Hamza Yusuf – Vision Of Islam CD2 #05

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the five pillars of Islam, including belief in the book Shahada, desire to see the material world, desire to embody the teachings of the Bible, and desire to see the spiritual world. They stress the importance of witnessing to the existence of the world and sharing experiences in order to fully appreciate them. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to witness and share their experiences to see the reality of the God they are witnessing. They stress the importance of showing gratitude to God and oneself.
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All prophets have been Muslims. And and this is Old Testament, they talked about being submitting to God, New Testament submitting to God, the idea of being in a state of submission to God. And so that is Islam. Ibrahim said that I'm almost one hour in muslimeen, I'm the first of those who are Muslim in submission. Yaqoob said to his son, what are you gonna do after me and they said, we're gonna worship one God, and we'll be Muslims, when I knew the whole Muslim. So Jacob and all the Jewish prophets, they were all Muslims. And then he said, is that we're Muslims. So each one of those, so there's that type of zone. And then the third type of Islam is the historical phenomenon that we

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call Islam that emerges in the seventh century, that is Islam. And then the fourth type are the rules and regulations that were given to us. So we call Islam is the more art and men who yet those things were taught to do, those things were told not to do. And so these are all mentioned in the Quran, these various types of Islam. Now, one of the things that the veteran saying they mentioned that Howdy, they say, Amen. Now, we believe, and the veteran were people that they looked at the provinces, and they watched him very closely. And a certain point, they said, it looks like he's going to succeed in taking over the Arabian Peninsula at that point, they started joining,

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because they wanted to be on the right side. So they came and they said, Men that we believe the Quran said, let me know what I can do a cinema. What am I told you the email, if you don't say, we believe rather say we submit, because a man has not entered into your heart. So there can be an outward submission without an inward resignation. And that's a danger. So now we move to the five pillars, the idea that we have to embody the book, which means that we do what the book says, That's Islam, we believe what the worldview that the book presents, which is a man, and then we intend our actions according to the highest ideals of the religion, which is it, Sam. So it's described here by

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Dr. Marotta and chitika as becoming flesh and blood. And this is what really the five pillars are, it's beginning to live this reality. The first pillar is called Shahada. And this is actually one of my favorite words in Islam. Because the word Shahada in Arabic means to testify to witness it has the idea of seeing, but it also has the idea of the material world.

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Shahada, the Quran says Adam or baby was Shahada. He's the knower of the seen, and the unseen worlds. This whole world is called Shahada, which is very beautiful, because essentially, what the world is saying is that

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the world is the Shahada. Because the world is telling humanity that there is no God but Allah, that everything that you see in creation is testifying to this ultimate truth that behind all of this is a unified reality. It is the intelligence, the power and the will, behind the entire universe. And so, the other interesting thing about this is the Quran says cineraria, Maya, Tina for Arthur, Goofy and fusi I'm happy to begin Allah home, hon. Huck, we will continue to reveal to them our signs in the self and on the horizon, until it becomes clear to them that this is true. And then I've asked as a really interesting thing. Oh, what am yuck Phoebe Rebecca, and nawala kulu che and Shaheed

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Isn't it enough that your Lord is witnessing everything?

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Now, this is interesting, because there are many, many philosophers and only recently, physicists like Niels Bohr was the first physicist to say this, that material and substantial reality is only real because it's witnessed. In other words, the universe only has reality, because of consciousness. Without consciousness, there is no world. And so this idea of Allah being the one who witnesses all things, that it is the fact that God is aware

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that the world exists, and that is his idea. And the moment that he removes that and that's why

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To turn away from it, let's hold the whole center to what are known. There's no nodding with Allah. And there's no sleep. Because to do that, there's no world to turn away for one instant, it disappears. And so that's this idea of Shahada, that the world is being witnessed by Allah. And therefore when we partake in that witnessing, that's what we're doing, we are giving the world its true reality. We are saying that, you know,

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that we witness to see we're witnessing to. And that's what a law says, shed allow, you know, allow witnesses, and the hula allows witnessing that is one. So we are sharing in the experience of consciousness. I mean, that's something really extraordinary. And that's the gift that humans have been given. That's why we're taking to account so ruthlessly.

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It has to be that way. I mean, thank God, it's not so ruthlessly that there's a lot of mercy there. But that's why we're told that my reckoning is going to be great. Because what I've given you so immense,

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I've given you all the tools Wolfie and fusi come up at zero book, in your own selves, don't you see? Don't you see what I've given you.

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sight, hearing speech will

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mean that those are attributes of God, some bussum kadem

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arada these are what you learn until hate. Wolfie unphysical

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Look what I've given you. And then the problem is people start thinking their God, and that's where man goes crazy. Because they really believe that, that I can do with that I don't need God. It's the promethium. In rebellion, the Titans, right? That's what happens in Greek mythology, originally, there was dahar time, the original God was time and time is overthrown by the Titans is interesting because the title is very similar to the jinn story. You know, the jinn go into rebellion, and overthrow the authority of God. And then it was given to Adam and it's, it's very interesting that ancient Greek mythology has a similar idea there that originally there was the real God, which was

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time space, which is dumb. And Allah says, Don't curse time space because I am time space. Which doesn't mean that this is God. But it's very interesting that that had the exists dahar in Arabic means time stretched out, that you can look it up and listen it out. It's zemon them dude, time stretched out, which is what we call time space. Now, that is the Shahada. And obviously, when you say there's no God, but Allah the means by which you arrived at that through certainty must be recognized because we're in a world of means, and that is why saying Mohammed Rasulullah is his gratitude to the means. And that is why it filial piety is the second greatest way of displaying

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gratitude to God is gratitude to your parents. And assuredly when he validate that you should show gratitude to me and then to your parents. And this is the same as to heat first you witness that there's no God but Allah or the one God, but then you witness that this man taught me this with certainty. And that's why you say, Why shadow under Mohammedan Rasool Allah or Isa Rasulullah, if you were in his time, or Moses or Rasulullah, whoever the Prophet was, but for us, and we should be grateful for that. Our time is the time of Muhammad Rasul Allah, which includes all of the previous profits. I mean, we say when we say Mohammed Rasulullah, we're saying, Jesus rasulillah Moses

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Rasulullah Abraham is a messenger of God, no, as a messenger of God. Yeah, they're all in that statement. So that that's the Shahada. And obviously there's a lot to go but they do do a lot with it in a man saw up just finished there.

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