Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #05 – Ya Ibadi Hadith #3 P2

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi

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smaler hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main file now on foreigner Mr. Lim Tana, was it not Al? Hamra? He mean? Ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us. Benefit from what he taught us and increase us knowledge. I mean your anatomy. So you continue in sha Allah to Allah with the hadith of cloudstream when Allah subhanaw taala said in the Hadith

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Yeah, daddy

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could look on vol Illumina data.

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We explained the first part of the Hadith when Allah subhanaw taala said, I have made

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a home haram on myself, and I made it haram among you.

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And we explained

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the second part of the Hadith, and then we come now to the part where Allah subhanaw taala said, Well, look, I'm Don Illman data and you're all

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except the one I guide

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what was your DACA? ballin

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for Heather?

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after the net amount of Islam after the blessing of Islam

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the next there is the meme of hidayah.

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Think about it. We have a lot of Muslims and a lot of by the mean. But how many Muslims

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truly guided

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practicing what this Deen have ordered them to do.

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So after the first term of Islam, the next step, the next best thing is to ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us. And here Allah subhanaw taala said, Good luck on God 11 Her data faster Dooney Adhikam SubhanAllah. So ask Me for guidance and I will guide you. Just ask this why this is a false claim. When someone says, you know when you tell somebody, why don't you pray? He said you can leave me alone. Allah guided you, but he did not guide me. Right. We hear that all the time. He guided you, but he did not guide me this is a false statement. This is a wrong statement.

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What do we answer the person when he says that?

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Not what did you do to be guided?

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What did you do?

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Do Allah subhanaw taala is a lady no doubt he is Al Hadi. He's the one who guides.

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But we have to make the steps in order to gain that guidance. Just like we give the example of Allah is a result, but I still have to go to work and get dressed. Similarly, Allah is the one who guides but I have to do take the steps to get the guidance. What are the steps number one is to be a believer.

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Number two, is to perform the idea that yeah, this is the least this is the least I can do to be guided is to perform the salah and the CM, the basics, the ABC of the deen the five pillars to read the Quran, to try to follow the Sunnah as much as I can. And then Allah subhanaw taala will guide me how can I be guided? If I never attend? Joomla if I never attend any of these classes, if I never listened to them on online or anywhere, if I never read the Quran, if I How am I going to be guided? How?

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How are you going to become a doctor without going to school and becoming go to college and study and and practice and how similarly to be guided you need to go through the steps. So when someone says I'm claims, Allah did not guide me, this is a false statement. You did not do anything to be guided because Allah is saying this is a Hadith could say and it's 100% authentic and Allah saying first step Dhoni asked me

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would you would you imagine Can you imagine? Allah subhana wa Taala is being asked

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for someone asking Allah subhanaw taala to guide him and Allah said no, no, I'm not gonna guide you. If Allah subhanaw taala season that the sincerity and that person, Allah will guide him

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but you have to be sincere and you have to take by the steps

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you have to take by the steps, then Allah subhanaw taala will guide you so Allah subhanaw taala is sitting here first Dooney Adhikam Yeah, a birdie.

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So the Sheikh said Here

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we at least,

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at least, ask Allah azza wa jal

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17 times a day, a dinner Shiratama stocking

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at least 17 times a day.

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So somebody is asking it sincerely,

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every single day.

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Allah subhanaw taala will guide him but if someone who does not pray at all, and he said I'm not guided the Archies do not even pray. Because during the prayer inside the prayer, one of the record of the prayer is in a Serato stocking

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Subhanallah and how are you going to be guided? It's not there's no more Gibreel

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right Sajid God is gonna come down, no one's real.

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So Subhanallah so we have to be asked Allah azza wa jal for guidance.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada said, well, Lady energeia had Rufina letter dn whom su Bolena and the one who struggled in my cause.

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Well, Athena Jahad Rufina Leonard Vietnam Sivanna whomsoever struggling any cause, I will guide them to that path. Yeah, when sometimes you have a hard time getting up for tahajjud Alladhina Jahad Rufina. Then at the end, I'm Sabrina. Sometimes you have a hard time fasting Monday and Thursday. Alladhina Jaya hadoo Fina. Then at the end.

