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Hadith 308/309 Riyadh-us-Saliheen @ the Valley Ranch Islamic


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would enjoy harming or hurting their neighbors? Anyone

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under law, so nobody loves to harm their neighbors right? What happens in I mean, what does it mean even if you harm your neighbor, what do you get out of it? And if you don't, what do you do? So let's hear from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in Addis Ababa rhodiola, Turan

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Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam mangonui la Holloman after Fallujah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam says, He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must not harm his neighbor.

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Look at the statement of nankana you know, Billa volume and if you truly believe in a lot, and and judgment day, then don't harm your neighbor.

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See how significant this statement is a demand repeater again, man, can you do me a favor fella you ijarah whoever believes in Allah and the final day should not should never harm his neighbor. And then he could tell us that Allah said I'm saying, well, man, can I rely heavily on me?

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And if you truly believe in Allah, and the final day, well, you criminal lucrin bifa honor your guests.

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Honor your guests, woman kanuga La Jolla mill and whoever believes in Allah and the final day, for your call hi Ron Alyeska let him speak good, or remain silent.

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Whether you speak that which is good, or better be quiet. There's another generation in which the prophets Allah wa sallam, he said, Men can rely heavily on will value sin Elijah, whoever believes in Allah and the final day should be kind to us in which means be generous Be kind to your neighbor opposite to the first nourish nurture the Prophet says don't harm your neighbor. This one I was asking you to take the extra step not just you don't harm your neighbor. Instead you do what

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you do good. basically take it to the next level and shallow the woman can even be loud Yamanaka said the same thing about that about the guests and also about speaking good or remain silent. So from this, what do you understand? Let's go back to these three three things. First of all, I said like, you should not harm your neighbor. What kind of harm that could be inflicted upon your neighbors. Likewise, what do you guys say we spoke about this last night but let's elaborate more a little bit what what kind of harm people might actually put on their neighbors and

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parking the car from the driveway?

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Especially my shop you have a big family and I have four cars. One for you one for your wife, one for your mother in law one for your father in law and one for your son one for the dog. Then you get the whole neighborhood right

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so in this case, what do you do? You make sure that you don't harm you know your neighbors by parking their spots if you know they need this spot. What else? How about noises

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about noises you have a party Mashallah and you go past midnight and the party in the backyard is going to vodka barely starting especially Fourth of July is coming right now. So you bring your fireworks start you know blasting everything and so on. Is that considered harm?

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Human? Is that harm? Of course obviously.

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Okay, what if people maybe don't necessarily do these things? What about being curious about your neighbors?

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Like what like every time your neighbor parks the car if you have a balcony or a window you go on the window to see you know what is bringing with him

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and next time you see him in the messy desert Mashallah so bring them many bags today what's going on?

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You can have a potluck dinner probably having a party or something like that. Somehow I mean some people that have this these will do it curiosity to the extent that they put even their their door cameras door cameras the opposite direction

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to the extent that they need to see what people what do they do

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this is weird. This is offensive and it's absolutely not acceptable.

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When it comes to the neighborhood one of the duties we have to observe is central IRA that you covered you know the faults and errors or even the outright of your neighbors what of their family comes in or out and this and that Miss Paula, you shouldn't be what if people keep curiosity also keep asking about the neighbors affairs and just every time they see them hey, I never have we don't know I haven't seen your sin for example your kids around for so long. Asking for the well being of neighbors. It's okay. How you doing? How's your family this and that. But going beyond that to start investigating and you know, just want to know everything about the life. That's not your business,

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that's also harmed. So as much as we can stay away from harming your neighbors then

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Next step, the professor's asking now doing good, which we talked about the other day. I've been nice share food with them wherever you can show them. The second thing the profits are mentioned here. So you come by honor your guests. When when we say honoring the guest, what does it mean? Exactly? That means the guest the moment the guest comes in, of course, you need to have some sense of hospitality in there. Okay, so what does it mean to honor the guests? Is there a specific standard for honoring the guests? The answer is no, the standard of honor the guest is goes back to what the culture

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whatever the culture of your time, the culture of your place, the culture of your neighborhood, whatever that you belong to, is considered hospitality and you offer that hospitality in some cultures. Hospitality is just a cup of tea cup of coffee and call us that's what we can afford. This isn't some other cultures hospitality is Mashallah they slaughtered you know, an animal for you, and you bring it on the top of the rice and, and you have to read, if you don't eat, they're going to shoot you.

