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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the actions of the hedger, including a proposal to do a birthday birthday party and a proposal to do a holy holy birthday party. The hedger's actions include praying for the light and making a sacrifice, as well as getting shaved and preparing for a return to normal life. The transcript also mentions the possibility of getting into a harem and the need for Marital relations.
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The order of the actions to be performed on the day of Hajj the 10th of the hedger.

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You see when you do Hajj, the ninth of the hedgerow, which is the day of alpha, which is such a beautiful and emotional key day kita is actually followed by a day, which is even bigger, when it comes to the acts of * Yamanaka is known as over there, and for the rest of the world is either not ha and both of these phrases are of course linked to the sacrifice that one offers the prophets of light. sanlam if you look at his Hajj people asking me, you know, what is the order? Let's look at his older slice. And then when he finished from arafa, he then left immediately mazeltov. As soon as he got to Mozilla, he prayed about it a bit. And then he went to sleep. When he wakes up in the

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morning, he wakes up early, just as fetcher has begun, and they pray in the law, you know, real darkness that people pray fudger prayer, once I press Done, there's now about a good hour left until sunrise. Okay, a good hour is left what the Department of Licensing do his first act of the 10th of the hedger was to make for a good 4550 minutes, continuous single drop by himself, pointing towards the blood standing. And he made it and carried on carried on carried on until the sky side to become yellow, and it was close to the need for sunrise to happen. The sun hasn't appeared on the horizon just yet. And then he got it everyone and they have they went. So then the first thing that they did

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was to come to the gym, the general tilaka. So the three generals and he went straight to Alibaba, and he stoned it. After he had stolen German to Aqaba, then the next thing that he did was sacrifice. This is the quarterback money as we know. Okay, so he did the sacrifice, which is a requirement of Hajj. And then the third thing that he then did directly straight after that was to get his head shaved. When this happens, I shot the logo on her, gave him perfume because now the professionalize lm is now out of the state of Iran. In the minor sense, what's that mean? When you are in a harem, there are two stages to unlock before you are out of the harem, and all of the

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restrictions. So for example, you know, you're not allowed to perfume and you got away the sheets and all the rest of it. If you perform these acts, these initial basic acts like the sacrifice the stoning and the shaving, then you can actually get rid of your clothes. Now you can shower perfume and all that kind of stuff. The only thing you can't do is have marital relations. That only happens once you finish that off and say once you've done the big big acts and so now you can see is that the purpose of life after have now now finishing the shaving, he now prepares gets the count ready and now they go and that's the beauty of course of having a place in as easy and shisha because it's

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right there just off the agenda. You just go pop in now you go to your room, your shower. That's why I love it and our groups, we go and relax, take some time, get the group together, we began to enjoy the fact that we've not been able to get our home Oh my God, because when trousers again thighs have been saved. And now we then hit the bottom and you try to now get there and on the same day do that offer the Father and the Father and now you are out of your home completely meaning that now you can even have marital relations. Everything is now headed again for you. And then you get yourself back to Mina to make sure you spend the night I should try to get back as early as possible before

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Makarov ideally that is the order of the actions of the hedge that we should do as soon as well however, what if you can't for some reason because you will see when you go to hedge that the authorities are not very friendly towards the sooner they will make sure that you go back to your tent in minute before they allow you to go to the gym or not and they will control the flow and and and is it logistical nightmare to be honest, they're in a bit of a difficult position to try and deal with so many people will try and do the same thing I want to say is that if you mix the order and you might go into the wall first before you stone or you might need to do to start in first or

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you might have to shave your head first before all of this and you playing with the order a number of people came to the professor said him and asked him exactly that. And he said

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no problem. Go ahead. It's okay. So it's allowed for you to be flexible in the order but if you want to know what the sooner is then is the order as I have just mentioned. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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