I’m On A Match Making Website But No Luck, What Should I Do

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Marriage is an important part of every Muslim’s deen. A person who is seeking marriage through Muslims sites but is not finding anyone they like, what advice can be given to this person.

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers.


AI: Summary © A customer is asking for advice on how to handle Muslim matchmaking websites. The agent advises the customer to know their deal breakers and pick one of them based on their preference. The agent also emphasizes the importance of knowing what people want and how they will benefit from the groups.
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I'm on a number of Muslim matchmaking websites, and I'm yet to find anybody that I like. Do you have any advice for me?

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Um, the last the last slammiversary last, so one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you is that number one, you have to know what your deal breakers are, you have to know, what are the things that are of absolute importance to you that you cannot negotiate. And so I would advise, for example, at the province of the latest cinema device, and that is that if a person comes to you, with good character and good religion, that you should marry that person. And so that's number one, what are the things that are, that are deal breakers for you? And then after that, knowing what are the things that are, you know what, they may be very important, they may be

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incredibly helpful, they may be incredibly nice for me to have, but at the same time, they are not deal breakers. And so when I know these two categories, what my deal breakers are and what my nice to haves are my luxuries or what have you. Then from there, I'll be able to navigate through the pool inshallah to either have people on these Muslim matchmaking websites or even beyond that in a way that is in a way that inshallah Allah will be fruitful and Allah Subhana data knows best