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Because they take it seriously when it comes to showing their generosity you have to eat our food. So depends, right? So what is the standard, the standard is, is whatever is considered culturally acceptable, and that time and that in a community, this would be hospitality. But then, of course, for your guests, obviously, the purpose of Assam says, if a guest comes, you should give them the price and the price meaning the price is basically the top of the hospitality. So if you offer your guests don't offer them, you know, from what you guys don't eat,

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because 100 we have guests, let's give them what they don't need.

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That's not hospitality. Instead, you give them from the best Lj is at the best of what you have. Okay, what if the best of what we have is just left over?

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Is there anything wrong with that? Of course not. Absolutely. It is what you have at home and hamdulillah and the Arabic language we say l Jude minella mo, Jude, Jude mineral module, which means hospitality generosity is from what we have.

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This is all we have today. This is what you're going to get. We're not going to maybe you can afford anything more than this or handle our money. Is there a lot for you to do excess and way beyond your the norms of the culture? Obviously, yes, it is acceptable. Even that is the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. When three people when he invited three people three young men to come into his house. He didn't know they were angels, right? But when they came in what did they offer them? He didn't honey, an entire cow.

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Can you imagine a cow for three people? Four people? That's a lot right? It's okay to go beyond if you want to as a sense of hospital but obviously of course don't waste anything. The professor's MSN for the Ukraine Jara, then I mean for you crumbly for when the guests come You should honor your guests. The list is actually a cup of water. The least it's cup of water. I know some cultures. They they ask the guests if they need anything, right? They say Do you want anything? You would like to drink something? And if the guest says no thank you cards, they don't bring anything

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in the Muslim culture, generally speaking, does not a sufficient answer right? They're gonna get you something whether you like it or not, you're gonna have to drink it you're gonna have to eat it. Again it goes we go back to the north to the knowledge out of this culture. The last thing the purposes I'm talking about here Karla mechanic I'm gonna be level human asset for local hiring is good. Whoever believes in Allah and the final day that this person say good or remain silent. And then that itself of course requires tons of tons of hours just to explain the meaning of this obviously saying that which is good is that which is pleasing to Allah soprano that if what you're

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going to say is not pleasing to light soldier, or at least it's not considered neutral then just stay stay silent.

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If you whatever you're going to say is going to hurt somebody is gonna backfire on you then don't say

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Okay, so what about people they say handler chef, I don't say anything but I only type it and text it to people that's

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texting you know on social media comment or all that stuff. Is that also considered the there's a forum to this today? Obviously of course don't tell me No, I'm just texting it's on though. I don't say it really. It's the same thing. If you know that what you're typing it is going to be also sound bad when it's when it's you know, pronouns when it's spoken. Then just don't type it. Don't text it. Don't say it. last panel data if it's pleased with it, that'll come on. If not keep it for yourself. melas panel automakers among those who listen to the speech and follow the best of a job blindly. And a question Gemma

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shall ever wants to be silent and

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Yeah, well, no, but this is not this is not the right culture anyway. And if you notice now it's not going to eat you're going to shoot them basically, our or your, your guests. Actually it is very common and very serious in some Arab traditions, a lot of cultures. And I've seen it with my grandfather. He didn't shoot the guy but he just almost hit him with something. Really, it's because it and the guy says, I don't want to my grandfather almost threw him whatever here as

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well because you're my house, you're going to eat basically, that's how serious hospitality is for them.

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Obviously, it's not mandatory to do that. If you don't want to eat if you're the guest. And you feel that you not let's say you don't want to eat, at least at least please the host by approaching that food. Like to example grab a piece for example, or just one or two more souls and and that's it. That's more than enough. Just to please your your, your host, Dan Holohan? Yes.