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You have a hard time to read one day Alladhina Jaya hadoo fina, that at the end of struggle for a week, two weeks, one month, and then Allah will notice that you are making jihad for Seville this he will make it easy for you. But it is not going to come Allah shake I get up yesterday last night was very hard. I'm done. Not happy. The dean does not work like this. These needs you had. So Angela, if you notice, you know

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the hidayah that he'll he came with jihad.

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Allah for anyone who tells you that this Deen will survive without jihad.

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It's a fake statement.

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I know I'm being taped. But at the end of the day, we only feel Allah azza wa jal. No way. There's no way with a jihad about yourself. If you had to Sabine Allah, all kinds of jihad. It's a part of our deen. And the more we put it on the side, the more we go down, the more we neglect it, the more we go down Allah, and it's very obvious. Look around you Subhanallah so well, Athena Jana had to Fina then at the end. Then Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, Dad, you couldn't look them. In them and Atlanta. All of you are hungry, except the one that I fed first that if I stopped the Emoni otter income, and I'm gonna put the other one with it, and we'll explain together. Yeah, daddy couldn't

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look on

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11 Kasota for stek, Sunni, eksu Calm, all of you are naked.

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except the one I

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have given clothing. So ask me and I would provide for you. So Subhanallah if you notice, Allah started Yeah, anybody could look them doll a lemon had data. All of you are astray except the one I guided. And then Allah subhanaw taala said, everyone is hungry, and no clothing naked, except the ones I provided.

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Look at this. What came first, the guidance. The guidance came first. Because without guidance, even if you are obese, and you have million dollar clothes, you're worthless. So it has to be guided first. Even if you're hungry and naked, you have to be guided first.

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So hamdulillah so the order in the Hadith makes a lot of sense.

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Plus they're doing the Adhikam asked Me for guidance I will guide you ask me for food I will provide for you asked me for clothing I will provide for you.

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And what does food and clothing represent?

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Risk right our risk our dangerous footing and clothes. That's the main thing to survive. Right? If I have food and I have clothes and have a shelter, I'm good. So the rest, the shake just decided Subhanallah Allah Who hired or was your kin, Korean or was your kin. Last I have sort of Juma Allah who hate you or was your kin and I mentioned that before I repeat it Subhanallah Is it a coincidence that the last day of Surah Juma Allah Hallo rasa clean that Allah is the best provider why?

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Why Musa?

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Excellent. Every time you ask somebody, why don't you come to Juma? He tells you unbusy Allah and the surah Allahu

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where you come to Allah Hey, my boss, my job my this. Allah Hokkaido was a clean in Surah Juba. He is the best of providers that Razak of yours, that's temporary Razak, but Rezac himself is hydro Roschin. He is the one who provide food and he

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He's the one who provide shelter and he's in for one provide clothing. These are two near a time when the bears these are the dam that we see. And Lucia has a 10 el mal Musa turn we see them we feel them on a daily basis. Ask Allah azza wa jal for them, Allah subhanaw taala will provide, do not seek them through haram means, no matter what happens Jaquan do not seek risk, like we said in the Hadith, after Fisher the other day, whatever that he said, whatever is with Allah cannot be sought through haram means.

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Man Allah, whatever is with Allah can only be sought with Halal means with a thought we cannot. So, who has the risk Allah, who has the provision Allah How can I ask for it through Halal means, through Halal channels.

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Do not keep fooling yourself in Allah Fudo Rahim Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful, but at the same time, he told you, I am the result. He told you Subhanallah that hadith is so maybe one day we'll dedicate one halacha just for it.

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Allah said do not let when the rest becomes slow to come to you. Do not let that make you go to haram means to seek it.

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Sometimes, you know you get laid off. A lot of brothers have been laid off lately.

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For 40 years we've been probably being risk was coming for two weeks, three weeks, one month, you start crying and you start suffering. And if you're not not crying and suffering maybe that's it's okay but start complaining to Allah azza wa jal why no Why won't you complain for 40 years?

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Subhanallah festa to Omoni Oh time come.

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Allah subhana wa Tada. He told us that he is a loony and Hamid he is Alleghany and Al Hamid and we are Alfa Cara. Yeah, you hon.

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All mankind and Tamil.

