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The title of the Surah title is a reference to the legal system in the Middle East, where individuals were required to be proactive in achieving their goals. The title uses Allah's teachings in parenting and advises parents to use them in light of their own experiences. The speakers emphasize the importance of prioritization and guidance when engaging people, and the use of words like "will" and "will" in Islam, as it is common to use them for pride or political purposes. The segment also touches on the return of Islam to the criminal world and the importance of speaking up when facing challenges.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim or at an early he was a heavy engineering about arbitragefreie surgery or SLE Emery or have a look at him with design EF cavaco Lee. We begin in the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we request praises and blessings upon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to my dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh May Allah's peace may His blessings may His mercy may safety

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be upon you all, Mashallah. It's

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a blast from the past, not a distant past that I'm feeling right now, because I stood in front of you in this message SubhanAllah 12 lunar months ago, last Ramadan. And if I recall correctly, I spoke to you all about the best of all nations. The Umbach Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This time around is a little bit different. I've been mostly stationed in Melbourne, and I started a series this Ramadan with them. That series shifted to Brisbane last week when I visited Brisbane for a couple of days. And I'm visiting Sydney this time for a couple of days and the request from the masjid mashallah Marquez of Imam Muhammad

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or Liverpool Islamic center Mashallah. It's not Liverpool Football Club. Definitely.

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The request has been also from the brothers and sisters back home that the series continues, it's always challenging to continue a series in multiple locations. So inshallah I will do so. And I will try and mitigate as much as I can by beginning with a summarized summary of what we've taken thus far. So firstly, what series are we running this year? Or am I running with the communities in Australia this year, it's a 21st century series, but connected to the Quran. And in particular, Surah Yusuf so Surah Yusuf, but lessons that we can deduce from it that apply to us in the 21st century. And the entire Quran is a timeless guide. It's the final testament is the timeless miracle.

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And Surah Yusuf Subhanallah in particular, is one of those students that has been described as an entire school. Rahim Allah, he mentions that there's over 1000 benefits that can be derived from Surah, Yusuf Subhan. Allah He didn't leave us the book with the 1000 benefits he he left us to work he told us about his journey, and he encouraged us to have our own journey and this should be the way of a believer because Allah subhanahu Allah revealed the Quran and in my own Zilla li K you cannot cut on my own Zillow Lika ustomer or LA he refer to a mountain Zillow they can refer to Zillow via Wi Fi, only at avocado oil Bab this book that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed this

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timeless miracle the only miracle that existed after the passing of a prophet Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't only reveal it so we could recite it, or so that we could listen to it, so that we could memorize it predominantly, the Quran was foundationally revealed, so that we may we may interact with it, we may ponder over it. And through this interaction, those of objectivity who allowed the Quran to guide them, they will become guided this is our ultimate objective. So

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it will tell you mentioning what he did without giving us a silver spoon, ultimately is to push us to continue that journey that will have Regeneration, we have people who interact with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and deduce from it lessons that enable them during the time, the space and the place that they are in. So the use of is that madrasa it's an entire school. It's the school of complete guidance Subhanallah if you want to understand the reality of the Quran Surah Yusuf is for you, if you want to understand how to raise your child Surah Yusuf is for you, if you want to understand the social dynamics between siblings Surah Yusuf is for you, if you want to understand

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what oppression means, especially to those who are closest to you. Then the surah is also for you. If you want to understand how to deal with those who oppress you irrespective of the degree of distance and proximity they are to you or from you. The surah is for you. If you want to understand the psychological mindset you find this in Surah Yusuf if you want to understand historical context, so the use of is for you because Israel is said to be predominantly Aqua Valley his Salaam and at that at the end of the story, we know that the COVID migrated from Palestine from Cannan and these lands to Egypt and his sons, I said to be the heads of the tribes of

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of Israel and such.

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Accordingly, we have been to Israel so this brings a lot of historic

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context. So Surah Yusuf is there for that as well. If you want to understand the HR mechanisms for hiring appropriate staff for whatever entity you run, so the use of is a school for you, if you want to understand how to build a strong GDP, so the use of also is a school for you Subhanallah if you want to understand how to be an effective leader, and a just leader, so the use of is for you if you want to understand how to be a proactive refugee, a proactive alien in a society. So the use of is for you that the lessons are countless Subhanallah and that's why today we have postgraduate research, connected to the use of psychology from Surah Yusuf economics from Surah, Yusuf and so on

