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Episode Notes

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues his discussion on the Tafsir of the most beneficial and oft repeated Surah of the Qur’an – Surat Al Fatihah.

In this video, we get acquainted with the following key points:

  • A detailed explanation of the Isti’adha which is the spiritual protection of Allah from the Shaytaan. 
  • A mention of the different tactics used by Shaytaan.
  • Different ways of saying the Isti’adha and when it should be said.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was the one with a hammer back, yesterday, we were talking about the his tiada, or saying our Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. And we still have some issues left, pertaining to the tiada. As we had said yesterday, the is the other, it actually means I turn to a law for protection. I asked the one who is all powerful, acknowledging that I'm not powerful, I turned to the one who can help me because I cannot tell myself. So this is a spiritual protection. And I said yesterday that this type of phrase, our Uzu can only be done as a Muslim using the name of Allah. If we seek this type

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of protection in other than a law, then in reality, we have given an action of worship to other than a law it is the same as if we prostrate it to an idol. It is the same as if we sacrificed an animal in the name of another God, we cannot say, ooh, and then have another name besides the name of Allah. And the Quran mentions that this happened as an instance of Sheikh ensuited Jin Allah mentions that the jinn said and this is in the Quran the conversation one who can a deja vu minute NCR una bt Johnny min Elgin. There were groups of intz Yahoo loon seeking refuge amongst and from the jinn. And even Abbas interpreted this verse He said, This verse is an instance of pre Islamic

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Jamelia, when a man would be in the desert and he would count for the night, he would be scared of the jinns coming to attack him. So he would stand up and announce loudly that our Uzu beside you they hadn't word I seek protection from the leader of the jinn of this valley that I'm in. And so Allah mentions on the tongue of the jinn, that when the people did this, it only increased the jinn in their arrogance in misleading mankind. So we do not seek this type of protection from any being other than Allah subhanho wa Taala also, I mentioned yesterday, a phrase that is in the Hadith and a number of people came and said I was too quick and I need to slow down and translate for them. And I

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mentioned that our profit system had multiple ways of doing it the other the most simplest is to do Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. And Allah mentions in the Quran when you read the Quran First there is Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Then say our ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. So we cut and paste from the Quran and we say exactly what Allah told us to say. But the Quran also has slightly other wording wordings. For example, in two verses, Allah says in the Quran, that first there is Bella in the who who was semi rhodium and his tight villa in the who sent me or not him. So Allah mentioned Sameera Nadeem with this the other and this is what we find in the Sunnah of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in one Hadith he stood up to pray and he praised the loss of Hannah Kala mobile Hamdi, then he said, rubella his me li li me, mina shaytani r rajim. Then he said Bismillah then he said the Fatiha so we have here rubella, he asked me Aladdin. Now why these two names out of all of the names of Allah why these two? Because it's very interesting here. Do you hear the Djinn when he whispers to you? No. But a semi ear hears you do not hear. Even though the Jin is whispering to you, you cannot physically hear it's your mental thought comes in your mind, but you do not actually hear. So when you say our Oh the villa has Samir Allah you hear and I cannot

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hear and then you say allowed him because Allah knows your sincerity. Allah knows you are turning to him for help. So by saying Allah Aleem, you are indicating your own sincerity therefore when you say are also Billa make sure you are sincere because Allah knows your sincerity. Don't make these phrases merely parroting phrases that roll off your tongue without meaning when you stand up and seek refuge in Allah from shavon then let it come from the heart because Allah is semi rhodium also we said yesterday that the term shavon means every single entity that is far away shawanna needs to be removed from the mercy of Allah. So shaytaan is every entity because of his nature, he is

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removed. And then we said our regime because of his actions, he is cursed because of his actions, he is not rude he is pelted away he is taken away from the mercy of Allah from from the mercy and drama of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, why do we seek refuge from shavon? Because Allah says in the Quran that shaytan himself has

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promised to misguide every almost every one of us, Fabio Exotica La Jolla no h marine shaytan says I swear by your honor Oh Allah by your is Oh Allah, I will make it my job to misguide each and every one of them the O Jolla, Noma g marine. But then even shaytaan had to put a clause even shape on the shape and by the way I say shape on as I said yesterday, every evil entity is a shape on but there is one actual head of the Shelton and that is a beliefs. So when I say shape on said, I mean the head shape on as for every evil Genie He is also a shape on and every evil man is a shape on but there's one ultimate shape on sociate Don says in the Quran, I swear by your Iza I will misguide

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each and every one of them, except for your servants that have been chosen by you and our righteous anger about the common human mortal sin and the sin so so even shavon had to say, those servants that you have protected, those servants that you have chosen, I don't have any power over. So how do we get to those whom Allah has chosen, we have to reach out to Allah. Ooh, Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. We reach out to Allah to be of those people who have been chosen by Allah subhana wa Tada. And some scholars have given a bit of a look to or something interesting here. And that is that Allah has prepared for us in the next life, an abode that he has expelled shavon from Genoa. Allah

