Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call (Part 5)

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a verse in the Bible that describes women who are not allowed to marry and are called " taboo d" or " madeleina." The speaker also discusses the importance of following one's desires and not letting anyone in their path. The speaker emphasizes the need for a strong and healthy inclination to avoid harming others.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu many Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, we have reached Jews, number five of the Quran. And I want to talk about a beautiful verse or a couple of verses approximately three in this chapter, a lawsuit kind of what Darla talks about in the chapter of aneesa. He mentions the type of what the types of women that are permissible to marry and those that are not. But what I want to talk about is right after that, because it's very interesting within the city. You know, there's two types of legislation. There are some that are called taboo D and there's some that's called madeleina. That's certainly taboo d a lot doesn't give you the reason

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why he legislated it as such, so such as three archives of units of prayer for my group, as opposed to to for fudger. There's no reason that he's told us why made this three into it's just for you to trust in His names and attributes and qualities. And know that's the best for you when it comes to your exemplification of worship and how you want to show gratitude to God the way that he's legislated for you. But then there's also what is called my Lennar, where a lot mentioned is the reason why he revealed it or the reason for legislation that he legislated this for a particular reason, okay. Now that may be mentioned sometimes in the Quran and may not be mentioned.

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And here a loss of kind of what Allah it is as though he is mentioning one of the many reasons why he legislated this particular categorization of people that are allowed to marry or people that are recommended to marry and not allowed to marry etc. Last kind of what Allah says in the chapter and he said the fourth chapter of the Quran verses number 26 through 28 races if there's been a shift on our gene, you read the law holy you begun in a coma. Yeah, do come sooner letting them in Cabrini Kumbaya, tuba Aleikum, Wa La Halima, hiking, a loss of kind of what data he wants to guide you from the truth from falsehood, you read your lovely you begun and he wants to make clear for you excuse

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me, he wants to make clear and bring clarity to you that which is true that you begun in a way Yeah, do come sooner and alladhina min publikum and to guide you upon the way and path of those that were before you? Well, yeah, do come sooner. lithiumion kubla Khan via tube la COMM And he wants to forgive you or accept your repentance will allow Lehman hacking and he has the all knowing the all wise, he knows everything. And that knowledge from what he previously mentioned of the categorizations is from his knowledge and his wisdom and making it this certain way and making it to where the legislation is still a continuation of the previous nations. That's up to his wisdom, then

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a loss of kind of what Allah says after that will law you need to add a toolbar they come on up to let the need to be your own a share how it and tamiu Malan alvina,

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a loss of kind of what Allah wants to accept your repentance, he wants to forgive you. And he wants the ones that follow their desires to incline a lengthy or strength an inclination that is strong or to make a healthy inclination, will you need to Latina yet to be ruinous to Hawaii and Timmy Lu Malan alvina, he wants the ones that to follow the ones that follow their desires to incline towards that which is beneficial for them. And he says, to follow their desires, because when you follow their desires, your desires, you incline towards it, it's an inclination that you have. But what's beautiful here is that the shower is natural. The desire that you have for the opposite gender to

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marry is natural. That's why he made the classifications here. And Someone may say man, these classifications may be a little too much. You know, I wanted to marry this sister I mentioned in this person, but a lot mentioned Firstly, he wants to show you that which he wants to clarify you clarify for you, and guide you and forgive you. Because he clarifies for you you see the clarification. He guides you from doing the right actions. And then he wants to forgive you when you make a mistake when trying to practice. And then he continues and he says Allah wants to forgive you. And he wants the ones that have an inclination to incline to that which is better for them. He

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knows you will have the desires but he wants to forgive you but there's a small window of responsibility. There's a small window of putting your emotions and your desires in check in to that which is beneficial for you. And how do you know it's the most beneficial when you turn to an Eileen and hiking? The all knowing that all wise and that's why I conclude in saying in verse number 28 you need to low and you have to fire uncle or holy * in Santa bifa Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to lighten the burden upon you and mankind barely was created week.

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He knows that we created weak He created us in this fashion. But the fact that he gives us responsibility, we should automatically know that whatever responsibility God puts in our way, whatever legislation has given us, we are able to perform it, but it's not going to be easy. And that's why he said, he wants them to incline a heavy inclination for that inclination that you have the knowledge of Islam that you have, you know, that it's wrong. It takes strength, it takes Mujahid it's enough's, constantly fighting yourself for that, which is better for you. So Allah subhana wa sallam these beautiful verses, verses number 26 through 28. Ally's addressing his intent behind the

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rulings, and at the same time, reminding you that he knows your situation. He knows that it's difficult, but there's still the room for you to try your best. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, and make you have those that strive for his sake. I said I want to let you know better cats. Thank you

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