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Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the history of Islam, including the concept of "has been" and the use of jealousy as a way to claim victory. The shaitan responds with "has been" to those who do not want to do something, while the shelling focuses on "has been." The segment also touches on the shelling's plan to destroy trees and the potential for "has been" to those who do not want to do something.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was so happy he will know Allah. My brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So our last class, we actually began by speaking about sincerity.

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And the story we used

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to talk about sincerity is the beginning of the creation of human beings.

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And the fight

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between the king of the devil's beliefs. And Adam alayhis, salaam, alpha

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and the debate, or the conversation that happened between a police

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officer he learned to law and

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Allah Jalla gelato.

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Let me point out and so just in case, a police is not

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a human being a police is not an angel. A police is one of the jinns. And the law tells us in the Quran, that he created the angels out of light, and the jinns out of the flame of fire management, and the humans out of a type of clay in the earth.

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You can call it soil if you like. Sometimes it's referred to as soil or clay mixed, but we are created from the earth itself.

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And the angels are from nor, and the gins, for managing

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the flame or the sparks

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that separate themselves from a flame of fire, if you've ever seen it before.

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So the jinns are a life form which Allah created. And the police is nothing with power like God. You know how you're watching the movie, sometimes when they want to represent Satan. They make the devil look like he's got godly powers, and that God and him are in a war. And I will be led they show God is losing sometimes and blesses winning as though and they say that at least is the owner of the fire He is the one who punishes people in the fire his that this is no more than fallacy and false and imagination.

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It's further from the truth than can ever imagine is made up of imagination by people who wrote imaginary children's book in the beginning.

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They believed the creation of a law at least is a jinn ablaze is the king of the devils as the only difference. At least used to worship God at least is meant to be one of the servants of God like us, he has no particular power except the power which God gives him like any other human being or Angel.

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The genes are another life form which worship Allah or choose not to worship they have been created for a similar reason to human beings have been created. Because Allah says in the Quran

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I have not Allah says, I have not created the jinns and the human beings to serve any other purpose on earth us. What are we here for? Not we haven't been created to serve anything else except the obedience of God, the worship of Allah Spano Donna, Allah then says I don't want them to provide me with any type of nourishment or provision.

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so that people can eliminate that doubt from their head. This is not what I was after.

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So the genes are created the same service the humans have to give.

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And they also receive the messengers to them as they received them to us. As we received them. Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam came to the humans and the genes, at least, as we said last week,

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he refused and rejected to obey one command of Allah. That particular command is the command that tested that one problem that existed in the heart of obese and Allah does things for us with a plan. We cannot even begin to comprehend

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the complexity of laws plans and how they fit, how they fit with man's choices, how perfectly they fit in a way, in a way where a lot does not interfere with our choices.

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At the same time fulfills his will. Allah is Knower of everything all able to do anything he wants. Therefore, we do not question the color of the will of Allah and His knowledge, because we are unable to know the answers and comprehend them. We barely have information about our own personal self.

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So at least disobeyed a law by saying I don't want to Prostrate to Adam alayhis salaam. And the reason that made him disobey Allah is the problem, not the act itself. The Act itself is a sin.

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But the bigger problem was the reason why he did that thing.

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which gives us a lesson here, some people

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some Muslims may do a minus in something that's really nothing major, that has a terrible punishment

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promised in the Quran or the sooner but, and certain occasions a minus in a small thing can turn into a major sin.

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Depending on the reason why you did it, the intention, at least his intention of not prostrating himself down to atomize them disobeying God's command was nothing other than what Allah describes as gibberish. gibberish

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gibberish proudness haughtiness, seeing himself above other above the truth and above others above the truth and above others, without any just justification.

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And Kibera we said last class is the opposite of sincerity.

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Sincerity is the opposite of Cuba, and one of the instigators of cover is jealousy.

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Let me now recap the meaning of giver and the meaning of jealousy.

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kibber proudness holiness, they asked the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said, no one will enter Paradise

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with a grands worth of gibberish in their heart.