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has prepared for us an abode that he himself has exposure on from, if we want to get into that elbowed in the next life, we have to expel shaytaan from our hearts in this life. So we keep on saying rubella so that we get rid of shavon in this life so that Allah will bless us with that abode that Allah has cleansed of shaitaan in the next life. also realize my dear brothers and sisters, that shavon has many evil tactics. And some of these tactics are so innocent, we don't even realize they're coming from shavon. And I'm going to give you just a quick list here of some of the tactics of shaytaan. And you will understand therefore, when you see these tactics, how important it is to

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seek Allah's refuge from shape one of the tactics of shaytaan is to cause us to forget and overlook, we forget something important. We forget the time of prayer, we forget we have to give our Zika we forget anything that we're supposed to do. And Allah mentions that the companion of Musa What does he say, woman and Sandy who illa shavon shavon caused me to forget. So when you seek refuge in Allah, your memory goes stronger. Because shavon causes to forget of the tactics of shavon is to feel lazy to feel sleepy. Our Profit System said feeling sleepy is from shape on. So when you say I will do Billa you get energetic, because shaytaan is the one that makes you feel sleepy, of the

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tactics of shavon is to feel terrified and scared more than what is natural. There's a natural fear. You see a scorpion you see a snake This is natural fear. But then there's a fear that is beyond natural. This is a an obsessive fear. You start thinking too much about the past about the future. You go into depression, that type of fear or wariness or what not. This is from the shaytaan. So when seeking Allah's refuge from the Shaitaan you actually become optimistic of the tactics of shaitaan Believe it or not procrastination, our prophets are seldom said at the sweep women are shaped on delaying something till tomorrow, procrastinating. You're sitting in your chair, not now,

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maybe five hours tomorrow in the evening. This is from shavon, even if is to do with this world, because shavon does not want any good for you. Right? He doesn't want you to earn money. He doesn't want you to worship Allah. He wants you to waste everything. So procrastination. This is added by the way at the suite for ministry on procrastination is from shavon. So when you seek refuge in shavon, you become more productive in your life. So Angela is not amazing, simply seeking refuge in Allah, you get energetic right? You don't delay things, you become more engrossed in what you're doing. And also of the main reasons that we seek refuge, one that you all understand. The

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whisperings are the worst swathes of shavon shavon whispers what is the whispering of shavon? The whispering of shaitaan is to put thoughts into our minds that would otherwise not come there to put thoughts into our minds that otherwise would not come shavon does not have the power to force us to act. He doesn't put a gun to our head and say do rather he entices as Allah says in the Quran shavon himself will say on the day of judgment that women can do or they come in so far. I had no power over you. I did not control you. In and out to confess the job to me. I merely called you were the ones who have

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This is in the Quran, because the conversation on the Day of Judgment, those who are going to hell will curse shavon get angry or cheat on it's all your fault and shavon will stay in front of them. Don't blame me this in the Quran fella, Tara Mooney, whoo and forsaken, don't blame me. It's your fault. Blame yourselves. I didn't force you. I merely called you were the ones who obeyed me. And so sometimes you're just sitting there and the most vulgar thought comes into your mind. Sometimes you're sitting there minding your own business quite literally. And out of nowhere, you have an inclination to do evil. This is shape one. So therefore, we continually seek refuge in shape one. I

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also quoted the Hadith yesterday that somebody asked me about that our Prophet system would commonly say or will do Billa his cemetery Nadeem min ash shaytani r Rajim Min hempz. He won, he won a fee. This is a very common phrase in the Hadith that are rubella is semi elimination otology might explain this phrase How about the last Min hempz he was enough he with the heart? well enough fee with a PSA. What does this mean? This is a common phrase we should memorize it in fact in one Hadith in Muslim Ummah, this was the phrase our process and I'm set in solid dude before he recited Fatiha so before he actually got to the fact that he said our whoo Billa his semi early ministry partner

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Jimmy min Hamza, he one of the one of the so the word hums is a way to liquidly humors that illuma this is hems who Mirza hams and hams means to prod to poke. This is the primary meaning of hams. So shaytan is prodding us poking us. So in a way we don't understand how is he doing it? We don't know. But we seek refuge in Allah from the hands of shavon and this is in the Quran that we'll call rugby. Ooh becoming hammers that is shouting, say oh my lord, I seek refuge in You from the hammers that have been so shavon has a way of prodding, pushing, doing something pressing our buttons to make them go wrong for example, however that is we seek refuge in Allah will rob be to become in hamazon