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and so forth. Unbelievable research Subhanallah that benefit us in this day and age further cementing for us the idea of how the Quran, indeed is the timeless miracle, the final testament, the timeless guide, and Subhanallah and entire school thus far with our brothers and sisters in Australia. In summary, we've taken the following from the beginning of the surah given that it was revealed before the nature of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I shed some theory about the murky revelation versus the Madani revelation. And we deduced from this lesson, the importance of prioritization when we engage people, and the importance of approach, what to say when to say how to

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say things, when we engage people with what we've prioritized in terms of the guidance in terms of the development. Then we went into this idea of, of baraka and blessings and how to achieve blessings. And this lesson was deduced from the biosimilar the biosimilar is the name of Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Thereafter, we went into a lesson connected to the Quran, and how it is this time this miracle that I've been describing, and that is from the disjointed lessons that Allah subhanho wa Taala uses to Open Surah Yusuf Ali falam ora, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the Quran immediately after opening a surah with these disjointed letters. Then we went into further

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discussion, further discussions about the depth of the Quran, the abilities, the ability of the Quran to guide via the stories of the Quran, and how dynamic the Quran is in its instruction, and in its guidance that it offers us hot rendering advice, and then it offers us rules about halal and haram. And then it also teaches us through stories Subhanallah and through the stories of the Quran, do we find laws as well? Do we find Halal and Haram as well, but through albeit a different instruction and this is testament to the dynamic nature of the Quran. And this also teaches us Subhanallah how we need to be dynamic in our approach when we engage life when we engage people so

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that we keep our approach fresh, we keep our approach current, it's not that our approach becomes boring, or it becomes a norm or it becomes a habit void of a soul, such as the Quran is guidance that the Quran teaches us and take us on a journey, but it's dynamic in terms of its approach to keep us current. Then we went into a lesson or two dedicated to the prophetic School of parenting and we did use the school from how Allah open Surah Yusuf introducing us to a discussion that happened between us of Alayhis Salam and his father about this dream that use of Allah He said, I'm so and we went into the psychology of it, why would the child go to his father and not his mother?

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Why would a child find a dream like this bewildering, worthy of seeking

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clarity off and upon and advice over? Why would a child query this in the first place? So we went into the psychology and we tried to attach that psychology to context right because the Quran, especially in its stories, because it only releases to us information that is necessary. And then

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the Quran leaves us to interact with him to fill in the gaps. Subhanallah highlighting that Allah subhanahu Allah revealed this Quran and Allah subhanho wa Taala created the human being in the mind of the human being and the heart of the human being. And Allah knows the human being best. And Allah knows what the human being can achieve when that human being interacts with the revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala the source of the Quran is Allah, the creation of the human being is Allah, the source for both the Quran and the human being and the fitrah in the heart and the soul is ALLAH SubhanA who were to Allah. And that is why no one can come up with any verse, any story, any chapter

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that can match the Quran Subhanallah because the source for the Quran and the one that interacts with the Quran is one perfect source, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah. So Allah wants us to interact with the Quran and reveals knowing that we have the ability, so he reveals the story in a particular way and we go into the psychology of this and you can find this on the recorded sessions that are online.

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The National Soccer foundation pages and my own YouTube page. So I sincerely advise you to sit down with these lessons and you're along with your families insha Allah and make it a means of discussing those lessons in light of your home, in light of your job in light of your education, your city, your unique circumstances, and what those lessons mean to you. From the prophetic School of parenting. We went as the Quran Fast Forwards us to sibling dynamics, because Allah takes us thereafter into a discussion that is taking place elsewhere, between the other brothers of use of Allahi salaam, the Senia brothers of use of Ira his Salem and we tapped into the psychology there,

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and the dynamics there, and also the logistical tactics of Chopin, how Chopin operates, and how Chopin deceives and how Chopin takes a person from guidance to ms guidance in stages. And what are the tools of Chopin, we interacted with these verses in this way, connecting it to some of the lessons that we've learned from YBNL Josie CLBC bliss, the devil's deception for he has an amazing work that I encourage everyone to read to understand the psychology of Chopin and how shaytaan operates at sometimes Subhan Allah He also takes us into misguidance, through something that we feel is noble. And she upon took the brothers of Yousuf away into his guidance, via which avenue the love

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that they had for their father. This is something noble, nobody doubts, the love that they have for their father. Nobody thinks that the love I have for my parents is a bad thing. But Subhanallah Chopin push them so hard into this love for their father, and they want to be recognized that they became misguided in their thoughts. They went into extreme Subhanallah and April Josie has many examples of how Chopin takes people through. He pushes them deeply into guidance to take them out of guidance, that within guidance, they fall into the extremes, such that they fall into the realm of Miss guidance, not recognizing Subhanallah that they are living upon misguidance upon an extreme

