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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their experiences with addiction and the challenges of traveling to different countries. They also talk about the importance of being loved and acknowledging one's love in personal relationships. They discuss the use of Subhanousuh for quality foods and the importance of educating guests about consequences of their actions. The success of a woman named Masha Allah is also highlighted.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah, he was IBH, my beloved brothers, my sisters, myself and my brother, Dr. Muhammad salah, my brother, by the way, in the Brahim, we are in Kuala Lumpur.

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And it's amazing how when we travel the world, we go to different countries, we meet different people. There are so many experiences we have so many people. So many things we see the journey that is made is not easy sometimes. So today, we'd like to speak about some of the interesting points perhaps, that we have found on our journeys, and perhaps something that we might share with you behind the scenes that you may not know of some of the challenges and difficulties of my brother Dr. Mohamed salah. He arrived here after a very long journey and maybe doctor you can tell us about some of the struggles six hours much how love probably

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Yeah, you're so right And subhanAllah before I share with you my experience, I'd like to say something that you've mentioned it this morning while I'm having breakfast. I couldn't say it better. When you said when you're traveling with a good company you feel very excited and you forget about the pain, the long travel and the suffering and will lie this is absolutely true. So in my trip

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it was simply Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim over 36 hours so how you know due to mechanical problem, the first flight was delayed so I missed the connecting flight and I was at the airport for

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for so many hours Alhamdulillah now shockula Why it's lovely zero complain when you know that you don't have huge disability law surgeon and hamdulillah So just think about how the professor Selim uses Ramadan Subhanallah so when we saw you yesterday because you arrived last from the three of us, you were fresh and energetic and you were really mashallah as though you didn't even have like they say

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after or suffer through Whoa, I now suffer through so what is that secret? The secret is because when I arrived almost midnight and I texted you and I texted why and you were very excited instead you feel very fresh and light like a feather so it made me very happy I

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so I had to offer my prayer and I came run into your room and mashallah a couple beautiful hours of Hamdulillah we actually didn't sleep yet. Yes, that's true. We haven't slept. And a very interesting factor is Malaysia is in a different timezone completely true, you know, Cairo, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg is in one time, while Ibrahim inshallah we'll hear from you.

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The same thing is true love from the loss of sound. So that's I'm in the same time zone. In Perth, Western Australia. There was no issues regarding the jetlag and stuff like that I shower, but due to some injuries, I take heavy medications which sometimes knock me out in the sun. So So when we looked at the last text in the last night, I saw it on the after fajr so handle, I just want to mention something regarding

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the incident that Dr. Saleh experienced and relate that to our you know, work in the field of Tao Subhanallah sometimes ago I was in the Philippines and people who don't know when we are invited to these events, sometimes we face a lot of challenges. And sometimes Allah will test us as speakers ourselves going for dour and sometimes people will invite us to very fancy hotels and we will be very very comfortable but traveling to another city will not experience the same thing. And we wanted to hear from our seniors especially I know somebody who spent six months

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actually let me tell you which way I used to be six days I can tell you the story I show sometimes can spoil the reward I was with a brother while and we were coming back to the airport in Manila Philippines a few years ago and it was a beautiful trip we had completed whatever we wanted and that will went well the event was really good and on our way back they said you know we eat at a restaurant very nice restaurant and we will do you remember the name of the restaurant and

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Mr Mr. Somebody with no need okay I hate to say it but they said we will stop at that on our way to the airport mashallah we we got to the to the

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restaurant and in the parking and lift the bags, we left the bags in the car right? And we even asked that is it safe here? We say it's all CCTV disregard. Everything is guarded and everything is safe forever. So when we got back we ate and it didn't even take so long. We enjoyed the food if I recall and when

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We got back. A thief had broken the window and stolen doctorum product Why is bag where the passport and everything was? So he lost that all. As a result he had to remain in Manila for how many months or months or four months. Shout out to now he has a pouch on his belly, which has his passport.