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Allah is telling us you we are all we are all in need for him. We are all in need. And he is Alleghany al Hamid, he is the only money he's the only Hamid whatever you want the ugly, whatever you could imagine, whatever you you want a good wife, you want a good husband, my sister. You want good children. You want Jana, you want to be saved from the Hellfire you want to be cured, you want a job, whatever you want. Ask the honey and Subhanallah when we come to ask the honey in our seafood, it's so quick to three seconds and we get up. And when we come and complain to each other 45 minutes, one hour, no problem. We don't get bored. And we know and we know that I cannot do

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anything to you. I cannot do much.

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You're asking the middleman go straight to cut off the middleman. Go straight to Allah azza wa jal, he is Alleghany and he is Al Hamid

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Subhan Allah, then

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in this hadith

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that we all commit sins First off, you Rooney asked me for forgiveness, to own me lately when you commit sins day and night. So ask me for forgiveness and I will forgive you. We explained a little bit about that last time. Yeah, one Do not let the shaytan put you down. You know, we all commit sins of Allah here when we all commit sins, all of us. Maybe they vary in in weight, but we all commit sins, all of us commit sins. And Allah subhanaw taala is telling us Issac Filoni, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and let the Ophelia know who met them in them be he will not occur, all his sins are forgiven Subhan Allah Allah said

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in fact that no naka Fatah, Medina Leanna Farah, Nick Allah who made them big will not occur. And he said I make a stefarr 100 times a day Rasul Allah says salam makes the far 100 times a day, how many times you made this offer today?

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And why not? Yeah, why not?

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You know, lesson was Allah. He said something beautiful. He said

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every time I make a Stefan, I'm sure that Allah will we will forgive me. They said, How come? He said who made me make a stuffer?

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When Alemany stefarr who made me make stuff, yeah, Allah told me making stuff out and then I will think about it.

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Right, who made me now say I stuck Fetullah because you know, you see the hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Muhammad, Allah made us from the people of the masajid

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But yeah one do not think that the word stuck for Allah is very easy for people to say. There are some people who stuck for Allah is it? Is there any big achievement?

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Somebody yesterday posted himself on Instagram a first time in 45 years he prayed measure and it was 100 Allah said Allahu Akbar Faisal in generic term that no a great treasure on time. He was so happy that in for in 45 years first time he played special on time for us, you know, we we consider this what Alhamdulillah May Allah keep him steadfast and increase him. But look how proud he is. If we don't think about that. We don't think about that. But there are people when they pray one special on time, they are posting it now. They're very excited. So don't think that it's easy for for someone to say it's tough for Allah.

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So Allah gives you the ability to say a start for Allah than sha Allah to Allah, He will will forgive you.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala said, oh mankind, if all your, if all of you the ins, the human and the jinn. They were all pious, Allah Atka Rajan. They were all the best of best in Taqwa all of them. It will not increase my bounty in anything. Many,

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many third thing nema 30 Lean FC women in your below.

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Well, as you as you know, to Isidora Ohara.

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rasuna, whosoever is guided is got it for himself. When you are guided Yaffe. It's not going to benefit me at all. It's only about you. And if you are misguided, it's only going to harm you. Allah is saying this hadith. If all mankind were guided, it's not gonna benefit me anything. And if all of them either if God Rajon they were the worst of the worst, and they own the same, it will not harm me a bit. So our guidance is for our own good. And our misguidance our, our sins that we perform, they will only harm us. Allah subhanaw taala Len Tagawa who must see ethanol our Marcia our sins will never ever harm Allah azza wa jal then Subhanallah the Hadith ended and we will end with this

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Yeah, a birdie in here. See

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ya, buddy. Oh, my slaves.

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All I'm doing is I'm counting your math.

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I'm just recording your Amen.

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conserver fine, good. PHIL Yeah. Medela let him thank Allah and whosoever find other than that.

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Let him only blame himself.

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We explained that night last Sunday on the other side,

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that every single one of us is writing his own book.

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And we said that there is no no justice. No more justice than this. Is there any more justice than Allah subhanaw taala tell you on the Day of Judgment there Clara kita back a Quran kita kefir, BNF Sica, Leona Allah Iike has he

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read your own book? You are the you are they accounted for your own self love workbook.

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So you repeat again, whatever you would like to see in that book?