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upon a reality that goes against the mainframe, and boundaries of the Sharia. Thereafter, we discussed or we went on to the lessons of use of alayhi salam post abduction, for he was abducted twice, first by his brothers and then by the people of the caravan. And then we tried to build a reality set pertaining to use of alayhis salam how Allah subhanho wa Taala through his decree and his will attest the use of Alayhis Salam, and all of a sudden he became homeless. And as a result of becoming homeless, he became fatherless. As a result of becoming fatherless because of the actions of his brothers, he became breathless. And then when he was abducted from the well, he became

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freelist, because they abducted him as a slave. And then they transported him out of Egypt beyond his will, without his choice. And as such, he became landless citizen lists resident lists, he became all of a sudden, an alien, slave SubhanAllah. And then he was thrown into the slave market of Egypt, and I shed some historical context about how the slave market of Egypt was back then, and what a test this is in and of itself. So we went into this whole discussion Subhanallah of how Allah subhanho wa Taala tested Yusuf alayhi salam, and how Subhan Allah guided Yusuf alayhi salam was from the meaning through these tests, connecting this guidance to the message of his father to him when

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his father said to him at the beginning, will Cavalli creator be corrupt book or your a limo come into a will ahaadeeth to the verse in the Rebecca Alleman Hakeem, and you will get the lessons from this when you go through the lesson pertaining to prophetic parenting from Surah. Yusuf. There's, there's there's great depth there, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Subhanallah of the application of a mother and father and what they should teach their children and when they should teach their children And subhanAllah guidance that is an answer to what many of us do today whereby we coddle our children we to an extent, try and protect them to keep them innocent, but we don't

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really understand what are we keeping them innocent from Alayhis Salam when Yusuf was a young boy, he taught him that you that Allah has three names. He's the Rob and the meaning of rob his Aleem, and the meaning of Aleem his hockey met the wise one the meaning of Hakeem and also he taught his son about Shavon in the Share Plan, and in insanity, I do want Mubin that indeed, Shavon to you is a clear enemy. Subhanallah not justifying what his brothers did to him know what they did was wrong, but reminding him Subhanallah that whenever someone wrongs you don't forget Chopin's hand in that operation. And we see this resonating with Yusuf alayhi salam, because finally when Subhanallah he

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is united with his brothers and he reminds his brothers of what they did to us of and they shocked to see that they're standing in front of a man who knows what they did. They say to him in Nicola and to use of or you use of, and he affirms that his use of immediately he sees them falling into a state of regret, but immediately he says letter three Bradley Cooper Leon, there's no blame upon you today.

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Right and we went into into the idea behind this the context behind this and the summary of it is you only tell someone that there's no blame upon them today when you've already forgiven them. Because we all know when we wrongly each other Allah will never forgive us until the person we wrong forgive them and use of Allah he Salam immediately says young Pharaoh, hola hola como, Allah will forgive you. Why will Allah forgive you? Because I already forgave you. Why did I forgive you? Because my father taught me about shaytans role in your misguidance. And we see this in the speech of use of when he finally addresses his brother later on. He tells them about what they did to him.

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But in the form of making an excuse for them, he says in Quinton jehlen, when you used to be ignorant, what did you do to use of when you used to be ignorant? I mean, who speaks like that? Who speaks to a person who's wronged them? Making an excuse for them? That this is what you did to him? But no, when you when you never used to know when you were ignorant? Right. So this is all from the prophetic School of parenting. Then we fast forwarded the story Subhanallah into this idea of how Allah's Mercy is a veneer in the Rahmatullah hiya crib, from who, when and where he's at, and those who do good. And we see this by analyzing Surah Yusuf in some detail. Because when the brothers were

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plotting to kill him, we see Allah's Mercy falling upon use of and many of us will not recognize that as mercy. How so? Allah inspired one of the hearts of the brothers to say, don't kill him, but throw him down our wealth. Yes, throwing him down a well is bad, but which is worse.

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Death being killed. So this is a mercy from Allah. Right. The next mercy we see is how Allah inspired the minister of Egypt to be in the slave market on that day and for his eyes to follow up on use of Allah he Salem and for him to have the sixth sense to choose Use of over everybody else in the market, that use of will become established in the land in the best of homes, guess what, he could have been bought by a tyrant, he could have been bought by someone who, who who had no morals no man has no etiquettes could have been beating use of. But no, ALLAH inspires a man who sees him as a potential son. So he buys this boy and takes him home. And he says to his wife, a creamy masala

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make his day comfortable, that he will he may benefit us or perhaps we may take him as a child. This is a mercy from Allah SubhanAllah. And one of the examples I shared with my brothers in modern day ancestors in modern day times, is for example, you working for a company and the company is deciding to release you to let you go Subhanallah the company is deciding to let you go. And one of the directors in that meeting says Don't fire him, just change his department.

