99 Names of Allah #54 Al-Qayyum

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The transcript discusses the concept of Jesus being independent and self sufficient, as opposed to dependent on others. The speaker describes how Jesus is given a large amount of money to keep the house in order to clean everything, including meals and even weather conditions. Jesus is given a large amount of time to prepare for his return to earth, giving priority to his return.

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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Alka Yom Allah azza wa jal is an oppa Yom.

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Yom means that Allah is self sufficient. He doesn't depend on anyone. As for you, and I, and everyone else, we depend on people, we depend on lots of things, for everything. Let's think about a situation for a minute. Let's imagine that your parents, they tell you, all of a sudden, that they are going on vacation. And they're not taking you with. So they leave. And they just say, you know, there's food in the fridge. We'll be back in a week. So Michael,

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you would have a lot of fun at first, you'd probably open up the freezer, maybe get out the ice cream, these sorts of things. But after one day passes, two days, three days, you're going to realize how much you depend on your parents. You'll run out of clean clothes, and you'll wonder, Oh, how come I don't have any clean clothes? That's because my parents usually do the laundry, you'll run out of clean dishes, you No wonder I can't have my food on any sort of clean dishes. Why? Because your parents are usually the ones who clean them.

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Right? Even sort of the food and the meals that you're used to Yeah, you might enjoy eating candy for a little bit. But after some days go by, you'll really want to have a nice home cooked meal. And that's something that your parents provide for you.

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So we depend upon our parents a lot and we depend upon Allah even more. That food that your parents cook for you that comes from Allah, Allah gave it to them.

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The money to pay the bills to keep the house in order to clean everything. All of that is given to us by Allah.

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Even the weather and the sunshine, the seasons and the rain, our school, everything, everything, everything is provided by Allah.

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But Allah azza wa jal, he doesn't depend on anybody. Allah doesn't have to wait around for someone to give him permission. Allah doesn't have to try to struggle against anybody. Nothing like that. Allah is completely independent in a way where nothing else can be depend independence like Allah. That's the meaning of LPU and that's all for tonight. Santa Monica.