How Can A Woman Pray Isha And Taraweeh At Home

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Some women have difficulty in praying at the masjid due to lack of facility or perhaps time. How can a woman pray her own tarweeh at home if she wants to still continue on her own?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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Sister asks, How do I pray Aisha and Tara were home? If my Masjid doesn't let me or it doesn't have any arrangements for me?

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The answer is that you just you just pray, you pray, you're sharp, and then you pray, what you're calling that, oh, we're not gonna play around with you like to the story what happened to me once I was teaching the Salah, and a sister come up to me and it she came up to me, she said, I don't live near a Masjid. And so I promoted Oh, we have a home, will it be accepted for me? And I thought I played a joke. And I said, No, I won't be accepted from you. And obviously, the joke was, of course, because there's no such thing as a home by a person by themselves. It's called the MLA because the province of Lyceum never called the niper at aqueduct emulate. So playing the same joke that the

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province of license played upon the lady who came in old lady came and asked if she was a widow, and she asked, Would I, you know, would we go to gender at this kind of style in this form and his age in the process? And I said, No, because obviously, he wanted to tell her that, you know, actually, you're going to be in the very best form young, beautiful, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, so that was my intention to kind of put it before I was able to give the punchline I Look, she's crying arizer of Whoa, flip. What have I done? So obviously, I said, No, no, no, no, no, you know, that's a backtrack very quickly. As it turns out, we won't be accepted, but your prayer that you're doing at home to

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emulate inshallah will be accepted, and maybe even better than the people who pray, who come to the masjid border, their minds, or

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whatever, and no one knows what's going on. And you know, they let get off to a blacking and if they must be present, they get off the floor. It's sort of like these people come to the machine and do everything in one hour. No one, you know, they will get so emotional about it, the sooner you have eight or the older sunova is 20. They don't care about that. The only thing they agree upon is as long as it doesn't last more than 45 minutes, then you know, we're best friends. So, anyway, the point is, that a lady or even a man who prays at home, is praying for the night prayer, whether they pray at the beginning of the night or the latter part of the night is all good. You will carry on

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praying and UNICEF to the Sudanese aid if you pray 20 or 36, or any other number, this is all acceptable because an IRA is or by two units, whatever you want to do.

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And if you're not going to go to the machine to pray, then that's where you're going to do your prayer, your exchange your prayer shut up first. And then the night prayer that you will pray is your Torah. Where is your Torah we scramble and of course the province of licensing, man, comma, Ramadan whoever prays pm will lay all the nights of Ramadan eema and NYT servant and his sins will be forgiven and that's what will be available for you.