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Were The Founding Fathers Of USA Exposed To Islam

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Were the founding fathers of the United States of America, exposed to Islam.

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The Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the 13 colonies that tried to organize themselves and throw off the rule of the British had a number of serious questions, what would be their language? Some said Dutch, some said German, some said English. But English overcame the rest. They also had concepts of how do we form the nation. They went to the indigenous people and found that they had a federation. And so they made a federation of the 13 colonies. They needed help on the outside. And they were fortunate enough that Muslims now recognize the 13 colonies, they were struggling against the Spanish, there was a major struggle going on in the Mediterranean region. And

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they recognize the revolutionary nature of the people in America who are breaking away from the British colonial rule. And so the Moroccan leader,

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Sultan, Mohammed bin Abdullah, he wrote a letter to George Washington, and they corresponded and there was a relationship. So the Moroccans were the first nation to recognize the United States. Now you can see why Thomas Jefferson had his own code. And that is not a strange thing. They will all recognize they will all dealing with this. They recognize the power of the Muslims, especially the Ottoman Empire, which at that time, in those early times, from the 14th 15th 16th century, was still probably one of the most powerful empires on the face of the planet Earth. So you could not

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miss Islam. It's like on a sunny day, missing the sun. Yes, they were exposed to Islam and Muslims, and up until today, they are still exposed to Islam and Muslims. It is an integral part of American history.