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The importance of being happy with the loss of one of their children is discussed, as well as the use of alcohol and sugar during difficult situations. The speaker emphasizes the need for guidance on how to handle the loss and the historical impact of the disaster in Afghanistan and Iraq. The importance of the Prophet mama's words is also emphasized, as she is used to protect people and predict the consequences of her actions.

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Tapana what's up? What's up with Allah subhanaw taala and Allahu Allah.

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The next question from the front mic, a salam ala goon. I am Mama kursi doll. I'm from Bihar, working in Mumbai, in construction company as a civil engineer.

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My question is, is suicide bombing is the right way, or Islamic way to fight with the enemies of Islam? Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Also one of the hot topics that we usually find, in a lot of talks, a lot of lectures is about suicide bombing. Is it a way to fight the Hoover? I don't believe it is. And we have seen that so many times, that the people who have done this, the corruption and the problems that they've caused for the Muslim communities around the world. So this is not a proper way to rebuild. A lot of Muslims who followed this way. They do this because they feel it's like they have given up. So they find this is the only way out.

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Perhaps on the battlefield, it could be a different story. Is it permissible on the battlefield, that's something else, but in everyday life, like what happened on 911? Or what happened in seven, seven, where somebody goes and innocent people and he kills in his view by suicide bombing. This is not acceptable, and it's not and it's not a proper way for us to fight the enemies of Islam on the battlefield. It could be another story, because that's something that goes back to the generals in the army and what what they see on the battlefield, if it's something that's good for the Muslim army or not, that's a different story. But in everyday life, it's not permissible to harm or to kill

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any innocent human being, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. Allahu Allah. The next question from the Ria, Mike, a salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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My name is Mohammad Javed, and I'm working in an MNC company as a Technical Support Analyst. My question is that recently one of them neighbor died. And it is a common disaster, what we face on a daily basis, people die. But the family members were really shocked, because he was just 42 years of age, and he had five children. The youngest one was just eight years old. So what they were telling me when I said to be patient, they were telling me that Allah subhanho wa Taala would have taken his hand or leg, but would not take in his life. So he would have not done that. So I could not able to respond because there was so shocked and grieved. So how do we need to console in this kind of

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situation? Are they Muslim or non Muslim? They were Muslim. Okay, this you can see obviously, there's a person who might be Muslim but they have weak Iman wiki man and the other decree of Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah subhanaw taala. Any he chooses anything through hikma, the wisdom, even if it might seem difficult, I know several people who have died and left behind bigger families than what you had mentioned. And also finally that has opened up doors for their families. And they're actually better off financially than they were before the father of the family died. And I'll tell you two stories about that. One of our machines who then he was traveling from Port Sudan, going to

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Khartoum. And on his way, in his car, he had a little station wagon with the Hit like 11 Kids and three wives in the car. They got in a car accident, the car flipped over, there was a few scratches, and I think one of his wife broke her arm. And that was about it. This year, he got a little scratch on his head only, but he was killed immediately, because he's hitting his head. Immediately after he died, the brothers bought a house and broke it down into three little houses for his family. And they had much more money than they did before that. So a lot of these people they might be scared that now there's no income because the father had died. The law subhanaw taala, who open up doors,

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and this is a test a test from Allah subhanaw taala when you see one of your loved ones seeking and the highest level of the belief in the other is the robot to be pleased with the loss of Allah Tala has happened. And I'll tell you a story. You might see it being crazy. But what happened and once I'm in Saudi Arabia, when a man was traveling, and they had two cars, he was traveling with his wife and his daughters in one. And as you know, in Saudi Arabia mostly had like 1012 kids each and his sons were all in front and the pickup truck as they were coming driving down the road expressway or a highway, tractor trailer. It slammed into his son's in front of him. And they were just the car

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was in pieces and everywhere. So obviously everybody in the car died. What did this man do? Why Why No, he got down he made some juice, sugar

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Subhanallah he got out of the car and needs to do sugar. He think the last 200 Watts Allah because he wanted to have Revo. He knew his sons were dead. And it was nothing he could do to change them. They were gone right in front of his eyes. There's nothing he could do. So he wanted to be pleased with the color of Allah subhanaw taala during this difficult time, another story about the issue of money people mean scared about money, one of our mission ephra Imola. He died

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it and he left behind 37 children and three wives, actually 41 Because his brother in law had been murdered. And he was taking care of his four kids too. So he had 41 Children in his house and three wives 37, which were his, when he was placed in his in his grave and Queta Rahimullah, he actually defended received more money, and people were taking care of them more during that time. So Allah subhanaw taala does everything through hikma and everybody has to go. Another story, I'll tell you, I personally only recently in Egypt, one of the machines, they were told this story, where somebody he had just graduated, he was going to get married. And they came to wake him up one morning, and he

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just become an engineer. And he was just about to get he was getting married. In a few days, everything had been finished the engagement, and they were getting ready for the wedding. And they found him dead. So through budget,

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he's 25 years old, not 4225, so long as your time you're gonna go. And there's nothing we can do about it. So we have to be pleased with the last month I chose. And this is what he chose. And we have to be patient, there's nothing we can do, we can't bring in the man back. And there's nothing we can do. You can't cry over spilled milk, as they say, What's done is done. So you have to be pleased with the color of Allah subhanaw taala and know that it's a test. One, there's no need to be tested a lot test us and to see the level of return and how we will deal with these type of tragedies. Allah Allah, Allah brother.

