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Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The importance of finding time for one's spirituality when faced with stress and overwhelmed life is discussed in this segment. The tips include learning to live recklessly, avoiding taking on too much tension, prioritizing one's life, using technology wisely, not wasting time on social media, learning to save time strategically, and praying every day. The importance of prioritizing one's life is emphasized, as it is crucial for one's spiritual strength and personal growth.
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In Alhamdulillah, no matter who was dying no one so few who went to boo la one who suddenly went to Salim ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge 19 Alomar, Lim, Noma and foreigner one foreigner bml lm denna was didna in in NACA enter Cemil coreboot Mooji My dear sisters as salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah here, what I care to, I asked Allahu taala, that you're in the best of Eman And the best of health you and your loved ones speed Nila.

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It's no secret that one of the biggest complaints of so many women at this time is how stressed and overwhelmed we often feel with the endless amount of things we need to get done each day.

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And if there's one lesson I hope we've learned from having Ramadan in the midst of this pandemic, it's how much more peace we can feel when we're forced to slow down and spend more time alone. And especially if we're able to spend more time alone with allies origin.

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And this is one particular aspect of our life that until we give it the priority it deserves. We'll never feel a sense of true balance and tranquility in our lives.

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And that's why it's actually amazing if you think about it, that Allahu taala ordered us to worship Him, not because he needs us to worship him. But because of how much our souls our need to worship him subhana wa Taala

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because just like a local tailor made food, the nourishment of our bodies, he made the nourishment of our souls a better.

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So that's why as long as someone isn't giving the spiritual state, the timeout and nourishment that it needs, then you'll find the soul will always be in a state of discontent. And you'll never feel the true sense of tranquility in your life.

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Long before I had heard anything about life coaches are life, you know, life coaching. I found my inspiration from knowing about the lives and wisdom of Dalai Lama and scholars of Islam.

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Just take one inspiration from Shani stem even told me or him on law, who said that a person must have times in which they isolate themselves for Dwyer Vicar. Prayer pondering war has about two nets calling themselves to account and Rick define themselves.

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And despite his extremely busy schedule of you know, teaching, giving, fatawa researching, writing books, you find that one of the habits of chef, even taymiyah rahimullah is that he would take it always take time out from his day for solitude and dhikr of Allahu taala. And when he was questioned about that, he would say that he avoided it. This is my nourishment, while all them at the word deliver that support that Guwahati. If I don't take this time out for my nourishment, then my strength goes away from me. I'm not tapping into that strength and

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then my strength goes away from me.

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So what I want to speak about today are basically five tips for finding time for your spirituality when you're flat out.

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So the first of these tips is to learn to live consciously.

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You know, when you wake up in the morning,

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wake up with the intention in your heart to leave this day for the sake of Allah hota Allah you know, just lie there for a minute say the Dwyer Alhamdulillah he ledi ohana, bardem and metta now when he lay in a short,

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take that moment out to you know, praise Allahu taala and thank him for restoring life back to you and giving you this day and then putting your intention that you're going to use this day for the sake of Allah. Like Allahu Allah tells us in the Quran good enough. salette he will do Suki. One man. Yeah, why Mati dilla. Here Rabbil alameen say Verily, my prayer, my sacrificing my leaving in my dying is all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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And the reason why this is so powerful

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is because when you make a conscious decision to live your life with a son,

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you find that you wake up and go to sleep with purpose, regardless of how mundane your life may be.

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And all those boring chores that you have to do each day. Even if it's simply you know, cleaning your house, they can become an activity bed for you. That gives you a sense of fulfillment. Because you know that nothing you do, for the sake of Allah is Ever wasted with him. subhanho wa Taala

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The second point that I have for you today is avoid taking on too much.

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One of the biggest mistakes we tend to make as women is we give out so much to others, you know, we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into our work of volunteering. And then as a result, we end up completely neglecting ourselves.

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And often this can also mean neglecting our spiritual selves.

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Sometimes you'll find people who could be doing so much in the public eye. Yet, if you look at the state of their private deeds, you find that their private acts of a birder are off often suffering and being neglected as a result of all that they're doing.

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You might find that, you know, for example, their prayers, they delay they have to delay their prayers, or if they pray them, they hardly concentrate and have cushaw in their prayers, or maybe they even miss their praise altogether.

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You know, they won't have also they won't have time to, you know, they're not making time to sit and reflect

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over the Quran and time to read the Quran or to to do the Quran in their day. It's all because they putting too much on their plate. So we need to learn to say no, you know, and don't overdo it, you need you need to learn to prioritize your life. And, you know, we can learn a lot from the advice that Sandman and fantasy or the Allahu anhu gave to a be a daudet when he was overdoing it in one aspect of his life. And he said to him in Europe, Baker Lake huffpo verily, your Lord has a right over you. well enough sicar Lake huffpo and yourself has a right over you, while he Ernie gallega haka, and your family has a right over you for rt quility have been helped give everything that has

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arrived. It's give everything that has a right over you. It's it's right.