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And they said, Yes, will allow what is covered? And he replied, who about oral health? wantonness, it is the refusal or the rejection of the truth, the truth of Allah Spanner data what he has revealed to us and lumpiness, the grading others to put yourself on top and justifiably

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degrading others, reputation, whatever they are, in order for you to stand out on top, and to see yourself better as they you have more rights than others as that you are better than others. Because the last parent Allah says in the Quran, fella to

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who Allah movie many taco for example, Allah says, never attempt to praise yourselves in the pious to God

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in righteousness, it is he Allah who truly knows who is pious and who is not. Even in that when there are lots, this is part of given to look at another person and say, My prayer is accepted more than your pray. I got more rewards from my prayer than yours, my heart with allies between us. Allah loves me more than you. I deserve more paradise more rewards than you. And Muslim doesn't say that. And he's never said that no island has ever done that no companions process and ever said that is not the teachings of our messenger, or our prophets, peace be upon them.

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And this is part of COVID actually ask Allah to save us from that.

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So a person was I was asked once, by Sometimes a person gets a thought, a feeling that I'm better than someone.

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I feel I'm better than someone.

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Is that what it means that an atom's worth of COVID in my heart, I will not enter Paradise because of that. No, that's not the answer.

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This is explained in one of the hadiths where the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim said to the sole assassin, the same thing, they asked him era Salalah there are things that occur in our mind.

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That in reality, if we were to tell you what they are, we would rather be burnt

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burnt alive than to tell you what they are. We don't like these thoughts, but they do come to us. Naturally these feelings, these thoughts. He said,

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Really, you found this in you?

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They said yes and processed and became happy. He said hamdu lillahi wa Eradicator shaytani ll wasa Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah who has returned the power who has reduced the power of the shaitan to only mere whispering

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so sometimes you may think this is the

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Do not act upon them. If you act upon them, then you have

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confirmed them. But if you don't act upon them, then they are mere whispers from the Shaitaan a weakness from him trying to delude you.

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So that's inshallah, the answer to that.

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acting upon the thoughts and feelings inside the human self is what

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makes you get the sin or the date.

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But if you intend to do something good, however you change your mind, you still get a reward. This is out of the mercy of Allah Spano Todd.

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So Iblees did that. It was the cover that's in his heart and it was a plan from Allah that He made other monies so at the same time, with many other plans to fit right where it needs to where it needs to fit. And one of the plans was to expose a police himself. Where was the police at that time you can answer he remembers from the last class? What was his position before he disobeyed Allah?

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He was he had a role amongst the angels. He had a role amongst the angels. Some people misquote or misinterpret that ablaze was an angel. And that God took him out of medium something else no, this is not true. At least was always a jinn Allah says this in the Quran,

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where Allah says fissara del mela aka the angels frustrated, and then he said la police can I mean any gene except for ablaze he was one of the genes

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for fossil con Emerald Bay, he corrupted and went straight off the command of his Lord. So what did he say on a hydro Minho? I am better than him. You made me out of fire and he made him out of soil.

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And we mentioned some examples last week about some of the sahabas and the predecessors of how they dealt with this, with this feeling with with this feeling of proudness and haughtiness and how they advise one another. And the letter of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, to the emperor of Rome.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala

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after the debate, at least telling him by your mind empowerment to lead all of them astray.

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And Allah gives him ideas and at least says ideas and then Allah says to him but one type of people who can't harm

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they are my sincere servants and at least says a lie by the Camino Maha sin Okay, except for your sincere servants sincerity of the heart.

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Jealousy also breaks sincerity. Jealousy has to is of two types. Number one, the haraam jealousy and number two, the handle jealousy.

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As for the haraam, jealousy, it is when you see something materialistic in another person, and you wish that you had that and that they didn't have.

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You see something materialistic, worldly with the other person,

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and you wish that you had it and they didn't have a position, a status, wealth, a car, a house, whatever it is, a nice wife, a nice husband, beautiful children, whatever.

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That is haram jealousy and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, beware of jealousy.