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The lesson the lessons are and if you remember, at the conference, the theme was contentment. Yes, it was continuing to be happy at the will and decree of Allah whatever happened to you have to be content and accept the this new allotment. And support is very challenging for me to come on the stage that same night talking about contentment. And we need to practice it was it was very, so I brought all my family because my son lost his iPad and he was crying. And then I taught him on that day says Allah we're all still together could have been worse handled. What else did they take that day. So there was there was my laptop on the workflow or there was another iPad, my personal iPads

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and those cash. And of course, the most important was the travel document because my family were traveling tomorrow we were supposed to leave home the next day. And as a result, we left by themselves and I had to wait for my boss to give you in the country. Yeah, thanks to the Egyptian embassy. They helped me a lot.

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So mashallah, I want to also add one thing, in the four months that brother while he was there, he conducted so many of our programs. And, you know, subhanAllah when I say Brother while married, sister from the Philippines, people think that it was during those four months, but actually, it was prior to that. So alhamdulillah even though it wasn't a conspiracy to keep them in the country.

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But the point is, look at the faith that comes out. It reminds me of the use of alayhi salatu salam story that he was imprisoned unjustly, unfairly. When he went into the prison. He spoke to his colleagues, he spent the time in Dawa and it's recorded in the Quran. So although brother while you were not imprisoned but mashallah, you know, it was this Asante crochet and Okay, I think even for the youngsters in the dour for all of us. It was a motivation. I remember telling myself imagine it was me. And then I was smiling, and I was sad at the same time. I was thinking of the good side and the bad side. Yeah, it's not easy some in this journey. There are so many challenges that we face.

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But all in a good causal handle, I think.

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When you see the effect and the impact, Allah Almighty, grants acceptance to things, you feel the joy within and you ask Allah, Oh Allah accept from us these small sacrifices that we're making. Have you been I also wanted to shed some light on a hadith in which interview Salah cinema says, I will support oral Iman and hobo Villa or

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in simple English, the highest level of Eman is to love somebody that you love him or you for the sake of Allah. So I want to express my love, Allahu Akbar, both of you, for the sake of Allah masala. And as you mentioned earlier, that when you know that you're going to meet your beloved once it makes it so easy and affordable.

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How long how tiring it is, it is very, very pleasant by the Grace of Allah. As far as the effect and the feedback is highly rewarding. We only ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us sincerity. Because we're like this, the human beings were exposed to many human errors, such as your old job.

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You know, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to pardon us and to forgive us, our shortcomings. Especially when people say I'm a big fan of us, you change my life. And so on these words, if you're a singer, if you're an actor, if you're an actress, you love to hear them, or for us, yes, for me. It's very scary. And I'm sure it is the same for my colleagues. It is really, really scary. I usually tell people when they say you have changed my life, I say it's Allah Who changed the life, that we are just a means and may Allah forgive us and change our lives to the better as well. I mean, that is amazing. I think the love is mutual. It definitely is. And it brings me to a point where you know,

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we have all attended many conferences conventions in the last decades. I find that the most successful ones are where the speakers and the coaches and those who are teaching and presenting are all on one level. And sometimes you know, you have people when you are not

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On one level, everyone feels an animosity someone feels like I don't want to talk to this person or I keep a distance and so on. In that type of setup, the fulfillment of your duty is compromised sometimes. So this is a really a good thing. I have a habit that I tried to make things easy for a lot of the other speakers who are sharing a platform with me. When I was much younger,

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I remember just out of my good nature,

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I used to go out of my way to offer to wash the clothes and to iron them for for others who are senior than me and even others in places and I have done it. Now it's a little bit different. We no longer need to wash and all of that, but sometimes Yeah, it was

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the exact story

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after that, I have learned a lot of other things. So we have to test it out. But But

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and yes, yes, we will. No, no, no, we will. We will Don't worry. If you die we will make the art for you.

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So I know the different types of shade but what kind of shahada is it

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is able to hit a

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So So yeah, it's I carry the iron.

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That day.

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was simply amazing. Because we flew twice in the same day as we went and we came back Yes. And subhanAllah kind of the host the we're more concerned about the security so we have police officers with us in the room in the room that was crazy with their machine guns. It was crazy, actually. Well, okay. And subhanAllah we were hungry. And we were trying to ask no one was talking about food.

