What Are The Pillars, Obligations & Recommended Acts Of Hajj

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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The speaker discusses four pillars of hedges, including the first being to be in Iran, the second being to have spent at least one moment in a row, the third being to spend the night in a certain state, and the fourth being to spend the night in a certain state. The speaker explains that each obligation requires a commitment to avoid accidents and mentions that the hedges are offered at a discount.

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What are the pillars obligations and recommended acts of the hedge

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so the Pittsburgh quarter can the obligations we call the watch events or the the thread and the recommended methods we call the sooner. And this act of worship the Hajj is like any other act of worship like Zakat, and like Salaam, the scholars, the football, how are they different over all of these little details. And this is not the time and place for me to go into that I'm going to give you the opinion, based upon what a number a large number of the scholars agree upon. And this is my position as well, that they are as follows. So the pillars that are can and a pillar, by the way, is something that if you do not do, then the act is completely invalid, you can't make up for it, you

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can't compensate for it, you have to return to do the act of why's that I had does not is not valid. So there are four pillars. The first pillar is to be an ashram there needs to be at some point, the state of Iran to be assumed. And when I say when I say the state of alarm, I don't mean actually the close I mean that you have to intend to be in a state of harm, ie not any wanting to cut your hair or shave or to have relations or to to actually impose upon yourself the sanctified state. Remember, when it comes to Herman the clothes and the is on the reader, it just emphasizing the state they're not the state, the state is a state of mind and intention and heart. Okay, so number one is to be in

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Iran. That's what it means to be in Iran not wearing a crown, okay, is to be in Iran when you're doing these acts. The second pillar is to have spent at least one moment and one moment could be a few minutes, or even less than a minute out of at some point during the day or the evening, you need some point need to be that out of a desert pillar. The third pillar is what's known as the waffle hedge autofill a father. And the fourth one is a secular hedge on the side of the Father, the key and the side of hedge that's running between self and model and of course, the circumambulation of the of the house. These are the four pillars. Absolutely unequivocal. And in No, no way around it.

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The word about the obligations are seven and a while it is an act that you must do, and you're sinful if you leave it. But if you did it, if you didn't have to leave it for some kind of reason Something happened, then you can, you don't need to repeat the 100 You don't need to find the act and try to do it. As well, you can just offer a sacrifice, a sacrifice has to be offered for each word you have that you do not do. And that sacrifices either a sheep, or you share seven of you a seventh basically in a cow or a camel that needs to be offered for each obligation that you don't do. While these obligations they build on top of the pillars. Okay, so the first one is that you

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have to be in a harem from the meat caught. So that means that the actual stopping station like if you come from Medina, or Jaffa if you're flying any in from the US, UK, and you're going to Jeddah directly, which is about half an hour before you land in Jeddah, so from here, you must have entered into that state of Iran. And that means you're in the clothes, that means the the state itself, that means the end before you actually even get to the bottom. So that's an obligation. The second obligation is out of you need to at least stay in alpha until sunset. That's an obligation which is slightly different to the pillar. So that's something that you must do. The third obligation is that

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you must spend the night Atmos data for the majority of the night. The fourth obligation is that you have to spend the night the majority of the night in meaner and meaner. That means the 10th night, the 11th night and the 12th night The 13th is recommended, but only 10 1112 are the obligatory nights. The next obligation is the stoning and that must be done in order. The next obligation is the shaving the shaving of the head or the cutting of the hair that's also permissible. And then the seventh and final obligation of hedges that are offered without the well though of everything else. Number three is as soon as the sooner I read an act that you can think of that involved in hij from

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the sooner those which are recommended, for example, for the male to run in the toe often put on the original throw off the torpedo itself, the

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scar that is applied in all of the different acts of hedge the two character prey off the wall for example, the certain accent that you specify when you are in alpha, etc. So all of the trimmings and the you know the cherries on top are the same. And that of course makes the act a very fulfilling and wholesome act compared to just the bare minimum. So four pillars, seven obligations and the rest of everything that you know are all from the sun acts of the house. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.