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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the cultural acceptance of covering hair for men, which is not something that is prohibited in certain cultures. He notes that while it is not considered ill mannered in Western countries, it is considered normal in certain Eastern societies. The speaker also mentions that the covering of the head is considered a sign of being a respected person, even in some societies.
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is covering the hair for men obligatory.

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Having the last lesson, I'm also glad I don't know of any scholars who said that the covering of the hair for men is obligatory, what some scholars have said is that it's recommended, but not because of not because of any sort of religious instruction by the prophet sallallahu sallam, but just because of this concept of, of Moodle, or a concept of being dignified. And so they saw that the covering of the hair, in some cultures, the covering of the head, and a man walking with their head covered is something that's respectable. And in fact, there are some cultures in those cultures, where if a person walks out with their head being uncovered, they see that as being someone who is

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someone who's not very respected and so even in American culture here, if you look at videos from like, 100 years ago, you'll find that every man who was walking out on the street was wearing a hat. And so they would take their hat off if they saw lady or something like that. All of this to say to indicate that it was very, very popular even here in this country 100 years ago, a dignified person, a respected person will walk with their head covered. That being said, it goes back to the culture of the society, in some societies, a person will would not walk outside with their head uncovered. And in some societies, it is something that's normal. In fact, the Mashallah he mentioned that with

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regards to even in his time, he says, In Eastern cultures, the covering of the head is something that's considered to be or walking with your head and covered is something that's considered to be ill mannered. And in western countries that he's talking about the the the Arab west of Morocco and, and the lucea. And these places he says that it is not considered to be ill mannered at all. And so it goes back to the culture and the loss of Hannah diamond

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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