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The food so in that flat, he said, masha Allah moved to Maine can just go without food. hamdulillah Nabil actually I can let you in on a secret I carry baby cereal with me wherever I go because it's very nutritious, and date. Yes and dates. So it is a nutritional or a lot of other things. Super foods. So what happens with super food is if something is wrong with the food or you haven't managed to eat or it's delayed something and you're really hungry, you can mix that with a little bit of water and you're okay I mean you can prove you can carry on. It doesn't need to be the best of things something nutritious. It's like the iron. I remember I like to carry a beautiful steamer and

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I'm close wherever I go. The difficulty is sometimes there's no electricity that day. If you remember there was no even water there was no water. And we invented a beautiful shower. Yes so what we had to do is when we saw you made holes in the bottom yes we made holes in the bottom and we put the bottle there And subhanAllah it was just a crazy

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but there was no water so he just held the bottle and he still shower and he rolls in

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these things make it make it realistic and you know these are truly unforgettable, masha Allah,

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think about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam having to eat the leaves of the trees and you know for for his entire journey, despite the fact that prophets of salaam could have lived as a king, but he chose this to lead this very humble life. On Melania Salah So when Allah subhanaw taala ordered the Prophet SAW Selim to say

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in the eye of Surah Yusuf I believe one week we'll have the savvy to ill Amar Jana also yachting and our money Danny so the Hannibal law you

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should at

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once we are in the field of the hour you feel honored that Allah older the prophets of salaam to say this is my path, this

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invite people to the path of Allah subhanaw taala on an inside me and those who follow me What an honor to be considered by Allah and His Messenger, a true follower of the officers, because you're giving dower and you're trying to utmost your level best to give down in accordance to the same method that the proposal Salam used to give Dawa with. So it is indeed sufficient as an honor and hamdulillah sure what you are saying something I'll say I was part Allah granted sincerity. Sometimes we are put in situations where we start complaining as there is traveling around the world. We have experienced certain type of treatment somewhere and then you go to Pakistan.

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In fact, I enjoyed my stay in Pakistan every trip or impacts my interested

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If what you said was, let's face was made me sick, rather days, even peanuts, you know, the people are amazing, especially no man's

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life Dean and all other brothers. So we ask Allah to always be reminded that sometimes when we are facing those challenges, we don't forget the main objective, why we actually troubled why we left our family members. And that is not to experience luxury, but rather to convey the message of Islam. I remember I visited one country and poor place And subhanAllah The

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food was that they presented was something that I couldn't really eat. So I was not expecting it. And then I told them, Look, I won't eat. So what they did is in the evening, they brought the same thing again, they warmed it, so I couldn't eat again. So the next day, I told them, you know, didn't really get known on the next day. I told them, I said, you know, guys, I have, I'd like to invite you guys, they were they were students like to invite you guys to a meal

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at the best five star hotel in your workplace. You know? So they said, Oh, is it a CVS? Little did they know that 100 of the intention was let's take everyone let them have a meet. But most importantly, I need to eat. So, so Why shall we actually went and we ate and they were all excited. Thank you so much. So but the thing is, sometimes the communities cannot afford.

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taken us, Pamela, I visited one country and I'm you know, I'm gonna mention the name boondi. And I believe this is the poorest country on Earth.

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So Subhanallah Wallahi. We were starving, after a long day of Dawa and given three medical medical checkup and treatment. And the queue was, like, a couple of miles. He will come in full medical Subhanallah and wound to the store. And we found one single can of fava beans.

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And we've got some fish on you and recovered on it. And the S code is and for us, it was luxurious food. Why? Because there was nothing else. So Pamela. So a lot of people think a couple of years ago.

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Chef, brother use of the data hub, Lolly, South Africa, the son of Chef

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of Lolly and mine. He invited us to South Africa to create a device for mp3. He's debates and all that. And he gave us access to all the resources, photo albums. And we saw on photo that we inquired about its story. So it shows she did that standing on a table a wooden table like this. And addressing big massive crowd, no microphone attached nothing. So I thought the brother use of what was that? He said we we were invited by this community. She took the flight. And when you when we reached the arena, there was nothing.

