What are the Etiquettes of Friday

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry discusses


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The speaker discusses various etiquette and drama etiquette related to the upcoming Friday holiday. They mention the importance of the actual event, the etiquette of the event, and the etiquette of the dressing up/dis meant behavior. They also mention a rule of thumb for telegraphing during the event, which involves not reciting the previous Friday's etiquette.

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What are some of the etiquettes of Friday

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come the last a lot Salam ala rasulillah. So some of the etiquettes as well as the virtues of Friday. Number one with regards to the virtues of Friday, the prophets little idea send them says that today a Friday is the best day that the sunrise is over. On Adam was created, he was entered into agenda he was expelled from Jenna and the day of judgment will be established on a Friday. So all of these events they happen on a Friday. Number two of the virtues or the sorry, the etiquettes of Juma the etiquettes of Friday is that a person goes to the messenger as early as they possibly can. Because the prophets of Allah lie to us and he says that whoever goes in the first hour, they

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will receive the reward of someone who has offered a camel and whoever goes in the second hour will receive the reward of someone who has offered a cow and whoever goes in the third hour will receive the reward of someone who's offered a sheep and the fourth hour is like someone who has offered a chicken in the fifth hours, like someone who's offered a single egg. And so each one of these is a great reward if a person goes in as early as they can. Number two. Another etiquette of drama is that a person dresses their best. A third etiquette of Juma is that a person babe This is of course, a fourth etiquette is for the men that they are adorn themselves with perfume, and that when they

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enter into the message that they don't separate between two people, they don't step over people's shoulders that you simply sit wherever you find space, you don't come late and then try to work your way to the first row or the second row or something like that by stepping over people's shoulders and bothering people. Also, incredible etiquette is to be silent while the Imam is giving the hotspot that means not checking your phone. That means not you know waving at people and shaking people's hands and giving them to people that you sit and that you're quiet and that you use you don't even so much as you know play with the carpet or any of these things that you're quiet while

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the Imam gives the hotspot and whoever does that they will receive inshallah, to Allah, the reward of Juma as well as a final etiquette that I mentioned, is the citation of sort of telegraph because the prophets of Elias and him says that whoever recites sort of the guff from one Friday to the next we'll have a light that is loominatee illuminated between them and the previous Friday or the next Friday, and I'll watch the panel down