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So we need to learn to put things into priority and as you can see here, your Lord has the most right over you then yourself is next and then after that other people's panela so so just as if you know what you're doing outside the house or even online is making you so busy, that you don't even have time for the basic things in your deen. That's when you know it's time to have a good look at your life and cut back on certain things. And especially if it's going to the extent where it's going to affect your prayers, you know, always ponder on this hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in oh well ma you have said will be he loved Yama, Yama manana de Sala to the first thing

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that a person will be called to account for from his actions on the Day of Resurrection is his praise for installer hat for pod f Lucha will enjoy what infested that support harbor will have said, If his prayers were in order, then he will be successful. But if he you know, his prayers were neglected, then he will be a loser may not protect us. So what is the use of, you know, so called success in this dunya if we're not successful in the L hero, because we've neglected, you know, the state of our prayers. So always, like I said, you need we need to put things into priority.

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The next thing is to the third point is, you know, to cut down on time wasters.

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We always say we have no time. But when you take a good look at how much time we spend on things like social media, or you know, watching series after series, or even just, you know, socializing for a lot of people. The reality is that we have the time, but we waste most of it. You know, there's a certain place you can go in your phone, we can have a look at how many hours you've actually spent on each app online.

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And, you know, let's be honest, one of the reasons that many of us feel a lot more stress these days, is we spend far more time opening our phones than we then we do on those activities that you know bring peace to our hearts and minds like for example opening almost half

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and if you have a look at some of the unhealthy habits we've developed, no sooner do we finish praying even before we start saying our car after Salah or praying our sooner what's the first thing we A lot of us tend to do? We go and grab our phone and start scrolling on it.

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Or first thing in the morning before taking that moment to praise a Lhasa pantalla

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and say that Dwight I mentioned earlier

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what do we do first we tend to grab our phone and start going through it.

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And then the same thing happens before we're about to sleep instead of lying there remembering a line saiping upon remembering a loss of power, Donna, what are we doing? We

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Falling asleep with our phones in our hands and forgetting to remember loss of pantalla upon sleeping. So you can see why, you know, we're often failing higher levels of stress, because in general,

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we know that just being on your phone too much, can cause you to feel more stressed out. So this is what's it's also important to realize how much activities like spending time on social media are actually eating up your time in so many ways. And this is why we need to learn how to use you know, there's no problem with you know, connecting on social media, we all use it, but you've got to learn how to use it wisely and not let it take over, overtake your life. So that we no longer have those special times out like head taking that special time out for decode and reflection, we've got to preserve that for ourselves.

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The fourth point I want to share with you is to have a realistic outlook on life, you're not always going to have the luxury of having that time for your a bed in the way that you want. And this is exactly why Allahu taala tells us at the end of suitors shot for either photo, the phone, some were emailed or beaker photos follow up, that you know when you become free from your business with this with the things in this world, where a lot bigger photocopy then you fully devote your time to your a betta, and towards Allah subhanaw taala with a heart full of hoping Allah subhanaw taala.

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So realize there's going to be times where you're simply not going to, you know, find the time you'd like in order to relax and to do your a bad, you know, things come up in life, it's normal, we go through certain crises in life, you know, there'll be times as well, where you're raising small children or you you've got exams, or maybe you're nursing a lot of sick to a sick loved one.

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But when you're going through those times, you know, just have the intention that you know, once this stage ends, because there will be an end every stage has its end, you'll have that time back again be in the later Allah to you know, dedicate yourself fully to your data. And also remember that

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if this is what Allah tala has chosen for you right now, then this is what he wants you to seek your award with right now in Sharla, as well.

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Okay, so the fifth point

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is to save your moments of a bear the time

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we need to realize how much our soul is in need of timeout for quality a better.

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And that's why no matter how busy your day is, there are certain acts of a Bader that should be considered as non negotiables for you.

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Now, obviously, we've mentioned it before, but you know, the five prayers has to be a non negotiable you know, you have to learn to organize your life around your prayers and not your prayers around your life.

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And that's why you know, when you feel like your life is in a mess, start by fixing up your prayers, because a person who hasn't got their, their prayers in order, you see how they live, just feel so out of control.

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So you realize that, you know, the five prayers actually bring structure to your day subpanel law. And then the other thing is that you know, you need to teach yourself to savor these moments for prayer. just slow down and try to enjoy your prayer. And turn your heart to alasa pantalla in your prayer, as if you're standing in front of him right now on the Day of Judgment. And you can see him in front of you.

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Like the Messenger of Allah described to us about what is CERN and dabboo de la ha, can nichetto la hufa inlanta contura, who, for inner who Yurok to worship Allah Subhana Allah as if you can see him. And even if you can't see him, then know that he sees you.