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The next question from the front mic, on slogan, I'm Dr. Moment solemn, I'm basically doing traumatology. And I see a lot of trauma happening, a lot of deaths, so become numb to people who are in distress, who have injuries who die. So it's like your heart becomes hardened. So is there anything that can advise that My heart doesn't get so hardened, and I can still practice without being too emotionally involved so that I don't make errors in my judgments? And no, I think I mentioned this actually, in the lecture. And one of the things this is actually, it's a blessing in disguise for you when you see this type of trauma, because it reminds you of the reality of death

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and how quick and how tragic it could be. So you can be prepared, but at the same time and your field, you have to have to us and you have to you have to be on the middle. If you get too emotionally attached, you're not gonna be able to your job board and as you mentioned, so you have to focus on that. And then thank Allah smart Allah for it's actually a nightmare, because you are reminded constantly of death. I remember. So one of the brothers used to be a soccer player in rehab specialist in Saudi Arabia. And he started to really practice Islam. And one of the things he does now is he washes the dead brothers. In Islam. When they die, they come to the masjid and he's the

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one who washes them all. So this disease, it's one of the best things he's ever done, because it reminds him always have depth. And he's always prepared, and always as hard attached to the outcome. So you can actually benefit greatly from this. But you have to make sure while you're benefiting, as you mentioned yourself that you don't get too attached. Because if you get too attached on your motion, stick your way doing your job, then you're not going to do it correctly, as you mentioned yourself and Allahu Allah.

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The next question from the sister.

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The question is, as Muslims, we can understand that the disasters are from Allah Tala, and they are a test for us. But how do we explain the same to non Muslims?

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Well, I explained the same way, same way, because they don't realize this because their Eman their faith is different from our faith. But the same way, if you explain to them in Islam, even though we see as many tragedies, we see it as being disasters, there's actually could be a lot of good in it. When relevant happened, there was an evil thing. But also, there might have been some good for the some of the Muslims. How many people became Muslim, when they read about it, it made a lot of people hate Islam on the other aspect. So it was it was actually a more evil in it, obviously. But any type of tragedy, any type of thing. You explained to me, the Muslim Allah, and unfortunately, a lot of

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them non Muslims, they do not know these things that we know. So it's our job to show them. And that's why now, when you go to the west, you look at the suicide rate in the West. And they have all the things from the dunya, as the brother mentioned, that we're not as advanced as Muslim countries, they have all this advanced technology and sciences or what have you. But you'll find that they kill themselves all the time because they don't know why they're here. What is their goal in life, but we as Muslims, we know what Mahalo to Genoa and insert in Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Allah has not created us except for his worship. And we know that we're here to be tested. They don't realize this. So the

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only way he finds a way out of what he's in is to commit suicide. So you explained to them the same we explain now, there's actually this reminds us of why we're here in the dunya is to worship Allah is one and to do as much as we can from good deeds and stay away from that which is displeasing to Allah, it Allahu Allah.

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The next question from the sister, Salam alikoum. I'm sure mean Rahman Han. I've come from Bangladesh. I'm a homemaker. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to be here and to listen to all your wonderful life.

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Just I had a question.

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Like, if there is a disaster in a Muslim country or a non Muslim country,

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as we know that we are supposed to offer only Muslims. So if there is a disaster in a Muslim country, what should we do in another country, what kind of well we should do for them. The DUA does not allow for non Muslims. And after they die, we know this, but it didn't during the death, they need to make one Escalus, Matata to make it easy for them. Allah had him I don't see a problem with this. And also, I need to help them out any at the end of the day, even if they're not Muslims, they're human beings. And that's why I recall a lot of our brothers in America, when there was a major hurricane in Florida, they went in, they helped out and they helped rebuild the houses and

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they help feed and clothe people who had lost all their things during the hurricane. So there's no problem with this and he because at the end, they are you know, our brother in inhumanity. So it's not just because they say what they're not Muslim, we're not going to help them that we help them out as well. And we do what we can for them. And even though our Muslim brother has more rights on us, at the same time, we can help out anybody whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, and Allah Allah and something evil like that we don't want we don't wish anything would happen. You don't want anybody to be killed by an enemy or by this and even the non Muslims any we want the good for them.

