The Day You Were Born Vs. The Day You Die

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It's not a matter of Haman handy now hidden behind me, everyone Ilana blind. I mean, when I ask people to limit subpoena a lot more slowly, we'll send him about a collab because we can Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam are only here to use a limb to semen cassiel. So tonight, I wanted to reflect on a statement, a very powerful statement that doesn't really have a solid attribution. So, you know, sometimes it will be attributed to, you know, shafr or hemagglutinin or sometimes to even be thought about the law of data and home but though it doesn't have a solid attribution, it has such a beautiful and powerful meaning. And that's why probably it's been attributed to so many

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people, because of the power of that meeting. And

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when you know, you go and you listen to the Altima that Shahab de la heat gave for his brother should probably know him or hate him Allah tala, which I posted earlier today.

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You'll see that this was one of the statements that either he had written in his notebook, and it is the statement what a detica omocha baqia. Well, como la calle, Hakuna Surah thirimanne, Li Omen and takuna either Kofi young email Tikkun Locky can missoura that your mother gave birth to you, oh, son of Adam, and you were crying. And while you were crying, everyone around you was laughing. So work for a day in which the people around you are crying, and you are the only one that is laughing, enjoy. So you came into this world. And as you came into this world, the people around you were laughing, and you were crying. And when you leave this world, let it be that the people around you

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are crying and you are laughing. So how to love there's so much to talk about here and so much to reflect upon, I wanted to reflect on just a few elements of the statement. And this is something that's really important for us to always keep the day of our janazah in front of us to always keep the day that we leave in front of us and to compare the day that we're born to the day that we die. Now everything that happens to us from the moment that we come into the moment that we leave, there's a cycle, right and so panela if you live long enough, then you will see that you will physically be reduced to exactly what you came into this world as right you come into this world

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completely dependent upon every one around you. And if you live long enough, you leave this world completely dependent upon everyone around you. And that's one of the signs of a loss of habitat for us to reflect upon how we come into this world and how we leave it. But when you come into this world, you're coming from the darkness of the womb. And the trauma of going from realm to realm of coming into this unknown world is great, and you don't know what's happening around you, you have no real perception of what's happening around you. And the people are in such joy because they know the reality of this world and they know the world that you've come into, but you don't know the world

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that you've come into. And they are so pleased with the blessing of your arrival, that they laugh and they celebrate with joy. And while they celebrate with joy, you know, you come into this world. And if you ever see the way that the baby is put into the next phase and the next phase, you know, the way that the babies just kind of treated like a product sometimes, you know, the first thing they do is they wash you and then they you know, make sure that they clean you up and they wrap you up. And then they try to make sure that they keep your temperature right and things of that sort. And so Pamela you think about when you leave, you leave this world and once again, you have people

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watching you and wrapping you up and keeping you at a certain temperature and sending you off to the next world. So how to live, it's just the reality of just if you see the day that the baby is born, and literally the way that the washing takes place, when a person dies, so there's a parallel that is there. And when you come into this world, the people receive you and there is laughter and joy. For the believer, when the believer leaves this world, it's the angels that are receiving you into the cloth of an agenda into the coffin of an agenda. And they comfort you and they give you ease. And they tell you, you know, do not worry, do not grade Do not grieve about that what you have left

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behind, right? Don't worry about that which is to come. Don't grieve about that which you've left behind. We're with you not only outcomes we'll hire to do for ourselves. We've been with you through that throughout this entire time. We were you're only out we were your protective friends in this life and we will be with you throughout the hereafter. And you have the agenda that Allah subhanaw taala has promised you you have the paradise that God has promised you, you have the reward that awaits you. It's you're exiting from this world and you're going into the hands of the angels into the coffin, into the cloth of the angels and then rising in the night Allah God willing to those

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places that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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As promised you. So there's a parallel there that exists as well. But this particular strong meaning that when you came into this world, the people laughed and you cried, when you leave this world, make sure that it is such that the people cry and that you are laughing. Now your laughter, your joy is if you are received by the angels of mercy, and entering into the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala, right, if you have prepared sufficiently for the next life prepared sufficiently for the next phase of your existence, and so you've done everything that you needed to do, to make sure that the good deeds that you had planted in this life are now waiting for you as you enter into the next

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realm. So that's the joy that you're feeling there. And that's the law. That's the the relief that you feel from this world, and every person leaves this world is the profit slice, and I'm said, either relieved or relieving, relieved from this world or the world is relieved from that person. So if the world is relieved from that person, that's someone that harmed others, and the world is relieved from that person. But a person who has relief from this world as someone who brought goodness to this world, and they leave this world in a way that the people missed them, that the people cry for them, that the people feel a void when they leave this world, and so they cry. So

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it's kind of like it actually involves both the rights of Allah subhanaw taala, the reward, the preparation for the next life, in the sense of the good deeds that you have prepared for the next life, as well as not harming anyone not leaving behind.

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You know, a bad taste in anyone's mouth, not leaving behind a hardship that you cause to someone else, not leaving behind pain that you caused other people not leaving behind a burden that you placed upon other people such that they're actually relieved that you're gone. This is a really powerful expression, right. So when you leave this world, you leave it in a way that the people would miss you that the people around you would miss you that they would feel a loss of your comfort and the mercy that choose to show towards them, the goodness that used to show towards them, and you experience the goodness that you prepared for the next life that is now meeting the mercy of Allah

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subhana wa tada and what he has facilitated for you of the next phase of your existence, but not atana into general sort of those into the highest level of paradise. So again, you know, thinking about the day that you die,

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are the people going to be crying while you laugh? Are the people going to be crying while you cry? right because if the people cry because they miss you, but you've done nothing to prepare for the next life, you've put nothing forward then you'll also be crying right you'll also have the pain of what comes next May loss pans out protect us all from that. But it's two things here right that you laugh and you feel joy at what Allah subhana wa tada has prepared for you. In the next phase of your existence, you are encountering the goodness that you put forth, of which you had hoped to reap the fruits of in the next life. And so now you're seeing the fruits of your labor in this life as you go

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into the next life and a person who enjoys the virtues or the fruits of the you know, of the next life of the paradise and the mercy and the blessing of Allah subhana wa sallam that's been prepared for them in the next would not want to come back to this world right? Why would they want to come back to this world if they're encountering the blessing of the next life and so, you are released from this world and at the same time, you have not left behind pain to where people are relieved from you but rather people will will miss the cure and the healing and the goodness that used to bring to them when you were alive. So again, what are you having to add them back here? Welcome. How

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lucky are Hakuna surah Thurman Leone and enter corner either the Kofi young analytic Allah He can miss Aurora. You came into this world crying you came into this world crying while everyone around you was laughing make sure you leave this world while everyone is crying and you are the one who is laughing May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to have the best of this life and the best of the next and protect us from the punishment May Allah subhana wa Taala allow us to enjoy the best of this life the best of the blessings that he has put before us may have lost power to Allah allow us to do good to everything and to everyone that is around us. And may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to have

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the everlasting Jannat the everlasting bliss that he has prepared for those whom he loves me Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst them along. I mean, I mean Allah subhana wa tada Have mercy on him, or him Allah to Allah who Subhana Allah truly, that was the way that he he left this world he left behind many people in tears and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala make it amongst those who

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Who is laughing and enjoying what Allah has prepared for the believers in the next phase alone? I mean Does that sound right?