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So we need to realize that our prayers are what give us that pause, that we're all missing in his chaotic life. And these prayers should be giving us that momentary relief from all of our stress and worries.

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That's exactly why the prophets sort of law when he was sent him said, Would you let go to ayeni few Sala that Allahu taala made the coolness of my eyes in a Sala soprano because he found his refuge in the Salah. You know, life is crazy. subpanel are so many things happen, so many problems, overwhelming things. But we dive into our prayer in the way that Allah wants us we would find that refuge and we'd find that momentary momentary relief from all of these stress, stresses and worries that we're going through inshallah. And, of course, it's very important to also pre plan your pray. Like if you've got young children, you do need to learn to pre plan your prayer, you know, like, try

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to pray them in the beginning of the prayer times like this.

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First half an hour to an hour, but you need to pre plan how you're going to do that, obviously, you got small children's hearts, you got to get them settle down so that you can have that time out to do your prayer with in peace. And you know that you can hold your baby as well if you need to.

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Okay, so besides dad as well, from the non negotiables, that we'll speaking about is you need to be to make time for Quran every day. Even if it's only half a page you read before going to bed, or after you pray, fudger pray, but there has to be that time where you know, you sit and reflect over the age yet.

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You know, you need to have that time to timeout to feel the Sakina you know, the tranquility and serenity of reciting and also doing the deadbolt of the A yet you know like pondering over the area and trying to seek the meanings from the A yet and how they apply to your life and what is the guidance I was trying to give you through these verses your reading, you know and make yourself feel how much these words of Allahu taala are strengthening you and feeding your soul.

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Okay, this all has a huge effect on you. The other thing too, is you need to have that scheduled time for a car and making to us like we're talking about the drawers at the morning and evening you need to have scheduled time. So you know you can do those drawers anytime after basically fettered all the way up until the whole time. And then you've got the evening drawers, which you can say, from any time from after after even after market if you if you if you are running late, you know you don't just say all those doors in the book in the like the fortress of a Muslim book, you've got the doors, you don't have to say all those doors, say some of them at least. But just make make it a

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daily habit that you don't miss these doors. And then as well as that you've got after your prayers, that's another scheduled time for doing the code. And then also before sleeping and as soon as you wake up. They're also scheduled times that you should make sure that you don't miss those times for you know, mentioning a Lhasa pantile and doing dicover Lhasa pantalla

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The other thing too, I always like to mention is that you know when you're menstruating, you need to make sure that you focus on saying a lot more decorative throughout your day. And keep saying your morning and evening draws every day. You realize that you're even more in need of making dicover Lhasa pantalla and, you know, refueling yourself spiritually when you're menstruating and not able to obviously pray. So you're gonna have to, you know, feel that gap that you've got there through, you know, by not praying.

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And whenever you have a scheduled time for dickered you know, like when you're saying you're the craft your praise, it's very important as well. Like I said before, like you've got to make yourself savor these moments sisters, you know, slow down and focus more on what you're saying. And the meaning of what you're saying that you so feel Suppan Allah, you know, feel the glory of Allah subhanaw taala when you're saying it, you know, focus on the greatness of a Lhasa pantalla when you're making Vicar of him sapan Allah, Willa, la la la la Akbar when hamdulillah right, make you so feel the greatness of these words and the greatness of a Lhasa pantalla.

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And in reality, this is what mindfulness is all about. That's the Panama Allah has already given us in Islam, that if you're doing all of this properly, you'll see how much more calm and tranquil Your life will become. And how much more clarity Allahu taala will give you as a result of all of this inshallah lobbied Mila

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and that's why my dear sisters, whenever you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious, or feeling down, just stop yourself for a minute to have an honest look at how much quality time you're actually dedicating for your a better.

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And I want to leave you today with a beautiful quote from shall Islam even tame me or him Allah, in which he says

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in the fifth dunya Jana, verily, in this world, there is a Jenna manlam yet who will have it has not entered the gender of this world land yet hold genital ephedra, they would not enter the gender of the next life span a law

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and that gennadiy sisters is tasting the sweetness of being alone with Allahu taala and enjoying our worship of him.

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And sisters, that's something that we can't do that unless we're making our rabada a priority in our lives. And then also savoring the limited moments that we have for it.

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So in conclusion, I asked a lot how to berkata Allah to help us all taste the sweetness of worship.

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Him and to increase the level of peace and tranquility in our lives. I asked him to honor to feel our love our hearts with the love for reciting the Quran and the love for standing before Allah in our Salah. And our love for membrane human making draw of him and and doing all the acts of worship that he's given us. A llama in Allah de graeca was shook rica was not a bad chick. Oh Allah. Help us to remember and thank you often, and to worship you in the most perfect way that you deserve with some old law who was selama baddeck allena b&m Mohammed was the pinnacle la Houma will be hamitic Nash haddow La Ilaha Illa and nesto fuuka went to blue lake Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi

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