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There was nothing whatsoever. They were just the people who are waiting for Shahadat excited to hear his lecture but there was nothing no earnings whatsoever. So shake be that instead of acting you know a little bit No cancel let's go back and caught up you guys have done that. No, bring me a table stood up, sit down. Everyone gave a lecture in the same energy that he would give when he's invited to a massive one day audio travel to Accra in Ghana and the venues to level for the crowd. So the health the the literature in front of the parliament. Remember recordings of 1000s of people and also want to travel to another city which is owned Kumasi, Kumasi that will 10s of 1000s of

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people Masha Allah Allah, Allah Allah in Uganda people will sit in under the sun for over six hours Masha Allah no complaint Masha Allah Allah but Allah Allah having said so we also enjoy most luxurious meals in some other places yes like in Malaysia Of course my salah and we're gonna send the wrong message

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so sometimes we love to be in Malaysia there is like there is like a word that is uttered you know bully that means you can you know so it can so Malaysia bully you know anything can happen here you know it's just it's amazing place you know super super nice great hospitality Masha Allah la blah I think couldn't be better May Allah bless them may I love this end we're flying now to where we're flying out to Bali for the first time in Sharla and we have

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Inshallah, in event in the masjid tomorrow by the will of Allah or

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Depending on when you will watch this, it might already have happened. But we pray that Allah grant us acceptance every time we go into territory we sometimes don't know what to expect sometimes we have a rough idea. We make dua to Allah to make it easy and to accept it I want to tell you guys one thing, when you make dua for guys like us and all others who are serving the deen and doing some good work, to you know that you get a reward for what happens with us as well. You become a part of the setup and the whole process so it's very important. You pray in sha Allah may Allah grant us all acceptance and forgiveness and inshallah I pray that everything goes away do you look at the power

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of sincerity

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and how much your work both in this life and in the Hereafter is anticipated? Simply if people are sincere

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use of is this May Allah listen these opportunities at Masha Allah and but he has a heart of a young teenager and the strength of a great daddy Masha Allah Allah, Allah bless so once we don't see that was somewhere the large volume of audience that gathered without any previous probation was amazing. The layer on atheria trouble I continue to visit this place once a month to the extent that the hotel owner said that the room is on me because it was non Muslims. Every single visit we have a few of them accepted Islam and diksha our Masha Allah, Allah

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remember once we were in Hong Kong and three Tao on

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two hours and extending into St.

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Masha Allah, Allah he will stand for hours who get tired and I've said on the platform, but Masha Allah, Allah PATA 11 Allah. Then when we went home, went to the hotel, he was still awake. I said, Are you going to sleep? He said no yet, if not before I give shahada to somebody.

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So he comes to the hotel to start working online to give shahada and his commitment, I'm not going to sleep before I give Shabbat.

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I must alive refers to 2009. I think 2009 2010 was a lot a lot of color, and feeling hungry. And we've learned a lot he was eating babies and Tao at the time was a lot a lot of color. And I remember on one occasion, Chef Yusuf was giving a dower to Chinese boy for hours in the book fair. And look to Salah has very, very silent and I learned that lesson from you, Chef, may Allah bless Europe. And I came to look for Salah and I told him like, are you silent and try to give the shake a hand you know? So he said in those occasions, one is giving dower and the rest should make up

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for the speaker for the person, the receiver that Allah subhanaw taala opened the houses and I'm just thinking of one quick thing here. Hong Kong at the peak, I met brother while Ibrahim through the introduction of Dr. Muhammad for the first time. This man is actually originally the beginning of singer. He was a pop star, basically. And he was a singer, far from the deen of Allah, to be honest with you, sorry to say this, and mashallah look today where he is, I think this is a Baraka, obviously, Allah Almighty is blessings. And when we make an effort, and we try to attend, and we, he became after that he became a man who was organizing events for do an MRI. And he started the

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Institute, a Kinect, and so on few other things in the Hong Kong at the peak conference serving Islam team and with a few brothers. From there today, he joins us and he has specialized in addictions, as you guys may know. And his method and his approach and the effort they have made is unique. I always believe we can talk about things like porn, addiction and so on. But he has all the facts, the stats or the methodology, the ways the systems, the coaching, and workshops, the rehab and so on. May Allah make it easy. So everyone specializes in something. And here you are. I mean, today I look at him and I see this face and I think to myself, I cannot imagine this guy singing and

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dancing the whole on the same level

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with gusto. You mentioned earlier about making dua, I you know, there is an Arabic saying says that will imagine hazard which is not only among the preachers or the people who share the same career, business owners, whatever, they have some sort of jealousy has an envy.

