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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of showing one's feet in public, and the confusion surrounding the definition of feet. They also mention the use of shacks and shoes for men to cover their feet, but the speakers emphasize that the definition of feet is not something that needs to be considered.
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Is it permissible to wear flat sandals, not high heels and show my feet in public? I understood it's permissible to show hands and face around non Mahalla but what about my feet?

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That's a good question. And in and this the answer for this is based on the issue of his feet consider our or not some scholars considered part of the our sub Maliki the Maliki shaffir is, some scholar said that the feet are not our at all the upper part and the bottom part like moosonee Rahim Allah who is among the Shafi also enough considered the feet not to be our there is debate by the way among the HANA fees themselves and Malaysian Roma hanifa if he consider feet out or not, some said that he consider the hour is the upper part but not the bottom part. But there is a debate among the hanafuda himolla Sheva snam said, choose the opinion that feet are not our and he said

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that the strongest opinion and this goes back to the verse what Allah subhanaw taala said in regard to the hijab, what are you Dina Xena tahuna in llama baja Amina, the base should not show and their Xena the area of their beauty or what beautified them except in front of their mounds.

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The famous verse if what that mentioned is showing your our or your Xena in front of your Muharram how shall they allow and how she said that among the thing that you're allowed to show and forget, which is basically a toe ring. And this is reported by Abby Houghton and an amount of Tamia Rahim Allah mentioned that and he said that shows you that woman during that time, it was a common that their feet will be shown couldn't turn up down. Like they show their face and their hands.

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And because it's not a common thing for a woman and that time to have socks or shoes to wear. So that's what the choice of shackle Islam Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah And also remember authority and even moosonee many of the scholars said that the feet will not be our because it is part of what Allah made an exception of like the way he made the exception that the people the scholar said, and hearten the ring, and the cooker, and they said also the terrain. So that means the feet itself is not something that it has to be a cover. It is much better for the Muslim to cover her feet, no doubt and that's the position of the majority of the scholars. And by the way, some of the scholars

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urban Najim was a * of a scholar said don't think because we said the feet is not allowed. It's allowed men to look at her feet or to her face with desires that's not allowed to look a woman with desires. May Allah spent Allah always help us to maintain our hair and to help us to lower our gaze from what looking at what is not permissible.

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