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So what happens? The meeting is over they've agreed to change your department but that entails a downgrade that entails a downgrade your salary has been downgraded your positions been downgraded. When you get the news you say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah and you throwing your RPMs up in the air and look, this is a test from Allah and you know, but you don't realize Subhanallah it could have been worse.

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That the DUA you are making to Allah has helped you some people go on into question but I'm making dua to Allah and Allah isn't answering my dua but hold on. Yeah. Abdullah, who servant of Allah? Yeah, I'm at Allah, O female servant of Allah. How do you know your circumstance could have been worse. Allah's Mercy is near as long as you do good. Allah's Mercy is near. And Allah subhanahu wa taala tells this to us in Surah Yusuf because Allah Fast Forward Surah Yusuf to the point where use of now has gone through his teens,

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with idols around him with immorality around him his 20s, same environment, his 30s Save environment. Now he's hit 40. He hasn't heard about Allah about the rub about earlier about Hakeem. He hasn't heard about shaytaan and all these things since he was in the home of his father. And suddenly he's locked in a room when he's at the prime of his manhood. And he's not married and he's a human being and he has desires with a lady of power, who is in charge of him, who is beautiful, who has financial standing, who has material well being she is a resident, she's a citizen, she has all the titles of power, and he doesn't, and she locks the door she creates the scene whereby nobody

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can see them tightly shut her locker till abou up. This means it's not just closed, it's locked. And then she presents herself to him. This is totally different to what we know. We know that if anything, the hardest one to win is the lady is the female because she works more on on emotions as opposed to the man you need to convince her you need to work those emotions it takes time. But she is certain she's presenting a test to us of Allah he Salem. I described it to our brothers and sisters in Melbourne as oven ready. No one is ready to be served. This is the test already for you. Now, what's interesting is you don't hear us voice throughout the story except at the beginning of

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story when He's seven years old, or eight years old, in the home of his father, up to the age of 40, even when he is transported as a slave out of Egypt, He's not crying for his rights. He's patient, and he's doing good. But suddenly here you hear use of his voice and what's the first thing he says, My eyes Allah, I seek refuge in Allah Subhan Allah, who taught this teenager about Allah, or this man in his 20s about Allah or in his 30s until he gets to 40 we talk about the teenage years, the formative years, the years of guidance, the years of misguidance your environment makes you or breaks you. But Subhanallah the bedrock of the prophetic parenting model has lasted with him. Allah

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protects him in that moment. And if He is Allah, why my father told me when I was a little boy, that your Lord, the one who protects you, when no one knows where you are, he knows where you are, and he knows why you there in Rebecca Alleman Hakim, so he understood that, that no one can see me but my father taught me that Allah knows where I am, he sees me. So he seeks refuge in Allah who he knows is with him. And Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says, After that, this is how we avert misguidance, from those whom we will Allah, averts misguidance, from those whom he was, who does Allah avert misguidance from Allah says in there who mean a bad denial of Sweden he was from the chosen ones in

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another era meclizine He was from the sincere ones, that those who sincerely live for Allah we can deduce from these two carrot that those who sincerely live for Allah, Allah chooses them. And when Allah chooses them, they are protected by Allah shaytan cannot have any effect over them. And this is where we stopped with our brothers and sisters in Melbourne. How many minutes do I have left here?

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If you give me even five minutes, type very quickly just to bring some addition so that the team in Melbourne, they don't say we didn't learn anything new from from Sydney, we have to give them something in the in the MENA, well, we we bred this to each other and the OMA is one body. Moving forward. Subhanallah use of Allah tells us that use of Alayhis Salam was chosen and he was protected. And use of alayhi salam then takes the means. And he takes the means by dashing for the door. Even though he knew the doors are locked. He took the means there's lessons in this for us are servant of Allah. Because today Subhanallah the fifth and I don't say fitna, I say the fifth and the

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trials, the misconceptions are too many Subhanallah and they trend SubhanAllah. They feel like they overwhelming Allah who understand you feel like you can't breathe. Right? Yusuf Ali Hassan was teaching us how to behave, when you feel the walls are caving in, that there is no way out, you still take the means, even if it's a weak means take them in Subhanallah he rushed for a door that he knew was locked. And this teaches us the importance of running away from the triggers of getting away from the triggers Subhanallah getting out of that environment. And it also teaches us the harms of intermingling and the harms of Halawa the harms of mixed environments, the harms of being alone