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In in this particular case of the

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we have to train ourselves this will never my colleague is going to give a speech even if I'm sitting in the lounge I'm making God for you are lying. And all for you when I get about nine, if Allah blesses me and invites me to pray that You are in my blog, or on my blog, because on the same page, your success is my success. And our success is a successful Tao handled luxury.

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My chef have always taught me an Arabic statement, which says, no women woman yelled at life, and WeMo Alright, and so far, like I said, it doesn't really matter who raises the banner of success and victory what really matter it is raised by you, or me, or the cameraman, somebody's dua, everyone could share in the world. But if if a person thinks of, you know, sometimes when we hear in the media, watch on television differences between actors and actresses, because my thought was, it should be bigger because I'm the big star and my net should be bigger and all of that that should never exist among the law, even if my name is not mentioned. Sometimes I've noticed more so among

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young people who are coming in they don't know all the efforts of the others who have already been there for many years sometimes. And so sometimes the young people they think oh, this guy is like this like if you find a few of these qualities I I sometimes feel let me talk to this guy and try and guide him but the one of the problems is it's not easy for us to just speak to someone my brother Calm down, you know, just work very hard. I know someone who tell the organizers don't don't highlight my name and my picture. May Allah forgive us I mean,

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mail and I heard I heard someone else from a hotel wait for hotel you're staying at and we were staying for security reason. And somehow he was charging his phone

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and he was on the phone on talking to you in Nigeria. And I don't know what happened. I don't understand electricity, how it works, but I heard the whole conversation through the landline phone that was attached, the same socket. So what happened is I heard my name that's why I listen to those who say, Oh, you're spying on the shade? Well, I heard my name and I heard him saying Habibi, I know of a brother who speaks about porn addiction. You must bring him to Nigeria.

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I don't know why he went out of his way he's already busy, masha Allah, millions of followers. With this may make May Allah may Allah forgive all of us.

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Should be just like Allah. Hi, Ron. No, I believe that, you know, they don't charge you. If I know if I if I or anyone else promotes another person. i It's it's better than me speaking because I'm getting a full reward by sitting at home and watching an alias that's something people don't understand. If you want gender, consider those and is really your aim. But if I have promoted someone else, and they are doing the job, I can sit at home and sleep and lie and clocking the rewards so is it better for me to work hard and go and do or just say Come let's do this let's do you do the thing and I'm sitting back saying humble let me I like except I think we would probably

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need to leave but that was a good session. I hope that everyone who is watching can actually

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take home something and perhaps have a look into what goes on with some of us at Shala you want to say some closing words. Well I hope decision will happen more often inshallah. And because basically, the viewers the seekers of knowledge, they always see us on the stage

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delivering lectures,

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answering questions. As for me, they think this guy is dead serious. He doesn't smile. He is slightly serious.

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Well can you do and all the questions are about halal and haram most of the time parap

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Some people get asked me the same question. How do you find Dr. Salah need to know

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so sometimes we tend to publish and share photos and short videos of us having fun dealing together and so on. In order to pass on the message to the viewers that Masha Allah we are simply enjoying our lives. Well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah amitriptyline, really, really enjoying our lives for the traveling or the suffering was stuck in at the airport, missing the flight being delayed because if it is

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He said really lay as Odin then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, But la said in San Eelam as well and in this area also so far. So imagine even if you did not achieve the target or the you did not fulfill the purpose before Allah subhanaw taala all he wants from you is that pursuit so they guarantee reward is for the pursuit even if you did not achieve the person handling launcher. I think I, there is a topic maybe that's come to my mind now, which would be of interest to the viewers. And that is how much money do we make from the conferences and the Dawa and so on. I think it's interesting to actually let them know we will we will discuss this in a separate session

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absolutely came to mind. We because our role in the community is educate, we need to we need to also discuss the ethics of contacting machinery you know, the WhatsApp messages that we sometimes inshallah inshallah we will get them on how to reach out to us, we will a lot to discuss, yes, we will do another session inshallah. When we are in Indonesia evening, America, we're now Baraka Luffy calm wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.