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No, that's not neighborhood drivers not neighborhood. The drivers next year, it's a different story. That's how the right of the road but the neighbors who are the neighbors and so on, I want you to go back 3434 videos in shallow Tyler back, you will find that the finishing of the neighbors there now.

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So in India, now they're complaining about Florida data is too early. So they need to silence the federal law. You think that's an Indian army? You have no idea, man. They have the problem in Kuwait. Nowadays in Saudi Arabia, some people are calling to shut the fudger. And down actually, in the core of the Muslim land. They're asking for this is not an Indian problem. And

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so if let's say when the Muslim neighborhood and we have non Muslim neighbors living around us, is it a bit permissive for us to use these loudspeakers further and further? Honestly, it's it's this grandmother Allah, they call them they call them Ackermann Symphonia. consultant, which means rules of sovereignty of the land. So they're not an issue in that sense, because the fifth issue is to call the other. Whether you call them human voice, or loudspeakers, as long as you call the other, you're done. Do you have to use loudspeaker for it? Honestly, it goes back again to the regulations in the state and the city. If the, let's say Muslim countries, there are tons of massages all over.

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In almost every corner, there is a message so when these messages are blasting them together, especially let's say an extra hospital or something like that, it might be an issue. So if, let's say if a Muslim state wants to regulate that, and said that, you know, what, fine, however, only the major as the major massage, we'll call the other. Let's say you have, for example, five big you'd call them admissible Jama like the big Juma Masjid and the others almost solid masalas don't go the other outline let the outlawed you know, and then come out from the major massage that's fine, that's fine that's acceptable or they might actually decide on the volume says make the volume other

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than that for example that level so it'd be acceptable by all if there is regulation to make it acceptable that's fine. So as Muslims our believe we should really accommodate but at the same time, we should exercise our right to call that Allah.

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True. I mean, when I lived in El Paso, sometimes I had a neighbor actually underneath I was living in an apartment at the time. So the neighbor underneath Mashallah. I mean, he's, he's unemployed. single dad, he has two kids doing nothing really. And all night this one he starts his day and at night,

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he plays the music all night almost, and had three kids. So every now and then we kind of like so I talked to him a couple of times and you know, so this and that blah, blah. And I said, Yeah, sure, but he never stopped. I then you know, talk to the

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apartment complex managers they sent him you know, notices few times that please You know, keep it down blah, blah, blah. And even they came to him and talk to him in the eye because I call them a nice says, Come on guys and check for herself so you can see it.

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areas, okay, that's true, it's too loud. But the guy he'd never stopped. And at at one moment, they asked me to call the police on him. I said, Fine, call the police.

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So you have the right to also to exercise your help and bring your hat back to you if it was so informative.

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Last question.

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No, I mean, it's not about being a Muslim, non Muslim, even Muslims these days, actually, they complain about Allah. Now, I know it sounds bad when we say,

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you know, we have to shut down the other end and this and that, and so on. But we have to be considered as well, if we are really having an issue. If the Adhan is extremely loud with these loudspeakers, we should consider that we should make it let's say, a certain volume, again, distributed to different massage, not every massage, I should call that and specifically in some communities, when you have 1000 Masjid, in the same neighborhood, Mashallah, and the sad part is that all these massages are called

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at different times, not even at the same time.

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So, by the time these massages are done, they're measured down there is that column data.

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And then by the time this one is done, the other ones that column that and why because they seem that they kind of call that down together. So they wait for you know, for the loud one to, to kind of finish then they start going on. Now, this is different. This is this organized system, it has to be felt more organized. Some countries, they have what we call the universal I don't like in Georgia, for example, they have universal design and the capital Rama, which means they have only one other than for the entire city. Entire capital or money talk about 1000s of massages. And it's only one one

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woman single mother but one of them basically the entire city. There's one central Masjid, in the capital, and all the other massages in the country or at least in the in the capital connected to this measure through the FM channel

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10 minutes before the damn time they turn on to the channel. And then when the mother calls on that central Masjid

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everybody basically broadcasts the exact same add on, so they finish together. And if you listen to the soprano, it's even more beautiful because it echoes all over again and the same mother echoes all over on a nice beautiful way. Allah does that last one.

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Okay, go ahead.