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It's hard this isn't Buhari a Muslim, beware of jealousy, a common one has it?

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For jealousy, burns away or eats away or erases away your good deeds just like fire burns wood.

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For internal hazard eikonal has an attic Emma could Natl hop up. That's what it means narrative.

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Jealousy does that and it leads to cover afterwards to proudness. Because when you can get what the other person has. The next thing a human person resorts to in their bad desires

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is to at least degrade the other person's reputation. So when they are mentioned, they'll backbite them in a bad way. When something good about them is mentioned. They'll try to make it look ugly and bad. They try to make it look like nothing degrading from other people.

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And this is wrong.

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This is jealousy. As for the jealousy that's allowed, that will not lead to proud in a subtle inshallah is the jealousy where another person has a certain quality which Allah loves, such as they have got knowledge in the dean in religion, or Muslim, for example, might recite the Quran well, or they have wealth with them that they are using to donate in the cause of God because of Allah, you're allowed to be jealous in the following manner to say, I wish I had what this person had of Islamic knowledge of recitation of the Quran of wealth that he is donating. Not because not because I don't wish it for him or her. But because I also want to

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What they're doing so Allah can be pleased with me as well. So it's like this, I wish I had the wealth that this person had so that I can donate the way he or she is donating for the pleasure of Allah. I wish I had knowledge like this person had said that I can benefit in the cause of Allah as he or she is benefiting but one condition

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you do not you do not wish for the other person to lose what he or she has. So don't say I wish I had what they have to benefit. But I'm happy for them for what they have, and I am proud I'm excited on their behalf what they have, you don't wish for them to lose what they have. This is a jealousy which is my mood. It is praiseworthy,

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at least had failed in both of them. His jealousy resorted to proudness and argumentation with the last panel what Allah which led him to confer and Allah says Raja minha This is the final conclusion between the debate

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of the debate between a lot and at least he said to him Finally, after a blizzard love We are now much man I'm gonna lead them all astray except your sincere sevens. Allah in the end says, follow Jim in her. Now, get out of it. Get out of it, what get out of your rank, which you once which which was once on it, you have no longer have the role that you have among the angels, facade, human hair for in nakara gene, you are now an outcast you have been exiled.

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Similarly for human beings, when something is clear to us from Allah, we have the edge we have the knowledge about it, we understand that clearly. We know it comes from a lion, His Messenger and then we choose after a Lost Planet Allah warned us and gave us science we choose to refuse and reject. There may come a moment in a person's life Believe it or not, were you person begins deserving of being an outcast from the mercy of Allah, Allah outcasts, them.

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One of the examples is that Allah tells us in the Quran, some people Allah, Akbar, Allah coleauxv him, Allah Subhana Allah seals their hearts, when they listen to the Quran, they can no longer be moved, when they listened about Allah subhanaw taala they have no affection In fact, they will fight it. And now no probably call themselves Muslim, but a different type of Muslim, one of their own. Their hearts have been sealed there are people like that.

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Just ask Allah Subhana Allah that He keeps your heart open. What does that mean? Keep my heart open? It means Oh Allah. Oh Allah.

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keep giving me signs that keep me the way I am on the righteous path and Allah keep giving me more I asked you if I'm on your side,

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assist me Allah. Turning to Allah in itself is conviction of a Lost Planet, Allah His Lordship.

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He says foreclosure Nfn nakaji.

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The majority of the scholars tell us that at least was never in paradise. To get out of it. They thought that he was in it and then he got out of it. At least we'll never enter it. They say, however, he did whisper to Adam alayhis salaam and Howard, our mother no foul. How he whispered is known to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But he managed to get to them. So the whispering is the only ability of the shaitan nobody is able to give an excuse that the shaitan made me do this or made me do that.

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We can say that. Listen to what Allah replies in relation to that in the hereafter.

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Allah tells us in the Quran, in several verses different ways.

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That when a person is found guilty on the Day of Judgment, they resort to blaming others and among the first they blame as they're caught in the shaitan that is with them.

