How Does Pre-pubescent Child Perform Hajj & Umrah

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pre age treatment for children, as children are not obligated to do something at a young age. The treatment is different for boys and girls, and is designed to encourage them to do it. The treatment is recommended for young hairdresser, as it is difficult to treat children at a young age.
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How does a prepubescent child perform hajj and umrah?

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So when we say prepubescent, we mean obviously a small kid obviously, if you are above or below if you become barely pubescent, maybe 1012 1415, even for some late bloomers, then they're an adult that we treated as an adult, and all of the rules would then apply. And when it comes to hygiene over, of course, Hajj, every Muslim is obligated to do that at least once in their lifetime as an adult, as an adult, because they understand it. And they understand the wisdom and the sincerity is appropriate and is real, unlike a child who's doing it because their parents want them to they're just doing it because you know, it sounds it looks fun. And they're doing it because they've been

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promised sweets and chocolates and all the rest of it, there is more, we're creating a habit, we're creating any of the culture that they're going to be then thriving and blooming in inshallah. So this is different. So it's legal status is different. But from his practical point of view, as the questioner asks is exactly the same same time around for the boys, no around for the girls, girls were all full clothes as normal, they're all oppressed older, they are older, sacrificing all the shaving everything that is to be applied to the adult is done to the kid, the big difference is that if the kid needs to tap power anytime, and they can, there is no compensation to pay, there's no

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fear, there's no sacrifice, it needs to be offered for a mistake that these are because this is because the child was never obligated to do in the first place. Now, there is a minority position, yes, that that even the legalities should be treated like for the adult. But the majority and the hanafis especially were very prominent in this and very clear. And it is it is so overwhelming, that is the correct position. And and that is that the child is not obligated to to complete the act, if they pull out because they're too tired or they're ill, they do not need to offer a sacrifice or compensation, because it was never legally obligated upon them in the first place. And that is

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definitely closer to the truth. So in principle is exactly the same. But behind the scenes, we know that if they make some mistakes, then they're not held accountable for that. And this This, of course, is something which is highly recommended even for the for young old hairdresser because it's very difficult, but certainly Amara and the reward will go to their parents enter that child in a non specific manner, but it doesn't count for the actual hydrometer you can't you know blank when you're 20 years old. Oh, I did my hydrometer when I was 10. That doesn't count. You still have to do a proper one hour and you're an adult as well. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the

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