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to show your team so the Herbalife semi legit ministry management hempz when necessary, and enough aka means to blow. As Allah says when a *in Effie Maru a we blew our spirit into Adam. So this is nothing to blow. So shaytaan blows into us how again is ultimately we don't understand how but shaytan is blowing into us things so we seek refuge in Allah from the Nef of shavon and then NEFT with a noon fat and fat. Nef is a type of blowing with a little bit of spit. There's no word in English word, but it basically means this is enough. Right? And this is mentioned in the Quran. Misha enough 30 This is enough, you mature enough that this is enough over you so shavon prods us,

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blows on us and spits with a little bit of spit or something to harm us. So we seek refuge in a law from hempz wonderfully heat work nafi and the last thing for today, when do we say Are we to be law? First and foremost realize that saying rubella is a sunnah of Salah it's not followed. It's not wajib you don't have to meaning if you don't say your Salah is valid, but why would you not say it you should say it and our Prophet system said it. But if supposing you don't say your Salah is valid, when do you say it quick list here and then we're done. Number one, before reciting the Quran at any occasion, when you open up the Quran, even if you're in a lecture and you're giving a verse

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it is good to say our overlaminate otology. Then you recite the verse number two when you enter the masjid of the vicar of entering the masjid is the first thing he says RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Because you don't want shavon to bother you when you're reading a Koran. And you don't want shavon to bother you when you're in Salah number three that when you start your sauna, our profit system would say Oh, do we laminate ontology? Right? So this is another str that he would say when he's beginning the prayer and that's why we're talking about it in this particular series. Number four when you're angry in the head Ethan Bahati it is mentioned that two men started arguing with

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one one another so much so that one of them the Sahabi says his veins were about to pop. You have all seen people that this angry may alarm not make us like this because anger is also from shavon as we're going to come to now, anger is also from shavon. So he saw this hobby, his faces read his vein is about to pop. Our Prophet system said I know one word. If he said it, his anger would disappear. They said what is it Yasuda la he said ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. He just has to say R o to be LA and that anger would disappear. Why? Because that anger that furious is from shavon as well. So there's another tactic when you say I want to be loved you actually calm down. What you

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also say I want to be loved before entering the restroom. Why?

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Because Shelton are filthy creatures, and they love to congregate at places of filth. So they love to be in the places of an adjuster and the restroom is the place of images. So when we enter the restaurant What do we say? Are we do Billahi min or who with you will cover it. I seek refuge in Allah from the evil Jin men and a male and female gin because that's where they like to congregate and they're wanting to attack us there. So we seek refuge in Allah before entering the restroom. We seek refuge in Allah. When we're frightened. Our Prophet system taught his family that when they're frightened, they should say Bismillah Ruby Kelly Mattila his main hobby he were a hobby he was

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shared really bad he woman hermoza to share with anyone Yeah, balloon. In other words, it's a longer version of the str when you're frightened, seek refuge in Allah. We already explained that being terrified is from shavon Allah mentions in the Quran for daddy commercial phone Do you have Wi Fi? Oh, Leah, this is shavon making his followers scared. Those were his group. They are terrified by shaitan find out to have FOMO harpooning don't fear shavon fear me alone. So when we say our rubella we actually get brave. And this what our Profit System taught his family when you're terrified when you're scared for whatever reason, whether it's something supernatural, something goes bump in the

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night, whatever, or it's a natural fear, something that you're worried about, you say, ooh, Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Also we seek refuge in Allah when being distracted in the Salah. If we can concentrate we try to be let him initiate origin. We seek refuge in Allah. When we go to a new place. Suppose you're driving you stop the car, you get off in the wilderness or you enter a house that is abandoned or something We seek refuge in Allah because we don't know what is over there from the bad jinn and also from the animals that live there, Scorpion snakes, you don't know what is there. Our Prophet system said that any person who goes to a new place, a place that he has not

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accustomed to, and he says, to be Kelly Mattila, his maturity Mahara. I seek refuge in a loss perfect speech from all the evil that he has created shall not be harmed at that place. So we memorize this draft you go to a new place a new house that is abandoned or and the meaning here generally is the empty areas the wilderness, right? You don't know what is living there. Snakes, scorpions, the evil jinn so we seek refuge in Allah, every time we go to a new locality. Also we seek refuge in Allah when we're inclined to do evil, and evil thought comes and we're inclined to do it. We seek refuge in Allah. Allah exactly commands us in the Quran. When a Mayans communist

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shaytani nazwa infested Villa, if shavon put some some type of thought into you some type of streak of doing something into you then seek refuge in a law because the law is semi an idiom. And lastly, we seek refuge in a law at all circumstances even without a reason we can just right now say are with the builder administrate on the regime. We don't have to have an excuse to say this dicker. There are certain times the decoder is strongly encouraged. But at any time of the day and night at any time of the day and night we turn to Allah for that spiritual protection rules have been law his cemetery la de mi min ash shaytani r rajim. Menachem z he will never play he will not fit in a

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shallow data. We will resume our halaqa tomorrow and move on to the phrase Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and until then Santa Monica Morocco to Lahore barakato.