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AI: Summary © The speaker gives two characteristics for good friends, number one reminds the user of a law, and number two reminds them of a law. The first one is a good friend who makes them aware of a law, while the second one is someone who makes them aware of praying for their loved ones and speaking to them in a loss of power. The speaker suggests that those characteristics are wonderful for finding a good friend.
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What are the characteristics of good friends?

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So, I'm going to give you two characteristics for good friends. Number one, they remind you of a law. Number two, they remember you with a law. Those two. Number one they remind you of a law. A good friend is someone who makes you better. A person who reminds you to pray a person who reminds you to worship Allah subhana wa tada and increases your ability to worship a lot. And number two, they are someone who remember you and their conversations with Allah. Someone who in your absence will pray for you, someone who in your absence will be speaking to a loss of power, no doubt on your behalf. So those two if you are able to find them, and what a wonderful friend that is.

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry discusses

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