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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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How can women do air to calf when most of the massage don't have arrangements for them?

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So a quick reminder why a calf is a to cap is when you isolate yourself. linguistically, when you isolate and you you stick to a certain area or a certain thing and but it's Islamic meaning is to do that isolation in the masjid, for the sake of worship of Allah Subhana, Allah alone is just that ability to be able to just switch off and get out of the way of the people and distractions. And that is, and I think what's really important to remember is that it's not the action itself, although the action intention is good and is the reward for it. But it's what you actually achieve within that action. So a person could isolate themselves, you know, in the corner of the masjid, and

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then just stay on the phone all day. And what's the point of that? So of course, the worship is the key part. So this is a decaf. But the key point is, it has to be in the masjid, whether a man or a woman as a contact is is what intimacy for massages. And so be away from your wives, wives, you're making a decaf in the massage this rule this in the mosques. And this rule applies to both men and for women. So the vast majority of scholars, Malika Sheffield, Hannah haptically, they are in agreement, that one has to do it in the masjid. And as the questioner said, most massages, they don't actually put on the arrangements for for sisters, maybe because the space or because of

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whatever, I don't know. And so what are they going to do? How can you get rid of it? Yeah, there was some scholars that used to say a small minority that said, Well, okay, a woman can actually make a ticket at home, in her Masjid. And they're using that in a metaphorical sense, the place where she's always making the case where she was always making prayer and isolate themselves that and that's not correct. Yes, of course, there will be some level of isolation and there'll be some spiritual contemplation, and you can probably remove some distractions. But it's definitely not a message. It doesn't take the legal connotation to the masjid, you can't avoid distractions at home, like you can

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in a different place altogether. The sooner the professor lesson was very clear, he never made it into caffeine, any place other than msgid the waves of the progress of life and limb, I didn't make it up in any place other than emotion, they sought the permission of the promise of licensure to make etica in domestic and when he passed away some lies lm, then Ayesha, and help saw and Xena rajala. And when they did a teacup after he passed away in the masjid, in the same place that he did, and they would use tents, individual tents to cover themselves. And that's very important, of course, because one of the difficulties for at camp for the message, they require that greater part

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of that that greater sense of that greeter covering, and that safety and that obviously makes it more difficult. So you might say, all right, then after we get it, we can't go to the masjid or, and or whatever I want to make sure I want to make it clear that you don't misunderstand me that you must put pressure upon your massager to make arrangements for for for for you, for the brothers needs to say the sisters needs to be here as well, we've got to get rid of this idea that they can, you know, just do it at home. And because it's not valid at home. And that's what needs to be aimed at. But let's say that it's impossible, you're in an area where it's, you know, some mess, you're

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not going to do it not even gonna listen or data, good intention, you can't do it. So what are you going to do? So I want to say to you that, and this is an important point to remember this, it took care of itself in the legal sense actually doesn't have a specific reward in the sooner it's not actually mentioned that the person who makes the caffeine last and that sort of one will get this this this No, actually is the process, that one will get reward by doing what they get done in the ettercap. And I think therefore the if a person if a sister is can't get out and has to stay at home, then she should isolate herself, meaning she should turn off her phone and she should try and

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arrange any different levels of care or whatever, so that she can have her own time to make that a bed. And it's very possible that a sister at home doing her own acts of worship will get more reward than a guy who's hooking up with next guy who's hooking up with next guy that will chilling out on their phones and having their socials and then when, you know, in the nighttime, they're just chilling and tossing around. And she'll get more done within three hours and they will achieve in two days in terms of contemplation and boron and recitation and the antidote. So I wouldn't lose heart and a person might get far more reward from actually doing that technical isolation by just

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not what's called ear to calf. So this keeps things separate. She's not doing ettercap at home, but she can certainly benefit from isolating herself and focusing in that any in that state upon a doctor to Allah subhanho wa Taala