Ismail Kamdar – Summary of Juz 25 – The Night of Blessings

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the 24 bumper in the title of the Bible and how it relates to the culture of Islam. They explain that the bumper is a symbol of a "bringing light" to the heart and that it is a symbol of a "bringing power." The speaker also discusses the importance of the 24 bumper in the title of the Bible and how it relates to the culture of Islam.
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And we are going to discuss a little bit about the 24. jewels of the Quran is one verse in this jewels that is very, very relevant to tonight. So the overall theme that you will notice throughout this jewels is that every surah in the 25 jewels of the Quran begins with praising the brand. Every single shoe that we will recite tonight begins with praising the Quran talking about some of the good qualities of the Quran, the miraculous nature of the Quran, the majestic nature of the Quran, the wisdom of the Quran, these qualities of the Quran are mentioned in the opening verses of each of these tools, but one of these Surah Surah educon it begins by referring to the Quran as well qurani

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mubin as a clear Quran very clear. And then in the next verse, there was mother says, that in the answer will be relative mubaraka that will reveal the Quran on a blessing night. So what is this verse at night? It is later to this verse, Allah will be revealed the Quran On les little mubaraka on a blessed night, it is referring to the Father. And we know that tonight has a strong chance of being late to God, because it is the 24th night as per the calendar that we are following. So what I want to talk about tonight is in the top seat of this verse or just one word from this verse, and that is the word Mubarak. What is Baraka? Two points what I want to mention, number one, what is

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Baraka? And number two, why is layer two, described in the Quran as leader to mubaraka as the night.

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So Baraka means blessing. That's how we often translated, but it actually means a miraculous increase in something and increase in something that is beyond human comprehension. And it is a type of karate type of miracle that people will experience in this world. And because it's the type of miracle that people experience in this world, I firmly believe that Baraka is one of the proofs of Islam. The Baraka is one of the proof that Islam is a true religion, because people who follow Islam are experienced. And this is a karamba This is a medical that proves that this is the true religion, examples of Baraka, you can have Baraka in your life. So you can live a very short life, but

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accomplish a lot of things. Like the example the woman even Abdul Aziz rahula, who lived for only 37 years, there was a honeypot only two and a half years, yet volumes can be written about his life. They can be Baraka in your world, like him,

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who saw him, he wrote in 1100 years ago, but it remains the most important book of Hades in the world until today. It can be Baraka in your wealth. And we all know of people who give and give and give in charity, but the wealth never decreases. They can be Baraka in almost anything Allah gives you in this world. So how does this relate to layer to causal? Why does Allah refer to the body as the night of Baraka because the deeds you do on layer to cuddle, the reward is multiplied beyond your imagination in another surah of the Quran, towards the end of the Quran, surah Allah subhanaw taala described it as laser to what we are hearing without vision. Now there is a common

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misunderstanding or mis translation of this verse. Most people understand this verse as layer two color is equal to 1000. Nice, but no diversity is a little quandary. Hi, Roman. layer two is better than 1000 nights. What do you mean by Britain in 1000 nights. And most of us think that if you catch Laila to coddle, you get the wall of 1000 months, out those nights, 1000 months of worship, right? Did you get the war of 1000 months of worship, but it's actually more than that. It depends on your intention. It depends on the quality of your worship depends on your good thoughts. Allah subhanho wa Taala it is multiplied much more than that. Let's give you an example. sola to pray one Salah,

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the reward is times 10. To bring one Salah in Jamaat, the reward is times 10 times 27, two times 270 to bring one Salah in Japan on layer two times 10 times 27 times 1000 months. You see how it multiplies adding the quality of the Salah, the shoe, the flask it multiplies over and over again. So for one Salah or later, you could be getting the reward of 1000 months or you could be getting the reward of 10,000 months or even more than that. There is Baraka in anything you do on day two. If it is done for the sake of Allah, the Baraka is that you can earn the reward of living 100 lives. Most of us don't have much time on this earth. Most of us will not live to be 100 or 200 years old.

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That's not something that happens in this era. Right maybe with the advances in technology may happen in the next generation of levels best, right? But it's not something

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This common in this era? How do we earn the reward of hundreds of years of worship by engaging in ibadah on the night of Hanukkah, and earning Baraka in our environment, so whatever we do, we get the reward of doing it 1000 times over and more than that. So let us engage in a lot of other tonight and on the remaining odd nights between the seventh and the 29th night and especially the 29th night because that is the night that most people ignore. Most of us, our brain switch up after 27 times and we're waiting for him. But no, the 29th night is just as important. The remaining all night we're spending in a vida we're spending worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala hoping to calculate

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or rather hoping to experience this Baraka you're hoping to have Baraka rewards on the Day of Judgment shuba Hannah Robbie is a merciful No, sir

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