Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2016 – Save Yourself Series – 17

This episode starts with prophet Musa’s story which is the story repeated most in the Quran. He was patient with the one who used to call himself god (Pharaoh). He was patient for a long time despite his oppression until he finally supplicated to Allah against him (Pharaoh). The lesson here is fear the supplication of people you have wronged against you for there is no barrier between that supplication and Allah. Allah has declared war against people who harm His friends and you don’t know if the person you have oppressed is His friends, so be careful and do not oppress.
Furthermore, pray, be patient and steadfast and Allah will guide you, like he guided Musa (alaihi salaam) through the sea. Don’t let money and power cloud you judgement be humble not arrogant with these blessings and tests from Allah if you don’t want to be destroyed like Pharaoh.  Seek Allah’s forgiveness as long as you are alive and not at the point of death for He does not accept repentance at the point of gargarah.
The story of prophet Nuh (alaihi salaam) was also mentioned, his patience, mockery, his child’s disobedience to the message, and Allah’s wrath on his people.
Finally, Allah said He revealed the stories of other prophets as lessons for those who have intellect.

Ramadan 1437H 2016 from Bosmont Masjid in Johannesburg, South Africa, Episode 17