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What alternatives can one have as opposed to listening to music when working out? It is often tough to use an alternative when working out, however, there are a few good alternatives. Shaykh Ammar AlShukry gives a few suggestions


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The speaker discusses the benefits of working out and listening to audio books, including the ability to access information on subjects like model Sunni law and courses online. They also mention the availability of motivational talks and other topics like TED talks and hip workouts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of listening to these options beyond just music for a person working out.

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I want an alternative to music when I work out, what advice do you have

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having the last lesson on model Sunni law. As far as alternatives when working out, there's a lot that you can listen to one thing is audiobooks. And it's a great time you're talking about generally, most people work out for about an hour, give or take, maybe even more on the way to the gym on the way back. And so it's really a great time for a person to cover an entire book, really, if you're studying, or if you're listening to audiobooks. And over time, you will build up a lot of information on whatever subjects you're interested in. Number two, there's a lot of courses online, if not just books, but also courses that a person can listen to, whether it's through iTunes

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university or many other projects that you'll be able to find them a lot of apps, then there's also podcasts and podcasts, podcasts are very popular. And so that's another thing that a person can engage or listen to. Number four is motivational talks. And so for persons working out, if you simply look up workout and motivation, you'll find so many motivational speeches where you know, these personal coaches or what have you are actually hyping you up for the workout. And so all of these are alternatives that hopefully a person can benefit from. And of course, there's also islamic speeches that a person could listen to, while they're working out and speeches on many other topics,

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whether it's TED talks or what have you. So there's a lot out there beyond music for a person working out and we ask a lot of kind of data to grants and still feel a set on medical