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The Devil's say, He is the one that whispered he's the one that made me do it. And the shaitan will reply the following words. He said, Oh my Lord, I did not lead him astray.

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And He will say to that person to them, in no matter how to come, first agenda, Tom Lee, I only invited you and you responded to the invitation. fell out alimony. Don't blame me now. While I'm full circle, blame yourselves. In another verse. Allah says, call a corino or a banner.

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They say tamo say My Lord, I didn't lead them astray. I didn't lead him astray. When they can can if you learn anything by it, he was too far away. He chose to be on the wrong path. He had bad company went to the bad places. He chose not to remember the Quran. He chose not to pray. And so I came into my whispers was stronger than him. It's not my fault. It was a stray. It was there and All I said was Hey, do this and he was ready to accept it. That's it. That's all it was.

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And another verse he says Matt, and I've been will Silikal Kamala and Toby Musashi. I will not blame you and you should not blame me today. Don't call upon me. I won't call upon you. We will have a situation and another versus a normal say

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if it's good to use this word

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The shift to shaitan will say

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in your heart a lot of behind me, I fear Allah, the Lord of all mankind. That's what he says by fearing so alone and then finally says to them, called Allah toto Simona de don't sit here arguing over superficial things before me and it's unjustified, woke up condemned to a company wide I have given you both the warnings.

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Both of you enter hellfire. So there is no win win situation in this.

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Now the whisper begins with Adam alayhis salam in paradise. Allah said to Adam alayhis salaam and his wife live in Paradise, and you may eat and drink whatever you will, and wish for anything you want. You will live there, you will never be hungry, you will never be thirsty, you will like you will only have pleasure. We had the long series about the description of Hellfire last time,

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and so on and so forth. But a Lost Planet, Allah had a plan as well. And that plan had to fit within the choices as well. He said when he showed up at akuna malvani me but see that tree over there. Don't eat from that tree. Otherwise you will be among the wrongdoers and you will wrong yourselves. It's not like as in the Bible, there was a special tree it wasn't actually a special tree at all. It's not like in the Bible that if they ate from the tree, something terrible is going to happen to God or that implies or that God got angry and there is no such thing. In fact, God says Allah says it's like saying this see that tree over there stunning from net one day just random tree anything

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this morning. I was not afraid of anything. But it's something that I wanted to teach humans mankind with. Further what I talked about here, the shadow this tree Don't come near. For takuna mean of oil. I mean, both of you, both of you, the man and the woman.

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Not like in other religions. They accuse how well only and that she is the cause of man's destruction. So unknown in Islam is not like that because Allah addresses both of them. But akuna wa Takara bear both of you addressing them both. But the cool name you know, boiling up both the oppressors to yourselves

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shaitan whispers and tells him Hey,

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man, I heard Kumara buco mountain coma, Shara YOLO did not prevent you both from that tree, Atlanta Kona Molokini, except that you will become angels, or that you will live eternity.

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There's a sort of there has to be a secret to that tree. There's actually no secret boys and girls, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, there is no secret to that. But the shaitan knows the curiosity of human beings. were curious. If I put 10 boxes here, and I took all the locks off. And I told you what's in nine of the boxes and you believe me, but I told you the 10th box, I'm not going to tell you what's in there. But don't touch it. It's not good for you. What do you think you're going to your mind's going to tell you to do

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10 boxes, nine boxes, I tell you, you know what's in there. I'll tell the textbooks not to touch you can touch any of them but not the 10th box. It's not good for you. What's going to happen?

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curiosity. So what's in that box for leave you long enough, someone is bound to come and try and see what's in that box. Even there's nothing special really, there's nothing in there. So I wanted to show us the obedience of Allah and the trust to build the trust between us and the last mentor otherwise Sam didn't have that trust, but he wanted to show us some weakness in men and why we are actually here on this earth. I will leave that inshallah till next week to explain how this fits into why we are actually on earth. And we'll talk about how am I somehow I ate from the tree. What is it that caused them? What happened afterwards? inshallah Stay tuned. Hello, Salahuddin Urbina

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