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And we want them to experience what we experienced from the beauty and from the Halawa the sweetness of a man in wartime Inshallah, to be able to benefit from that and they want him to die on the correct religion as well just as we hope we do not break religion and Allah Allah. Thank you. Just the next question from the frontman of salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is telethon. Sorry. My question is,

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is the disaster due to human bad work or bad deeds was disaster there in the age of Prophet mama Susan and Savas

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as it came in the verse Bhima kissy with AD him that it's from what they have done can be a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. It can also be sometimes it can be a test from Allah subhanho wa taala. Any major disasters You mean like natural disasters during the time of the Prophet so I sent them

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I don't recall I got a lot of I can't recall if they're because in disaster, everyone is killed, innocent or the bad one say it's true. But it came in the in the Sunnah, that promises have mentioned to Aisha rather than ohana, that at the end of time, adjacent army will come to the Kaaba, and an image all the people will be taken there will be killed. And they said I she was concerned about this, if you said they know they have the people and their SWAK and the marketplaces and their innocent people. And he said at the end of the Hadith, the media wishes that they will be sent forth last month, you bet at any ATM, they will be sent on their intentions, if they were good, they will

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be judged accordingly, even if they were an issue with the people who were being punished. So somebody can be punished at the same time. He can be an innocent person, he can be a good person, he can be a pious person, and he dies with the people who are being punished, but he will be sent forth on that with near the intention he had, and on the money he had and he will not be in the same punishment of the evil people who are punished by that disaster. And alone. Thank you.

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The next question from Maria Mike. So Malika My name is Mohammad Kolkata, I'm a consultant, I'm still not clear on the concept of cada destiny.

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In the Quran, it has mentioned that whatever good you get is because of your good deeds. And whatever you bad you get it is because of the doings of your hand. So where does the concept of Qatar come into Witcher? Because if you're doing good, you get good. If you're doing bad, you get bad. The other thing is, if you talk about the wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, people who die they have been designed to die at a particular time in a particular way. But what are the people who are bombing? Are they also designed to bomb them? Then if that is dead, then they are not accountable? Can you please give me some clarity on this? I don't understand what you want from the

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second part of the question. The second part is if you talk about the wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, there are people who are dying because of the bombing. Now if they are dying, they are dying, because they have been designed to die at a particular time and in a particular way. But whatever the people who are throwing the bombs, if death is also this time, then they are not accountable for that. Can you give me clarity on this piece of code Raj mentioned the good is from Allah subhanaw taala. And then, but in general, whatever happens, that Kulu Clos mattala caught up because everything last month Allah has created with pother in your destiny, so everything that

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happens to you, it's from the permission of Allah subhanaw taala whether it's good or whether it's bad, so it's not all the time, like you mentioned, it could be the good embed from Allah subhanaw taala it's in the Quran, it's going to happen to you. And it could happen for different reasons, even if you're doing good. And how many people we know who are good and pious, they get cancer for example, that's not a good thing.

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It's a terrible thing and they die from that cancer. But perhaps this could actually be a blessing in disguise. Even as I mentioned the beginning, it seems the evil, but this person would have his sins forgiven through that terrible sickness and what have you. So all of it is from Allah subhanho wa taala. The second thing, and other people are held accountable, everybody who kills an innocent person is held accountable, it doesn't mean because Allah knows that we're gonna die at a certain time in a certain way, that you're not going to be held accountable, and you will be held accountable even that's why an Islamic law, if you kill an innocent person than you were executed,

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there'll be sauce, that you will be executed as well. So you will be held accountable in this dunya. And also, you'll be held accountable and the output in the hereafter as well. And Allah Who item can I use, the person who's killing another person? Is he also designed to perform that act? A lot of us are going to happen, he chose the loss of others. Don't forget, when it comes to color, we're not any like robots. Allah Azza wa Taala gave us the will to choose which path we're going to take. He showed us the path of good and he showed us the path of evil. And we choose which one we're going to take. Some of us take the path of good, some of us take the evil some of us criss cross between the

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two. And then we are held accountable for all of this on the Day of Judgment. The last Matala he gave us the will to choose what we're going to do but in his God, he knew which one we're going to choose. Allah knows everything that happened from the time he created the heavens and earth until the end of time. He knows everything that will happen. There's almost more than he knows it now. So he has given us the will to choose and then after that, we will be held accountable for which way we choose on the Day of Judgment. Thank you Jessa Kamala who Phaedra does that is all the time that we have a question Nancy has a very big thank you may Allah reward you and bless you and protect you

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rather abdur-rahim MCCARTHY for your talk.

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