Turkish woman removes Christmas tree in mall

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The OMA is facing a problem with illegal employment of a woman named Moonkin in Turkey, which is being addressed through a system revise and fix. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reversing evil behavior and addressing sister actions to avoid evil consequences. They also mention a history of "has been a mistake" and a woman who made a mistake. The speaker stresses the need for acceptance and acknowledgment of sister actions and rebuilding behavior.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I just saw an amazing video of a Turkish sister in Turkey, when she went to the mall, and she saw a Christmas tree. And many of us when were Muslim countries, we see this, you know, inside like, you know, one of the Muslims doing this is something should have, you know, disbelief and we're having this in our country's, but we just kind of keep it inside and we don't say anything. And this is the problem that we're facing as an OMA is that we don't make income out of Moonkin. We don't forbid the evil openly. We think that this is a job of, you know, just the scholars and the Duat. And that's not the case. What did the law tell us in the Quran? Couldn't to

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hire or own nothing or courageously notice that you are the best of nations and pay attention to the iron best of nations. What is it that we used to do to be the best of nations? What are the laws say, quantum hieromartyr, or credit Linus tech Morona, Bill maruf were 10 Hold on a Moncure that used to call to that which is good and forbid that which is evil, and pay attention to the word in the eye, Oma. The OMA is all of us. The scholars, the Duat, the regular people, this sister who we saw in the mall, who came and she said, No, we're in a Muslim country. They weren't a Muslim country. And this is not from our customs. And this is something built upon the believer that is

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Schick therefore, she said it has to be removed. And mashallah she just didn't say one word. She kept debating with those in charge. And she had a one hour conversation with the moody or the manager of the mall, until he realized what she was saying was correct. And then hamdulillah remove the Christmas tree. Therefore the system needs to be an inspiration for all of us, that we revive. The sooner that we revive this watch what is compulsory upon us as an Obama

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to make encounter monka to forbid that which is evil, openly with our tongues? What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell us? menorah Amin comun. Karen, tell you where you will be Eddie, that whoever sees from you that which is monka, that was his evil, that he should change it with his hand. Because there's three levels in the Hadith pay attention. First of all, first level to change with your hand. Then let Mr. thing if he can't do it, if you don't have the assault on the first category is the one who has authority. He has a position, whether it be you know, someone of authority in the government, or in an institution or you in your household because you're the person

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of authority and you see Moonkin you can change it with your hand. You see your children watching something that's haram, you have the ability to stop it with your hand and stop them from watching that with your hand you change them, okay, that's the highest level. The second level, what did the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam say? He said the lumea stood there for Billy Sani he. He said that if he can't do that doesn't have the ability with his hand than with his tongue. And this is what we need to revise. It doesn't take a lot. I was walking one time in the park. And there was a sister she was walking she was wearing I buy it but she had on it was open in the front. And you could see

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you know or body obviously with her shirt and the exercise pants she was wearing inside.

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And I told her to look at my sister close your eye buyer. Two brothers like, you know, shouldn't was my job as a Muslim. I saw my mum Muslim sister doing something proper and proper. I advised her if she doesn't take it from that's not my thing. But you're welcome. I advised her closure by OT. I see a sister not wearing a hijab properly I advisor or can be anything I see my brother doing something wrong. I advise him. I see the brothers standing outside the masjid or going to the middle of the night going to the salon brothers. It's time for solid yellow Bismillah I advise with my tongue at least. And you see the sister she didn't just advise he just didn't say some she said there and she

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fought for her right and I'm a Muslim and a Muslim country. We're seeing this No, no, she's no this is gotta go. And she stood there for an hour and hamdulillah the brother was finally convinced the one was in charge. what she was saying was correct. And he removed the tree and hamdulillah and the end the third level in the Hadith. What did he say Ali? Salatu Salam Fenn lemons topia phobia. Tell me he were there. Lika Abba, holy man. He said if he can't do that, then at least he hates the linker, the evil he's seeing the mischief he's seeing. He hates it with his heart. And he said that Delica that is above the weakest part of the man.

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If you have true humanity, at least with your tongue advice, it leads to that and so we have to we have to revive this and OMA if we're going to be as a Latos haoma Oakura genuineness the best of nations be sent for to the people, the ones who are calling to the good and forbidding the evil. And I'll end with a hadith

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which is scary Hadith. And a reminder for all of us, the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said that the people see the moon care

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and they don't make income. They don't say anything about it. He said we fear that Allah will punish them all with his record. All of them will be punished

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All of us will pay the price because none of us is making income out of the market. Therefore we need to revise this and we see the sister wildlife the sister is a hero, but Allah may Allah bless her and make more sisters and brothers like her who have the courage to stand up had the courage to speak out. We become nowadays Wallahi no one says anything everybody's just quite harmless like we're scared to say something like you're gonna offend somebody. I speak in a mental health speak the truth this is the way of the believer we see mocha we say this is wrong. Tell the people what's wrong. Even now if you see someone do something as a mistake and you say it openly this was a

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mistake. Oh you can't talk about advice privately all of this and there's another subject for another one to talk about this one soon inshallah another clip inshallah. So we don't go too long. The important thing that we gained from this and that we strive to implement in our lives, is that we need to revive this sunnah of making encounter mukha openly with our tongues, at least in our households. And please, well, we have authority we change with our hands, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but if not at least with our tongues, and it can be different levels he went to tongues like the sister who went into detail one hour or at least a Kadima and advice as you as

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you see your brothers as you advise them with your tongue, and inshallah we do that and we revive this Allah subhanho wa Taala will put baraka and blessings and OMA and give us back there is the honor that we've lost because we've left calling to that which is good and forbidding that which is evil, the Lord knows best Allah Allah masala Selim Baraka exactly my fate and somebody comrades Allah