Abu Bakr Zoud – Patience upon the pain experienced during a calamity

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Also my brothers and sisters in Islam, in this time of calamities, patience, patience also means to be patient upon the pain that is experienced as a result of this calamity. As a result of this fitna, be patient upon the pain and seek help from a lot of social and seek a lot social reward. So you know, this emotional pain of anxiety, depression, and stress, these are pains. But you know, if you are patient, Allah Zoysia rewards you for every moment of stress you experience and for every moment of fi experience, and you remain patient upon it. Allah social rewards you now every moment of stress and fee and anxiety and depression and sadness and sorrow and grief, if you were to seek a

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loss reward for it, if you were to seek a loss reward for this pain, then this becomes a moment of reward. And when you know it's a moment of reward, it helps you continue in your patience upon this pain that is felt. This is a moment of purification. This pain you experience all law he does not go to waste. It is a moment that Allah is purifying your sins, had the lamb mayor who more ilica for the love of being invalid ob Neri sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said even even the emotional distress that a person would experience in a time of calamity, Allah azza wa jal would wipe away his sins, purifying him and cleanse him from his sins. Lack of our patience is everything my brothers and

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sisters in Islam.

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Patience is half of faith, patience and sub rudeness full a man and the other half is a shocker gratitude to Allah. Don't lose your patience.

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Saba will be patient over the pains you're experiencing. And be be with Allah be with Allah, Allah who would be with you.

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And trust the capital of Allah. Trust the cuddle, be patient upon the goddess of Allah. Whether you like it or not, this calamity is here. It's with us now Allahu Allah, how long it will last. And what is coming, lacking the believer is positive, optimistic. If Allah Allah sosial would remove this calamity, he would move it away. But if he lakita Allah he would be patient, be patient.

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You know, if you lose your patience, and you're not patient, and you're frustrated, and then when the fitna goes away, and when when this calamity goes away. What a waste your wasted pure reward you could have earned if you had been permitted to be patient, because the calamity everyone's going through it. Everyone's going through it. So hold yourself hold yourself. Be patient.

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When we saw a long while ago, send him said a Sabra endo. submittal order that patients that is accepted is the patients from the first strike of calamity. After the calamity is very easy to be patient. lender there's nothing to be patient for. But the patient is at that strike of calamity now now right now, the middle of this calamity in the middle of this lockdown the pandemic or whatever it is that is happening. Now patience is required a server accepted patients and the submittal order when it first strikes now what humbler

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