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Is It Okay To Be In A Place Where Music Is Being Played

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Is it permissible to eat in a restaurant or a public place? At whereas music can be heard

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when it comes to listening to music, versus hearing music, and no matter how I differentiate between the two I shall Islam Rahim Allah said that what Islam forbade to listen, not to hear and know and then a moron, Nikita unlockable steamer less like looking, looking and seeing something different than looking at something. So intentionally I'm looking at this thing. But while I'm walking past by I sell something in my way, even if it does, how long, it will not be considered a sin. So the same concept of a llama Hema home, Allah said about the hearing. That's why I've been a member of the Allah. And when he was walking with nafa. And a shepherd has a float and he was playing it among put

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his ears, his hat, his fingers in his ear, and he kept telling nafa did he finish the defense? Did you hear him? Did you hear him? And he said, No, I don't need him anymore. He moved his fingers out. He didn't tell NASA you should do that. And it almost said that he was with the profits of Saddam and the person did that. But Raja Rahim Allah said, and even Omar was not older by the prophets of Salaam to close his ear in Ibiza. Some of them just did that to make a point about music, but it is not about hearing it. And also if we say to people, that every time you go to a restaurant or a mall, you're not allowed to be there just because there is a music playing. You know what it live

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will be very difficult. It is something Mamma mia Bella, something that just became commonly unfortunately practice that everywhere you go, there's music playing, but that's a different than going to a place known to be a place for music. So you go to a place where a concert or there is basically performance that's not supposed to be and not a lot but to be in a restaurant where they have music in the background. Are you sitting on front of the TV watching a documentary and maybe they will play in the background some music? I don't believe that it is included in the in the ruling which is the retina or some of the art believe listening to music. That's not considered

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listening, just hearing it. And as we all know, intimate at Meadow Binya deeds are based on intention. May Allah Subhana Allah to always purify our intention and help us to always do the right thing.