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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various strategies to increase the love for prayer, including learning the names and attributes of people who pray, studying the purpose of one's existence, and taking time in prayer. They also suggest trying various doels, including reciting certain words and focusing on the prayer, to increase one's love for prayer.
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How do I increase my love for prayer?

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There are different strategies to increase our love for prayer. The most important to keep in mind is know who it is that you are praying to. And the reason that you are praying the purpose of your existence, study the names and attributes of a loss upon Watada. Study the purpose for your existence in this world and understand the one that you are standing before and the value of that prayer for yourself in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. After that, we say learn the meanings of what you are saying in the prayer. So amongst them is the resuscitation of the poor. Understand what it is that you are reciting. Learn the meanings of the doula and so on and so forth. A third

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way to increase our love for prayer. Take your time in the prostration Take your time in the sujood make a lot of Do you will realize that that doula if you're saying it slowly and focusing on your doula will increase your love for asking of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the fourth is try to have a variety in your doula, learn new supplications new do often so that your prayer for you does not feel second hand or routine and slow down with every movement between every movement, you'll find that all of the problems, all of the concerns all of the worldly matters that you might want to rush back to. You'll find the solutions to all of these things in the prayer itself. So again, slow down

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in the prayer, learn the meanings of the prayer, recite certain fatty has a conversation between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and ultimately you will find that if you're reflecting on these things and many other strategies as well, it will inshallah increase your love for prayer and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best

How can one increase their love for prayer? A lot of us take prayer as a weight on our shoulders. We always want to get it out of way or we are always delaying it. How can one build that love to Salah?

Shaykh Suleiman Hani answers.

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