I Spoke Badly Behind Someone’s Back, What Should I Do

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I spoke bad about my friend behind his back. How do I fix it?

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I'm really glad that you're asking this question because it shows that you feel bad. And I hope you read, unite with your friends in the best of fashions. But you have to realize when you speak bad about someone, you have wronged two entities you've wronged Allah. And you've wronged that person. seeking forgiveness from Allah is clear and easy. Most of us or perhaps all of us are aware of it. When seeking forgiveness from that person. There are two different approaches. Number one is you go and you confront them Domino, Brother, you know, I spoke bad about you, please forgive me, and your hope that he will forgive you. If you did, and humble, that's wonderful. The other approach which

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may tend to be safer is you don't confront them and you tell them because that may make things a little worse. You actually praise them in the same gathering, you spoke bad about them. In addition to that you make a supplication drug to a lot to bless them, honor them, and you'll grant them the best of wealth, health, righteous children, etc. until you feel that you made it