Is It Sinful To Keep A Picture Of The Deceased To Remember Them – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Is it sinful to keep a picture of a deceased to remember them.

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There's no difference between a deceased person or a living person

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ruling is the same. There is no specific rule for taking an M keeping an image or a picture of someone who passed the light versus someone who's still alive. The ruling is the same. And I do believe that the Muslim should not display a picture of a human being and the wall or on shelf frame it and put it on a shelf or anything of that nature because nw solum said in the header of the report the Bible how to Muslim, many of you all have an IQ and the angels will not enter a house where there is an image or one durations an image or an image of a statue statue.

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So this shows you the angel will not be in such household is the angel of mercy. And this is something it's a punishment for the person and that punishment only is a result of a sin that was committed by the person. That's why no matter what law said it's not allowed to display these pictures.

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So the answer is if it's going to be displayed no but if it's going to be saved in a file in your computer or your phone or an albums or you put it in your drawer, inshallah tada there is no

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harm and that will not prevent the angels of mercy and the blessings that comes with it from coming to your home. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive those who passed away from our family.

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