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Is it permissible to work for an insurance company.

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So, the majority of insurance contracts today fall into this category of hot off, which means an and Islamic form of uncertainty or risk that's associated with it, which naturally gives way to deception on the part of the provider. And obviously, there's a little bit as well, there's interest in user involved with monetary insurance companies as well. So there are the different types of insurance that exists. If a person is involved in insurance companies are generally speaking jobs, financial jobs, that include some of these contracts, or some of these products that are not necessarily Islamic, or that are even prohibited, clearly prohibited, then you have two ways of

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looking at this from a therapy perspective, according to the physical bodies that are out there. Today, typically, they'll look at two things. Number one, are you directly involved in the sale or purchase of that hat on? Or are you, you know, part of its but part of a company part of, you know, some sort of job or profession that involves it, but you are not necessarily servicing it directly, or it's not the the bulk of your work. And so you look at the involvement. So for example, if I'm working as a janitor in a bank, right? am I responsible then for the banking contracts, okay, and the way that the bank carries out its business. So that's one way you look at the proximity of the

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person to that particular contract. The second thing is, whether it's a job that is hot in its entirety, or that has some hidden elements, and then what the degree of the hottest elements are in that job would decide whether or not you are to quit that job immediately. Or you are to stay in that job and look for another job. So generally speaking, you know, if a person is not directly involved in the entirety of the process, if they have a job that incorporates a large amount of Riba and horror and these types of financial instruments, then they should try to look for something that is better. And in the meantime, you know, they should try they should purify their wealth, give as

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much charity as they can. And with all of this, it's important to find a qualified scholar, a Mufti that can actually look into your situation, and can answer the question for you looking at your particulars, because that's where the how involved are you with the direct sale? How How long is that particular product? Is this something that you need to quit right away? Or is this something that you need to that you can take your time with just trying to find a more permissible alternatives?

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