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with a member of the opposite gender in a space because you can see what's happening here She's living with him and she's developing ideas and then she has now time in place to enable these ideas and this is what happens that the Sharia is wise that the Allah who revealed the law, banning Halawa, banning intermingling being alone with a female and intervening mingling with his the Allah who created the male and the female. And this is where trust needs to come in. That when you say I believe in one Allah and Muhammad as the messenger, you extend trust to it. You don't try and offer your own interpretation of it. You don't try and make society the yardstick for understanding the

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guidelines with regards to it. This what we say today where everybody's doing it,

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then you should be from the field, as we learned today, in the Salah, and thoroughness, illogical for most of mankind, most of mankind, deny the heart can the truth, the most of mankind, choose to disbelieve, and Allah tells us this sort of use of we're lacking that currency like most of mankind do not know. Why do you want to be from the most Why do we have this? This is the sentence rolling of our tongues, but everyone's doing it, but this is how it is, but this is our norm, but people will feel that we are backwards. Aren't you from the family of Al Quran and the Quran? Do you not read the Quran? Allah tells you verse after verse, don't be from the majority, except if the

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majority is guided, be from the minority, especially if they're guided. This is where success is. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about a time when practicing the ideals of the Quran and the Sunnah will be tantamount to holding burning coal and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says for too, but Ilhabela glad tidings to the strange ones. Yeah, not the wrong strange the right stranger, glad tidings to the strange ones, those who remain upon the hack when everyone is pushing for birth.

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And that's why the leaders always view my dear brother and mother and sister and father in Islam. The leaders will all

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Always be view. Don't be from the sheep be from the leaders. This is what use of it he said I'm teaches us he rushes for the door. That week means when everyone there Shavon, who would have told him you're wasting your time, Allah made it a means of his hair. Goodness, why when he got the door open for him, and who was at the door, her husband SubhanAllah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us how confident she was in her misguidance how well she planned it. She thought, You know what, when if? What if my husband finds me with him? You know what I'll tell him. It's him who did all of it. And guess what? He'll believe me? He won't believe him. But Allah subhanho wa Taala helps him with a

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witness, a witness that doesn't have primary evidence, but he has what we call secondary evidence. He wasn't there to see what happened. But he was there to analyze the shelter of use of Allah his center, and understand where is the shirt tone, we can see this shirt here, the shirt, his tone, is he turned from the front, or is it torn from the back. And the wise man says to the husband, that if the shirt is torn from the front, she's telling the truth. He locked her in and he was trying to get to her. But if he stepped down from the back, she's lying. And he's telling the truth. He was running away and she was pulling him to her Subhanallah This is how Allah's help comes upon you.

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Right? Last thing my dear brother and sister in Islam, from this idea of how use of Alayhis Salam, or one thing that happened here is when she blamed him confidently, but my husband will believe that it's useful to not me, we see Yusuf alayhi salam speaking again, there's very few points in Surah Yusuf that you hear the voice of use of. And it's all to do with SubhanAllah. You hear him in his father's house, you hear him now when he's being tested, you hear him in the prison, you hear him interpreting the dream of the king, you hear Him speaking to his brothers, and finally you hear him when he's rounded with his family at the end of the story. Subhanallah you can count it on one hand,

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use of Alayhis Salam when she accuses him, he speaks up and the scholars of tafsir and fic. They deduce from this that it's compulsory upon a believer to

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to preserve his help to preserve his order to preserve his sanctity, to preserve the truth to preserve his honor or her honor, that if somebody lays claim on to your honor, you need to speak up. You need to speak up respectfully, but you need to speak up use of it. He said I spoke up and said no, no, no, no. She tried to entice me. It's not as she says. And as we said Allah blessed him with the evidence. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all, except our Ramadan make us from the family of Al Quran. Not just those who read it, but interact with it. We Allah subhanho wa Taala make us love the Quran and make the Quran truly the timeless miracle in our life. Allah He Brothers and

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Sisters in Islam Surah Yusuf, I've taught it over years in many countries, what Allah Who Billahi what Allah He, every time I teach it, I did do some new lessons that I didn't teach before. And I tell the audience, this is new, I've never taught it before. It's never a book that you can read and say, Hollis, I finished the Quran. Never because you can never finish reading the Quran. You can never finish you read it again. The Quran will speak to you again. You read it again it will speak to you again. And that is why from the Sunnah of the pious before us when they got to oneness, they will start from Bukhara again to show that you can never ever finish reading the Quran. I love you

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all for the sake of Allah and leave you with these words how that will allow animals SallAllahu wasallam over about a car let me know Mohammed or either Eddie he was a big mind