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Write it now. What do you want to see?

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You're writing your own book, I'm writing my own book. What do you want to see in that book, you want to see Salawat prey, you want to see it as B make this beer. You want to see sadaqat Bismillah you want to see lying and cheating. Go ahead. You want to see alcohol and smoking glad everything's there. Key terrible Nabin everything's there.

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Does not miss anything. Everything's there. So we are writing our own books.

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Allah saying at the end of this hadith in the MaHA man will come it is your animal. I'm writing it down for you. So when we come on the Day of Judgment, either you will be very happy

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kita via in Neven to anyone else in his area for who have Isha to allow the Fijian.

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Go to Danny Kulu wash, honey and Bhima has left him with a yam in Hollier. To get the book in the right hand, may Allah make us all get the book of the right hand. You are so happy I am 100% Sure I worked very hard for this book.

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If I really worked hard, you're Allah. You are the Aleem, and you know I tried my best. I woke up for Fisher and I said I'm gonna pray home but I, I said let me struggle a little bit more. I'm gonna go to the masjid even though you're Allah, you know more than me how tired I was, how exhausted I was. But I went only for your pleasure, Yala.

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I wanted to fast and Ya Allah. It's very hard. And I said, I know it's optional. But I said, You know what? It's Thursday. I'm going too fast. He said, Bill, Allah. Allah Hiya, Quan. Anytime. It's the beginning. Listen carefully. It's just the beginning. What led you to Fina then at the end? It's just the beginning. It's very hard. But when you pass that stage

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call us. Just the beginning. The first Monday is going to be tough. I told some brothers last Monday said chef we want to take you to dinner. I'll only go with you if you're fast.

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So the faster they came

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today, of course the first day after long time is always very hard. But after two three Sundays Carlos and Latina Jaya had to Fina memorize this idea. This is a very strong foundation if you struggle to my cause. I will make it easy for you.

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You staggering in like one of the stuff he said Subhanallah I struggled 20 years with the head

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and then I enjoyed it the rest of my life 20 years yeah who are not 20 days I struggled 20 years to get up and some people are very you know some people one brother caught with other days and shaky waking up from sleep Yanni you will put a tank in front of me bombs you name it does not mean anything to me. And subhanAllah me, if you do like this,

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who is

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people are different. So

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it needs struggling. needs, needs needs, literally needs jihad, against the desire what is jihad jihad is against is fighting against the desire he or she had against sleeping, the others you had is against eating now that you had is against looking. It's a constant Jihad

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all throughout our life. So Allah subhanaw taala at the end of the hadith is saying it's all your Amell familiar with God as a rotten carrier. When the Yama with Cara rotten, Shara Yara, it's a one by the river. So hon Allah I love this quote, listen carefully.

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The actions right now, I are by the mustard seed Wait, they will be accepted

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on the Day of Judgment, while Ken will mill of the that they will be rejected.

00:22:53 --> 00:23:05

Now, some Mustard Seed action will be accepted on the Day of Judgment. If it was the earth full of gold will be rejected too late. Because the difference mustardseed Earth full of gold will be rejected.

00:23:07 --> 00:23:18

So when we end with this, then I am in myth con the rotten hierachy era when a man myth con

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Shari era is by the Daraa alumna of the Amana our team Hi yah Allah make our last deeds our best deeds. Ya Allah make us from the people who listen and apply. Yeah, Allah Yeah, Kareem Yeah, but I mean, forgive all our sins. Yeah. Everyone who attended tonight and their spouses and their children and their parents and everyone who's watching us Yeah, ALLAH forgive all their sins. Yeah, Allah fill all our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. Yeah, Allah protect our children from any harm protect them from drugs and alcohol protects them Yarbrough me from any harm yeah Allah surround them with righteous company. Yeah Allah surround our children with the righteous company

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out of pride. I mean, yeah, Allah make them a source of good for themselves and for us Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Hamra. He mean keep them steadfast on your deen ya Allah keep our ear. Keep our children, our offsprings steadfast on this Deen make our last words yeah Allah La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, make a lot of salaam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and please come to treasure in Jamaica tomorrow at 630 Zachman Lochhead. Subhana Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah Allah and Sofia Rocha on Oct ik

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