Shaadi Season – Episode 02 – Wedding Dowry in Islam

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Today we're talking about the Maha or the dowry.

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There are misconceptions and confusions regarding this issue. So let's take a brief look at this matter inshallah. Very simply, the motto is what the groom gives to the bride when they get married. And it's the right of the bride was kind of a Tata says what? To Nisa, or for the arty Hinata holla. And give the women meaning the women who you're about to marry their dowry with a good heart. If you notice here, law uses the word, Doc. And so doc comes from the word Sid, which means truth. So the Maha or said, Doc, is a testament to how truthful and sincere The man is, in his desire to marry this woman, and to fulfill his obligations. That really is a symbol of respect and honor for this

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woman that he's about to marry. Now, according to most of the scholars, the model should be something which is tangible, but Islam doesn't stipulate an exact amount, nor a maximum or minimum amount. That being said, there are a couple of things to watch out for when it comes to the model. Firstly, the model should be simple, convenient, and easy. The process of them said, Hi, it'll serve up a subtle, the best of the diaries is that which is the most easy, meaning the best type of method is that which is affordable for the groom, the mouse, and the mouse shouldn't be a burden upon him, the mouse should be something that he can afford. And obviously, this differs from person to person,

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depending on their financial status, and so on. So yes, the groom should be as generous as possible when it comes to the Mahatma. But he should not commit to a Maha which he cannot afford, he should give what he's able to give without it being a burden. And also, it is best to give them a hug immediately. It may be permissible to delay them a hallway may be permissible a gift part now and part later, but he should give it immediately at the time of the kneecap. Sometimes, such a high amount gets stipulated to be paid a future time that the groom is never able to afford it. And he ends up Never giving this type of modern Japan a lot. That obligation doesn't get fulfilled. And

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sometimes we've had a lot and this happens sometimes, a person gets pressured into giving him a hug. And he cannot speak up and say, You know what, I can't afford this Mahal. And because he's pressured into this, and he feels a pressure a bit later, he ends up with resentment either towards the bride or towards her family, or whoever else and this leads to problems down the line. Lastly, to the parents, I want to say Listen, don't make them a hump and obstacle between two people getting married. The mother is not the price of your daughter. It's not how much she's worth. It's simply a token of a man's desire to marry this woman. It's never going to be equal to how much your daughter

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is truly worth. Also, some people's paddler they become boastful about them or how they start comparing them out of their daughter to the other girls and so on so forth. It's about all of this leads to arrogance, at least some problems and it leads to descend issues, and that should never ever be done. And lost power to Allah knows best. Until next time in sha Allah. Allah said I'm on a coup de la Hey wabarakatuh