Is My Prayer Valid If My Shirt Has A Picture

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The customer is asking the representative about what to wear when they are wearing a shirt that has pictures of their dog or their animal. The representative explains that the shirt should be dressing up in a way that is stylish and stylish as the last panel, and that pictures of people of other faiths should be displayed in a neutral location. The customer is advised to avoid being in a room with these pictures.

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So what's rolling on your salon if you're wearing a shirt that has a picture on it or you praying in a room that has pictures all over would you sell a be valid?

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The answer the salon is valid itself obviously the optimum under ideal situation is that you don't have any pictures on your on your shirt we talk about picture that shows human you know features or even the animal features.

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That's that's not supposed to be on your shirt. You know when you make it a Salah in order for you to dress up in the best way as the last panel to Allah describing sort of the law if you have any other mahoto Xena document the cool image Oh Children of Adam, take the best garment when you approach your message method here when I said it means it's Salah whenever you come to Salah that means you need to be dressed up in the best way possible and shallow to Allah. I know cultural is acceptable for people to you know we walk around with a T shirt that has pictures on it but when it comes to Salah it's better that we have the best format for it. Insha Allah de Vaca what Allah now

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some people they prefer when they come to the masjid or want to make the Salah they flip their shirt inside out. Still Salah is valid inshallah zildjian What about the pictures all over the house for the Muslim future if it's your house, you're not supposed to be displaying these pictures actually all around the place. Because the Prophet sallahu wa sallam he forbade us from displaying these pictures and saying that the angels will not enter a house that has these pictures in display, you can keep the Mashallah in a digital format or a hardcopy is covered and hidden, but not in display the angels will not be actually there. Still Salah is valid if it was done in a room like that. And

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one of these pictures were pictures of let's say date is of people of other faiths or even gods of other people of other faiths and so forth. So in this case, is it permissible now that becomes a little bit controversial right now it depends if this is the only place that you are allowed to make your salon or if this picture is facing you or not and so on. So it's better that you pray you pray somewhere else where as a neutral location neutral place, inshallah Allah, then then praying you know, in a room that has these idols of these these pictures, especially if the picture is going to be in your tablet, in this case, you should avoid actually being in that location and that having

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neutral pictures would not invalidate the Salah mala