Neto Daria PJ Quran Calista I'm Catherine so Allah Allah says get nama Europe East

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say it and He will guide us

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for Hina Isla Musa and he gripped the circle back so we told Musa Musa take your stuff in hitter hit the water, Musa hit the water, Allah so 12 rows and 1212 12 route and autonomy. And Mussolini salat wa salam when he went through. And then when freehold came Allah subhanaw taala brought the waters together in fear all was destroyed, but when he was dying what Allah says was there wasn't everybody is stylish.

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Now he was drawing color

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as he was driving, he said, I bring him on

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literacies and

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now you want to bring him on when we've done so much of zulum and you have appraised the people so much and

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you are a person who always did corruption and fitness

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and I just want to conclude so many things I would like to make mention, but one very beautiful portion.

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Husar so that was when he was been oppressed by Tallapoosa the Prime Minister was sick and us helping the patient to catch up to where they said energy.

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Yeah, Musa Athena in public, Tatiana Magicolor Musa before you came as a prophet you were still being persecuted by federal after you came you were still being persecuted Afghanistan Italia Muslim to be a Muslim.

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So that Allah replied and I want to end off this beyond with his father as a huge leak as well. Yes, definitely.

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Yes, Allah Tala might destroy the oppressors. And Allah will put you and make you need us for your Surah cave and Allah wants to see what you do what leadership and not Allah says I will. The earth belongs to me, I will give it to himself. I want to make yourself worthy of leadership Allah will give you

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that is a meaning up near Kabul,

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Yahoo comma, correct.

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So Allah Allah says Allah will give you leadership to see what you do. I've got Rogen obligor, who is one of two academica fighter, what is another lagoonal game if he gives it to you and you are still you don't have the attitude of humility. So let Allah is made mention of this incident not for this for us to listen to. And it is such great lessons. Give us a topic of understanding that in this day, so many things I can as I'm sure I found it very amazing when I read and I'm sure you will find it amazing. Allah subhanaw taala one day will bring an end to this crime, or these particular oppressors Allah will bring but we need to be steadfast. We need to be able to have the quantities

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which can bring about a change from day one.