Can I Exclude A Future Large Expense From My Zakat Now

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Zakat is a critical pillar of Islam. For many, it is not easy to understand completely. If one has a large expense coming up, and their Zakat is due now, can they deduct that expense from their Zakat?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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If I have a large expense coming up very soon, but my Zakat is due now can I deduct that expense from my Zakat now?

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So, you see, the root of this question comes from something I talked about in another video which is why the the DS opinions on socket on debts and socket on money which is owed to others and, you know, expenses that are going to go well, the the modern

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contemporary Islamic finance scholars, especially from the Hanafi school, have given this concession that you are allowed to have expenses that are coming up immediately and so on and me no repayments, long term loans, 12 months limited all this kind of stuff. And then that's you know, it's a complicated issue and I understand where they're coming from. The truth is though, that from the sooner there's no clear obvious evidence for the strong debt week, that median debt, blah, blah, I want to make it very, very simple. Whatever money you have right now, you're going to pay zakat upon it and whatever money you don't have right now, even if people are showing it to you and you're sure

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you're going to get it back but you haven't got it back. I'm not paying Zakat upon that whatever I've got, now I pay on it. So that the example would be like a large expense. I'm getting married, and it's the and I'm getting married who goes by high standards the idea you know, parents want me to do a big show shot and nobody was gonna cost me like 20 Grand i know that's dreaming is probably probably a lot more than that. Obviously I've got married in the Stone Age is only cost me like 20 quid, but let's say it's cost 20 grand. All right, I've got 25,000 pounds in my bank right now that 20 grand itself in one month's time when I get married, okay? is going to be June, let's say today

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is because I'm a proper Muslim. I don't pay my circadian Ramadan. I pay my Zakat outside of Ramadan. And I do my setup in Ramadan because I'm a sick guy like that, right? Which is a great way to do it. You should have your Zakat on one set. Yeah, and hingedly day. So let's say it's the first of shadowbanned today. And let's say I'm getting married in show Well, okay, so a couple of months not far. Okay. Do I pay on the whole thing iE 25? Even though 20 is going to be going very, very, very soon. Yes, I pay on that. What have you What is your marriages and go ahead with your, your new wedding you called off? What if any, you know, whatever happens, that money is there, you're paying

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on it, okay? And I want that to own to understand that's the that's the same, whatever the type of expenses coming up is called a true spot method. It makes things very, very easy. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose if you're looking at winning and losing in terms of the the paradigm of paying zakat. For me, there's no winning or losing is brilliant all the time. Sometimes you pay losses, sometimes you want and we're happy with the lost parent data in all circumstances. This is my position and I think it makes it very easy for the people hopefully, it'll help encourage people to pay more as well.